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That Night. Sam Hains Did Run. The Ode.

Holy Days. Holidays. Hallowed Times and Places. As One of those Special Days approaches, a special Twist. Herein. A Fictional Ode to usher in that Celebrated Day. Night, actually. A Night that brings up… and out… the Best and not-so. In Our World. Legends In and of… All of Us. A rambling running commentary on that Night. That Night Sam Hains… did run.


The writing of Fiction akin to an Art. An Art i, Shiro know lil’ of. Off

and now aways from My comforts zones. I am. Here. To writ. Write so

downs, Fictionise whatever comes up. In Mind. Mine. With this and that in mind

and Our World Legends Themed still therein and thereof. There is this. This

Fictitious Legend Combo + Dedication to those high and low


Emotions that such ‘tween Days do so bring. Out.

Fear, Excitement.

All in ‘tween. Also.


Holy Days. Holidays.

The Hallow Days.

All Hallows Day.

The Hallows in ‘tween.


The Halloween.

Tonight. So,


I ate The Pumpkin. Soup.


Most of IT.

Here’s a Taste of what. IT left. Right



and Then. A Night.

That Night.

Sam Hains Did Run.

The Ode

in Mind. Mine. Herein. Begins. Belows.



(Music Link)


The Run

of Sam Hains.


She had to go.

She had to run.




Night was coming. Rains too.


Tonight. Was THAT Night.

That Night was Here. Now.

That Night.


Closing in quick, Deep upon Her.

Tonight. Was THEIR NIGHT.


The Night That Devils Dance. Openly.

Tonight. Here.


Grabbing, tucking, pinning Skirt in one smooth motion.

She Ran.


Already near full speed when the Rains misted down.

A New Moon. Though Clouds had closed that in.


Shivering, inside and out. She ran on.

Recalling those horrid Tales of This Night.

How those caught out.

Were so mis-treated.


Things so shamefully done.

Only trickled whispers were so passed down.


‘Twas then, just as She thought of.

She Felt. IT. Close.


Behind Her. Close.

Almost, not quite Soundless. IT. Was There.


Though the Night Cooling.

She could already Feel IT’s Heat as IT so Neared.


Strong. With Power.

Everybody Knew. Everybody Said.


IT Was Their Night, Their Might.



She moved This Way. Then That.

Stealing a quick glance.

Over and around the Shoulder.

Eyes drawn, catching,


holding in Sight.

A Single Eye. IT.

Balefully, beaming. Her Way.


Wind whistled in Her Ears as She now so frantically raced.

Whipping, biting. Ankles, Shins with Wind-spray, Sand, Shore.

Not too far ahead. Just a lil’ more.

She ran. On.


As She slowed, Turning, following the Path. IT almost Touched Her.

She accelerated those Few, Last Steps.


A Grab, then Turn.

A Slam and Click.


Leaning back against the Door, allowing Mind and Body to Relax.

Letting what had run, run it’s course. Settled.

Patting and Wiping at Her Clothes and Self. Till,..




The Door Chimed. Did so Ring. Then.


Ready Now. She was NOT going to be caught out.

Not Tonight.

On Their Night.


She So Knew.

What was to be next and done.

She Knew What She Had To Do. Now.


Reaching for, then so taking hold of what She had prepped early.

The Wood went warm in Her Hands.

Just Right. For Such a Night.

That Night.

Their Night.


She had so just Run.


In One Hand, with the Other.

She so,

ever so, slowly.


The Door.


To so Hear a Howl erupt,

a chilling soulful, yet now plaintive rhetorical cry.


Childish, Pleading. Persistent.




She looked Up.

Straight at IT.

That Eye.




As many Hands made Light Work of the Sweet Contents.

In The Wood-Bowl She so Handed over and down.

One Shiny, Moving Direct Lens. Up there.

Stared Back.


She wondered as She so Watched.

That Night.

Out There still.

Baring All.



That Leading Light.

That did and so.

Light Her and Others Ways.




For the Twists and Turns of a Life are many.

A Life of a Light-House Keeper’s Daughter.

On such a Night.


Late from School.

The Run Home.

On such a Night.


Their Night.



She Knew.


The Night of Halloween.


Took Many Steps.

Ups n Downs.

Ins + Outs.



Many Steps.


She Smiled. Now.

She had run.


She Was Home.

Time to Change.


Sam Hains…

the Nomen thereof:



is the Gaelic derived Term for that Olden Festival and Tradition of Celebrating

the Mid-Point of the Autumn Equinox and Winter Solstice. This usually

marked the End of the Harvesting Season, A Change of Seasons

and Times. A Times and Places

of Death. Celebrations thereof. The Celtic Day begins and ends at Sunset. A

Peoples and Community


following the Lunar Calendar System. The Twilight Times Begins the Day. There.


The onset of Seasonal Winter akin to a New Year. The “… Fall…”

clean up done and dusted by,

on, before and during the Daytime of the 31st.


Celebrations at the Sunset onset in deed. Spoken of as a GREAT SABBAT. Oft

considered Pagan though this Term problematical. POV Mine.


Herein. Communal Ceremonies invariably utilise Fire. Bon-Fires the norm. Sacred

Fire used to Cleanse and as Divine Offerings. Other Activities, such as;




(Music Link)



Circular-, Wheel-, Cycles-, Poles-…

-Dancings, Story-telling, Mimes, Songs sung, Prose posed, Play Acts,


Sacrifices, Offerings. Festivities. Ancient Ancestors…

ALL THE DEAD… were Honored, Recalled in Our World, Legends

and Tales… re-Told. Many


left Food, Sweets and Drinks on Graves, Places of Memoriam or Power. Fancy

Clothes, Costumes, Parades, Dressing as Angels or Devils,

Giving and Taking. Life Shared. Communally.


For those who included such as the Roman Goddess

in Their Celebrations;

(…or equivalent…)

POMPONA… Apples were Bobbed. For. As well.



Our World Legends.

Be One.


Work through those Fears.

Live Your Dreams. As well, well as.


Angel, Devil.

Trickster, Treatster.

Or in’Tween.


Stay Safe.

Take Care.

Holy Days. Are Here.




Simply Enjoy. That.



A Change. Halloween’s Samhain of the Heart.



Please Feel Free and If So Inclined To Contact/Comment:..

i, Shiro that is.

With Any Thoughts, Hints, Tips and Dreams.

If A Particular Legendary Theme or Our World Legends. Is A Desire.


To Be So Writ. Herein.



Till next…


Encyclopedia Enigma : Intel Bytes #6

Flowers have long been Symbolic. Symbols of many Cultures, Times and Places. Of Yore. In Ancient Egypt there is One Flower that stands out. One Flower that is used in so many many Places and Times. Ways also. Also a Flower that Our World Legends from that Civilisation indicate it’s Place within the Creation and Origin Legends. A Flower with Ancient Power. Intel Bytes #6 Picked Fresh. Herein. Lily of the Valley. Nile Blue.


When Words are not quite enough to express what needs to be expressed. We have

a tendency to create Symbols. Symbols then represent a Concept, Theme, Subject and tend

to carry within much Emotional content. Ideas, Ideals, Beliefs can All be characterised with

such Meanings embedded. These in turn can be linked to relevant yet possibly very


different Concepts and Experiences. Symbols are thus oft used to convey deeper meanings

and highlight particular items of significance. On the many Levels of a Society or Culture.

Such with that of Ancient Egypt whose use of Symbols is Legend. Legends requiring

Encyclopedia Enigma :

Intel Bytes #6

to be shared. Herein.



Symbols tend to carry several Layers of Meanings and thus have become a ” Word

that signifies MORE than it’s literal or plain description/meaning.


The Natural Beauty of Flowers lends itself very well to such approaches.

A depth of meaning in the giving and receiving thereof in Our World. Legends

indicate a very long use within many Cultures, Modern and of Yore. Such too

with the

Lily of the Valley.

Nile. Blue.


Thoughts and feelings that are hard to describe in Words can be easier conveyed

and given expression. Thus becoming Symbols that touch Our Hearts and Minds.



Nefertum: Lord of Perfume, Grandson of Ra, Keeper of the Holy Lotus Blue.


Within and on many many of the Ancient Egyptian Temples, Reliefs, Tombs,

Monuments and Writings can be seen a Flower.

On Temple Pillars, Stoneworks, Thrones and Seats, Scrolls and even on Pharaohs

Ceremonial Headdress.


This Flower is the Blue Water Lily.

Science nomen thereof: Nymphaea nouchali var. caerula.


This Flower has Power from Nature.

High Power.


This Flower is a Hallucinogen.

Flower Power. High.



All in the nomen of Research…


Using Shamanic Journey Methods and Approaches. Approach the LilyBlue i, Shiro. Did.

For 3 Days. Fasted, Watery Simple Teas only. Chewed several Green Plant types,

Celery, Lettuce, Cucumber.


During this. Thee Lily Blue was sitting and bluing in a Cup Of Shamans Tea. A

basic Decoction. Australian Herbs symbiotic with Flower (Guides). Just sitting.

Incensed occasionally. The Lily has an inherent lilac type intense smell as well. Well as


Drums, Bare Earth walking on the Spine of Mother Earth. Represented by the Spiraling

Rainbow Serpent Path. Focus and Monotony searching for that Disassociative

Mind-State akin to the Hypnogogic. That State ‘tween Wake/Edge of Sleep.


The Lily Blue is stimulating, euphoric yet calming. Inner High. Quite Powerful in High

enough Doses. Similar inebriation Style to the Natural Philosophers Stone type.

The Magic Mushrooms.


PSILOCYBE Cubensis. Natural Philosophy. Stone. That is no. Stone.


The entry into the Inner Dimensions Of Mind akin to that of Amanita Muscaria

though less jolting by FAR. Appreciate why the Ancient Egyptians chose. Lily Blue. That is.

An All-rounder Tonic. Smooth.


Provides a full and sensual SENSORY surround to occur. Akin again, to the Natural

Philosophers Stone Psilocybe or DMT approach. Approached with Mind calm the switching

of the Mind States very enjoyable with lil’ nervousness, disjointedness. Smooth transitions.

Beautiful Visuals, Fractals, Colors, Shapes, Panoramas and so on.


Allows easy entry into these and those Dimensions. Of Our Inner Mind.

The Famed Rebirth of the Ancient and Natural Philosophies and Arts.

This so called ecstatic State. Lily Blue. Takes You there. With Care. Too. To


looking at and thru the Ancient Ancestors Egyptian Images, there can also be iD’d

MANDRAKE, POPPY. Amongst the Hieroglyphs and Offerings.

Nymphaea nouchali var. caerula, Mandraga Officinarum, Papaver Somniferum.

A Tea of Three. Divine Trio.


Nectar of the Gods. It seems. Seems in deed. Also.

A High… Culture.


The Blue Water Lily grows naturally along the Nile,

sections of the Indian subContinent,

Thailand, Eastern Africa and so on. On and arounds. Naturally.


A stunningly formed Flower, it’s Natural Beauty obvious.


As Belows. Image.



Nefertum, a Grandson of Ra is the God of concern. Herein. Egypt. Of Yore.

A Lord of Perfume, Cosmetics and Healing. With Flowers.


Whilst many Mainstream Approaches concentrate on the Great Ones. Such as Ra.

Versions of The Origin and Creation Legends of Egypt of Yore consistently incorporate


at the Begins.


Of Everything.


‘Twas and is He, who emerges with the Giant Lotus to thus and so Float. Float

alone. Alone

with a Flower. Flowers to which open, reveal. A Baby. Baby

Nefertum. That is. Within. In the midst of the Lotus.


From the Begins. Beginning



an Our World Legends in that and this manner. A BABY…

Born Anew…

of being ReBorne.


Of Life from Death From The Void;.. Cycles,

was and is a Variety of that fiery and mystical Phoenix. Returns from this and

those. Ashes.

Reborn. Anew… Each Day. Like Our World Sun. Does.


Times and Places Our World Legends Retold. Retelling of Studied


Shamanic Traditions and Healing are an oft overlooked Aspect of the Ancient

Egyptian Culture.


For several rather pensive reasons

Our World Modern cannot handle such Truths.



The use of Plants and in particular Psychoactive Plants is not One that Our World

Modern Society

has come to Terms. With.


The Control Mechanisms seem reluctant to let One Play with Ones Own Mind.

For Them thus and so. Control reverts to the Individual.


This of course makes sense for a Society and Culture as protection against misuse.

Thus the need and necessity of the Ancient Approach.


Via the Shamanic Traditions and Practices.


Which thus allow the Individual under somewhat controlled conditions to

see and mind. What

Ones Mind does see and do in response. To Learn, grow and assimilate. Such

Knowledge. Knowledge




such and that from


Noblewoman of Thebes, Luxor, a Priestess Chantress for Khonsu,

Moon-God 2700 B.C. approx.

was and is the First Mummy to undergo MASS SPECTROSCOPY:


No evidence of Painkillers.

Researchers found Phytosterols, Bioflavonoids, Phosphodiastrates…

All available from Lily Blue. (Schuster 2001)


Wine fortified with Nymphaea caerula Tincture. She bore.



Whilst such as the Healing Arts currently and historically have eased and aided Pain Relief,

Anesthesia with the judicious application of Narcotics derived from many of such

Plant-Life. This had not flowed on and into normal Life aspects. Controlled. Still.


The current inherent compassion to those weakened in Body or Mind lacks conviction.

A whole Genus of Plants whose qualities can enhance certain Qualities of Life ignored.

‘Cept of course when Profit over People. Reigns.


Ancient Egypt found Ways to incorporate both the Medical and Spiritual Aspects

of this Symbolic Flower.

The Lily. Blue.


A Symbolic Lesson.


Of Natural Beauty. Within Life. Itself.



A Symbol. Of those Times.

Of Yore.





Dragons. There Be. A Sword. A Poem.


Please Feel Free and If So Inclined To Contact/Comment:..

i, Shiro that is.

With Any Thoughts, Hints, Tips and Dreams.

If A Particular Legendary Theme or Our World Legends. Is A Desire.


To Be So Writ. Herein.


Till next…



Girl meets Boy. Hero meets Leander. Tower Light On.

When in Greece. Ancient and of Yore. When Hero met Leander. Something… clicked. The Light On and In Her Tower perhaps in deed. When. Such a Girl. Such a name. With a Tower as well. Meets a match. That could spark an ember to Flame. Well… Boy actually. Leander specifically. From across the River in Our World. Legends turn up and on this so leading and Legendary Light. Herein. Eternal Themes. Still. Elemental. Pt.1.


A so fine tunnelled Light Beam that so brightly and suddenly

beamed. The River. Or rather mirrored onto and into a strategic


section thereof. Therein as well.

The River.


Lit. Up. Dark


Faded. A lil’.



(Music Link)



Then Light. A lot. To be seen. Wet. Water

flowing too. To the

Surface fast and waves. Waving. To be seen. Thereon. Also.




The River.


Separating much more than just Our World Lands. In deed. Indeed

this non straight River that snakily flowed curving

in and to. Hellespont Strait and on. On

and to be

amongst that called still and so. Dardanelles. So nomen called still. Still


then. Too. This and that was

then too

blooming so upon the Grecian Greenery of

Our World. Legends. Then,


of Yore. So onwards then and onto this. The

Hero’s Tower. Her


Tower that be.

At Hellespont.

A Light to Lead those. Those


Ships that so and do. In and at Night

so pass. Past



The Tower of Hero. Thereupon

The River


Shore. Shores

edge where such Legendary Powers of Elemental Nature share

an alchemy of company of complementary natures. Therein.

Of Wind, Water and Earth. Land, Horizon and Sky. Heaven,

Twilight and again Earth. Balanced. Even Times and Places. Which


Had more. Tales to Tell. As well so more as then

democratically on or off Shores

as much as well. Well as such for this Lighting was.


To Lead. Her Ways. Hero.


Hero’s Ways.



To Shine Bright also. Also. For One. Addicted

to such and so. The Hero Light. Was. Yet. Still.



A Boy.


For when this and that epic Famed of Yore Prose. Epyllion

so classed

and now so rewrit. Herein.

That Poem of Ideals so high. By Marlowe. Of when

Girl meets Boy.

Hero meets Leander.

Tower Light On.

Is then and now still.

A still such and so leading light amongst Our World. Legends

that do tell of the fine and blossoming Ways and graceful means

for those who do so and say Live. Therein. Still.


When and wheres those o so endearing Fates and Destinies

musingly so enlighten that and those.

Which within Community Temples and Meet-Places. Meet,..

may shine ember bright so thus and light, keen. Clean. Also. Therein

that is. Of Greece.


Ancient. Of Yore. Afore



events that bring so a heroic Smile. To Hero’s Face that is. That is

set upon when and then Tower Stairs did She climb. After.


Turning On the Light. A Tower of Light. A Tower. Hers.

With Power. Ancient Tech. Divine that is and be. Bemused

by such tender, immature musings she mused musingly. A

while. More. More


-over The Season had stayed warm, more and so pleasant. Long

too. To

which and then. When recently

The Festival fair beckoned with many fine nights too. To

come afore that Season dark and wild Winter. Ahead. Ahead


that lay still. Still as a Representative of the Wisdom Traditions. Of



the Procession She had so finely, divinely stepped. Stepping

out as High-Priestess

of the Hellespont Tower. Hero Tower. Her Tower so

that is. Therein. Of Yore. A Festival. Leader Hero were. Was also. Also


On Shore.

Party On.


By The River.




In deed. Indeed

’twas in the South and of West. Of

Sestus. On

City Shores thereof. Thereof

in Dedication and supplication too. To Two

of the Ancients adored.


Aphrodite. Goddess therein. Paired with-

Adonis. God thereof. That Divine and so Duet. With a


Divine and Dual Festival as well. As well. Grecian Greetings.

This o so fine. High-Priestess. Divine. Thereof. She



also had… arranged and divined a Date.?.

Had in deed. In Fact. Too. Paired Up. Up


and Met a Boy thus and so. So Festival ’twas. Indeed

Summer Nights warm and inviting therefore. The

Shores. Thereon and thereupon. A Boy. Well met. In deed. A


lil’ wet… behind the Ears perhaps too though. Though

gave The Gods much and such to chatter about. Therein. To

add and to explain

that afore




(Music Link)


Of Yore. Afore. Yet and Long afore such Begins even of

the Ancient Greek and Hero Kind. Herein. There were

Elemental Keepers.

Not Electricians.

For were and are. Afore indeed. In deed afore


and before the advent of the Modern Electricity

Systems. Tech. Ancient thereof was Elemental therein. As

explored and explained on this Site. That is. This Tech capability

is akin to that of the Natural And Lab

Alchemists. Elementary. Therein, thereof.


The Ancients. Well,.. to be Specific.

The Ancient Ones so and say called thus and so Gods

were the Makers, Keepers and Controllers of this Tech type.


The then Patent Owners. Per se. So and


Ancient Ancestors. photocredit/thanks:gk12


the accomplishments of the Ancient Ancestral Peoples are thus understated. Oft.

All the Ancient Ancestors were capable of Observation. Of Nature that is.

Which was then replicated some-hows and -means. Innovative Inventions.


Whether capturing the as above, so below

Power of Lightning and Electricity

in the Ark of Covenant

vis fore-runners of Church Spires. Or. Trapping.


Then Pump Pulsing the Waters of that Nile in a

Design suspiciously akin to a Volcano Inners. Shaped like One also. Also

Nomen PYR(e)AMIDS(t)


Ancient Tech. As Slide-Show shows. Below.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.


‘Tis in deed Shaped just like One. Volcano. That is. Fire Within.

Elementary. Complementary

made and designed… with Nile Waters substituted simply

for that and so hot as Lava Flow. Complementary. Therein. Thereof also. Also


to aid understanding within Our World. Legends

in Images are Elements that such as the Sciences. Say lil’. Little

Battery Packs Divine and dandy can be revealed. Seen as well. Seen

well too. To


such Far and Flung Places and Times from around this Our World. Legends

from Places and Times that according to the Sciences had lil’ or no contact. Yet

and within. Within their Diverse Creation Legends

are Same and so Beings. Winged. With




That show up handily. In the Hands. Of Gods and Goddessess. Mostly Winged

Gods. Ritually. Regularly

as well. Yet as well and so these baggy battery of Sciences stay

quite hush. For not they know. Nor


yet. Inventors we have been from the very Begins. Verily. In

deed. Even


Admittance of Ancient Tech… Admitting Our World Ancient Ancestors… Did Think. Do as Well. photocredit/thanks:bursadabugun


Ways back. Then. Into Tech. We Was. Ways

Back Then. Of Yore. Inventive. Innovative. At Times and Places

back then. Still too. Now.


Then again

also. Also soon.



Soonish too. Two. Part 2 that is. Of

this. Leading To Therein. Tale of Light.


Girl meets Boy. Hero meets Leander. Tower Light On Oft.



Till next…


Our World Legends. Be

One. As well.


Live Your Dreams.

Bring Thems. Dark into Light.


Switched Ons. In deed.


Tesla. Electric Sciences. Niagara Power too. To see more. Herein. gifcredit/thanks:teslawpa


Please Feel Free and If So Inclined To Contact/Comment:..

i, Shiro that is.

With Any Thoughts, Hints, Tips and Dreams.

If A Particular Legendary Theme or Our World Legends. Is A Desire.


To Be So Writ. Herein.