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YoYo. May That Force Be. With You.

Ups n Downs In Our World. Legends of Martialness So Do Swing. Fro and To. To Go Rounds Abouts also. Also Balls and Chains. Chain Swinging, Ball Slinging. Mores Than Simple Children’s Toys, Frustratory Devices. Of War. Martial. Weapons To Throw. Arounds Ways Alls Explained. Herein as well. Well as Slide-Shows thrown in.


Rock On A Rope.

The Yoyo. Thus Be. Be

it Slings, Catapults, Bolos. More so


and Other Variations too. Therein

That, This Theme. Boleros


That Rock well as well. Well as in Our World. Legends

Will Rocks On You. Rolling.?. Well,... ’tis also as well;..

A Greats Defensive Movements. Rolls Aways

In Motion Wise. Wisdom


Alls Over Our World Legends. Tell such

Tales spun, rolled




(Music Link)


out, Long Ages Ago. Of Yore. That Be.


Rock On A Rope.

The Yoyo in deed it seems. Indeed


‘Tis not only Our World. That Spins. Gathering Forces,

Momentum Combining with Mass, Overcoming Inertia,

Inaction, Gravitys. Propelling Forwards, Arounds, In

Our World. Legends of Ups n Downs. Many Forces.

Therein. Thereof


as well. Well as Modern Societal, Cultural

Forces that well


May have turned such a Weapon

to Funs of Toys. Toys,..

These Are Not. Herein. Belows.



Weighted Rope.

Balls and Chains.

Chains and Balls.



YoYo. May

That Force

Be. With You,..

Rather Than. Not. These



Weapons thus and so. In Addition to Combining

Chain and Weight/Mass combine Several Skills also. Also

such as Timing, Coordination, Positioning... esp. Hands/Eyes.

As and With That and Those Juggling Skills. Therein. Therein


The Martial Concepts tweaked to Others Societal Uses and Usages.

String, Ropes, Line, Cords, Chains provide Adaptability/Variety.

Safety too. To even find Inventive, Delightful and oft. Stunning.


Ways and Means cultured of such as Sculpture, Art, Ideals.

Toys also. Also Belows. Slide-Show Shows. That. That


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In The


There Was a Need.

For The Chain. In Yore. Of Japan. Your...

Needs are Many. Many


soon noted the effectiveness of linking Metal. Metal

so Smithed, Tempered and worked too. To

their Ways and Means of Martial Combat and Self-Defence.


Particularly in Neutralising Advantages.



Long- and Short-Range.

The Samurai’s ubiquitous Symbols. The Sword

and The Spear. Both had their strategic Strengths



The Chain (... and Weighted End…) carried more than

enough Power. To power thru’ Weapon, Armor, Body.

Whilst if needed, could help maintain distance from


Opponent(s). Their Weapons also. Also



The Chain… KUSARI … In Japanese; is so

composed of Iron Or Steel making it’s debut

within BUDO long ago as with that of Body Armor.


This Tool… links... (…pun intendeds…) the Many Add-Ons

early Warriors and Black-Smiths so fashioned.

Weights, Blades, Spikes, Spiked Balls etc.


Flexible enough too. To snugly fit into a Hollowed Pole-


For and when. A Surprise so due. Due


Chain, Pole/Stick Type.


and to. The Style of Manufacture. Then. Of Yore. Japan.


Was to utilise a unique Forge & Smithing Process. A Process

where and by, Each and Every Link Hand Made Separate.

Coated with a Special Mud at The Joins.

Hammered Togethers. Chained.


A Style that In Our World. Legends do so and call…

... Wakashitsuke … =

separate first, then join.


This stylish Process soon enough became a Black-Smith

subspeciality. Labour, Time, Mind Intensive Works.


With the Result, a very High Quality and Strengthened

Defensive Weapon more than able to… Hold It’s Own


in Combat. Bending… No Breaks. Therein We Hopes.

The Practical Jewellry Application… KASURI so named.



Yoyo Ups n Downs. Of


Ancient Ninja and Samurai were not Alone

In Our World. Legends from that and those

of Egypt, Greece, The Philippines, France, U.S.A.

and Ye Merry Olde

Englands as well. Well as Weaponry and Toy. Toys

and Weapons with many inspired nomens so

named. Therein. Herein


Refer Aboves Slide-Show. For That. That

is so. By seeing those  so whirling

Patent Images. Belows also. Also




a Chain or Rope and so on; can be well formed as well.

Well as

In and To become. Other Things.


Means and Ways of Lift, Carry, Ladder Step, Bind

and Tie. Things. Things akin


and to, Pulleys, Weighted Cords. So Ons. On

and To, With



Variables Applied in Strength, Length and Mores. More

than able. Able to be included in Weaponry

even Mod and Hi Tech. Things.


The Chain-Gun. Thing.


A Fiercesome Bullet Chucker. Prolific also. Also

very Shiny. See Belows. For

That. Image. Then


Gatling. Chained.


Rocks On A Rope.


The Yoyo so derived.

Others too. To and with

Add-Ons vis Martial Minds of Men...

Women and Children too. To be


Honed In Battle… in Play-times, Places.

Times In Our World.





Feel so Chained.

To Share.


What With Chains.

In Your Dreams.

You Would Care. To Make.?.


So Share. Herein. That You Would Bind,

Sculpt, Create. Set Free. Unbound.

In Our World.

Legends. Be One.


Next… Be

In Our World. Legends From and To;.. i, Shiro to You. On

Gods and Lovers. Loved to Berry Death. The White.


‘Tis Thus. So Simply And So. Till and then,

Enjoy. The Slide-Show. As Belows. So Then


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Please Feel Free and If So Inclined To Contact/Comment:..

i, Shiro that is.

With Any Thoughts, Hints, Tips and Dreams.

If A Particular Legendary Theme or Our World Legends. Is A Desire.


To Be So Writ. Herein.



Till next…



Ancient Japans 9 Classic and Unique Weapons. Clicks Aways. Herein.



Learning to Fly with Jetman. Avoiding Pterodactyl Poop. Also.

Our World Legends of Places and Times of Yore place Dinosaurs and Dragons… before Our Time. Time indeed to look up and relook at such… attitudes. Altitudes reached by Modern Tech. bring us close to the the edge of Space. Herein. A something Olden yet Civil and someone Expert. New approach to those fanciful Flights. Tales of Ptero Tails and Jet Wings. JetMan as well. Indeed and in fact it seems. Gotta go.?. go Fly. High.




Do i, Shiro,.. believe in the Dinosaurs.?.

Giant Mutant Creatures of Our Past Times and Places.



Our World History.?. Our World Legends.?.


(Music Link)


Tbh… never a Living Specimen seen have i, Shiro.

Models, Pics and Modern Reproduction Skeletons

therein and thereof. Therefore. Not so in the Real that is.


As for example with the Plants of Summer fed

Woolly Mammoths somehow snap frozen

and the Pterodactyl/Pteradon. Ways Below. Herein. A Photo.


The closest i’ve been. Seen

as well. As well


and same too with those Giant Skeletons of

Our World’s distant Ancestors.


So and thus. To begin civilly. Herein.

Learning to Fly

With Jetman.


Pterodactyl Poop.


may be Skill-sets, i thus so and need-

to so and thus…


acquire. Herein.



Herein… and elsewheres as well. Rocket Science

is oft…

above me. Literally and the other one…



Physical and Mind that is.

Times indeed to question capabilities. Thus and so;..

Will a REAL High Flier.?.


Fly Straight up.

Straight Up… in the Real that is. Up indeed. In deed

and in fact also. Straight Up. Tis been done. Done. In deed.

As and by.



Nomen: Yves Rossy.

Occupations: Air Force Pilot; Airbus Captain.

Nick-nomen: aka The JETMAN.


Below: Here’s the Why, How and so forth. Forth

and rightly or not.

In the Real. Man


does Fly. In deed indeed. As Below.

Straight Up. Fly more


and other directions and Ways as well.

As well




the Tech. and thus… Specs of the above Jet-Wing-

is constantly being Up dated.

Some 20+ Years of innovative Experimentation.

Including a range of Aerodynamic Studies and so on.


Lightweight Alloy mixes for the Thruster Engines. 4 usually.

Carbon Fiber and Fiber-glass in the Wings.

Bullet-proof Engine Covers. Kevlar therein and thereof.


Powered with a Fuel Mix of Turbine Oils and Kerosene.


All steered by… Body Movements.

For as Capt. Yves Rossy so sayeth therein:



” …the machine is on your low back and we don’t pilot it or steer it — we are the fuselage, we are the steering.

That means it’s completely intuitive…

When you turn your body a little, it follows your moves. It’s really different because it’s the machine that follows us, it’s not that we are following the machine. Birds are not piloting their wings, they are the wings.

We are the fuselage with the wings we’ve built

I wanted to fly like a bird, and that’s a big difference between gliding or sustained flight…”


“…fly Like a Bird…” or Pterodactyl perhaps Dragon like.?.

Flying High it seems indeed,..

indeed and in fact… flights of fancy


also. Also




becoming known as The Jetman. The Jetman can go as high as some 12,000 feet

at the moment reaching almost 200mph.

Staging stunts with other Craft as well in Skies above…

above imaged herein. Up.


The Legends hint too that HE Himself… is… an Aeroplane.

Well… Registered as such…


When in Britain that is. The English… Fly high

ways it seems. Therein.


Rules and Regs there indicate he had to Register HIMSELF…


his Self… his Body… IS THE PLANE.


Bureaucrats and Red Tape syndrome theirs Ways it seems, flying

ways high. Above…

grounded and common sense that is indeed. Those Ways.


Though the Seat-Belt Rule… was waived. Goodbye as well.

Indeed. In deed those Brits did… done. That. Also.


To that. Adieu. Farewell and now.


grounded thus no more and … Fareyewell


also. To Yves.

Rossy. One and same. Fly well


in deed. As well.


(Video Link)



As well as falling. Even in Times and Places of War.

Civil as such…

can such be found as;..

The Selfie and the Ptero.

Herein. Below. Still a lil’ ways. To go


Learning to Fly with… my Wings thus clipped.

An Angel i am…


not. Thus and so.


Fallen. Oft. Somewhat indeed,..

in deed and in fact as well. Well

tired of falling…


even with grace and verve. Will not allow i, Shiro

to soar. Saw indeed during Times of War. Civil that is. Herein.


‘Tis War.


Of Man… and… Dinosaur.?.


(Music Link)



That Event of turbulent Times and Places known as the American Civil War…

was not that… civil really. People of the same Family…

could end up. Being less civil that is. Anyways. War…

is oft like that.


Bullets too flew in those days. Other things with Wings.?. as well.


Like Below.


Pterodactyl… or Dragon.?. Depends on the saintly questions so gorgeously posed. Our World Legends too.


No Time-Warp required either. Just a Photo.

A Legendary Ways was done. Undone

actually it seems.?.

As what crashed around their Booten feet.?.

A Dragon of no simple Nightmares and Dreams.?.


A Selfie by a group of Civil War Soldiers. Their…

Bird of Prey also.?. Does now show.?.


As and like herein. Below.





In 1864, near the City of Vicksburg in the State of Mississippi during Events of the U.S. Civil War. Bird shot.

By bullets. Which were used to down this Altitude Creature.?. In…



Very akin to a Pterodactyl. Pteranodon,..

the Larger Varietal nomen therein. Civilly that is. Indeed.


Akin also to the feelings that flow.

Of  Our World Legends that do and thus distinctly show.


Of Dinosaurs. On Land. In Air and more.


Whence apart from such as Elemental Fired Breathe. Dragons are Ptero look-a-likes it seems. Act a lil’ alike as well.


Though some in Science may decry foul. Extinction has done Dino.

Long afore such Yore.

They say. Say and ask yet i, Shiro.


Did such Species… at least for a while…


Our World Legends;..

find Living a Ways.?.


So these of Our World Legends.

Do seem so and say. Herein.


Dragons Fly All over Our World. Legends of such as the Sciences say Pterosaurs Flew pretty much… the same Ways.



(Music Link)


Is the Core of Our World Legends… based on and in the Real. Did Dragons drag their Feet in Ptero padded claws per se in All those Times and Places Knightly known.?.


In such other afore Places and Times. Of



Did Live and die… amongst Us All.?.

Were there.?. Are there…

Times and Places… when Dino met…

Humans.?. Dragons there be.?.



no guns. Civil or… otherwise.?.

Spears and Swords. Shields too. To

be chivalrous in deed. Indeed. Of


Yore that is…

pre-gunnery Times and Places in deed.?.


Armored up. Dragon Claws are known to render flesh… asunder and aside that is.


Were the Dragon Knights of Yore… simply and in the Real… Pterosaur Paladins.?.


East and West, North and South… All over Our World. Legends there Dragons be. Be flying around as with Pterosaurs. In and of that pre-History of Dinosaur Lore. Can it mean.?.


Of interactions with a supposedly extinct species.

Were these the fading remnants.?.

Do these of Our World Legends. Tell


such a Tale. Tailed and Winged Creatures.

Who menaced from the Heavens…

Our World Skies that is. Wreaking havoc below.


Making Heroes, Knights and Saints

out of those with the Skills to Defend. Dragon Slayers

therein and thereof that be.


The last Tale told thereof.?. Till.?.


Dragon Disposal Unit… at Work. Of Yore.



(Music Link)




1864 War of Civil that was not… civil. Therein.


Are the Our World Legends of Dragons. Legendary

Creatures and Mythical Beasts and so forth just variants


on this Theme.?.


Dragons may be dismissed as Myth. Simply… close the Mind You have. Our World Legends. The Letters from Our Ancestors… say otherwise,.. ’tis plain to See. Dragons… there be. Call them Pterosaurs if thou please. To do so that is. In the Real. And or as well …In Your Dreams.





(Video Link)


Our World Legends.

Be One.


Dream Big… Fly High.


Don’t just drag Your stuff around.

Live Your Dreams.


In All that You…

so do.



Till next…



Unicorn and Pterodactyl. Priestess and Knight. Goodnight.



How To See Another Dimension. In Color too.

Limited by Our Senses We oft use TECH. to See more. The Discoveries and Theories of such as Science, Health and Mind… hint also at much more. Herein. Two Ways to extend Our Sight. In Color and Dimension. Creative Thinking and Science combine… to open Our Eyes. There’s more… to Sense… out there. To See as well.


One cannot help but smile at the hubris of Humankind.

(…Well,.. the i, Shiro kind anyways.!.)


With somewhat quiet assured arrogance we assume Knowledge of and over many Topics.

We have Files, Books, Libraries, Databases, Experts, Professionals and so on.


Easily Sensed within Our World Legends are such undercurrents.

A well told Tale… well liked therein and thereof.

With and within these too,..


we reveal and See a/Our World-view.





are there not Legends,.. from such as Science, Health and even Mind that tell us…

in spite of All Our Senses… we Sense OverAll…

lil’ more than 10% of…



Thus,.. and in the other 90%.?.


What type of… World-View then is 100%.?.

Sensory Overload perhaps.?.



With such in my Mind.

I, Shiro… wanna know then…

How To See

Another Dimension.

In Color Too.

The… 11%… per se.?.

One step at a Times… perhaps then indeed.


Searching Our World Legends. A Pair of Ways to Look was found.



Herein. Two Minds of Science and Health found a Ways.





We Are… 10%ers.


Whilst Our Eyes do a great job of seeing the Visible Spectrum.

The Spectrum overall is many times larger per se.

With such as the ElectroMagnetic Spectrum for example;..

Our Eyes cans see ONLY… 1.5%.!.

Largely and mostly… Invisible 98.5 % and so forth.





Touch and so forth… are All in this same Ways.


Running blind… per se. Limited and Filtered.

We only experience,.. very approx. some/MAX 10+% overAll.


Our Senses are limited… quite a bit. A LOT… actually.

From that POV Our Mind is but a Receiver with Filters ON. Full-On…

Filtered… almost indeed.

In deed and in fact as well.


The Thoughts delineated above…

came into my Mind as I read through the Life Tales of these Two Discoverers/Inventors of a Ways to see another Dimension. Their Legends impressed creativity onto existent Tech. and squeezed out…

Ways for Our Sense of Sight to be enhanced. Onwards…


to the 11%.



The… 😦

Color-Blind… Colored In.

Let’s Color their World. The Color-Blind that is.

Thus and now…

Enchroma journeys on to Our World Legends. Herein.

‘Cos… that’s what they did.


Colored Glasses for the Color-Blind. Invented. 😎


Glass Science Expert Don Mcpherson PhD of Albert University was (at first)

tasked at Enchroma with Research that was aimed,..

at assisting Surgical Procedures. Laser Surgery Protective Eye-wear that is.


For the Surgeon(s) and Team and so forth.

Forthcoming though from his Special Surgical Glassy Lens

was Laser Protection… indeed. In deed and in fact… as well. As well

as another asset hidden therein and thereof. Had been thrown in…






In Color… it seems.


A visiting Friend and Game of Frisbee threw out that Research Target…

and caught in Sight of Full-Color… This Laser proofed Lens…

hidden Talents so bright and so clear.


Then and thus,..

this bright spot of news… went Out.


To Color Our World. Legends indeed.



Don and Others had oft taken to wearing a pair of these Special Sunglasses out…

in the Real.


During a friendly Frisbee free-for-all. The friend… who WAS Color-blind.

Michael Angell.


Colored his World… for the first Time. When Sunglasses borrowed from Don…

shone through. In Color,.. that is.

To show Our World… clear Reds… clear Greens. Bright as… also.


After such an enlightening revelation…

Enchroma Science and Tech. swung into action.


With assistance from Computer Modelling developed by Mathematician/Computer Scientist Andrew Schmeder they tweaked the Lens to refine and further adjust the input and filter Light…

especially from the areas/Wavelengths where such Color(s) overlap.

This Filter allows those with the Main form of Color Blindness to basically isolate then highlight Colors for much easier identification as Don’s Frisbee Friend… had earlier.

Caught onto indeed. Seen. As well.


For the first Times and Places.

In Color… brights. So and thus:..


(Video Link)


The Enchroma Color-Blindness Corrective Glasses,..

can be seen… and have been.

Available. In many Colors as well,.. as Types;..


for Public Sale, since 2012. The Year of. Indeed.


Now To See 11%

By  and ‘tween 1980-2006.

So… Our World Legends do so and say.



In 2006 the “… International Society For the Study of Subtle Energies and Energy Medicine…”

agreed. Dr. Harry Oldfield was due. An Award.


Harry had long photographed the Invisible. Life Force.

Kirlian Photography that is. That which cannot be seen.

With Eyes that is.

Biology,.. a major Study Interest as well.


Invented a long-looker too. 1997. The Oldfield Microscope.

With 3-D capabilities therein.


As Our Bodies are a combo of Bio-Chem-Elec. We emit a corresponding Field Effect.

A Bio-Electricity per se. Electric Field/Energy.


Using Special Photographic Filters this Field can be viewed.



Allowing Us All,.. as the above Award. Awarded… did agree. For such;..

“… allows us to experience our Multidimensional Existence through his extraordinary Images…”


Video and Slide-show,.. seen also. Therein. Below.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.




(Video Link)


Harry’s Imagery Research however… had only just begun.

With an Inventive and Scientific… intuition. He knew.

He… We…

could see even more.


Dimensions that is.


Applying Frequency and Intensity variables to the construction of the Lens/Camera Filters.

Till… the Light shone through. Well… PIP Light anyways that is.


Polycontrast Interference Photography.

The nomen therein and thereof. PIP.


PIP was Kirlian… with a twist. Tech. Upgraded.

Computer Tracking converts the Images into Pulsing Bands of Light and Color.


Highlighting therein… the Differences. For,.. Harry does say;..


“… Some objects radiate Light, but mostly we see an object because Light reflected from it, is seen as an image in our eyes…

A Photonic Interface set-up was required with which to detect Light of varying energy from varying environments,

leading to an Image of the Energy differences that was meaningful, i.e. PIP…”




These Energy Differences indicate Dimensions or Frequencies of Light that Our Eyes cannot by Nature,.. usually see. As with Kirlian, X-Rays, Radio Waves and the like.

Unseen… yet there. Out There. The Our World Legends


Objects of Light such as those Termed Orbs…

oft show up to Light their Ways. Seeming Balls of Energy

that also move unseen around Our Environ in mysterious Ways.


Energy in several variant Forms can be photographed using Oldfield Type Filters/Grates.

Harry Oldfield continues to Research, Investigate and Write on these Frequency Fields.



With reference and emphasis on the Fractal Geometry of Nature,

Ways to safely biodegrade such as Plastics, as well as,..

the Vortex Energy within Hurricanes, Tornadoes and Cyclones. Hopefully.


Ways to lightly disperse and degrade…

those too.


(Video Link)


Our World Legends.

Be One.


I Dream of Ninja.


And You.?.

Do You… have a Dream.?.


Then to… Share the Light and

make the Invisible… Visible.


Live Your Dreams.



Till next…