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King of Persia. War On Water. Hi Lights.

In and To Our World. Legends Of Water. Pt.2… War part too. To. Herein. That Is. King Of Persia Xerxes 1. Goes One on One. With Water. What a WashOuts. Well went. Well No. Then Spotlighting That Light. On Yonders Shore. Well,.. Grecian Anyways. Of Yore In Deed. Indeed whet Your Whips. Water Frenzy. Shiny Objects, Alls. Explained. Within. Wetly.


Splashing in and out did King Xerxes 1 in Pt. 1 no Great good. Lil’

floating harm to One Greek. Either. That o so thinking Deep Water

lasting impartially. Still. Stilled those waters


and refused to part Thems. So as to let His Pair Of Persian

Pontoonys. Float. Ups. Both. Sunken. Still. Deep. In 480 B.C.


Thus The Call and Wave To Arms.

For War.


On Water.



Of Yore.



At Hellespont.

By The Waters. Edge.


With His Army One Great

so nomened, This in Our World.

Legends of Martialness and History Retell Our

King of Persia.


On Water. Hi


May as Well be. Washed Ups. Also. Also



Kingly Great Xerxes that One...


First THREE Ideas of Attack.?. Went,.. Well,..

Well.?. Nought. No wheres.

Well.?. Not At Alls. There. Either.


Whips, Shackles, Hot Irons.???.


Against… Water.




Worry Not. Water… Be Well. Still.

Even After That. Lot.

Btw’s… How Do You… WaterBoard… Water.?.


Such horrific approaches becomes pacific. Specifically.

Stroke after Stroke.


Anyways You Wet, This. Or That. Then

‘Tis… Wet. Till You Dry It. Outs. Then

seemingly realising He was swimming against

that surging Tidal Wave. Waves of emotion. Swept Over



Xerxes. 1. Persian




In so Deep and More He dove. He plunged as

A Final Solution whet His Appetite. For Destruction.

In. On. This. His War. With Water.

Greece. Of Yore also. Also where and bys, whereby.


Whereswith: Withall;..

The Waters Resolve. That. Then. Was so surely,

sorely tested by Heat,

Steel, Leather,

Xerxes Wobbly Will,


300 Whipped Wrists, HandCuffs, Hot as

Irons and Yet ironically and Yes. Mores. Coming Next,

diving thick and thinly fast: Now…


Just in cases His murky Mind had Misled. Him.

  • Xerxes 1 also Beheaded. All the Engineers. Then




(Music Link)


Went, Got some New Ones. Built Anothers. Bridged Pontoonys.

Quick Thinking Tech. Applied. Now.

Waited NOT for the Weather Report. Nor Nightsfall.

Invaded. Done. Soonly. Daily. This, thus and so,


Back. To War.

Done. Thus and so. Did Endings. His, This.


War On Water

The Battles of Hellespont. Over. Done heatedly as well. Well as

getting across, getting across His Points. Of pithed offness. Well

as… achieving no real Thing. Really.?.



…’Cept perhaps for Those

Royal Engineers learning How Real, Machiavellian, Draconian…

Royalty. Can and Is Be. In Our World. Legends Tell

Tales of gory greatness,.. A Lil’ Wet… Behind the Ears. Others

Parts as well. Well as


Whilst then hotly pursuing the ensuing heated

Land Invasion continued to be. Swimmingly still. Still

and deep into His next of visits to those

Deep and Watery Blues. Went His Fleet…


Down too. To

Visit Davy Jones, Locker+Crew. Belows. That



A Water Wet PayBacks. ‘Cos… On His Next

Maritime Excursion at Salamis. Sunken

Hopes. There

too. To



and shortly Thereafters. After this,.. Xerxes 1

took His Paddle With No Boats. Great One Army as

well. Well,..

Well… What Was Left gratefully. Then.

Then Left.


Went Home. Persia. Then There. Rightly, back


Finally and rather finely; Assassinated By the BodyGuard

Royal Commander Artabanus. 465 B.C. GoodNight


Xerxes 1. Won The Wars… Lost His Mind

and battled Mores. On Water. Also

His One and This Great Army. L’il Mores. Than


Memories now. Now



In Our World. Legends shine Still. Still


On this and that not straight Straits watery of

Hellespont: A

Leading Light


still mores. Than Memory. Therein. Herein

as well. Well as One of The Earliest Light-Houses.

Of Our World. Legends

Of Yore. An Ancient Wonder. That Towered. Aboves.

The Shore. Grecian.


The Hellespont Tower. That Be.

Towering. Then. This




Type of Power. Of Yore. Elemental.


In Natures that is. That is that and Btw’s

The Aboves That Was War Articles of Xerxes 1

In Pts.1 + 2.


and His War On/In/Of Water. So Based on the Accounts

In Our World. Legends


In and Of The i, Shiro Library;.. Thereof and Therein. Therein,

In The Mains:

Within THE BOOK OF FACTS-Readers Digest Edition

  1. ISBN 0949819689 Pgs 18-19… ‘Stormy Crossing‘. Crossing


The Straits of Hellespont Btw’s need not be as overdramatic,

underwatered downs as

That Xerxes 1 Final Approach. Was.


At Alls.





My Dear Reader.

You. That IS.. That is

Whys and So Ons. The Hellespont…

Need Not Be. A Hellish Point. To Cross.

The Tower.


As Seen, Seeked and Searched. Earlier. There.

In Our World. Legends

There. There too. To Understand whilst Over

standing Ancient Tech. Elementary. Means…

To You…


Ways and Means of Applying Elements in

Ways and Means Elemental. For Power. Ups.


Powers. Elements Elemental.





The Ancient Ancestors used Variants of Nature.

Examples tweaked and prodded.


The Great Pyramid a great Example.

The Aboves Gif discloses.

What The Pyramid Really Is.


An Ancient Repo. of a Volcano. By Greatly. Simply.

Substituting The Waters Of The Nile. For LAVA.

A Water Based Volcanic Pump. Pharaoh’s.



The Nomen… Tells Alls.


Fire… In The Middle.






Ancient Tech. Used Nature. Natural

Systems, Processes and Components

as an Inspiration and Source. Of Ideas.


Fire, Steam, Water Flows vis Volcanic Mounts.

Carbon Arc Electricity vis Lightnings Aboves.

Waters Hydrolic Powers, Lift Heavy Thingys.

Fire, Water for Pressure.




Of Yore. In Our World.




Is This… Why They Were Gods.?. Had.?. POWERS.?.



♥… Slide and Show. As Belows. Herein.
In Our World. Legends…
… and Legendary Forget-Me-Nots

Btw’s Ancient Tech per se Used Well. Well as well

in and to,..

the previous Centuries. In Ways. Means as. Well

in Deed. Indeed,


Carbon Arc Lighting for example;

Used well into the 19th Cent.


Many Inventions of and before these Times, Places

were finalised by such Powers.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.



Feel Mores Than Freely Energetic.

To Share.


Within. You. Those Elements.


Those Points and Of Views.

Though and So. Not. Of War.


Of Energy Unused in New Ways.

Earth’s per se. Say,

Or oft forgot. Of Yore.


Ideas, Concepts.

Ways, Means. Mores.


With Meaning, Intent. Please



Ways and Means. To So Use.

This, Those Earthly Powers. That Be. Be that



Next… and soon. Enough. For and ’tis:

How Trees Talk. Hard Wood. Swivelled.


Please Feel Free and If So Inclined To Contact/Comment:..

i, Shiro that is.

With Any Thoughts, Hints, Tips and Dreams.

If A Particular Legendary Theme or Our World Legends. Is A Desire.


To Be So Writ. Herein.



Till next…



King of Persia. Declares War On Water. LowLights.

War is Not Unknown in Our World. Legends do so, Say. There have been a Few. Or More. Mainly We War with Each Other YET Great King Xerxes of Persia… had Others Ideas. 3 Simple Steps. To War. Join i, Shiro in a seek and search of His War On Water.?. Herein. A Legendary Battle that liquidated Great Dreams and branded Xerxes… deep inside. That Waterworks. Mysterious Ways. Pt. 1 First Sip.


In 480 B.C. Ancient Greece had much to offer Xerxes 1, then

Dynastically The, King of Persia. Then and so.


In 480 B.C… He went to have a Look. To take it All. Back

To Persia. Not that He was Alone. A Great Army.

Followed Hims. Close. To Help. Carry

Alls that Stuff. Back. From Greece To Persia. Of Yore. Persia


itself had and was gathering Territory. Mores Territory

that is. From and Of… Others. Is that so called, nomened

vamEmpiric Expansionism… ψ ⊕

of it’s Borders per se. By the Ways Of Military Expressionism

that is. Then. Calls For



Alongs The Ways.


War. Push n Shove. Poke. Move Forward…


Xerxes 1, His One Great Army, headed Greeceward. All expressed

well, went, was going rather swimmingly. Till. Till

they ventured near. Water.


The Hellespont

(…Mod Nomen/Term: Dardanelles…).


Xerxes 1. With A Great One Army

standing still. Alongside


The Water. There.



(Music Link)



Tis here in Our World. Legends so and say. Recall,

then. That this Great Army One and Alls.

So driven to those murky depths despairing that. That


King of Persia.

Declares War on

Water. LowLights

From and Of. Yore. Herein.

The War On Water.



With Those Waters of the HELLESPONT STRAIT that is. That is

to get Across. It. In 480 B.C.



On Water.


Watery WaterColor Of… Water. There. Light as well. Well as a Swimminger. In. For Those With No Real Interest Than Where In Frick This Scene. Was Done.?. Brixham.



Enroute to Greece. Of Yore.

To War.


Firstly… On Water.


On THE Water.

Water… itself.



At Wars with Xerxes 1 of Persia. Of Yore. War.

A One Great Fricken Army as well. Well as


Warrior Of The Water… Wars… Dropped His Rubber Ducky Methinks…


against Water in this and that Days, Times, Places…

480 B.C… ish,..

and Mind of Xerxes 1;.. War

Went Like This:..


The Kingly War on h2o: 3

Articles Of War.

In Our World. Legends of Articles so Writ. Herein. Begins.

Where and wherebys that and these:

Noble Lore of ignoble effects and cause. ‘Cos

The King Simply and So… Sayeth. So. Then.


‘Twas. War.

In 3 Simple Steps.


These and those 3 Articles. Of War.

Thereof. Belows. The Image of God.


Poseidon that is. That is


A Typical God of The Waters. Poseidon This Be.


  • Firstly; Get the Egyptian and Phoenician Engineers to Build,

Set-Ups and Lay. Across the Waters. Two Pontoony Bridges

Paired and Ups. For Your One Frick of A

Great Army to Step across. Waters. There. Hellespont Straits.


  • Secondly; Wait Overnight after the Aboves Build. The Winds

and Tidal Waters… Of AND OFF The Strait… Go straight… Then,.. Go

Sink The Pontoonys. Both. Deep. Davy Jones Deep.


  • Lastly. Thirdly; Simply. Declare War. On Water.

Kings Decree. Work Done.


Sparta. War. Calls.




Xerxes First Move and Counter-Attack… After the insolent,

insolvent, insoluble woes splashed rounds and abouts. About

The Powers Of Waters to wetly go where no Waters had been. Before

thereby due to Theft thereof. His Two Sunken Pontoony. Went a Lotsa’

… Loony. ‘Cos… Firstly:


Water Heeded Him. Not. In this Watery War, Water was to

thus and so be treated ungreatly, ungratefully.

As an ENEMY.


So… Greatly, generally, less than that admirably, He so. Then

whet His Hunger. For War. Thus and so


A Great Wave. Kanagawa, Japan. Of Yore.


First Phase:

Sends in the Troops. Generals, Admirals.

To generally just whip arounds.

Admirably Administering a Whipping. Whilst

trooping Abouts in the Drink. Water.


  • Over 300 Lashes of Their Whips. Soon followed. That Order.

Made to Order. Xerxes. 1. King. Of loonsPersia… and Now.

Patron Saint. Of The S&M Crowd/Herd/Groupies/Peeps. WhipPets.?.


Water whipped into a Frenzy. By The 300. General

Admirations admirably trooped out as Whalloping Whips

and Lashings. Lashed Outs. Out and Aways ON the Water

amid that brutal oppressive onslaught. Thereupon.

Xerxes seemingly rather peevishly and


Kingishly, was wildly, wetly damping the rising Moods. Of

One Great Frick Army… wanted Mores.

All out. War.


On Water.

Now. Then


Whipped Ups. 7 Smoothies. Clicks Aways.


Poseidon. Trident. On Urn. Of Yore. Grecian.


With the Concept of Slavery also. All and So fresh, not uncommon in those

Times and Places. Of Yore. Xerxes Had another Plan. For His War.

On Water. Submission.


Phases 2… + 3.

Send the Troops wading out again. In The Wild.

In and To this Depths of Battle. Thereupon The Waters

  •   With a Pair of Shackling Handcuffs.

Trapping that Water. Good. Enough,


this however was not. The Water. Rebelled. Still. Moving

aways at Wills not Xerxes. Therein. Well this did will. Not.

For the Water… Well


This pithed and put out Xerxes 1. One, A Lot in deed. Indeed

next. Was Soon well enough. After. That. Put into the thick

of then Watery Combat Actions. Sizzling.

  • The Hot Irons. Applied.


Steam Clouds burst anew,

arose as Xerxes Great Army Ones battled on.

Bubbling, boiling.

Whistling, toiling;..

Steaming aways… The Water. That Enemy. Of Xerxes 1. King


Of Pontoonys.

Of Yore.


Persia also. Loony. Also


Water. Drop. There and Of. OFF as well… just. Now. So Beat… Those Drums Of… War.?.


At War


This Battlefields of WateryFields was Steamy. As Heck,

Hell, Saunas, Caves and others damped moistingly sweaty

such-like Places, Times. Bath-Rooms. So Ons. On Xerxes 1


Did this Battle switch. Switching Tactics to tacitly

show. The Water. Who Was Boss. This. Did not thus


Flow. Ons. Now



Feel Freely, Moistly Mature.

To Share.

Your Flow.

In Our World. Legends of and


To War. On Water.?.


Your Reasons. For.

Therefore… and WAR… Hows.?.


Those Wet n Wild

...Calls.?. in Deed. Indeed


In Our World. Legends.

Be One.



(Video Link)


Next... too, So is. Pt. 2. Then: That To,

The Next Phase… Others Bits As well. Well as

King of Persia. War On Water. Hi Lights.


Please Feel Free and If So Inclined To Contact/Comment:..

i, Shiro that is.

With Any Thoughts, Hints, Tips and Dreams.

If A Particular Legendary Theme or Our World Legends. Is A Desire.


To Be So Writ. Herein.



Till next…




SHIRO’s 7 MORE WAYS TO SPEAK LIKE NINJA…GLOSSARY H–N. SHIRO’s NINPO ALPHABET SOUP… more pieces in Shiro’s struggles with… another language altogether it seems. Shiro’s Mind emptied… and what happened.!. Terms and meanings… over and under, just about everywhere. Speak NINJA indeed. This GLOSSARY… getting GREATER indeed and in fact too.




SPEAK-terms/word glossary:


  • SHIRO’s… 7 ways to speak like ninja glossary…  a–g.
  • SHIRO’s 7 more ways to speak like ninja glossary h–n…herein below.
  • SHIRO’s 5 ways to speak like ninja glossary o–s.
  • SHIRO’s 7 final ways to speak like ninja glossary t–z


10 = ju

9 = ku

8 = hachi

7 = nana/shichi

6 = roku

5 = go

4 = shi/yon

3 = san

2 = ni

1 = ichi

0 = rei





  • KOTO RYU  

  • HACHI = 8.
  • HACHIMAKI = japanese national head scarf.
  • HACHIWARA = the helmet breaker tech./methods.
  • HACHIWARI = a  metal truncheon type weapon.
  • HAI = to say: yes/yes, i understand.
  • HAISHU UCHI = the rev./back hand strike/tech.
  • HAKKAKUBO = a staff/stick with octagonal x sect.
  • HAKKO ICHIU = the doctrine/concept of universal harmony within the human family.
  • HAKUSHI =  a method/form of unarmed combat.
  • HAITO = the ridge edge of the palm/hand.
  • HAKAMA = the traditional jap.split pants.
  • HAMIDASHI = a small knife/dagger type.
  • HANANEJIRI = a short wood stick weapon.
  • HANBO = 3ft wooden stick/staff.
  • HANBOJUTTE = a sword catcher/staff combo.
  • HANKYU = the short bow.
  • HANSHI = a high level instructor/sensei.
  • HANTEN GIRI = the half turn strike/cut tech./methods.
  • HAPPO = omni directional (any/all directions).
  • HAPPO ASHI SABAKI = any/all directions foot/feet movements.
  • HAPPOGATA = an 8 sided/pointed shuriken type.
  • HAPPO GIRI = any/all directions cut tech./methods.
  • HAPPO SHAKEN = a throwing blade type.
  • HAPPO TSUKI = any/all directions strike tech./methods.
  • HARA = the stomach/navel area.
  • HARA = also: a central body point where life energy resides.
  • HARAGEI = an adept at or the process of, concentrating hara.
  • HARAI = a sweep tech/method movement.
  • HARA KIRI = death via hara release-the release of life energy…usually with a sharp small sword. two move/cuts;one across then up.
  • HARIGATA = a shuriken type.
  • HARINAWA = a restraining weapon type.
  • HARU = the spring season.
  • HASSHAKUBO = a long staff type.
  • HASSUNHISHIGI = a short wooden stick type.
  • HASSUNTETSU = a short iron stick type.
  • HATAMOTO = a warrior/soldier under direct shogun command and in a state of readiness.
  • HATTORI HANZO = legendary iga samurai/ninja during tokugawas reign.
  • HAYAGAKE JUTSU = running in all conditions and environ tech./methods.
  • HAYANAWA JUTSU = tech./methods of swiftly tying up an opponent.
  • HAYATEJO = a restraining weapon type.
  • HEBIGATA = a shuriken type.
  • HEIHO = a concept of overall strategy.
  • HEIKISHO = the armory, weapons, equip and more.
  • HEIMIN = the general populace of society.
  • HENGENKASHI JUTSU = disguises uses tech./methods.
  • HENSOGAKURE JUTSU = blending/disguises uses tech./methods.
  • HIBASHIGATA = a shuriken type.
  • HICHO NO KAMAE = a crane/bird posture/form.
  • HIDARI JOHO GIRI/TSUKI = angled cut/strike left upward.
  • HIDARI NANAME GIRI/TSUKI = angled cut/strike left downward.
  • HIDARI YOKO GIRI/TSUKI = angled cut/strike left sided.
  • HIDEN = upper level training concept. aka secret/vocal traditions.
  • HIENGATA  =  a shuriken type.
  • HIJIGIRIBO = a short wooden stick type.
  • HIJI UCHI = an elbow strike tech./methods.
  • HI JUTSU = secret tradition tech./methods.
  • HIKI = pulling action tech./methods.
  • HIKI UKENAGASHI = a parry/pulling action tech./methods.
  • HIMITSU IRI = any/all stealth action/movement tech./methods.
  • HIMITSU KAI = 2+man/woman team using above tech./methods.
  • HIMOGATANA = a sword done in the braided style.
  • HIRA = flat/flat surfaced, also horizontal.
  • HIRA NO KAMAE = a balanced horizontal receiving form/posture.
  • HIRASHURIKEN = a shuriken type.
  • HISHIGANE = a type of tsubute/shuriken.
  • HISHIGI = a short wooden stick type.
  • HITOTE HASAMI TSUKI = a one-handed palm thrust/strike tech./method.
  • HITOTE NIGIRI = to get/do a single handed grip/grab/squeeze.
  • HITOTE TSUKI = a one-handed basic thrust tech./methods.
  • HITTATEYOKI = a restraining weapon type.
  • HOFUKU JUTSU = to use crawling walk tech./methods.
  • HOGU = a restraining weapon type.
  • HOJO JUTSU = roping/tying tech./methods.
  • HOKA NO JUTSU = to use fire as cover/distraction/infiltrate tech./methods.
  • HOKOGATA = a shuriken type.
  • HOKO NO KAMAE = a waiting bear form/posture.
  • HOKO YARI = an open bladed staff/spear type.
  • HOMBU = martial way hq.
  • HOMMARU = castle inner compound.
  • HONCHO GUNKIKO = name of arai hakuseki confucian scholar treatise on armor & co.
  • HONSHIN = concept/doctrine of following a truth in mind philosophy.
  • HORI = castle moat area.
  • HORIN = a shuriken type.
  • HORINGATA HAPPO = a shuriken type.
  • HOSHIJO = a shuriken type, usually 5pointed star.
  • HOSHOKEN = a shuriken type, juji, foldable.
  • HSING I = a chinese battle combat style, unusual footwork.
  • HYAKUSHO = the social group peasants/farmers.

  • IAI = quick draw sword.
  • IAIDO = the way/sport form of the sword draw & co.
  • IAI JUTSU = the tech./methods of combat sword draw & co.
  • ICHI = 1.
  • ICHIMONJI NO KAMAE = form/posture of the 1st gate/path.
  • I CHING = chinese concept/doctrine book of changes etc.
  • IDORI NO KAMAE = a defensive seated form/posture.
  • IGA = one of the main ninja regions/sphere of influence/ryu.
  • IHEN NO KAMAE = a reactive emergency response form/posture.
  • IHEN NO JUTSU = tech./methods of combat style above.
  • IKKI = the traditional use of general populace riots/protests.
  • IMORI NOBORI JUTSU = lizard like moves/walks/climbs tech./methods.
  • IN = alternate name for chinese concept of the force/energy yin.
  • IN EI = nickname of a legendary spear master.
  • INKAN NO JUTSU = local intelligence gathering tech./methods.
  • INKEN = a hit and thrust weapon type.
  • INTON JUTSU = tech./methods of moving away/disappearance.
  • INUBUE JUTSU  = ways and means of training animals tech./methods.
  • INYOGUSARI = a weighted chain type weapon.
  • IRIMI = to enter/cross boundary/approach.
  • IRIMI NO JUTSU = any/all tech./methods of entrance/entering/approach etc.
  • ISHI = a stone/stony etc.
  • ISHIGAKURE JUTSU = any/all tech./methods of  stone blending/movement to and from etc.
  • ISHITO KEN = a sword of stone (not…in stone!)
  • ITOMAKIKEN =  a throwing blade type.
  • ITTAKEN = a flattened/flat throwing blade type.

  • JA MATA = to say: see you later.
  • JAPAN = exonym for nippon/nihon.
  • JAPON = alternate name above.
  • JARI = a small rock/stone/pebble.
  • JIBUTSU HANTEN TOBI = leap/half turn over obstruction.
  • JIBUTSU MAE KATA KAITEN = directly forward roll over obstruction.
  • JIBUTSU UWAMUKI TOBI = to directly leap up onto obstruction.
  • JIBUTSU YOKO KAITEN = to sideways roll over obstruction.
  • JIBUTSU YOKO TOBI = to sideways leap over obstruction.
  • JIKI = alternate name for season/time of year.
  • JIKI DESHI = a student/initiate/disciple with direct master access.
  • JIME = to squeeze/constrict/tighten tech./methods/movements.
  • JIN = concept of divine benevolence/mercy/understanding etc.
  • JINGAMA = a battle camp sickle type.
  • JIN HATTO  = a religious/spiritual order.
  • JINJA = alternate name shinto shrine.
  • JISATSU = alternate name for suicide.
  • JISONSHIN = self pride concept.
  • JITSURYOKU = power/strength concept.
  • JITTE/JITTO = alternate name for jutte sword catcher type.
  • JITTE JUTSU = styles/systems of combat tech./methods with jutte.
  • JIYU HAKOBUTO = sword in hand, basic draw position.
  • JIYU RENSHU = free form training/striking etc.
  • JO = a 4ft wooden stick/staff.
  • JO ASHI = walking hi-steps tech./methods for shallow water/foliage movements.
  • JOBA JUTSU = tech./methods combat horsemanship styles.
  • JODAN GYAKUTO = tech./method/movement horizontal reverse overhead.
  • JODO = the way of the wooden stick tech./methods/styles.
  • JO JUTSU = as above combat style/applications.
  • JOKO = a retired sovereign.
  • JO MAE = lock.
  • JONIN = a high level ninja leader/adjutant/guide.
  • JOSUNJITTE = a jutte type.
  • JOTO  = a deceptively designed walking stick/cane type.
  • JU = 10.
  • JU = concept of supple/flexible/pliable/adaptable.
  • JU ASHI = walking light-steps tech/methods movement for loose earth areas.
  • JUBEIZUE = a cane type.
  • JU GO AWASE = concept of soft/hard combos.
  • JUJI ARUKI = walking cross steps tech./methods.
  • JUJI BO = a shuriken/shaken type.
  • JUJIGATA = a shuriken type.
  • JUJIKAKYU = the crossbow.
  • JUJITSU = a combat application of judo type plus more.
  • JUN NGIRI = to take a basic grip/grab tech./methods.
  • JUPPO = a shuriken type.
  • JUSHO = the address.
  • JUTSU = a style/tech./method usually combat applic.
  • JUTTE = a swordcatcher metal truncheon type.
  • JU WAZA = concept of soft combat applic./tech./methods.
  • JUYONKEN = a shuriken type.

  • KA = the fire form/energy/theme/concept.
  • KABUTO = traditional samurai armored helmet.
  • KABUTO = also, a small metal truncheon weapon type.
  • KABUTOWARI = alternate name for above.
  • KAGASHIGAKURE JUTSU = tech./methods for scarecrow disguise/deception.
  • KAGE ARUKI JUTSU = walking quietly/silently tech./methods.
  • KAGEGAKURE JUTSU = using/moving through shadows tech./methods/concepts.
  • KAGE JUTSU = basic invisibility/cover/blending/awareness tech./methods/concepts.
  • KAGE NO JUTSU = tech./methods of entry/infiltrate shadow style concepts.
  • KAGE RENSHU = training/practice of above.
  • KAGESHIN = concept of/to maintain freedom/stability of mind with non aggression approaches.
  • KAGE TSUKI = a strike/thrust kept hidden from view of oppo.
  • KAGINAWA = a hook/rope combo weapon.
  • KAGOME = a shuriken type.
  • KAI = alternate name for the earth/planet.
  • KAIBO = a short stick/weighted rope combo weapon.
  • KAIKEN = a small dagger/dirk type.
  • KAITEI GIRI = a sea-bottom cut tech./method.
  • KAITEN WAZA = tech./methods for rolling/tumbling/diving etc.
  • KA JUTSU = weapons/gunnery tech./methods/styles.
  • KAKUI FURI =  vertical flail type.
  • KAKUSHI = ring with projecting teeth/claw.
  • KAKUSHIBO = a smallhand held weapon for striking/butting etc.
  • KAKUSHI BUKI = any/all hidden/deceptive weaponry.
  • KAKUSHI GIRI = a hidden/deceptive/feinted cut tech./methods.
  • KAKUSHI GERI = a hidden/deceptive/feinted kick tech./methods.
  • KAKUSHI KUSARIGAMA = a small sickle/chain combo weapon.
  • KAKUSHI TSUKI = a hidden/deceptive/feinted strike/thrust tech./methods.
  • KAKUTE = a ring of spikes, hand held type.
  • KAKYO = concept/doctrine of the principle of the fire element.
  • KAMA = sickle type weapon (sometimes gama).
  • KAMAE = a traditional term for forms/postures.
  • KAMAGATA = a shuriken type.
  • KAMA JUSTU = tech./methods/styles of curved blade/sickle weapon combat.
  • KAMAYARI = a staff/spear with a hooked/curved blade.
  • KAMAYARI JUTSU = tech./methods for weapon above.
  • KAME = large sturdy clay pots/jars.
  • KAMEIKADA = a wooden raft/pontoon type vessel/vehicle.
  • KAMI = divine beings/spirits/gods/feelings etc.
  • KAMIKAZE = a term for legendary weather phenomenon (a divine wind…) that aids japan.
  • KAMIKAZE = also national form of sacrifice/martyrdom/suicide.
  • KAMIZA = an honored place of seating, a guest/top chair.
  • KAN = the concept of pre-feelings such as intuition/pre-cognition etc.
  • KANAMUCHI = an iron/metal cane type.
  • KANASHI BARI = esoteric godai concept/doctrine of fire spirit immobilization.
  • KANAZUCHI = a large size battle hammer type.
  • KANNAWA = a rope/ring combo type.
  • KANSETSU WAZA = tech./methods for leverage joint locks/pins/bars etc.
  • KANTO KUSHA = a female ninja (kunoichi) team leader title/name.
  • KARAKURI CHIGIRIGI = a stick/staff with chain combo type.
  • KARAKURIJITTE = a special foldable jutte truncheon type.
  • KARASU ARUKI =  rapid footwork/steps/walking tech./methods crow style.
  • KARUMI JUTSU = tech./methods/movements for lowering body gravity.
  • KARU WAZA = tech./methods for tumbling/acrobatic/agile combat movements.
  • KARUWAZASHI = an acrobat/tumbler performer/artiste.
  • KASA = the umbrella.
  • KASUMI GIRI = tech./methods for the misty strikes/cuts movements.
  • KASUMI NO KAMAE = a natural posture, mist style.
  • KATA = a traditional term for set/prearranged form(s)/posture(s)/movement(s)etc.
  • KATAKE = a fire bamboo torch weapon type.
  • KATANA = traditional name for standard (samurai) sword.
  • KATANA GARI = a sword hunt concept/tradition.
  • KATA HAKOBUTO = a back strapped/tied sword draw over the shoulder.
  • KAWARI WAZA = tech./methods for evading/dodging attacks.
  • KAYAKU JUTSU = fire/explosions/bomblets/distractions tech./methods/styles.
  • KEIKAI = concept/doctrine of elemental wind energy/agility.
  • KEIRAKU = to take planning/planned actions.
  • KEN = alternate/olden name for sword (work).
  • KENDO = alternate sword sport approach style/methods.
  • KENGO = skillful/versatile/powered sword work.
  • KEN JUTSU = tech./methods/styles of  sword combat.
  • KENKA KISERU = a brawler’s pipe type weapon.
  • KENKA TOBI = alternate name for fire ax type weapon.
  • KEN NAGE = tech./methods of combat sword throwing.
  • KENSHI = name/title of a sword master/instructor/adept.
  • KESAN = a jutte like weapon.
  • KETSUGO BUKI = combo weaponry.
  • KETSUGO WAZA = combo tech./methods.
  • KETSU IN = esoteric ninja hand signing.
  • KI = concept/doctrine of inner life energy.
  • KIAI = mental/verbal/vocal exo focused hara/inner energy.
  • KIAI JUTSU = tech./methods/systems to apply above to combat and more.
  • KIBASEN = combative warrior horsemanship tech./methods.
  • KIDORU = to adopt an attitude/strike a pose concept.
  • KIHON = the basics.
  • KIHON BUKI = the basic weaponry group.
  • KIHON KOGEKI = the basic directions of attack/defense (omni directional).
  • KIKAKU UCHI = a head butt/strike tech./methods.
  • KIKOTSU = alternative samurai group doctrine/creed.see kyokaku.
  • KIMON = ancient japanese legendary demon gate/portal concept.
  • KIMONO = national female dress style/outfit.
  • KIOKURYOKU NO JUTSU = tech./methods of mind/memory/recall related to recon skills/usage.
  • KIRI = alternate name for a (mortal) cut.
  • KIRIKOBO = a type of iron/metal cane.
  • KISETSU = alternate name for the seasons.
  • KITSUNEGAKURE JUTSU = tech./methods of camo/concealment using animal knowledge/fox styles etc.
  • KITTATE = a candle holder/weapon combo.
  • KIYO = concept/doctrine of adaptive flexibility/dexterity.
  • KO = the public arena/domain/dimension concept.
  • KOBAYA = versatile maneuverable boat, no deck/bridge section.
  • KOBO = a stick type.
  • KOBO ITCHI = water concept of balance/unity of defense/offense.
  • KOCHO GERI = tech./methods of butterfly kicks.
  • KODACHI = a short dagger/sword type.
  • KODAI = the past, times of old.
  • KODAWARI = tech./methods earth concept of clearing mind.
  • KO FUKIDAKE = a small blowpipe type.
  • KOGA = one of the main ninja regions/sphere of influence/ryu.
  • KOGAI = toiletry accessory/marker/personal badge/weapon combo.
  • KOGAKU = academy of ancient history/classical works study.
  • KOGAMA = a small sickle/bladed type, oft.thrown.
  • KOGATANA = a small utility/all purpose knife.
  • KOGUSOKU = a dagger/short sword type.
  • KOHO GERI = the back kick tech./methods.
  • KOHO KAITEN = tech./methods for backward rolling/tumbling.
  • KOHO UKEMI = tech./methods for rear breakfalls/landings/groundings.
  • KOJIKI = official japanese records.
  • KOKON = concept of the past and present realities.
  • KOKORO GAMAE = tech./methods of mental prep./states of mind etc.
  • KOKYU CHIKARA = concept/doctrine of earth/breath force/energy/power.
  • KOMON = gateway to knowledge.
  • KONBANWA = to say: good evening.
  • KONGEN = doctrine/concept of origins/source.
  • KONGOJO = a pilgrim’s staff/stick type.
  • KONKI = to have/display patience/endurance/perseverance/dedication etc.
  • KONNICHIWA = to say: have a good day.
  • KONPEI = a type of chain weapon.
  • KONPI =  a single weighted chain weapon.
  • KONSAIBO = a heavily studded staff/stick type.
  • KOPPO JUTSU = the bone breaking/setting tech./methods.
  • KOPPOWAZA = tech./method of bone breaking strikes.
  • KOPPU = alternate name for jutte truncheon.
  • KOSHIGATANA = a dagger type.
  • KOSHIGIRIBO = a waist cutter staff/stick/pole type.
  • KOSHIJITTE = a jutte truncheon type.
  • KOSHI MAWARI = tech./method/style/system of unarmed combat.
  • KOSHI NO WAKARI = alternate name of above.
  • KOSHIWAZA = tech./method of muscle strikes.
  • KOSHIZASHI = a jutte truncheon type.
  • KOTE = arm/forearm guard armor.
  • KOTE UCHI = tech./method for forearm strikes.
  • KOWAKIZASHI = a type of wakizashi sword.
  • KOZUKA = a small utility knife.
  • KU = 9, also concept of the elemental nothingness/void.
  • KUBIZASHI = a small knife/bo shuriken type.
  • KUBOTAN = a small hand held type weapon.
  • KUDAKI = to strike with vigor, to crush/smash/pound etc.
  • KUGIGATA = a shuriken type.
  • KUJI = a shuriken type.
  • KUJI = also: concept/doctrine of creativity/divine inspiration.
  • KUJIKI = tech./methods to strike with a twist/wrench.
  • KUJI KIRI = esoteric concept/doctrine of creative/divine mind development.
  • KUKI KAITEN = tech./methods to air roll.
  • KUKI KAITEN WAZA = an air roll tech.
  • KUKI UKEMI = tech./methods of air concept breakfalls/groundings.
  • KUKYO = concept/doctrine of the divine celestial form/principle/state.
  • KUMADE = a long pipe/stick, end spikes and grappl.hook combo.
  • KUMI UCHI = tech./methods of kunoichi unarmed combat.
  • KUMI TACHI = sword clash forms/postures etc.
  • KUMO BASHIGO = a single rope wood rung ladder.
  • KUMO NO KAMAE = form/postures of the air/cloud style.
  • KUNAI = a wedge shaped knife blade type.
  • KUNOICHI = female ninja.
  • KUNOICHI BUKI = female ninja weapons specialities.
  • KUNOICHI JUSTU = tech./methods of the deadly flower kunoichi.
  • KUNREN = basic training drills/rotes.
  • KURAI = concept of water, flowing/following oppo actions till…
  • KURAI DORI = concept of fire, a severe/critical approach concept.
  • KUSAGAKURE JUTSU = tech./methods for camo/concealment using natural foliage cover.
  • KUSARI = alternate/olden name for chain weapons.
  • KUSARIBO = a staff/chain weapon combo.
  • KUSARIFUNDO = a short weighted chain type.
  • KUSARI FURIZUE = a staff/chain combo type.
  • KUSARIGAMA = a sickle/bladed weighted chain combo type.
  • KUSARIGAMAJUTTE = a sickle/wght.chain and attachment.
  • KUSARI JUTSU = tech./methods of combat chain applic.
  • KUSARIJUTTE = a chain/jutte combo weapon type.
  • KUSARIRYUTA = a grappl.hook/chain combo weapon.
  • KUSARIUCHIBO = a chain/metal truncheon type combo.
  • KUSHI = a wooden comb.
  • KYO = a concept/principle.
  • KYOBAKO BUNE = collapsible sectioned boat.
  • KYODAI TARU KOTO = concept/doctrine/creed of universal brotherhood.
  • KYO JUTSU = tech./methods for approaching truth/deception.
  • KYO JUTSU TEN KAN = tech./methods to apply concept of inverting truth/falsehood.
  • KYO JUTSU TEN KAN HO = the prime principle/law/concept of truth/falsehood.
  • KYOKAKU = alternative idealistic samurai group.
  • KYOKETSU SHOGE = a rope/knife/blade/ring combo type.
  • KYONIN NO JUTSU = tech./methods of using superstition/belief to gain entrance/admission/infiltration etc.
  • KYORI TOBI = to jump/leap a fair distance, a big leap etc.
  • KYOSEI = title/name for a student teacher.
  • KYOTEKI = an admirable and worthy adversary.
  • KYU = a class grade.
  • KYUBASEN = tech./methods of mounted archery combat/battle.
  • KYUDO = the sport way of the archer.
  • KYU JUTSU = the combat way of the archer.
  • KYUSHAKUBO = a staff weapon type approx.2.7mtrs.
  • KYUSHO = concept of vital points/areas of the body.
  • KYUSHO JUTSU = tech./methods/systems of combat applic.of above.
  • KYUSUNGOBU = a dagger type.
  • KYUTETSU = a hand held weapon type.

L:not used in jap.language;
  • LAO TZU = ch.philospher/doctrines treatise tao te ching.
  • LIN QUEI = alternate name for ch.ninja traditions.

  • MACHI YAKKO = a samurai troop/paramilitary organisation.
  • MAE = frontal position.
  • MAE EMPI UCHI = tech/methods of a fwd.inner elbow strike(s).
  • MAE GERI = a frontal kick tech./method.
  • MAE NANAME OKURI ASHI = tech./methods for diagonal/oblique step/walks.
  • MAE TSUGI ASHI = tech./methods for forward advancement steps/walks.
  • MAE UKEMI = tech./methods for breakfalling forward/frontal postn.
  • MAGARI YARI = a forked trident pole type.
  • MAIOGIGATA TENARASHI = a type of metal rod/truncheon type.
  • MAIOGIGATA TESSEN = a sturdier/heavier tessen type.
  • MAKIKOMI = concept/principle of enfolding tech./methods/styles.
  • MAKIMONO = a scroll type.
  • MAKI WARA = a training target/strike practice board/device.
  • MANABU JUTSU = tech./methods to learn styles and such principles by imitation.
  • MANERU SHIMEI = combat scenario reenactment training concepts.
  • MANJI = a shaken type.
  • MANJIGATA = alternate name for above.
  • MANRIKI = a kakute type.also, a chain.
  • MANRIKI GUSARI = a chain weapon type.
  • MAROHOSHI = a jitte/jutte type.
  • MARUBO = a stick/staff with round x section.
  • MARU GERI = round kick tech./methods.
  • MARU KUGI = hand held throwing spikes/rods.
  • MASAKARI = a hand axe type.
  • MATABASAMI = a hand held atemi weapon type.
  • MATSUBAGATA = a shuriken type.
  • MAWASHI = concept of combat applic. of spin/spinning turns tech./methods.
  • MAWATE = to turn.
  • MEIJIN = alternate term/title/name for a master.
  • METEZASHI = a dagger type.
  • METSUBISHI = sight remover, usually blinding powder.
  • MICHI = concept/principle of the correct path/way.
  • MIGI  = to the right direction.
  • MIGI JOHO GIRI = angle cut upward right.
  • MIGI NANAME TSUKI = angled strike/thrust downward right.
  • MIGI YOKO GERI = a kick to the right side.
  • MIKAZUKI = a shuriken type.
  • MIJIN = a chain weapon type.
  • MIMIGIRIBO = an earcut staff type.
  • MITSUBISHI = a shuriken type.
  • MITSUBISHI = also, shiro’s car type.
  • MITSU BUKI = weaponry designed to restrain swords.
  • MIYAMOTO MUNISAI = samurai martial expert, several weapons named after him, also father of below.
  • MIYAMOTO MUSASHI = samurai martial expert, several weapons/style named after him, also son of above.
  • MIZU GUMO = water float device, nicknamed spider.
  • MIZU KAKI = water fin device.
  • MIZU TEPPO = water cannon device.
  • MOFUBUKI NO TSUKI = tech./methods for thrust/strikes, blizzard style.
  • MOGURI KAITEN = to dive roll/tumble tech./methods.
  • MOGURI KOHO UKEMI = to breakfall diving backwards tech./methods.
  • MOGURI MAE UKEMI = as above, forwards.
  • MOJIRI = a sleeve catcher device/weapon type.
  • MOKKAN = a knuckle duster type.
  • MOKUSO = a quiet thought/moment.
  • MON = gate/gateway/portal/entrance.
  • MONJIN = an initiate/disciple.
  • MONOMI NI JUTSU = remote/discreet entry tech./methods for infiltration/combat applic.
  • MONOMIYARI = a concealed/hidden spear type.
  • MOROTE HASAMI TSUKI = palm guided dbl.hand thrust/strike.
  • MOROTE TSUKI = basic dbl.hand thrust/strike.
  • MUCHI GERI = a whip style kick.
  • MUCHI TSUKI = a whip style thrust/strike.
  • MUCHI KUSARI = a chain whip type.
  • MUGEI MUMEI NO JUTSU = tech./methods of those with no style and no name.
  • MUKAGIJUTTE = a jutte type.
  • MUKAISHIRA = lower level samurai lodgings, usually around castle perimeter.
  • MUKEI NO KURAI = concept of basic fundamental cuts/attacks of formless form.
  • MUKU = wood jutte/chain combo type.
  • MUSASHI KAIKEN = a small hand held weapon type.
  • MUSHA SHUGYO = concept/ideals of martial warriors.
  • MUSUBI BASHIGO = a looped style ladder.
  • MUTO = no sword tech./methods/styles combat applic.
  • MUTO DORI = weaponry defense usually unarmed and usually against swords.

  • NAESHI = a metal truncheon type.
  • NAGE = to throw.
  • NAGEDEPPO = a hand grenade.
  • NAGEGAMA = a small sickle/blade with long chain combo type.
  • NAGE TEBUKURO = protective battle gloves.
  • NAGE WAZA = tech/methods for combat throws applic.
  • NAGEYA = a throwing arrow type.
  • NAGIMAKI = a straight bladed naginata/halberd type.
  • NAGINATA = a curved bladed halberd type.
  • NAGINATA DO = the sport way of the naginata.
  • NAGINATA JUTSU = the combat way/applic. of the naginata.
  • NAIGAMA = kama type, very long hilt.
  • NAI KI = alternate name for concept of inner energy.
  • NAKA FURI = a outwardly projecting flail type.
  • NAKA IMA = concept/doctrine of the eternal now philosophy.
  • NANA = 7 alternate name (shichi).
  • NANAME = on an angle/angled/angular.
  • NANAME OKURI ASHI = tech./methods for angled/oblique forward movements/steps.
  • NANASHAKUBO = staff type approx. 2.1 mtrs.
  • NANBAN CHIDORIGANE = a truncheon/chain combo type.
  • NANBAN HANANEJIBO = a wooden jutte/weighted chain staff combo type.
  • NANBAN KAGI = a small hand held type weapon.
  • NATAGAMA = a sickle/bladed type, very curved blade.
  • NATSU = the summer season.
  • NAWA BASHIGO = a rope ladder type.
  • NAYASHI = alternate name for naeshi.
  • NEI CHIA = soft internal styles of ch.boxing.
  • NEJI = alternate name for sodegarami sleeve catcher.
  • NEKOTE = a hand held type, finger claws.
  • NI = 2.
  • NICHOGAMA = tech./methods for combat applic. of dual sickle type weapons.
  • NIGIRIMONOBUKI = collective term for hand held atemi/pressure type weapons.
  • NIHONGI = official japanese chronicles.
  • NIN = endure/persevere/survive.
  • NIN BUKI = collective name for ninja weaponry.
  • NIN DOGU = collective name for ninja tools/equip.
  • NINJA = japanese martial warrior with a survival protocol.
  • NINJA KEN = a ninja sword type.
  • NINJATO = alternate name for above.
  • NINJAZUE = a concealed/deceptively made walking staff/cane.
  • NIN JUTSU = tech./methods of combat applic. of ninja ways.
  • NINOMARU = castle compound for storage/guest lodgings.
  • NINYO = concept/doctrine of virtue, chivalry.
  • NITO JUTSU = tech./methods for combat applic.of dual swords.refer miyamoto musashi.
  • NIYOI = a scepter type weapon.
  • NIYOIJITTE = a scepter/metal truncheon combo type.
  • NO = social group of agriculturists.
  • NOBASU = to extend/extension.
  • NOBORI JUTSU = tech./methods for climbing applic.
  • NOBUSERI = roguish ninja, yet to complete training.
  • NODACHI = an extra spare battle sword, longer and heavier than katana.
  • NOFU = social group, farmer.
  • NUI = a metal truncheon type.
  • NUKENIN = a ninja on the run (from authority…).
  • NUKE WAZA = tech./methods of applic. run/escape.
  • NUKI ASHI = a light sweeping foot movement to check ground ahead.
  • NYUKUDAKI NO JUTSU = tech./methods of using poorly watched/guarded entry areas.
  • NYUKYO NO JUTSU = entry/infiltrate concept tech./methods of perfect timing.



…literal meaning = ninja higher ideals.

My (shiro’s) understanding of this concept/doctrine changes over time…as i do– as i gain/share in more knowledge.


The collective term.

Embodies and includes the combat and non combat systems and teachings of anything ninja:




The main principle we have is NIN

We are NINJA.

We physically study NINJUTSU

We mentally study NINPO.

The above is SHIRO’s view…now…here’s an expert? one;(click)

Here’s NINPO in action…by an expert (click).NJOY.


(Video Link)



  • SHIRO’s… 7 ways to speak like ninja glossary…  a–g.
  • SHIRO’s 7 more ways to speak like ninja glossary h–n…therein above.
  • SHIRO’s 5 ways to speak like ninja glossary o–s.
  • SHIRO’s 7 final ways to speak like ninja glossary t–z


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