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King of Persia. War On Water. Hi Lights.

In and To Our World. Legends Of Water. Pt.2… War part too. To. Herein. That Is. King Of Persia Xerxes 1. Goes One on One. With Water. What a WashOuts. Well went. Well No. Then Spotlighting That Light. On Yonders Shore. Well,.. Grecian Anyways. Of Yore In Deed. Indeed whet Your Whips. Water Frenzy. Shiny Objects, Alls. Explained. Within. Wetly.


Splashing in and out did King Xerxes 1 in Pt. 1 no Great good. Lil’

floating harm to One Greek. Either. That o so thinking Deep Water

lasting impartially. Still. Stilled those waters


and refused to part Thems. So as to let His Pair Of Persian

Pontoonys. Float. Ups. Both. Sunken. Still. Deep. In 480 B.C.


Thus The Call and Wave To Arms.

For War.


On Water.



Of Yore.



At Hellespont.

By The Waters. Edge.


With His Army One Great

so nomened, This in Our World.

Legends of Martialness and History Retell Our

King of Persia.


On Water. Hi


May as Well be. Washed Ups. Also. Also



Kingly Great Xerxes that One...


First THREE Ideas of Attack.?. Went,.. Well,..

Well.?. Nought. No wheres.

Well.?. Not At Alls. There. Either.


Whips, Shackles, Hot Irons.???.


Against… Water.




Worry Not. Water… Be Well. Still.

Even After That. Lot.

Btw’s… How Do You… WaterBoard… Water.?.


Such horrific approaches becomes pacific. Specifically.

Stroke after Stroke.


Anyways You Wet, This. Or That. Then

‘Tis… Wet. Till You Dry It. Outs. Then

seemingly realising He was swimming against

that surging Tidal Wave. Waves of emotion. Swept Over



Xerxes. 1. Persian




In so Deep and More He dove. He plunged as

A Final Solution whet His Appetite. For Destruction.

In. On. This. His War. With Water.

Greece. Of Yore also. Also where and bys, whereby.


Whereswith: Withall;..

The Waters Resolve. That. Then. Was so surely,

sorely tested by Heat,

Steel, Leather,

Xerxes Wobbly Will,


300 Whipped Wrists, HandCuffs, Hot as

Irons and Yet ironically and Yes. Mores. Coming Next,

diving thick and thinly fast: Now…


Just in cases His murky Mind had Misled. Him.

  • Xerxes 1 also Beheaded. All the Engineers. Then




(Music Link)


Went, Got some New Ones. Built Anothers. Bridged Pontoonys.

Quick Thinking Tech. Applied. Now.

Waited NOT for the Weather Report. Nor Nightsfall.

Invaded. Done. Soonly. Daily. This, thus and so,


Back. To War.

Done. Thus and so. Did Endings. His, This.


War On Water

The Battles of Hellespont. Over. Done heatedly as well. Well as

getting across, getting across His Points. Of pithed offness. Well

as… achieving no real Thing. Really.?.



…’Cept perhaps for Those

Royal Engineers learning How Real, Machiavellian, Draconian…

Royalty. Can and Is Be. In Our World. Legends Tell

Tales of gory greatness,.. A Lil’ Wet… Behind the Ears. Others

Parts as well. Well as


Whilst then hotly pursuing the ensuing heated

Land Invasion continued to be. Swimmingly still. Still

and deep into His next of visits to those

Deep and Watery Blues. Went His Fleet…


Down too. To

Visit Davy Jones, Locker+Crew. Belows. That



A Water Wet PayBacks. ‘Cos… On His Next

Maritime Excursion at Salamis. Sunken

Hopes. There

too. To



and shortly Thereafters. After this,.. Xerxes 1

took His Paddle With No Boats. Great One Army as

well. Well,..

Well… What Was Left gratefully. Then.

Then Left.


Went Home. Persia. Then There. Rightly, back


Finally and rather finely; Assassinated By the BodyGuard

Royal Commander Artabanus. 465 B.C. GoodNight


Xerxes 1. Won The Wars… Lost His Mind

and battled Mores. On Water. Also

His One and This Great Army. L’il Mores. Than


Memories now. Now



In Our World. Legends shine Still. Still


On this and that not straight Straits watery of

Hellespont: A

Leading Light


still mores. Than Memory. Therein. Herein

as well. Well as One of The Earliest Light-Houses.

Of Our World. Legends

Of Yore. An Ancient Wonder. That Towered. Aboves.

The Shore. Grecian.


The Hellespont Tower. That Be.

Towering. Then. This




Type of Power. Of Yore. Elemental.


In Natures that is. That is that and Btw’s

The Aboves That Was War Articles of Xerxes 1

In Pts.1 + 2.


and His War On/In/Of Water. So Based on the Accounts

In Our World. Legends


In and Of The i, Shiro Library;.. Thereof and Therein. Therein,

In The Mains:

Within THE BOOK OF FACTS-Readers Digest Edition

  1. ISBN 0949819689 Pgs 18-19… ‘Stormy Crossing‘. Crossing


The Straits of Hellespont Btw’s need not be as overdramatic,

underwatered downs as

That Xerxes 1 Final Approach. Was.


At Alls.





My Dear Reader.

You. That IS.. That is

Whys and So Ons. The Hellespont…

Need Not Be. A Hellish Point. To Cross.

The Tower.


As Seen, Seeked and Searched. Earlier. There.

In Our World. Legends

There. There too. To Understand whilst Over

standing Ancient Tech. Elementary. Means…

To You…


Ways and Means of Applying Elements in

Ways and Means Elemental. For Power. Ups.


Powers. Elements Elemental.





The Ancient Ancestors used Variants of Nature.

Examples tweaked and prodded.


The Great Pyramid a great Example.

The Aboves Gif discloses.

What The Pyramid Really Is.


An Ancient Repo. of a Volcano. By Greatly. Simply.

Substituting The Waters Of The Nile. For LAVA.

A Water Based Volcanic Pump. Pharaoh’s.



The Nomen… Tells Alls.


Fire… In The Middle.






Ancient Tech. Used Nature. Natural

Systems, Processes and Components

as an Inspiration and Source. Of Ideas.


Fire, Steam, Water Flows vis Volcanic Mounts.

Carbon Arc Electricity vis Lightnings Aboves.

Waters Hydrolic Powers, Lift Heavy Thingys.

Fire, Water for Pressure.




Of Yore. In Our World.




Is This… Why They Were Gods.?. Had.?. POWERS.?.



♥… Slide and Show. As Belows. Herein.
In Our World. Legends…
… and Legendary Forget-Me-Nots

Btw’s Ancient Tech per se Used Well. Well as well

in and to,..

the previous Centuries. In Ways. Means as. Well

in Deed. Indeed,


Carbon Arc Lighting for example;

Used well into the 19th Cent.


Many Inventions of and before these Times, Places

were finalised by such Powers.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.



Feel Mores Than Freely Energetic.

To Share.


Within. You. Those Elements.


Those Points and Of Views.

Though and So. Not. Of War.


Of Energy Unused in New Ways.

Earth’s per se. Say,

Or oft forgot. Of Yore.


Ideas, Concepts.

Ways, Means. Mores.


With Meaning, Intent. Please



Ways and Means. To So Use.

This, Those Earthly Powers. That Be. Be that



Next… and soon. Enough. For and ’tis:

How Trees Talk. Hard Wood. Swivelled.


Please Feel Free and If So Inclined To Contact/Comment:..

i, Shiro that is.

With Any Thoughts, Hints, Tips and Dreams.

If A Particular Legendary Theme or Our World Legends. Is A Desire.


To Be So Writ. Herein.



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King of Persia. Declares War On Water. LowLights.

War is Not Unknown in Our World. Legends do so, Say. There have been a Few. Or More. Mainly We War with Each Other YET Great King Xerxes of Persia… had Others Ideas. 3 Simple Steps. To War. Join i, Shiro in a seek and search of His War On Water.?. Herein. A Legendary Battle that liquidated Great Dreams and branded Xerxes… deep inside. That Waterworks. Mysterious Ways. Pt. 1 First Sip.


In 480 B.C. Ancient Greece had much to offer Xerxes 1, then

Dynastically The, King of Persia. Then and so.


In 480 B.C… He went to have a Look. To take it All. Back

To Persia. Not that He was Alone. A Great Army.

Followed Hims. Close. To Help. Carry

Alls that Stuff. Back. From Greece To Persia. Of Yore. Persia


itself had and was gathering Territory. Mores Territory

that is. From and Of… Others. Is that so called, nomened

vamEmpiric Expansionism… ψ ⊕

of it’s Borders per se. By the Ways Of Military Expressionism

that is. Then. Calls For



Alongs The Ways.


War. Push n Shove. Poke. Move Forward…


Xerxes 1, His One Great Army, headed Greeceward. All expressed

well, went, was going rather swimmingly. Till. Till

they ventured near. Water.


The Hellespont

(…Mod Nomen/Term: Dardanelles…).


Xerxes 1. With A Great One Army

standing still. Alongside


The Water. There.



(Music Link)



Tis here in Our World. Legends so and say. Recall,

then. That this Great Army One and Alls.

So driven to those murky depths despairing that. That


King of Persia.

Declares War on

Water. LowLights

From and Of. Yore. Herein.

The War On Water.



With Those Waters of the HELLESPONT STRAIT that is. That is

to get Across. It. In 480 B.C.



On Water.


Watery WaterColor Of… Water. There. Light as well. Well as a Swimminger. In. For Those With No Real Interest Than Where In Frick This Scene. Was Done.?. Brixham.



Enroute to Greece. Of Yore.

To War.


Firstly… On Water.


On THE Water.

Water… itself.



At Wars with Xerxes 1 of Persia. Of Yore. War.

A One Great Fricken Army as well. Well as


Warrior Of The Water… Wars… Dropped His Rubber Ducky Methinks…


against Water in this and that Days, Times, Places…

480 B.C… ish,..

and Mind of Xerxes 1;.. War

Went Like This:..


The Kingly War on h2o: 3

Articles Of War.

In Our World. Legends of Articles so Writ. Herein. Begins.

Where and wherebys that and these:

Noble Lore of ignoble effects and cause. ‘Cos

The King Simply and So… Sayeth. So. Then.


‘Twas. War.

In 3 Simple Steps.


These and those 3 Articles. Of War.

Thereof. Belows. The Image of God.


Poseidon that is. That is


A Typical God of The Waters. Poseidon This Be.


  • Firstly; Get the Egyptian and Phoenician Engineers to Build,

Set-Ups and Lay. Across the Waters. Two Pontoony Bridges

Paired and Ups. For Your One Frick of A

Great Army to Step across. Waters. There. Hellespont Straits.


  • Secondly; Wait Overnight after the Aboves Build. The Winds

and Tidal Waters… Of AND OFF The Strait… Go straight… Then,.. Go

Sink The Pontoonys. Both. Deep. Davy Jones Deep.


  • Lastly. Thirdly; Simply. Declare War. On Water.

Kings Decree. Work Done.


Sparta. War. Calls.




Xerxes First Move and Counter-Attack… After the insolent,

insolvent, insoluble woes splashed rounds and abouts. About

The Powers Of Waters to wetly go where no Waters had been. Before

thereby due to Theft thereof. His Two Sunken Pontoony. Went a Lotsa’

… Loony. ‘Cos… Firstly:


Water Heeded Him. Not. In this Watery War, Water was to

thus and so be treated ungreatly, ungratefully.

As an ENEMY.


So… Greatly, generally, less than that admirably, He so. Then

whet His Hunger. For War. Thus and so


A Great Wave. Kanagawa, Japan. Of Yore.


First Phase:

Sends in the Troops. Generals, Admirals.

To generally just whip arounds.

Admirably Administering a Whipping. Whilst

trooping Abouts in the Drink. Water.


  • Over 300 Lashes of Their Whips. Soon followed. That Order.

Made to Order. Xerxes. 1. King. Of loonsPersia… and Now.

Patron Saint. Of The S&M Crowd/Herd/Groupies/Peeps. WhipPets.?.


Water whipped into a Frenzy. By The 300. General

Admirations admirably trooped out as Whalloping Whips

and Lashings. Lashed Outs. Out and Aways ON the Water

amid that brutal oppressive onslaught. Thereupon.

Xerxes seemingly rather peevishly and


Kingishly, was wildly, wetly damping the rising Moods. Of

One Great Frick Army… wanted Mores.

All out. War.


On Water.

Now. Then


Whipped Ups. 7 Smoothies. Clicks Aways.


Poseidon. Trident. On Urn. Of Yore. Grecian.


With the Concept of Slavery also. All and So fresh, not uncommon in those

Times and Places. Of Yore. Xerxes Had another Plan. For His War.

On Water. Submission.


Phases 2… + 3.

Send the Troops wading out again. In The Wild.

In and To this Depths of Battle. Thereupon The Waters

  •   With a Pair of Shackling Handcuffs.

Trapping that Water. Good. Enough,


this however was not. The Water. Rebelled. Still. Moving

aways at Wills not Xerxes. Therein. Well this did will. Not.

For the Water… Well


This pithed and put out Xerxes 1. One, A Lot in deed. Indeed

next. Was Soon well enough. After. That. Put into the thick

of then Watery Combat Actions. Sizzling.

  • The Hot Irons. Applied.


Steam Clouds burst anew,

arose as Xerxes Great Army Ones battled on.

Bubbling, boiling.

Whistling, toiling;..

Steaming aways… The Water. That Enemy. Of Xerxes 1. King


Of Pontoonys.

Of Yore.


Persia also. Loony. Also


Water. Drop. There and Of. OFF as well… just. Now. So Beat… Those Drums Of… War.?.


At War


This Battlefields of WateryFields was Steamy. As Heck,

Hell, Saunas, Caves and others damped moistingly sweaty

such-like Places, Times. Bath-Rooms. So Ons. On Xerxes 1


Did this Battle switch. Switching Tactics to tacitly

show. The Water. Who Was Boss. This. Did not thus


Flow. Ons. Now



Feel Freely, Moistly Mature.

To Share.

Your Flow.

In Our World. Legends of and


To War. On Water.?.


Your Reasons. For.

Therefore… and WAR… Hows.?.


Those Wet n Wild

...Calls.?. in Deed. Indeed


In Our World. Legends.

Be One.



(Video Link)


Next... too, So is. Pt. 2. Then: That To,

The Next Phase… Others Bits As well. Well as

King of Persia. War On Water. Hi Lights.


Please Feel Free and If So Inclined To Contact/Comment:..

i, Shiro that is.

With Any Thoughts, Hints, Tips and Dreams.

If A Particular Legendary Theme or Our World Legends. Is A Desire.


To Be So Writ. Herein.



Till next…



Shinsengumi. SWAT Team Shogun. Rules + Regs.

Much Civil. And Martial Unrest within Our World. Legends. Herein that is. As the Shogun struggles. Control of Law and Order given unto a new Ways. A Newly Selected Corps. Shinsengumi. Ways therein also. Also Strict Rules and Regs. Swords as well. Well as more Rules and Regs. Guidance. Herein. On working through that so and such. Bureacratic Maze. Swat Team Shogun. Orders and Commands too. Pt.2. photocredit/thanks:walldevil


Social, Public, Geo-Political and Diplomatic pressures working the Ways

through Times and Places. Of Japan. Of Yore. Such as in the 1850’s

led the then Shogun. Shogun Iemochi.


To call for a new Ways. Anarchy

on and in the Main Streets and in the Imperial Court. Had

to be curtailed. Somehows. So.


A new Ways. A

new Team for a Country’s Future.


SWAT Team Shogun.

Rules + Regs.

To Apply. Therein and thereof as well. Well as



this Structure of the Nation


such as was. Was Pyramidical. There was an Out. In there. Of which this

and that The Shogun too. So had to practice and beware. Be aware as

and of that. Of being. Called out as well. Well as caught too. To


when and so. So when and then

the nominal Emperor so justly

nominated to respectively in some Ways

Call. Out. His Imperial Views. The Shogun Ways


would need to Reflect. That.


Or there would therein risking heck too. To

and fro

would be imperialistic and strident Calls. Calls

resisting and assisting many fars and wides. Also. For

Imperial StormTroopers to swoop in. Take


His Head.


With Body.

Non-attached. In Ways. Any


This slideshow requires JavaScript.


Ways. Non-attached too. To and from. The use of Swords. Sword.

Of the Samurai. Slide-Show. As Above. To

then and so


be presented other-wise and -Ways as just a Head-

count then. To this and that. Heap Top Other Head-

Honcho. Controller. Who also counts. But

is not. Also. A Count.


The Emperor.

Emperor Kōmei

孝明天皇 (1831-1867)

at this Times and Places. Thereof actually be. Be so


aware Shogun. Of

Yore. Your Japan. Therein. The Code. Can Bite. Back. Anyways

that is. That be. As it were, was and so. Be.

Diplomatic cut and thrusts.?.

Power Grabs and Shares.


Machiavellian. Orwellian. More heck and hell. In. Wow. In



words other-Wise and Ways. Everyone of the Elites therein. Could somehow Legally

use The Sword. To chop opposition and opponents. Whilst They

could so do to Them too. At some Times and Places Also. Also

begging the question.?. As to why. They.


Would not want to go out much i guess.?. into

the Real. ‘Cept for. War. When and Once. Once


they heard this this, that and those. Drums.


This type of broad Arena Catch-All Approach to Legal Matters

and Use thereof led. To

Anarchy. Basically. As


everyone therein strived to Chop their Ways. To the shtop. Per se. Quickly,



(Music Link)


Efficiently. Directly, Sharply, Diplomatically or not. Like


an Arena of Battle in Our World Legends. Of

Yore. One in. All in. Go Battle. And so forth. Forthrightly


the Shogun gained knew Knowledge. The A Team. Was Times

and Places indeed. For Thems. In. Into


this Geo-Political Arena in



deed they had a need. He. Actually. Shogun.

Had that. That is thus and so


The A Team.

Rules and Regs.

Basic Weapon Kit.

Consisted of interest to those so and such Samurai. With

Lotsa Swords. Others Weapons

as well. Well as


were this SHINSENGUMI. (The Newly Selected Corps)


(…Nomen meanings and/are literal. There. Above this…)


Basic Kit Issue: AS Follows, Belows.


: Chain Mail, Two Swords, Helmet, Spear.

Jacket(s) Light of Blue. Insignia of pointed Stripes. Stripes

of White. On Sleeve positioned.


Their Symbol/Motto: Makoto.


White Symbol, Red Background.


13 Original Corps Members/Troops/Unit.

All Sword Adepts. To varying Degrees. High.


The Protector of Kyoto. Their Supervisor.

The Corps was Commissioned to Patrol the

Streets Day and Night. Official Orders whereby. To









Thus and so. With Law. + Force.

Bound by this and that then being;..

The Set of Nine.

Martial Prohibitions.

Squadron Commands.

Just as stringent. Too. Nine


Commands were there. There. Then also. Also

consists. Of. Belows. The 9.


Duties Must Be Strictly Obeyed.

Follow The Orders of Your Squad Command.

Never Needlessly Comment on Enemy or Ally.

Never Start False Rumor.

Never Eat Delicacies.

Never become Agitated or Restless even in Times

of Emergency. Await Calmly for Orders.

Abstain from needless Personal Fighting + Arguing.

Check Your Own Food + Weaponry Before Battle.

Fight To the Death if Needed. If The Commander so Falls IN Battle.

Kill Cowards Who Flee. Never Flee Battle.

If Needed Remove The Commanders Body From Battle-Field.

Never Loot or Plunder. Obey The Laws.



The 9 Above Ones were then and thus Tempered. With

Bushido. Nomenly. Namely as well. Well as this


The Ancient Code of the Samurai Arts and Ways.





The Code of The Samurai.

Had precedence. Over All and Every

Thing. Thereof. Therein. Japan.

Of Yore.



A Collective Term for the Collection of Rules.

Of Courage, Honor, Conduct, Morality, Ideals.

Military and Martial Skills.


This Way involved deep contemplation. Or none.

Action, Reaction, Inaction.


Concepts of Living, Loyalty, Sincerity, Mastery

of Deeds and Actions.


Life. Death. Honor in both. Both

Long and Short. Sword. Also.



Heroes. Or Villains. Hated and Loved. Admired and Feared.

Dependent on POV. Criminality also.


Japan’s structure Societal at the Times and Places

this and that. Were that

as Allegiances Privately and Publicly swayed to EITHER

Shogun or Emperor. There were. Issues. Of Command

in the main. Main Streets


became War Zones for Boys with Attitudes. Swords as well. Well as

SOME of their Deeds became in deed so and such of


Our World Legends.



Martial Artists were quite many within these exalted Ranks.

Names such as;.. Kondō Isami, Hijikata Toshizō, Okita Soji, Nagakura Shinpachi,

Yamanami Keisuké, Inoué Genzaburō, Tōdō Heisuké, Harada Sanosuké,

Saito Hajimé, Serizawa Kamo, Yamazaki Susumu, Shimada Kai

and many Others fill the annals of the Shinsengumi Corps Membership.


Long Term Martial Artists in the main. Many

from a very young age. Ageless Styles of Sword Kenjutsu,

Samurai Jujutsu forms and so on. On


and in the Annals too. To Martial Traditions and Styles

mentioned and thanked within. Within and to

The Tennen Rishin, Shinto Munen,

Hokushin Itto, Shinkeito


have kept Alive. Many inspiring Ideals.



Of a Love and Respect for Country, Ruler-ship, Codes of Guidance,

Conduct, Law. Society too. All.

Martial Arts and those of Self-Defence gained much Knowledge


from these several Generations. Dedicated Families, Clans, Protectors.

Many such. Ways.


A Team for the Shogun that over Times and Places were oft in the

Front-line of the Nations Defence. Respected and feared for both zesty

Sword-Work and zeal for high Ideals.


Many such gave their All. For

such as All that. Above. Also.





(Music Link)



Our World Legends.

Be One.


Live Your Dreams. Too.

Drum. Your Ways. So



And On.


Next… Podcast Picks. Tops List of 9.


Please Feel Free and If So Inclined To Contact/Comment:..

i, Shiro that is.

With Any Thoughts, Hints, Tips and Dreams.

If A Particular Legendary Theme or Our World Legends. Is A Desire.


To Be So Writ. Herein.


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