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Girl meets Boy. Hero meets Leander. Tower Light On.

When in Greece. Ancient and of Yore. When Hero met Leander. Something… clicked. The Light On and In Her Tower perhaps in deed. When. Such a Girl. Such a name. With a Tower as well. Meets a match. That could spark an ember to Flame. Well… Boy actually. Leander specifically. From across the River in Our World. Legends turn up and on this so leading and Legendary Light. Herein. Eternal Themes. Still. Elemental. Pt.1.


A so fine tunnelled Light Beam that so brightly and suddenly

beamed. The River. Or rather mirrored onto and into a strategic


section thereof. Therein as well.

The River.


Lit. Up. Dark


Faded. A lil’.



(Music Link)



Then Light. A lot. To be seen. Wet. Water

flowing too. To the

Surface fast and waves. Waving. To be seen. Thereon. Also.




The River.


Separating much more than just Our World Lands. In deed. Indeed

this non straight River that snakily flowed curving

in and to. Hellespont Strait and on. On

and to be

amongst that called still and so. Dardanelles. So nomen called still. Still


then. Too. This and that was

then too

blooming so upon the Grecian Greenery of

Our World. Legends. Then,


of Yore. So onwards then and onto this. The

Hero’s Tower. Her


Tower that be.

At Hellespont.

A Light to Lead those. Those


Ships that so and do. In and at Night

so pass. Past



The Tower of Hero. Thereupon

The River


Shore. Shores

edge where such Legendary Powers of Elemental Nature share

an alchemy of company of complementary natures. Therein.

Of Wind, Water and Earth. Land, Horizon and Sky. Heaven,

Twilight and again Earth. Balanced. Even Times and Places. Which


Had more. Tales to Tell. As well so more as then

democratically on or off Shores

as much as well. Well as such for this Lighting was.


To Lead. Her Ways. Hero.


Hero’s Ways.



To Shine Bright also. Also. For One. Addicted

to such and so. The Hero Light. Was. Yet. Still.



A Boy.


For when this and that epic Famed of Yore Prose. Epyllion

so classed

and now so rewrit. Herein.

That Poem of Ideals so high. By Marlowe. Of when

Girl meets Boy.

Hero meets Leander.

Tower Light On.

Is then and now still.

A still such and so leading light amongst Our World. Legends

that do tell of the fine and blossoming Ways and graceful means

for those who do so and say Live. Therein. Still.


When and wheres those o so endearing Fates and Destinies

musingly so enlighten that and those.

Which within Community Temples and Meet-Places. Meet,..

may shine ember bright so thus and light, keen. Clean. Also. Therein

that is. Of Greece.


Ancient. Of Yore. Afore



events that bring so a heroic Smile. To Hero’s Face that is. That is

set upon when and then Tower Stairs did She climb. After.


Turning On the Light. A Tower of Light. A Tower. Hers.

With Power. Ancient Tech. Divine that is and be. Bemused

by such tender, immature musings she mused musingly. A

while. More. More


-over The Season had stayed warm, more and so pleasant. Long

too. To

which and then. When recently

The Festival fair beckoned with many fine nights too. To

come afore that Season dark and wild Winter. Ahead. Ahead


that lay still. Still as a Representative of the Wisdom Traditions. Of



the Procession She had so finely, divinely stepped. Stepping

out as High-Priestess

of the Hellespont Tower. Hero Tower. Her Tower so

that is. Therein. Of Yore. A Festival. Leader Hero were. Was also. Also


On Shore.

Party On.


By The River.




In deed. Indeed

’twas in the South and of West. Of

Sestus. On

City Shores thereof. Thereof

in Dedication and supplication too. To Two

of the Ancients adored.


Aphrodite. Goddess therein. Paired with-

Adonis. God thereof. That Divine and so Duet. With a


Divine and Dual Festival as well. As well. Grecian Greetings.

This o so fine. High-Priestess. Divine. Thereof. She



also had… arranged and divined a Date.?.

Had in deed. In Fact. Too. Paired Up. Up


and Met a Boy thus and so. So Festival ’twas. Indeed

Summer Nights warm and inviting therefore. The

Shores. Thereon and thereupon. A Boy. Well met. In deed. A


lil’ wet… behind the Ears perhaps too though. Though

gave The Gods much and such to chatter about. Therein. To

add and to explain

that afore




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Of Yore. Afore. Yet and Long afore such Begins even of

the Ancient Greek and Hero Kind. Herein. There were

Elemental Keepers.

Not Electricians.

For were and are. Afore indeed. In deed afore


and before the advent of the Modern Electricity

Systems. Tech. Ancient thereof was Elemental therein. As

explored and explained on this Site. That is. This Tech capability

is akin to that of the Natural And Lab

Alchemists. Elementary. Therein, thereof.


The Ancients. Well,.. to be Specific.

The Ancient Ones so and say called thus and so Gods

were the Makers, Keepers and Controllers of this Tech type.


The then Patent Owners. Per se. So and


Ancient Ancestors. photocredit/thanks:gk12


the accomplishments of the Ancient Ancestral Peoples are thus understated. Oft.

All the Ancient Ancestors were capable of Observation. Of Nature that is.

Which was then replicated some-hows and -means. Innovative Inventions.


Whether capturing the as above, so below

Power of Lightning and Electricity

in the Ark of Covenant

vis fore-runners of Church Spires. Or. Trapping.


Then Pump Pulsing the Waters of that Nile in a

Design suspiciously akin to a Volcano Inners. Shaped like One also. Also

Nomen PYR(e)AMIDS(t)


Ancient Tech. As Slide-Show shows. Below.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.


‘Tis in deed Shaped just like One. Volcano. That is. Fire Within.

Elementary. Complementary

made and designed… with Nile Waters substituted simply

for that and so hot as Lava Flow. Complementary. Therein. Thereof also. Also


to aid understanding within Our World. Legends

in Images are Elements that such as the Sciences. Say lil’. Little

Battery Packs Divine and dandy can be revealed. Seen as well. Seen

well too. To


such Far and Flung Places and Times from around this Our World. Legends

from Places and Times that according to the Sciences had lil’ or no contact. Yet

and within. Within their Diverse Creation Legends

are Same and so Beings. Winged. With




That show up handily. In the Hands. Of Gods and Goddessess. Mostly Winged

Gods. Ritually. Regularly

as well. Yet as well and so these baggy battery of Sciences stay

quite hush. For not they know. Nor


yet. Inventors we have been from the very Begins. Verily. In

deed. Even


Admittance of Ancient Tech… Admitting Our World Ancient Ancestors… Did Think. Do as Well. photocredit/thanks:bursadabugun


Ways back. Then. Into Tech. We Was. Ways

Back Then. Of Yore. Inventive. Innovative. At Times and Places

back then. Still too. Now.


Then again

also. Also soon.



Soonish too. Two. Part 2 that is. Of

this. Leading To Therein. Tale of Light.


Girl meets Boy. Hero meets Leander. Tower Light On Oft.



Till next…


Our World Legends. Be

One. As well.


Live Your Dreams.

Bring Thems. Dark into Light.


Switched Ons. In deed.


Tesla. Electric Sciences. Niagara Power too. To see more. Herein. gifcredit/thanks:teslawpa


Please Feel Free and If So Inclined To Contact/Comment:..

i, Shiro that is.

With Any Thoughts, Hints, Tips and Dreams.

If A Particular Legendary Theme or Our World Legends. Is A Desire.


To Be So Writ. Herein.


Crystal Cave. Crystal Clear. The Cave filled in.

Our World Legends say Crystal Power is… no Myth. Our Wrist-watches rely on this LIL’ Power-pack device of Nature. Tis the same for Inner Earth Cave systems… no Myth therein as well. Tunneling Technology and Mining have oft revealed wondrous and natural creations within Our Earth. Herein also. The Legends of Yore, Science and Tech combine… to create… Crystal Clear. One such Cavern system is about to be covered up… and filled in. See it before Time and the Excavators… stop… soonish… maybe.


(Music Link)


Big Ben… The Clock Tower… Westminster… London,.. England.


Pulsing Power through Quartz Crystal… powers some of Our many Time-pieces.

Hence the nomen… Quartz Watch.


Though also… not the One named as Big Ben.

Besides being lil’ large for most wrists.


Our World Legends of this Natural Gem and Mineral Wonder are now revealing a;..

Crystal Cave.

Crystal Clear.

The Cave filled in…

…is another Saga being played out.

Inside Our Earth.


Unlike Big Ben… which is outside.


Also btw… Which at the moment… and for a while…

will only play the sounds of silence.


Though… not like the version above indeed,..

in deed and in fact… too.


Big Ben… Telling Time on St. Stephen’s Tower since MAY 31 of 1859… Survived the Bombing of WW2… is kept accurate by a pile of coins on the Pendulum ‘Cept now… tis… off-line. Also tells when Parliament is… online sitting per se by the light above… being on as well.


Big Ben is undergoing renovations and repairs.

Maintenance and more it seems.

Part of a four year process of work involved therein.


The silent treatment… therein it seems.


Cutting Crystal Clear.


In the hands of Marcel Vogel a Quartz Gem would reveal it’s inner nature… and workings.


Whilst at the employ of such as IBM and elsewhere.

At the… cutting edge of this Science indeed,..

in deed and in fact… as well.


The Vogel Cut named in his Honor and Memory brings Crystal Power to the fore.

By adding extra angular facets to the natural therein already.


A Quartz Type… Shiro gifted from Nature. 6 Sides or Facets the norm therein. photocredit/thanks:1968tanja


VOGEL CUT CRYSTAL…Many Facets therein. Power-up. photocredit/thanks:pinterest

Many Inventions and Patents held by this Research Scientist.

Within such as Magnetic Recording Media, Optical Electronics, Rare Earth Phosphor Luminescents, Black Light and Liquid Crystals.

Computer Hard Disc Drives for example,.. still take advantage of his Magnetic Coating.

Our World Legends still tell the Tale of his youth.


Of how his interest in these fields was… sparked…

by a Fire-fly.

The Light it emits.




By age 12… Marcel had chemically created a matching compound.

3-amino-phthalaz-1-4 dione,.. with potassium ferro-cyanide and hydrogen peroxide.

Just add Water.



His later work and studies with liquid crystals delineated the ability or capacity of Natural Quartz Crystal to store, amplify and then transmit power or information. Raw Crystals vary with size, locale and so forth of this field strength. The power or information able to be passed on is also dependent on such.


(Video Link)


Earth Profile Schematic. photocredit/thanks:dccrystaldiscussion


Science Legends detail how Quartz is essentially Hot as Silicon Dioxide Vapor that cools and solidifies.

Layer on/upon Layer.

A generalised Pictorial above.


Similar to the growth of a Pearl… The Crystal grows.




Crystalline Caverns Within.

The History and Herstory of Mining goes long with Our World Legends.

Multiple necessities within Societal Life.

Outback Living also.


Inner Earth… Naica,.. Mexico.

Near the Township of Delicias.


The Year 2000.

Miners found more than their Target digging this Hole.

The Largest Crystals… ever seen.


Taken… long to grow indeed,.. in deed and in fact also.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


The photos therein Slide-Show above are not… manipulated.

The Crystals are that GIANT sized.

Inside Our Earth.


Try putting them on your mantle… or key chain.!.



Some 300 mtrs. below Our Earth’s surface Tons of Crystals grow.

In extreme conditions of Temp. and Humidity.


The Industrias Peñoles Mine above and around collects mainly Silver, Lead and Zinc.

Lying on a Natural Fault-Line with ready access to magma and water.

Mineral rich and saturated water… that is.


Ideal for Crystal… growth…

even these GIANT sized specimens.


Mining Operations had drained enough of the surrounding water to allow the site to be revealed.

Another of Our World Legends… tis known.

GIANT Gems. Indeed.


(Video Link)


Power of the Press…

Clear as.


In addition to the applications of Vogel and Tech;..

Crystal Power can be… A Pressing Power phenomenon.

Power of the Press.

Pressure that is.


Typically termed Piezo Power or Piezo Pressure.


Piezo Electricity explained. photocredit/thanks:docplayerru


(Video Link)


Power Transfer is induced by basically ” bending/squeezing ”  the Crystal.

This mechanical action allows a charge to freely flow.

Slightly distorting the Crystal upsets it’s balance per se and by allowing Power to play across it…

hopefully return thus to normality.

Power of the Press.


By altering the vibrations of the distortion squeeze:..

the Power can be… altered to suit.

Even to tell time… to keep on ticking that is.


Quartz… Powered-Up.

Wrist-watch sized… perhaps.?.


Even Larger may You ask well.?.

A Mountain Full of…

Piezo… Capped off.!?

Tis… Legendary and a reality of Yore.?.


Perhaps indeed.


In Times and Places of Yore… The Great Pyramid was capped… Bright White so Our World Legends do say. photocredit/thanks:thepinsta


Pyramid Power has long been… overlooked.

From the PoV of i, Shiro’s understanding…


Piezo Pressure is… Pressing Power.

Do not the Tons and Tons of Pyramid Stones… Press.?.

Do not the Tons and Tons of Pyramid Stones… contain Quartzite.?.

Do not the Legends say the Pyramid… lit up… on the…

top up.?. Cap that is.


Which was a GEM or CRYSTAL.?.


(Music Link)


Pyramid Power then seems to be… Piezo Electricity.

Pressed in by Gravity itself.

A Mountain sized… Crystal IN Stone.


A Pyramid… of Naturally Pressed Power.


On the Inside… photocredit/thanks:quotesgram

Pumping up…

the Power Pyramid.

So these Legends say.

To me… anyways… also.


A PUMP like device… neatly and finely suits it’s internals…

as well.

Fire within… PYR(e)AMID(st).


Power-Up indeed,.. in deed and in fact too.

Keep that OL’ and Eternal Flame…

turning and burning. Power-UP.


Pyramid Power… Pump it Up Pharaoh Please.


Reflecting Our World Legends… What the Pyramid Inners… can do. gifcredit/thanks:nexusilluminatiblogspot


Dig a Hole… Fill a Hole…


Fill it up… Crystal Clear…

…Water that is indeed.


These Giant Gem Structures within Our Earth may well support the Surface Crust above. Though not as Hard as the Diamond Planet found within our Science Legends;.. they may well too…

litter the Inner Earth wherever such Fault-lines and Forces meet.

Crystalline nevertheless.


Upon such, may well Our Continents… drift.


(Video Link)


Mining oft requires the Site refilling process.

The Crystal Caverns of Naica…

may not be exempted from this process and proceedings.



the Mining Co. need no shovels therein.

Nor Excavators and Dump Trucks.


When Mining Ops cease… the Miners Pumps

do too. Powered… down and off.


In time after that… refill will be simply a matter of…

fulfilling itself.

Water will naturally flow back in.


Covering up… Giant Natural Gem Wonders…

thus and… within. For the Years to come.



Tbh… there appears no official indication of when Mining is expected to end.

For now… the Pumps run.

Crystals Clear and… dry as well.


Still… a must see… soon.


The Mining and Finance Sectors can be fickle indeed.

Profit over People and All that.


Their love of Crashes too,..

mentioned in several of Our World Legends.


Time… on and in your Hands. Herein. Our World Legends. Many Hands.

A Final Cut Dig.


For some of us at least.

Those who amongst us still wear proudly on their sleeve…

well… wrist actually.

The Quartz Powered Timepiece.

The Watch.


Without… Crystal Power.

Time in that World… stops.


So… Our World Legends do say.



Till next…


Ninja. Kunoichi. The 27 Ways.

Kunoichi… Modern Cosplay Representation.


Defining Ninpo and All the Concepts within is problematical.

Even the Fundamentals.

The Essence is Survival.

This is taught in a fluid Combat manner…

to suit any and all situations.

Defining that above… problematical.


Herein i, Shiro’s attempt at classifying that which the Japanese Masters and Our World Legends state and say on the Historical Practices of the Arts of Self-Defence… Shinobi Style;



Ninja. Kunoichi.

The 27 Ways.

Loosely Defined.

Legendary Ninja

Training Systems.


Ninja… Modern Movie Mayhem Style. Here portrayed through the many Martial Talents of Sho Kosugi. Photo Credit/Thanks:youtube


TAIJUTSU : Unarmed Combat Systems.

TAIHEN-JUTSU : Evasive Movements; Jumps, Leaps, Rolls, Tumbling…

DAKEN-TAIJUTSU : Body Defence Systems; Blocks, Punches, Kicks…

JUTAI-JUTSU : Close Quarters Combat Systems; Grappling, Holds, Locks…

BOJUTSU : Stick/Staff Methods… variety size and type…

KENJUTSU : Sword + co., variety size and type…

YARIJUTSU : Spear + co., variety length and type…

SHURIKENJUTSU : Throwing Weaponry Methods; many size, type, shape…

SEISHIN-TEKI-KYOYO : Mind, Meditation, Spiritual Concepts.


Kunoichi.The Ninja FEM.One of Our World Legends.More Herein.The Musical.


SHINOBI-IRI : Silent Movements; Stealth and Camouflage Systems/Methods.

MONOMI no JUTSU : Finding the Weakest Link Concepts.

NYUDAKI no JUTSU : Finding Sources and Personnel Concepts.

YOGI-GAKURE : Distractive Methods, Usages and Approaches.

HENSOJUTSU : The Arts of Disguise.

KAYAKUJUTSU : Fire and Explosives Methods/Weaponry.

NAGINATAJUTSU : Long Staff/Pole/Bladed End Weaponry Methods.

KUSARIGAMAJUTSU : Chain and Sickle… variety size and type…

NYUKYO no JUTSU : Flowing with Correct Timing Concepts.


Modern Movie. Ninja-Martialled by Franco Nero. Photo Credit/Thanks:youtube


BAJUTSU : Horsemanship Skills and Methods.

SUI-REN : Swimming Skills and Methods.

INPOJUTSU : The Arts of Hiding.

INTONJUTSU : The Arts of Escape.

CHOHO : Espionage Skills and Methods.

TENMON : Natural Meteorology Signs and Usages.

CHIMON : Natural Geography Signs and Usages.

SEIZONJUTSU : Survival Skills and Methods.

BO-RYAKU : The Arts of Strategy and Intelligence Gathering.


Nikko. Japan. Must see. Herein. Our World Legends and more.


The Systems above are taught and tempered with a creed/motto type approach to both Dojo and Life thereafter. These Rules and/or Guidelines can vary somewhat from RYU/School and Sensei/Soke involved.

A recent-ish Ninpo Soke version is here.


Though details may differ the overall Concept and Approach involves realistically knowing oneself and capabilities. This is then also applied to such as Universal, World, Natural or Local Knowledge.

Balance, Harmony and Flow are oft emphasised.

Basic Rights, Empathy and Respect is highlighted to Others and Society as a whole. Love for Self, Kin and Human-Kind.


Survival and Self-Defence linked naturally.


Ninja…Kunoichi… Shinobi All and both. Our World Legends. 27 Ways. photocredit/thanks:pinterest


(Video Link)


Till next…



(Video Link)


Some of the Things Shinobi… do. gifcredit/thanks:eyeless


Our World Legends.

Ninja and Kunoichi.


Ninpo Ikkan All.