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Girl meets Boy. Hero meets Leander. Tower Light Off.

Top Journeys of Our World Legends Hero and Leander lightly lead on too. To other Ways Times and Places. Of Yore that is. Is Time. Herein. To explore the Pt.3 as well. Well as Hero and Her Leading Tower of Light. Leanders power swimming progress is questioned. Questions Elementally and such seriously posed and imposed. Answered as well. Well as i, Shiro can. That is. Ancient Tech. Explained. Lightly. Then switched. Off. Saves the Battery.


Electricity sparks many raised questions. Technical. Other-wise and -ways

too. To flash anew and refresh again, this Last of leading Tales Three. Pt.3

herein. Hero. Her Ways.


Lights a few burning Ideas as well. As well from Our World Legends,



She of Ancient Greece

High-Priestess of Hellespont Tower sets a forward


Path Ways. For Her Light.


On. That is.


On and In Our World. Legends of Literature such as

Letitia Elizabeth Landon, Friedrich Schiller,

OvidVirgil, Musæus Grammaticus, Christopher Marlowe,

Lord Byron, John Keats, Lord Tennyson,

George Chapman, Henry Petowe have over History, Times and Places

adapted these heroine heroics, herein of Hero.


Arrigo Boito too. To then poetically into an Opera he so composed. A

heroic Tale. To be so sung. Till Later then. That is. Till it come. So undone.

Then being uncomposed and sunken, thus low in spirit and so Mind,

he ripped it to lil’ shreds and binned it. That. Then.

Did end. His Hero Tale, Legend. Back then.


A Legend and Eternal Theme which also inspired Painters to Paint. Paintings by

Rubens, Turner and Rossetti all turned those clear and blank canvasses

into stylish works, of colored Art in Our World. Legends relate too, that to



Composer and Master of the King’s Music (1628)

Nicholas Lanier did so and thus set a version, thereof. Done well as well. Well as



(Music Link)



for this, when and then. A

Girl meets Boy.

Hero meets Leander.

Tower Light Off.

Simply means the Mid-Life crisis nearing. Of this

Tale. Begans beguine. Pt.1 Therein. Therein

also. Part 2.


In deed. It seems. Her.


Tower. Hero.

The Tower of Hero.


A Tower with Ancient Power.

Elemental it seems Tech. in deed. Indeed incoming


from the Dardanelles. Of Yore. Ancient Greece is the setting and thus and so,

scene final. Finale of these Pt.3 Last Scenes. Thereof. The

Tale being retold. Herein. Ending


that is. Now. Elementary. Herein. Pt. 3. Will now.

Thus and so.






of Recipe Alchemical.

Alchemy. A Recipe thereof. Therein. In a

Poem. Whilst


Searching in steps Lab-wise for that Stone. The Stone of Philosophy. And

Purpose. Purposely He Sir Isaac Newton did so Step, Stop and Read. Understood

Too. To

the Words therein so and such a constructive chord, was instructively

stricken. Writ. As well. Well as.


Though through and so in on and of

Prose. So


Written. Thereupon. ‘Twas. So. A

Poem. So


Newton, Isaac. Sir thereof. Sees the Light. Our World. Legends. Insist. A Rainbow World it seems in deed indeed. photocredit/thanks:baomoi


written of Olde. Still. Thereof the imaginary light globe

above. His head. Isaac’s. On. That is. Did. Did

click on. And in. Did dwell. An Experiment using those poetic

flames that are in


those Words. Poetry therein. In


Fire also. On as well. In Prose. But

for and sooth of such and so hell-. Sayers. Herein. Yet


’twas of Yore. Therein. ‘Twas. So. In

an Olden Poem. So called thereof. Therein

as well. Well writ. Ovid avidly so penned. Sir Isaac so realised. Then. That


such misinterpreted, hopeless

things this and that, may so hope occur. Oft not,


in deed it seems indeed. Tragedy. That be. There

but saved from Hidden History, posterity, by He. He

who saw 7 Rainbow Colors, so, in that Clear and White.


Light. For. There are



Ways of Lighting Up.

Are Ways and Means to hopefully increase the overall Density, Intensity and


Focus. Of. The Powers Of Light. Light on,

however it may be so generated. That require lil’

more than Basic Tech. Application. Perhaps too, Lateral Thinking.

Methods and Applications. Do so and say apply. To. Thus.


Of Fire. Minerals that emit. Too. To


such and so, as Several Light-Houses of Fame and Legend Tell. Tales

of o so and such

Bright Lights. Such a One. Herein. In

Hero Tower. That Be. On. Well


on and with, even within various Methods of Lens, Mirror, Special colored

and/or Prepped Glass Panels, Crystals, Magnifying Lens…

such. Is Done. Elemental

and divine blessed Search- and Torch-Lights yes o so in

deed. Indeed in deed


and yet Divinity and Alien Gods. Thems.


Need not extra apply. For Us, to be so Enlightened. Thus and so.

Therein. Terrestrial. Thereof. Earth. All. All



over Our World. Legends simply and so

of such Tech. Are. Elemental. Of Yore. In deed.


Girl : Boy

Hero : Leander

Ἡρώ : Λέανδρος

Hērṓ : Léandros


Hero, Her River of Light. Across the Dardanelles.

The River Strait now shone. Lit by Elemental Fire. Hers. Within. Hero

Tower. She Led.


With a Hero’s Power. Shadowed within.

To shine so without. A leading Light.



Of Yore.


And a Boy. Too. To





(Music Link)


lead. Then to that. An Ancient Form. Within. Her Tower that is.

The Hero Tower

that Power be. Hers in deed. Indeed

and so on the Water’s Edging there be. By the Strait

Hellespont of River

By. Actually. Of Yore. Anyways


as that casing may, so and be and seem. So and thus such Her

Tower. The Tower

of Hero. Was

there. By the River. Which flowed. Flowed amazingly past. Passing


in deed of

Grecian and Yore, several stunning structures. None of note. Herein

for anyways at mo’. Till. Past and on. Onto

Then. Thus and so. Abydos.



Leander’s Places and Times. Home City as well. Well as

some Others, it seems. Seemingly unnoted by most. Herein too. To

continue on past this River.


Of Activity. Even at Night. Like now. Which

was then. Actually.


Of Yore. Greece. Afore. Afore



many Nights bright, did that Light of Hero. Her

leading Light so led these Ways. So Shine. Upon


The River too. To and fro. For


many Nights Leander did so and thus, swim. Therein. Thereupon. The

River. Flowed too and Till. Till hitting said Shore. Then

and on. Onto. Into. A


Hero and Her charms. Till.


Seasons End. Then.



All was still.




and for Our World, Seasons do so and thus change. Change. Overnight

it seems indeed. In deed

A Change of Seasons. Fate and Destiny

as well. Well as Leander. He tried. Swimming Up. Then Down. Over

and across would not be crossed. Cross not nor gotten over. Not

Now. Now


He was. Cross. Lights out. Mind darkening. Angry and thoughtless

too. To so and thus,

swim across. For Hero. He

must do. This Night. Of Yore.




No going

Back. Now. ‘Tis would and then won’t do. Do

or Die. Then. Now. By these and those so Gods. For


Her. Hero


now so knew too. To admit. Things then so had changed. Especially the

Weather. Whether

she so tried or not. Her Light was put out. Turned Off. Not On in

deed. Indeed the Weather

change so brought much loss, in leading. Whipping in

and around Her Tower Top. Pushed


onwards then inexorably so inwards, by those of fierce Gales, Pressures, turbulent

Winds. Mirrored Tower

Glass could not contain. That. That piling and pounding

Pressure, stocked so sorta Ways too much. In deed. Pressured.





Light was out. A Tower hole. The whole Top Floor and Light ripped

and so torn. Ado, Hero cried as she surveyed the floor Top wreck

before Her. Which. Was dark. Now.


Towered no more. Also. Alas. A distinct and so alack of Light as well. Well as

Off. Topped off. Strewn cyclonically. Somewhat maniacally

about in then unmeasurable, unrepairable ways. For where now

only Tower shadows once led. No where. Now. No


ways in sight. Inside and Top-side Hero was. She so knew. Inside.

She was

done in. Too. Topped out.




For She so had seen. Seen Ways down.

Aways and hows, Hope so

cruelly had, in deed so dashed. Why


and was in such and so. Tragic sight. Just. In sight. Now that is. What

to and had

fro, clashed



(Music Link)



and had so laid then strewn. Thrown up, so against. Inert. Still. Still


amongst those raging River Rocks, Tower Support. Seen

so Fars. Ways Below. Hero

that is. Was actually. Then. Just seen. That End



In sight.


That. There.


A Funeral Pyre. Alight.


For a Boy. Leander.



She had so thus and made. Made and then. So lit. For Him. His

Ways. To Lead, and so Light. So


Ways down. Earlier had seen so Ways down,

and then Shore found. Him. There. Her

Heroic Visitant, Festival Goer, and Follower of the Light. Hers. Her


Leander was out, laid so low, ripped, torn up

in that so bitter, stormy Wintery, Undertow.

Beached, battered, Wind-swept, Rock crushed Tragedy. Washed up

and so out. Of Life. Gods All

forsaken, Hope so then dashed. That frail Eternal graceful Light. His. Dimmed. Dipped


Ways down, was also. Now. Out.





She knew. Now. Her

next Step.

To be. Was

Her Ways. Hero.


Times and Places. To step up.

Light the Ways. Then.


Then. To

Lead. Leander. Home.


Looking Ways down. Down so Ways. Below.

Hair whipping wild, in such wild wet breeze. Breezes

that stung as those tears, just so strung, streamed. Down.

The face of a Hero. There. Standing Ways straight. True. Tall.


Like that Titan of a Shipwreck. Just before.


That watery, and deep.



Standing atop Tower so amidst, and straight, Tall.

Proud, Muse like, True Beauty deep, so scorned, by Graces All.

By Mother Nature. Gods, Fates, Destinies. Swept aways,

All, before Her it seems. In deed.


Ways up high, so straight, Tall, faithfully so. So

Windswept amidst and atop on this. This so crumbling remains,

of Her Light’s, Tower-Top, lead-in leading edge, so, torn asunder.

Of, broken Dreams. Now. To Be. Set Free.


Such a Step.




She took.



Going Home.

She did Lead.




Live Your Dreams.

Be You… Hero,.. Leander.


Lead Your Ways. Light Your Worlds.

Before Light so

Dark goes.


Our World Legends.

Be One.





You can and are.


Take Care. As well.



Next… Revolution of Love. Book Reviewed: Russell Brand.


Please Feel Free and If So Inclined To Contact/Comment:..

i, Shiro that is.

With Any Thoughts, Hints, Tips and Dreams.

If A Particular Legendary Theme or Our World Legends. Is A Desire.


To Be So Writ. Herein.


Till next…


Girl meets Boy. Hero meets Leander. Tower Light On Oft.

Hero and Leander continue On. On Oft it seems. Like Her Tower Light. Pt.2. Leading the Ways to Our World. Legends of Ancient. Greece, Tech. and Nature rise and shine their Ways with Advice from The Wisdom of Egypt. Of Yore. Sir Isaac Newton and his bright inspiring Poetic Recipe as well. Well as was Alchemy of the Gods. ‘Tis All Elemental. In natures. Ancient Light-House Tech. Herein. Highlighted.


Ancient Tech. only unknowingly remains a Mystery when taken

out of. Context so then and forth such. Such Ideas and Opinion

brusquely used to explain aways Our Ancestors Innovations. In

no Ways.


That is. At All. All


within Our World Legends. The Letters from Our Ancestors per se.

Oft shine a Light for Researchers of History. To follow.


Not blindly imaged. At All. All


Hand-Bag of the Gods. Trend-setting. Divine. photocredit/thanks:pinterest


such tell Tales in and of the Human Sphere too. Thus

and so. So if and now. With Purpose. Herein Part 2. Of

such and so Hero. Ancient Greece. Of Yore. When

Girl Meets Boy.

Hero meets Leander.

Tower Light On Oft.

A Tower.

The Tower of Hero. Hers.

Hellespont. Dardanelles.


To Lead Her Ways. Continue them. Then.


Now and then.

Girls n Boys, Gods n Angels need some carry support. Then


Ancient Tech. Machinery. Battery hand-Bag. Handy as well. photocredit/thanks:disclosetv


again. These Above and Below Hand-bags of these same Gods

seen herein Images are rarely openly discussed. Nor supported.

Elsewhere that is. Than

Our World Legends. Herein that is also. Also NOTE these Hand-bags are


carried ONLY by The Rebel Angels and accompany…


their Devices, Tools and Tech. Ancient thereof. Olden Batteries have been

found in small numbers in Ancient Places and Times. Rare indeed. Only

these Gods had access Btw. Their Ways it seems. Or


to the Under. World. You were aways,


Gods with Wings. Hand-Bags. Also of Our World. Legends do Tell. Others… not so much. photocredit/thanks:keywordlister


exiled and sent to. Too many of such Tech are also seen in the

Egyptian Reliefs and Friezes. Of Yore. Such as the Torch a lil’ Ways.

Below. Usually


referred to as Icons or Ritual Objects or suchlike. Duff. ‘Cos



(Music Link)


elsewhere the Scholars chat and wonder about HOW

the Ancients wandered about and Worked,

Painted, Chiselled in such dark Places etc. Well…


Our World Legends say HOW so. To enlighten thems.


Torch Light by Arc-Lit Battery. So…

i, Shiro as well. Herein. Say Torch. Light.


We Mods for example think we Discovered Electricity. Yet and so. So

and still we so do, much may


miss. The very Word is still and this


Earth and Sky Electricity. Now… and Of Yore. Also.


derived from

this and that THE EL. An Ancient

Winged One. One godly Character divine in deed. Indeed



Whose very nomen translates as A High

and Powerful One. Lightning…


and Our Word Light. Also. Emanate. From High. Thus

and so. So. Then


Look Carefully and Thoughtfully at the

Below. Image. Herein.


Look upon

The Light. Within. Therein. Belows.


This Image vis Ancient Egypt. Most Sciences ignore still. Still this shows: A Battery Powered Torch. Ancient Tech. therein. Arc-Light Style. Note Device is Linked or Wired to another. Battery. Which in Turn. Is Linked to a Receiver/Transmitter Device. Also. Elemental Tech. Of Yore. This is HOWS the Ancients brought Light to Places wherein they Worked and Played. Thereof. Elementary though… not electrifying. The Pyramid Great Legends INSIST was. Was Also Lit At Night as well. Well as Like this in deed. Indeed. Elemental. So Our World Legends do so. And Say. Herein. gifcredit/thanks:gifer


Keep in Minds. Whether You Science Minded or not. That

Ways inclined. The Earths Motion. Itself and Spin


produces Power. Naturally. Simply. Efficiently. From

this One POV the Earth is lil’. Little

more than a Ball Rotor or Dynamo Spinning in Space simply… Elemental

and Simple Electric Power. That is. Earth Electricity. Not Ours per se.


Benjamin Franklin, Tesla, Edison, Musk + co just basically Invent

Newer Proofs. The

Hows and Means of Use and Devices Electrical. Electricity

has been storming ON EARTH grounding out

since the Spin. Begun. Therein. Began. Of Yore. Indeed. Of


Earth thereof. Itself. As well. Well as. Of Yore. Then

in deed





ascribing Wonders Divine to The Gods and Goddesses

is so and such a Writing and Written

Device of the Ancient Ancestors. In Myths and Tales

of Our World. Legends also. Also


whence and Whys They knew Not. The Real. One.

(…Or… not Allowed to. To tell that Tale’s Real…)


Answer. That is. That is

still and so Now. We Mods… call that Opinion. POV.

Conjecture. Cover-up.


E.g. If i, Shiro don’t know a THING. I do “…guess…” or “…imagine…”

and make up. One.

Literary Devices to breathe and bring Life to the Subject.

Thus and so i, Shiro do tend to such keep it

Real. To Help Others. Understand.


Having no Real Concept of comparison nor understanding of

Technical Matters, Usages and Devices thereof and therein.

Ancient Ancestor Story-Tellers. Thems.

They struggled to impart this Knowledge though Knowing

instinctively it was of Importance, included it thus. Still.


This Race. Of Gods Our World Ancestors knew. Legends remain. Myth Still. Till

now. Anyways ‘cos i, Shiro. Will help. Explain. Herein.


Above, Below.

All over Our World. Legends and Ways


All Over Our World. Legends Of Divine Beings. There Be. photocredit/thanks:pinterest


come so and thus. The Graves of these Gods are known too. To at least those

within Our World. Legends Herein also. Also

these Beings are Pre-Dynastical. Founders of several Early Civilisations. Their

Tombs and Graves are on the Lowest Levels. The Archaeological Expeditions


and Digs of Ancient Egypt and that of Sumer as well. The

Summaries of these digs reveal the extent of this Race.?.


of very smart Giant Mutants.?.


…So glad the Dino’s had small Brains. Minds. Life-spans. Were

mostly vegan, infertile and thus now extinct. Also. As well


the Previous and Above a Ways Image shows Ancient Tech. In Action.

Elemental Arc Lit Torch. Torch Light Of Yore. Ancient

Egyptian. By and by


Gods and Heroes with Oversized and Odd shaped and Sized Bodies

and Skulls etc. Slide-show. As below. Explains. That. Bit.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.


(Btw’s…Our World Legends indicate Skull Shaping

was an active part of several Early + Ancient Civilisations.


The overall Persona and Longevity effects of such are being

Researched. Still. By i, Shiro. Dunce Cap. On. Also.

Report Later. When On Cap is Done. Recapped. Herein. Soonish…)


A Selection of Divine Beings. Ancient Egyptian Version Thereof. Therein. Of Sumer. photocredit/thanks:visually


Mutant Gods. And Keepers.

Of Secrets, Powers and TECH. assumed Divine. Yet

Are Not. At All. Either Ways.


Elementary Elemental ’tis be. Of El.

An Ancient High One. That be. Still. High.



(Music Link)


Family Numbers, Homeland are known vis the Olden Kutha Texts of Creation.

Considered to be of One Family. Though with Seven Kings. Family Branches.?.

Found in and amongst and All over Our World. Legends


abound in Giant numbers as well. About

these and so larger than Life these Divinities be. Giants too. All


So Who Did The Ancients Call. For Such a Big Job.?. Those GIANT Structures The Sciences Say. So Lil’ about.?. photocredit/thanks:muhammadabdo


over Our World. Legends that do so and tell Tragedies, Hopes,

Inspirations, Loves, Hates, Battles. Dreams inbound as well.

Legends that in and amongst the Essence. The Core. Truths.


Revealed. i, Shiro… hope also. Herein. Therein

the staid and generalised Textbooks. Legends

treated as Myth. Fantasy. Tales Tall. To see Truths


that explain this Tech. are oft it seems interpreted or is that

disguised and ignored therein as Rituals or Ceremonies. When

in fact they are not. Like that. At All. All


things considered that is in deed. Indeed.



to give such All such a sense of Gravity of this Modern inclination and interrupted Social and Interpretive somewhat arrogant presumptive view. View the Discovery of Troy. Lost Lands simply and so

brought back into Our World. Legends gave those Clues. Therein


on Land and Seas. Undergrounds too. To View the electrifying Experimental Views

of this and that. What is meant. Recall recent

Research. Herein. That. The

well known early Scientist, Researcher, Thinker and Alchemist


Sir Isaac of Newton

also did so and found One of his Specialised Recipes. Alchemical.



Videoed. Below. Therein.



(Video Link)


A Poem. Of Yore. Whilst


Searching metallically in such steps alchemically thus

surely Lab-wise for this Stone. Stone

of Philosophy. And

Purposely. Purposely He Sir Issac did step, stop and thus and so Read. Understood



Too. To find in Prose. A Recipe. Soon enough



too. Three. Part 3 that is. Herein. Of

this. Leading To Therein. A Last lead-in to this and so. So

Tale of Light. Of Hero. Next. Soon.


Girl meets Boy. Hero meets Leander. Tower Light Off.


Hero and Leander have met. Festival in deed. Pt.1 Down

by the River. That is and was. Then Of Yore. Afore.

Earth and Elements now Pt.2 sorted, recomposed too. To come now. Soon.

Taken off

Prose of Yore. Rewritten, lamented. Pt.3

Hero steps up. Her final stand. In deed.




Till next…


Live Your Dreams.


Our World Legends.

Be One.


Find Purpose. In Your Life.

Poetry. In Nature’s. Also.


Please Feel Free and If So Inclined To Contact/Comment:..

i, Shiro that is.

With Any Thoughts, Hints, Tips and Dreams.

If A Particular Legendary Theme or Our World Legends. Is A Desire.


To Be So Writ. Herein.


Girl meets Boy. Hero meets Leander. Tower Light On.

When in Greece. Ancient and of Yore. When Hero met Leander. Something… clicked. The Light On and In Her Tower perhaps in deed. When. Such a Girl. Such a name. With a Tower as well. Meets a match. That could spark an ember to Flame. Well… Boy actually. Leander specifically. From across the River in Our World. Legends turn up and on this so leading and Legendary Light. Herein. Eternal Themes. Still. Elemental. Pt.1.


A so fine tunnelled Light Beam that so brightly and suddenly

beamed. The River. Or rather mirrored onto and into a strategic


section thereof. Therein as well.

The River.


Lit. Up. Dark


Faded. A lil’.



(Music Link)



Then Light. A lot. To be seen. Wet. Water

flowing too. To the

Surface fast and waves. Waving. To be seen. Thereon. Also.




The River.


Separating much more than just Our World Lands. In deed. Indeed

this non straight River that snakily flowed curving

in and to. Hellespont Strait and on. On

and to be

amongst that called still and so. Dardanelles. So nomen called still. Still


then. Too. This and that was

then too

blooming so upon the Grecian Greenery of

Our World. Legends. Then,


of Yore. So onwards then and onto this. The

Hero’s Tower. Her


Tower that be.

At Hellespont.

A Light to Lead those. Those


Ships that so and do. In and at Night

so pass. Past



The Tower of Hero. Thereupon

The River


Shore. Shores

edge where such Legendary Powers of Elemental Nature share

an alchemy of company of complementary natures. Therein.

Of Wind, Water and Earth. Land, Horizon and Sky. Heaven,

Twilight and again Earth. Balanced. Even Times and Places. Which


Had more. Tales to Tell. As well so more as then

democratically on or off Shores

as much as well. Well as such for this Lighting was.


To Lead. Her Ways. Hero.


Hero’s Ways.



To Shine Bright also. Also. For One. Addicted

to such and so. The Hero Light. Was. Yet. Still.



A Boy.


For when this and that epic Famed of Yore Prose. Epyllion

so classed

and now so rewrit. Herein.

That Poem of Ideals so high. By Marlowe. Of when

Girl meets Boy.

Hero meets Leander.

Tower Light On.

Is then and now still.

A still such and so leading light amongst Our World. Legends

that do tell of the fine and blossoming Ways and graceful means

for those who do so and say Live. Therein. Still.


When and wheres those o so endearing Fates and Destinies

musingly so enlighten that and those.

Which within Community Temples and Meet-Places. Meet,..

may shine ember bright so thus and light, keen. Clean. Also. Therein

that is. Of Greece.


Ancient. Of Yore. Afore



events that bring so a heroic Smile. To Hero’s Face that is. That is

set upon when and then Tower Stairs did She climb. After.


Turning On the Light. A Tower of Light. A Tower. Hers.

With Power. Ancient Tech. Divine that is and be. Bemused

by such tender, immature musings she mused musingly. A

while. More. More


-over The Season had stayed warm, more and so pleasant. Long

too. To

which and then. When recently

The Festival fair beckoned with many fine nights too. To

come afore that Season dark and wild Winter. Ahead. Ahead


that lay still. Still as a Representative of the Wisdom Traditions. Of



the Procession She had so finely, divinely stepped. Stepping

out as High-Priestess

of the Hellespont Tower. Hero Tower. Her Tower so

that is. Therein. Of Yore. A Festival. Leader Hero were. Was also. Also


On Shore.

Party On.


By The River.




In deed. Indeed

’twas in the South and of West. Of

Sestus. On

City Shores thereof. Thereof

in Dedication and supplication too. To Two

of the Ancients adored.


Aphrodite. Goddess therein. Paired with-

Adonis. God thereof. That Divine and so Duet. With a


Divine and Dual Festival as well. As well. Grecian Greetings.

This o so fine. High-Priestess. Divine. Thereof. She



also had… arranged and divined a Date.?.

Had in deed. In Fact. Too. Paired Up. Up


and Met a Boy thus and so. So Festival ’twas. Indeed

Summer Nights warm and inviting therefore. The

Shores. Thereon and thereupon. A Boy. Well met. In deed. A


lil’ wet… behind the Ears perhaps too though. Though

gave The Gods much and such to chatter about. Therein. To

add and to explain

that afore




(Music Link)


Of Yore. Afore. Yet and Long afore such Begins even of

the Ancient Greek and Hero Kind. Herein. There were

Elemental Keepers.

Not Electricians.

For were and are. Afore indeed. In deed afore


and before the advent of the Modern Electricity

Systems. Tech. Ancient thereof was Elemental therein. As

explored and explained on this Site. That is. This Tech capability

is akin to that of the Natural And Lab

Alchemists. Elementary. Therein, thereof.


The Ancients. Well,.. to be Specific.

The Ancient Ones so and say called thus and so Gods

were the Makers, Keepers and Controllers of this Tech type.


The then Patent Owners. Per se. So and


Ancient Ancestors. photocredit/thanks:gk12


the accomplishments of the Ancient Ancestral Peoples are thus understated. Oft.

All the Ancient Ancestors were capable of Observation. Of Nature that is.

Which was then replicated some-hows and -means. Innovative Inventions.


Whether capturing the as above, so below

Power of Lightning and Electricity

in the Ark of Covenant

vis fore-runners of Church Spires. Or. Trapping.


Then Pump Pulsing the Waters of that Nile in a

Design suspiciously akin to a Volcano Inners. Shaped like One also. Also

Nomen PYR(e)AMIDS(t)


Ancient Tech. As Slide-Show shows. Below.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.


‘Tis in deed Shaped just like One. Volcano. That is. Fire Within.

Elementary. Complementary

made and designed… with Nile Waters substituted simply

for that and so hot as Lava Flow. Complementary. Therein. Thereof also. Also


to aid understanding within Our World. Legends

in Images are Elements that such as the Sciences. Say lil’. Little

Battery Packs Divine and dandy can be revealed. Seen as well. Seen

well too. To


such Far and Flung Places and Times from around this Our World. Legends

from Places and Times that according to the Sciences had lil’ or no contact. Yet

and within. Within their Diverse Creation Legends

are Same and so Beings. Winged. With




That show up handily. In the Hands. Of Gods and Goddessess. Mostly Winged

Gods. Ritually. Regularly

as well. Yet as well and so these baggy battery of Sciences stay

quite hush. For not they know. Nor


yet. Inventors we have been from the very Begins. Verily. In

deed. Even


Admittance of Ancient Tech… Admitting Our World Ancient Ancestors… Did Think. Do as Well. photocredit/thanks:bursadabugun


Ways back. Then. Into Tech. We Was. Ways

Back Then. Of Yore. Inventive. Innovative. At Times and Places

back then. Still too. Now.


Then again

also. Also soon.



Soonish too. Two. Part 2 that is. Of

this. Leading To Therein. Tale of Light.


Girl meets Boy. Hero meets Leander. Tower Light On Oft.



Till next…


Our World Legends. Be

One. As well.


Live Your Dreams.

Bring Thems. Dark into Light.


Switched Ons. In deed.


Tesla. Electric Sciences. Niagara Power too. To see more. Herein. gifcredit/thanks:teslawpa


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Hero. So Named. Of Greece. Of Yore.

The aftermath of that One Our World Legends called Alexander Great. Was. Not that great ‘cept many Lands, Times and Places could recover from his great feats. And the many Soldiers Boots etc. Hellenistic Traditions continued their search for Knowledge. As did Hero. Of Alexandria. Of Yore. Practically every Subject he got into. Into Delphi via Eleusis. Seek and Search. Ancient Tech., Ideas and Inventions. Too. Pt.1.


The Hellenistic Traditions of Ancient Greece

encompassed a very large variety of Topics.

Cultural aspects and Customs, Arts, Humanities, Sciences,

Philosophies, Music, Crafts, Engineering and Invention.


More also. All indeed and more representing

the very many aspects of a growing Civilisation. A Civilisation


emerging after that Death of Alexandria the Great.

So called. So


(Music Link)


after. That. And that not so great,..


subsequent breakup of that Empire.

Of Greatness. No more… ish.

Been there. Done that.


Circa ish… 300 B.C.


The Society emerging therein became more open assuming

a somewhat Cosmopolitan flavor and base. With a Political and Peoples

presence that permeated and influenced Lands beyond. Around

as well. Well as these becoming a part of the heartlands of

Greece. Of Yore. A


subtle undercurrent that carried along a sense of importance

within History that encouraged the


gathering of Knowledge.

Times and Places of Learning.


The so called Great Alexander’s Personal Sword. This be the Gordian Knot… unraveller it seems. In deed indeed. photocredit/thanks:pinterest


As these Times and Places went by. In spite

of Wars and Battles oft flourishing here and there. There

was along the Ways.

A City that so began to attract many Scholars

due to thus reputable Learning Institutions within.


Was and is known as Alexandria. The City. Thereof.

A Leading Light.


Nomen in honor of that Great One

named afore mentioned as Alex. Herein. Above. Below also.


Founded in 330 B.C. ish. A Port City.

In Northern Egypt. On the Mediterranean Sea.

The Famed Pharos Light-house kept Night Harbors

safe to see. The Sea.


A leading light for the pursuit of Knowledge. Also. The

City of Alexandria did so become. So

Circa 0 A.D. onwards therein… ish.


Early forms of such Societal, Educational and Cultural

Institutions as Museums,

Libraries, Archives and Universities. Unified. Therein. The

City. Of


Alexandria had them All.


Even a hero.




Called Hero that is.

Nomen. Thereof.


Hero… is his name.

Really.!. A

Hero. So Named.

Of Greece.

Of Yore.

That is.


His Engines as well.


Later… ish.

Ancient thereof. Of and any


regular Readers of Our World Legends will recall

that much Ancient Tech. is Elemental. Elemental is that

which so uses Powers inherent within Fire, Water, Air, Minerals

and so on. On the verge of Alchemical at times in deed.


Yet Natural. Powers.

Going through the associated Our World Legends. One

realises the many Ideas and Inventions. Of Yore. All

seemingly utilise such. Or a Variation. Such


as Wind, Gravity, Water Pressure, Steam Pressure, Heat

and Expansion and so forth. This Power then made

to Work via Levers, Springs, Domino Effect,

Swing-Arms, Weights and so on. On


to produce an effect. Effects of such


Major Elements. Of Japan. Go-Dai. photocredit/thanks:pinterest


a studious and researched Education were. That.

Study Times. All

the Times.


Ἥρων ὁ ἈλεξανδρεύςHero of Alexandria (: Greek Ancient thereof)

was a very such and so serious Student (circa 10-70 A.D.). Thereof.

Delving into such as the Mathematics, the Sciences, Engineering and Invention.

A real… hero it seems within All these. These whereby and soon became.

All rather… elementary to such Hero.


Soon enough.

Debates, Discourses too, at the so then eminent

Library of Alexandria followed. Following such and then

Lecturing thus on many aspects of his studied approach. Using

Ideas and Inventions of then Current Knowledge. Of


such and so subjects of Mechanics, Physics, Pneumatics

and Maths. All

subjects in which this Hero. Hero

nomen as well. As well named he


was and had quite a lot to say. So it seems. Therein

and thereof in deed. Also. Also



The Principle of the Shortest Path of Light. Formulated by Hero indeed. photocredit/thanks:slideshare


Letting the Hero speak.

Speak at the Great Library. Came more Calls. And

so they did. Hero. Did Speak. Oft. More.

Thus and so,..


So did Hero… go on. On he did. Go. On many

occasions baffling His Students with His intricate

Designs and Innovative… Inventions. Innovations

as well. Well as


about how to make this and that practical usage of the

variety of Natural Elements so within many of

the various Fields of this and that Study. Fields of Eleusis



these are not. Notice

the Spelling… of Study… Eleusis.

Differs also,.. so my Spellchecker does so and say.


These are them. Therein. Herein

just a Photo too. Two

of. Of the Fields. Of


ἘλευσίςEleusis. As Below. Image.




And another.

Modern Reproduction. Also

Eleusis, Fields of thereof.


We think.

After Studies. Digging round a bit. Also. As








(Music Link)



back to the Hero’s Ways.


Of Greece. Of Yore.



Let the Oracle speak.


As afore. The earlier conquests and exploration by Alexander of Great

Fame and His Armies had opened many new

Ways and Areas great as well. As well

many Visitors soon flowed in. In to such other Cities too. On To


Delphi some in deed indeed

made their Ways. There.


Even the Great Alex. made an Appointment earlier therein. An Oracle

from The Oracle that great quest did so involve. To Delphi that is. ‘Tis

an Ancient Place. A Sanctuary whereby the venerable

Oracle Pythia sat. Also


gave an occasional Oratory Announcement as well. Thus

the nomen. For Her. That is.


This Sanctuary divine was then dedicated to that God Apollo.

Positioned on the Mt. Parnassus nearaways Gulf of Corinth.




The Oracle at Delphi was long held in very high regard. Highly esteemed,

well thought of also within Our World Legends that apply. Therein.

So too with the Great Alex. So


impressed and suitably poised. He was. With

a question for the Divine Oracular One. Pythia. Seated. Thereupon.

Óμφᾰλός… Omphalos.


The Seat. World Navel. World

Centre thereof. Therein as well.




Δελφοί… Delphi.


The Coin above

shows where The Pythia… did sat. Her Seat that is.

The Seat of Pythia that be. The Seat

btw did so and sat as well. As well did Pythia’s Seat sit… well,..


above a Hole basically. Quite well sat, it

seems in deed.


Πῡθίᾱ… The Pythia.

Was a High-Priestess. Ways


up there. Divine Decrees and All

that. That entails. Who was also… very and so

high. Naturally. Stoned. Gassed

actually. Au Natural.


This o so eminent Seat of Pythia sat above a Natural Gas(es) vent.

A hole/crack in the Earth’s Crust from which fumes did vent,..

of some Inner Earthy Nature did so and seep. Out. All over this Place.

The Oracle sat amidst and chatted aways. High on…


Natural Gas. Therein and thereof.


The Seat of Pythia sat above a Natural Gas Vent. The Priestess… The Pythia… took Her Seat… then took it All in. Then let it All out… via her mouthpiece Divine and Oral… which did so vent as well. As well this High-priestess was on a Natural High in deed… indeed. photocredit/thanks:youtube


As imaged. Above. She sat upon a Stone and

sucked. Sucked

Gas. Elemental natured. Of some sort.


and told Tales. Tales tall and true. Sorta

like… i, Shiro. Herein. My Gas… though and so. So


be Cigars though. In deed. ‘Tis Times. Times

in deed. For a change.


For this Tale to be so and thus. Continued. Soonish. Next


A Hero. Ancient Greece. Pt.2


Hero. So Named. Ideas and Inventions. Of Yore.



Our World Legends.

Be One.


Be Innovative.

Be Inventive.


Be Great. In Name. Or Other-

-Wise. -Ways. As Well.



Till next…



Shake Spotting. Earthquake Effective Detective Machines. New and Old. Ways.

Earthquakes devastate Populated Areas and cause devastation elsewhere too. As ongoing Science, Public and Tech Applications… are applied by interested Researchers, Scientists and other interested Observers of Our World Legends also. We are gaining Knowledge. A look at several interesting New Ways of looking for Quakes. An Olden Way also. Ancient Tech. Modern Tech. Earthquake Detectors… detected. Herein.




Earthquakes are one of the Natural Processes that so endangers Life.

World Waters so affected,..

effect Tsunamis at Times and Places.

Many Times within Our World Legends has such desolation unfolded.



(Music Link)


Whilst the release of such mounting Inner pressure may relieve the Earth…

of such pressure. The pressure

released, impacts on the Earth’s Outer. ‘Tis where…


we tend to Live.



Historically and in the Modern Earthquake detection has been

an ongoing priority for those of Science, Invention and Public Safety.


Much of Our Lands Coastal are oft subject to the oft devastating effects. Effects

which have ultimately led to the Invention of Earthquake Detecting Machines.


Historically and in the Modern as well. Vis Our World Legends…

or other-ways and -wise.

A need does arise indeed. For;..

Shake Spotting. Earthquake


Detective Machines.

New and Old. Ways.

Have. Found Ways in deed

and in fact also. To Detect that is. Effectively.


As herein. Below.



Modern Mobile Phone Apps for example of recent

have also been so tweaked to Detect.



Devised by the clever Inventors at UC Berkeley U.S.A. passively monitors

and detects Quakes both large and small. App users… use


it within many different Countries and Regions…

yet can such Tech. can easily

correlate, compare and coordinate.

The Data being received therein and thereof.


As the number of App subscribers grow…

and/or Travel too. So too then,..

does the Database of Knowledge within… grow

as well. As well then,..


this innovative App can also provide a

Summary of Quakes for the Location You

are in or at and on. Elsewhere also.



the effecting Earthquake forthrightly displayed.



Btw the MyShake App is FREE on Android. Forthwith. Also.


Can as well. Be found therein and so forth and so on. On

Subscribing and Usage… will add Your Detective Data…

and anything thus Detected for the building up

of Knowledge of these oft Earth shattering Events.

Databse Style therein. Thereof also. Also


there is in deed and in fact quite,..

more than a few. Inventors, Research Scientists

and Other Interested Parties from All over Our World. Who.


Are also working on several Systems and approaches

to Early Earthquake Detection and Warning.


Detectives All. Therein.



New Ways…


From Countries and Regions such as China,



Europe many such Systems are being utilised. With effect.

Their sensitivity is oft being Updated as Tech. further applied. Also.


Online as well. As well by.

Using Unique approaches… it seems;..

many such and so sensors could even turn the entire IOT ONto

this Task.


The IOT Network Globally that is. Turned On.

Per se. By Tech. that is indeed.


As shown on this Map. Herein. Below. Underwater

Cabling links Us All too. To and from,..

in Ways IOT. All over Our World.


Legends of Data can be thus and so… attained.

Combining and correlating readings off such Cabling:..

the next step and so on. A Cabled Cooperative


of Detecting Ways in deed and in fact also.

Group Detectives. At Works and Ways.





One such cooperative Online Co-op

has cooperating INput from several of the Sciences and interested.

Observers too… i, Shiro as well. As well as being interesting thereby;..


using Detective collected and collective

Data from Solar Activity, Astrophysics, Meteorology, Seismic Geology

and so forth. On to. A forthright and bold Unique Compilation of Science Reports

correlated therein. Within. IOT.


This widens the Viewpoint of Research to encompass more

than many before. Applications beyond even Earthquake

can be used in similar fashion to bring together

various research and findings. Findings


within such Fields as Earth GeoMagnetic Patterns and Behaviours.

Pole Shifts. Earths Magnetic Field Studies and suchlike and

so forth. Go forth…

and detect too were also Ideals pursued long ago. Long Ago


in Times and Places…

of Yore that is.


Modern Reproduction of an Ancient Our World Legends Tech. The Earthquake Detector. photocredit/thanks:houfengdidong


An Olden Ways…


The above Image is a Modern Replica of Ancient Tech.

described within Our World Legends,..

in deed and in fact.


An Earthquake Detective Machine.


Inventor nomen: Zhang Heng.

Times and Places: 132 A.D. China

…of Yore,..

that is indeed. In deed and in fact. Also.


A Man of many interests was he. He was

a very early Researcher it seems. Of many interesting interests

inherent him.

Astronomy, Mathematics, Sciences, Engineering and Invention all captured…


piquing his interest. Therein and thereof. As well.




The Ways of Zhang Heng…

Whilst mainly recorded as a Philosopher Type he dabbled experimentally

it so and seems. In deed.


Elementally using Tech that is. Elemental Tech. That is that,

similar in essence to much Others at use then and thereof of Yore.

Using Powers of Gravity, Water, Fire, Earth Mineral Element mixes


so on and so forth. Elemental,.. the Tech therein. Early Alchemy perhaps.?.


Elementary too in Ways,.. is when Our Cultural Memories…

forget such as these.

Many oft forgot and lost it seems, some yet still trapped…

within such as Lore.


Our World Legends also have Others. Therein. Herein

as well. As well, for example:


Other Elemental Inventions of Zhang Heng;..

include a Water Powered Wheel and Clock Mechanism


Applying Force and Motion to a Sphere.




His very working example was used to portray the circling

(… and en-circling…) Heavens.

That is… Our Skies Stars

at Night. Catalogued some 2,500+ of these did He.


Though uses others for this Tech. are noted. Noted also;..

he,.. Heng., who


came thus and so close to that Iconic Maths and Physics Pi… Pi

in the Sky above He also discerned via Studies.

736/232 was Heng’s Ways of getting that.

Whole picture and rounded view


therein and thereof. Indeed. In deed. Done.



Other Ancient Tech.,.. for the intrepid Our World Explorers.

Designed a Grid Type Reference for Maps and such Cartography.

A Permanently Pointing South Compass Type Device was another.


Other and these Devices such,.. from and within such a Career.

Contrived a due promotion therein. Thereof

sometime in 112 A.D. that is and was.


Chief Court Astronomer for the Han Emperors…

become he. Heng Zhang

that is. Indeed. In deed and in fact too. Therein.





Written before and after this particular Times… as well. As well,

his Elemental Inventions did work as well. So and well,


in deed. In China Ancient

and of Yore.


Very well it seems.



Mixing Ways Mod…

Zhang’s Seismoscope involved several Forces or…

Powers. Elementary that is.


The Earthquake set off a… rather moving Display.

A Chain-reaction of these moving within his Device. Gravity,




Inertia overcome, Weight, Pendulum, Cranks and Levers,

Swing Arms and so on. All to detect and thus and so do.


To display Intensity and Direction of Quake Peak Event. Via Balls

dropped through that and the… Dragon’s Mouth.

Then on…

and into the and that Frog’s. Mouth, that is thereon

Machina. As well.


A mix…

of Tech. Ancient thereof and therein.


Applying such a Mix, matches in Our Modern

with such as the usage of Hydraulics, Dampeners and Shock Absorbers

per se also. On Lands…


and Waters. Also.


An example of Mod. Tech. usage to show and thus effect Earthquake Proof Buildings… being built with minimal affects thereof and therein.


Moving Tech. to equalise Earthquake effects. Effects

that tuned and sensitised

devices such as Gyroscopes/Sensors register

displacement. Replacement back


to normal Position is quite immediate and…

effectively effected by the compensating actions of the aforementioned

machinery affected… of Tech. Earthquake effects.


Emerge empty-handed therein

and thereof, on and in deed. Gravity and Displacements Forces…

equalised… displaced, neutralised… such Powers be.


Hopefully. Hope Machina on turns. Fully

as well. As well do Our,..

Seismic Ships do Float.



An Earthquake Ship. Indeed in deed. A


Fact. Herein. Below.




Usually referred to as Seismic Testing Ships some of these Project Sound

in addition to Detection. For more than just Science. Science


Applications that are thus and so used to promote Profit over People.

With effects on much Wild-Life probable therein.

Military Industrial Complexes looking for more Ways to extract

and profit from Exploration. Maritime Mining per se thereof.


Whilst Research into Earthquakes more than laudatory the misuse

of Sound can also be devastating. If misused that is.


Disorient effects aside,..

Sound indeed can Kill.


Effects on The Earth itself.?.

are largely still unknown. Or an added… effect.?.


Strange Science in deed. Therein.




Whilst the above senseless Science + Industry

approach of Seismic Blast Testing and Sound Blasting

has very questionable profits to and for Our World. Legends


of Maritime Life should not be Subjects of. Nor Subjected to

such subjective nor irresponsible Experiments. Sound or not. However;


Earthquake Detection and Detectives such as

MyShake + co. makes…

a large pack of sense. Sensing


and acting quickly

therein and thereof a necessity. Vital. Vital

Communications and Disaster Relief can hopefully be

maintained and acted upon. Therein.


With the mixing of basic, simple Sensory Tech and new approaches

to the Collective capturing of Device Data.

Our World knowledge of these Events is growing. Whilst

each Earthquake may harm Us so.


From each,..


we learn more. As well.




Our World Legends.

Be One.


Be Inventive.

Shake the World.


In deed. Not

the literal. One.


Till next…

Live Your Dreams. Also.



Ark of the Covenant. Weapons, Machines and Other Legendary Tech.

Viewing Our World Legends from a Science-Fiction or Technical POV… leads to oft electrifying… consequences. Legendary Tech has been used… All over Our World. Legends tell Tales that in Our Past,.. certain Groups… oft had access to TECH far advanced than the other everyday… cave and tent dwellers per se. By adapting Nature and processes… Weapons and Machines came their Ways also. Herein. Several miraculous Methods. Large and Small also. Explained. Naturally. No Gods or Extra-terrestrials needed.



Until you view and reflect on Our World Legends from a Technical POV…

even unto a Science-Fiction type approach-

much may you miss.

Such as. The…

Ark of the Covenant.

Weapons, Machines and

Other Legendary Tech.

Much indeed. In deed and in fact…

as well.


Our Ancestors used much in Nature to Craft their Ways.

However… this Knowledge and Wisdom was NOT splashed about All over the IOT.

There wasn’t One. Yet.

IOT that is. Crafts.?.


There were MANY. Many many indeed,.. in deed and in fact.

ALL with secrets intact per se. Secrets in the sense of HOW…

to use that Knowledge.


For Creation, Inspiration and Death.

Destruction thereof and therein… also.




War Songs.

Ancient and Legendary Weapons…

oft of Mass Destruction are found on many Ancient Continents.

The Greeks for centuries… were the lil’ Gods of War.

As with the ancestral Spartans. A nomen of Martial renown therein and thereof.


Greek Fire… Ruled the Oceans… Seas and Waters…

for a while.

Burnt Enemy Shipping with a Flame that water could not douse.

A Naval Flame-thrower extraordinaire.

A secretive Recipe which combined several Minerals and Elements uniquely into a flowing form.


Science, Mining and Trade historical Data indicates ingredients such as:







Our World Legends typically credit KALLINIKOS with this Alchemical Discovery.

A Fire… that Water molecules cannot douse.



A Weapon of Mass Destruction…

that helped in the Construction and Origins of early Democracy.

Such Weaponry approaches during such turbulence in History kept encircling Enemies on the back-pedal leaving the Majority of the Public… to Live a Life.

A Weapon of Self-Defence as well,..

from that POV.



The Liquid Gif below however…

shows one possible… Grecian of Yore…



Freely available per se…to One and All.

Though perhaps… undreamed of. It’s Knowledge and Usages

still zipped tight.


Vinegar… works well…



Greek fire… NO MORE. Herein. gifcredit/thanks:twitter


That such as Greek Fire and The Ark of the Covenant.

Weapons, Machines and Other Legendary Tech.

shows indeed Our Ancestors oft thought…

diversely indeed. In deed and in fact also.


Our World Legends reveal many Technical Marvels.

Oft built by Giants.





























For  those  of Science bent… Egyptology too.

These Giant Ones are those summarised below within their Research Legends.


As with the discovery of an entire City at Troy.

Our World Legends confirmed.


A GIANTS Place In History…

Science also.


The ignorance of Giant stature Humans is only possible.

By simply ignoring our Ancestors and Our World Legends.

By ignoring their own early internal Research Evidence and Facts such as that presented within…



The ” Archaic Egypt ” Summary of Professor W.B. EMERY… Pg39:

Noted in the very Early or Pre-Dynastic Tombs and Graves…



“…Anatomical remains of a People whose skulls were of a greater size and whose bodies were larger than those of the Natives…


…and whose;…

“…Racial Origin of these Invaders is unknown and the route they took in their penetration of Egypt equally obscure…




Early, Unknown Origins. Oft ascribed as… Divine.

Larger than Life per se as well.


The historical connections of importance from these Times and Places of such GIANT Facts lies in the recognition that THIS SAME RACE was also at another of Our World Early Civilisations

if not the Earliest.

That of SUMERIA.




“…People allied in type to the big-headed Pre-dynastic Egyptians are to be found buried in the Early graves of Mesopotomia…








A Pyramid of Power.


The Great Pyramid.

Designed by ” Gods “. Built by ” Giants “.

No Extra-terrestrial… need apply.


So Our World Legends do say. Herein.


A Giant of a Mountain like structure was and is…

no mere Tomb.


Pharaoh, Queen or Mummy… even.


From a Legendary Technical and Modern POV. Herein.

A Mountain and the Natural Forces and Elements therein… as well.


Our name… says it All.

Pyramid… pyr(e) amid(st).

Fire… in the Middle. Powers a Pyramids… Ways.



Herein for example;.. whereby;..

Modern Engineer Kunkel soon enough purviewed the inner alleys and galley Ways of the Pyramid from a…

Technical POV.


The Pyramid is a Pump. Engineered. Of Yore. He so declared.

A Fire driven Steam/Vacuum Activated… it seems. To the…


Waters of the Nile… PUMP.


He,.. Kunkel persisted in it’s perfection.

Patent granted therein and thereof.

Kunkel’s Pump… based on… Pharaoh’s Pyramid Great.


Pump it up Pharaoh indeed,.. in deed and in fact also.

So Our World Legends do so and say.


Herein… i, Shiro as well.











Pharaoh… Hands on.

Ancient Tech does not necessarily equate with Machinery… as we know it…

Now and in the Modern.

As the Pyramid Pump of Our World Legends does show indeed.

In deed and in fact as well.


That Pyramid Great that greatly utilises Natural Elements of Fire and Water.

The Cystalline nature of the Quartzite Blocks also.

Have meaning when viewed in that/the Tech. POV.


Piezo Power the closest Science nomen therein and thereof.

The Natural Power of Pressure it seems.

Close… to hand that is also.


A Pharaoh’s Hand perhaps too it seems.






A Hand-held Piezo Crystal Powered Device.

Ancient Tech Our World Legends do so and say.

Crystalline Quartz, Zinc and Copper.


A Pharaoh’s Wand or Rod… of Ra or Horus that is.

A Rod… of Power. Elements… Minerals as well.

Basic Minerals that are a vital necessity to…

Our Life. All Life.


For all of our life as well.



(Video Link)


Powers of the Gods.

Just take a look at what Our Ancestors saw.

Use Technical POV.



enlightening indeed.




The above is oft referred to as a God from Sumer.

A God.?. OK.


So let’s get POV Technical herein.


Technically… Looks like a Man.

With Wings. Beard also.


Looks thus like a… Mutant Man.

With Strange Ear-rings, Wrist-watch, Bracelet, Hat and.?.


A Handful of… Opium Buds. The Poppy.


These Gods of Ours are thus… Technically. POV.


Tech savvy, drugged up Giant Mutants who accessorise.

Simply divine indeed.


A Bud of the Poppy… Papaver Somniferum the nomen of Science therein and thereof.


They Lord it up divinely in Our World Legends also.

On the Terrestrial… level that is.


Live and die. Love and Hate. Fight and makeup.

Have Families and Friends… Enemies as well.


Marry, have Children… oft…

quite many. Of both.


This is a God.?.


Are We not ALL… then,.. Gods.?.

Though… not necessarily Mutant…

though… only from that and… Our POV.


From such a Beings POV…

we are the Mutant Ones.

Clipped Wings.


Cycles of Knowledge and Power. POV.

Our World Legends.


Capacitator of Incapicitation.

The Our World Legends of the Biblical Ark of the Covenant are…

illuminating indeed as well.


From that/the Technical POV… it is a Capacitator.


Built Layer upon Layer. Condenser. Electric.

An oversized Leyden Jar.

The March 5th, 1933 edition of the Chicago Daily Tribune,..

cited the Experiments of Professor Frederick Rogers;..

the Dean of the Department of Engineering at the Lewis Institute of Technology.

A Technical POV therein and thereof was… obtained.


Two very Conductive layers(Gold) separated by an inert layer(Acacia wood).

An Electro Capacitative Super Weapon


also notoriously ready to flash out. It’s charge.




Even amongst it’s owners.


When… Earthed and Grounded… they were not.

Though mention of Protective Apparel…

such as Special Aprons and Vests is biblically occasional.

Legendary Hints electrified therein it seems indeed.

In deed and in fact… also.


Some 10,000 Volts Professor Rogers did surmise.


Movie Mayhem may indeed thus reflect an Olden Legendary Truth.

The Ark of the Covenant… not a saviour. Just… us and…

a Weapon of War.


Wonders of Our World Legends would never cease. Fire and Brimstone…

optional extras.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.




“…They shall construct an ark of acacia wood two and a half cubits long, and one and a half cubits wide, and one and a half cubits high. You shall overlay it with pure gold, inside and out you shall overlay it, and you shall make a gold molding around it. You shall cast four gold rings for it and fasten them on its four feet, and two rings shall be on one side of it and two rings on the other side of it. You shall make poles of acacia wood and overlay them with gold. You shall put the poles into the rings on the sides of the ark, to carry the ark with them. The poles shall remain in the rings of the ark; they shall not be removed from it…”


Wooden Poles to carry.

Wooden Poles.

Wood. Would conduct Electricity…


very badly so Science does so and say. Woodenly perhaps too.

Thus perfect to carry an electrically charged… Weapon. With Wood.


Our World Legends also seem to say that to charge up this Legendary Weapon required very precise positioning. In some place called the HOLY OF HOLIES.

Perhaps… Holy of Holes more apt.

Holes in the Roof per se…

where the Lightning Rod collected it’s Energies.

Later misrepresented by the Religious Cults as a Church Spire.?.


Such Natural Energy collected,..

as the later Scientist Benjamin Franklin found out.

Powered up indeed. Kite high… Sky High it seems.


Holey… yet Natural,.. Electricity.


Lightning Tech;..

the Ways of this Ark of Divine Weaponry.


Power Ups…
All Over Our World.

Legends do tell of more. The Bible… several too.

Legendary Machines with Power.

A… Technical Power… that is.


Depends on your… POV. Beliefs.

Faiths too. Or… Scientific through and through.


Diverse Ways of Thought… Weaponry as well.

Divine they seem not. Nor Extraterrestrial.

Just as effective. Entire Cities demolished with the…

God-Mother of all bombs.


Sayonara Sodom… Gomorrah Good-bye.


Angels that and thus weep,..

imploring run and don’t ever…

look back. From… their God’s Work.



Weapons with terrible Powers of Destruction.

Gods with Tempers that condemn and curse. Others.


Ascribed furthermore to a God.?. who later in the Bible is supposedly and somehow mysteriously transforms into One All Knowing-All good.?. Yet before in the OT… needed Tech. And went to War. Oft. A lot actually. A real lot.

As well as attempting to drown…

All of us. And succeeded on most of us.

A God… tis called.?.


Yet also in such Legends,.. many overlook this God’s defeats. By Charioteers of Iron for example. Judges 1:19.?. Or why not ask why.?. Such a God… supposedly creates a Species after his image and then rampages killing several Millions and more along his Ways.

Rather… maniacally self-defeating perhaps.?.

Mutant megalomaniac most apt.


Meanwhile a Modern view of Tech.

From a reading of Ezekiel of the Biblical OT.

Another Patent came true to view.


When a previous NASA Chief and Engineer did surmise,..

and would not admit defeat…

that what a Biblical Prophet saw. Flew. Also.


Also… looked somewhat like this…

thus below.

Ezekiel… this Prophets nomen therein and thereof.

Biblical that is.




A God… or a disgruntled Ancestor…

with access to Weapons, Machines and Other…

Legendary Tech.?.


Fly High. Naturally.

Divine or not. No need for those Extraterrestrials.



Letters from Our Ancestors.

This is what Legends are. Herein. POV.


Find Worth and Have Faith…

in your self. Your Dreams. In You.


For if not You.?.




Our World Legends.

Light that Flame.


Be One.



Till next…