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56 Questions. In Our World. Legends Let Loose.

What Truths and Tales linger within Our World. Legends that say and seem so. So seem in deed too. Pt2. To. Have lots to say. A look back. Uncapping then Recapping. Those Legends We have left behind as Research. Goes On. On and to All New Readers… What You. May Have Missed. Herein. Like His Birthday. 56 Mysteries. Of Yore. Torn asunder.


Greetings and Good Wishes. Too. To All those who and whom

Celebrate Today. Today as a Birthday that is. Is that You.?.

So ’tis in Our World. Legends so and say Today. Today

is i, Shiro’s Birthday, so too. To


have and develop an Approach to Researching and Investigating

those of Our World Legends of Yore. The Ancient

Ancestral Letters. POV. Herein.


One finds a great deal of Variety. Variety that can overwhelm One.

Pt.2. Birthday Triple. Herein.



With Info, Intel and interesting… bits. ‘N Pieces Writ also. Also

Happy Birthday. To those who so are,


Questions In

Our World. Legends

Let Loose

provide Entertainment, Education and a Message. Massaged

within many Legends are Core Truths… of some Natures. Naturally



with this being that. Case. Then this. As Belows. Follows. That.





56… ‘cos i, Shiro be. 56. Today.

56 of the Leading Light Mysteries that Our World Legends

has Seeked, Searched and Sussed Outs. In some manners.

Some 56 Legendary Topics of this and those this


Site Seeks and Searches. Therein. Herein.



(Music Link)


An Overview ish of Recent and of Yore Research On This Site.



Simply Enjoy.



For and To; Those who have just joined Our World. Legends Ride

and a Recap. Of The Site. As well. Well as

for any You may have. Missed. In Our World. Legends then,

some 56 of this Sites Many Mores. More Writ so,

Riding The Recap…

ReWrit in Reverse.

A Look at Our World Legends.


  • Internet Origins. How Deep Is This Www.?. Who’s

Built, Looking and Mores.


  • Behind Every Ninja Mask… is Heaven. Sorta’…

Ninja Origins Legends and Links to The Rebel Angels.


  • The Vatican Uses L.U.C.I.F.E.R. To Seek, Search Sky

and Stars… Looking For… .?.


  • The Humble Duct Tape Origins Legends. Stuck

into. Weird and Wacky Uses.


  • The Pharaohs Hold Something Handily. We

Open Ups. No Sparing That… Rod. Ancient Light-House.


at His Life, Deeds, Mountains Climbed+Countries Travelled.


  • The Mystery of Coral Castle. No more. A

Mystery, We Peek… Inside The Shed. Pod Pink.


  • How… and Who Threatened Robert de Niro.?. We

Show. That. Those. Also.


  • The Mont Pelee GIGANTISM Case Reviewed. As well

The Reviewer’s Heights… Pet Dino. Of Yore.


  • The Health Ranger Looks Inside a Vaccine Box. Finds

Some Stuff. Ingredients Instructions Insert too.


  • Shiro’s Fav. Crop Circles. The Slide-Show.



  • An Oft Forgot Martial Training Tip.

BYO Balls. Lots.


  • The Devil and Mr. Johnson Made a Rock n Rollers Deal.

But… Which in deed… Mr. Johnson. Was That.?. There’s Two.?.


  • How Planet Mars Became The God of War. Saved Earth,

Turned Red and etc etc etc…



  • The Australian Aborigines Unveil a Language. Of

Yore. 16 Letters In a Pack. Of 16 Letters.


  • A Legend of Survival. A Living Tradition. Still

Goes On. On and In This Village. Still…


  • How To Sleep Like An Egyptian. Pharaoh. Mores

As Well. Well As Lots. Health Tips. Lots.


  • How To Walk On Water, Get Resurrected and So

On. On and To Mores. Ninja Concepts Boxed Out.


  • Where Not To Arrange Trysts. Even Scientists…

Can Err. Caution… On Wheres In Deed.


  • How To Get most Out Of A Small Garden Plot. Mores

As Well. Well As Guest Post. This Be. Garden Vertical.


  • All 26 Ways To Ninja Speak… Japanese Glossary

Terms/Phrases. An AG; HN; OS; TZ.


  • The First Pedestal. Goddess Also. Also Temple

Hunting and Finding. Adults and Mature Visitors Only.


  • One Thing that could change Our World. Interesting

Intel on… Interest. Interested.?.


  • Origin Legends of Alchemy. Early Female Alchemists.

The Royal Society connections and mores.


  • How We Set This Town. On Fire. Our World Legends

of Centralia Burns.


  • What is The Sound Of Music. Seek and Search

Music and Sciences to Hear. From Both.


  • 9 Unique, Classical Japanese Weapons. A

Close and ups views. Intel, Legends and mores.


  • Nikola Tesla Slide-show. Niagara Powerhoused.

Quotes, Intel, Awards. Our World Legends of Science.

Shake Spotting Machines, Apps and Groups.



  • Sword-Master Miyamoto Musashi. Gets Lessons

In Wood. The Smashing+Awesome Our World Legends.


  • Trade, Finance and Treaties Ensures the Best and Worst

Are Shared. Lend Lease, U.S. Presidents, Atomic Secrets.


  • Shiro’s Fav. Collection of Crystal Balls. Slide-Show.

Intel, Legends, Sciences and Mores.


  • Deep Underground Military Base… D.U.M.B.

In Australia. The Mountains. A U.S. Base. Nasa Numbers.


  • A Pulp Fiction Review. Several of Shiro Favs.

Russell Brand’s Revolution. Kawasaki Kunoichi Ode.


  • Our World Legends Hattori Hanzo. Spear Found.

Broken.?. 8-( Slide-Show, Intel and mores.


  • The Cat That Waves Statuette, Well Known… Pet Protectors.

Saving Samurai. Riders at Battle of Bannockburn.


  • If Diamonds Are So Rare… Why Are There So Many.?.

Trade and Market, History and Truth. Manipulations.


  • The Top 18 Cupboard Condiments. Slide-Show.

Some Intel, Uses, Hints, Tips.


  • CIA Pilots Go Off. Many Ways. Herein.

Database Ninja. Mind Control Experiments. Therein.


  • The Our World Legends of Ancient Weapons

of Mass Destruction. The Greek Fire. Unzipped.

Knights of the Round. A Blind Swordsman.


  • The Battles Of Iga, Japan. Ninja, Samurai.

The 3000. Our World Legends. Geo-Politics. Of Yore.

Slide-Shows: Bow+Arrow, Chains, Shuriken, Spear, War-Fan


  • Shiro’s Idea of a .?. …Dirge.?.

An Ode. Beast of Suburbia. Lost of Love.


  • The Future… Faked.?. Fake News leads on to.?.

Fake Internets… Fake Lives… Fake Movements…

Fake Events.?. Fake Realities.??



Two. Fav’s. Podcast Picks.


  • The Rules of a Ninja Dojo. Unveiled. Explained

as Well. Well as in Japanese and English. That is.

7 Smoothie Recipes. Chemicals in Our Waters.


  • The Our World Legends Of Giants. A Slide-Show.

A lil’ Intel About Lot Big Peeps. Things as well.

Pigeon Post Financial.


  • The Final JFK Moments, Shooter. Images

and Interview. One of The Bushes… can’t recall…

Pyramidal Legendary Lies.


  • When the Chinese Ming Dynasty Tumbled into Pieces…

Their Fleet Floundered. That Epic Series Of Voyages.

The Labyrinth Under the Pyramidal Plateau.


  • The Gurkha Are Elite Soldiers and Commandos. Their

Main Weapon. A Knife. A Very BIG Knife. S/S+Intel.

How to Go to Hell.


  • The Philosophers Stone Has Been Found. Herein.

Pterodactyls. Civil War Shoot-em-Ups. Therein.

Mayan Metropolis Mapped.


  • What The Great Pyramids Really Are. Who Built

and What They Do. Very Well. Working Model Gif.

Ark of the Covenant.


  • Bush Survival Tips. Hints. The Major 9.

Reviewed. Explained. Ideas, Concepts.

Moon… Has an Air-Force.?.


  • Legendary Swords A Top 25. Slide-Show.

Ancient Greek Inventions by Hero. That’s His Name. Also.

Sacred Archery arrowed in. Herein.


  • Odin. Lotsa’ Weapons, Horse, Fav. Drink.

How To. Viking Mead Make. Mores.

Shiva. Gilgamesh. Vulcan.


  • Leonardo. Omni-Genius. Polymath.

Historical Overview. Drawings Slide-Show.

Dimensional Glasses, Microscopic Mayhem.


An Our World Legends. Hell in the Making.?.

Tragedy or Hope.?. Ice-Cream, Immune Building Youngsters. ♦


  • Nikko. Places To Visit In Deed. Japan.

Nature, Waters, Mountains, Temples, Rain…

Yokohama. The Port. Museum Ship and Mores.



What’s More.?. No Less. Than

This. Belows.


Feel Ever So Eager and More Than Free too. To Share…


Any of Those Gift Horrors, Strange or Weird but True.

Birthday Treasures, Treats Twists Ups.

Best and Worst Gifts.


You have so received or given thus and far. For

Herein. Will Do.


Our World Legends. Be One.

Every Day… For…

Every Day…


Is Some-One’s Birthday too. To




ups is that. Triple Pt3. of This. Birthday Treat. As Belows.


After the previous parting of Ways ‘tween Kunoichi

Kaawasaki and I, Shiro… Pt.1… The Party crashed… elsewhere.


A Final Birthday Wish and Tell. Of those Times and Places…

…exiled from the After-Life… the Hows and Whys of My

Ways With Words. Crashing In. The White Room.


Please Feel Free and If So Inclined To Contact/Comment:..

i, Shiro that is.

With Any Thoughts, Hints, Tips and Dreams.

If A Particular Legendary Theme or Our World Legends. Is A Desire.


To Be So Writ. Herein.



Till next…



TOR. TOR. What’s it… good for.?.

Our World Legends Report on the IOT, TOR, BITCOIN and related Intel.
Many Online try to Protect their Privacy. The Onion Router System… TOR touts such Power. The Origins of Our World Legends therein… tell another Tale. As shown with the IOT Servers and even Laptops… TOR is lil’ different. Control over Data… Control over TOR. Bitcoin… also. The Internet is not Free nor does it represent.


(Video Link)


Staying anonymous Online can invoke different views.

Privacy, Safety and Security of the Devices and Media we use.

Our Privacy.


Our Concern it seems indeed,..

in deed and in fact also.



Recent Social Media of muchness has been applied of late.

Facebook, Google and such Concerns and Irregularities examined.


Invasions of what is deemed Privacy to some.

Basic Rights of which very few… are left.

Basic Freedoms overlooked.


Profit over People indeed.




The Basics overturned.


Such with…




What’s it…

… good for.?.


Contains Data from several of Our World Legends that show Control inherently inbuilt and utilised.





Not Yours though.




A Healthy start. Herein.


The Internet…

The Onion Route.


Those who created the IOT understood the desire for Anonymity.

Theirs… that is.


Giving the illusory Freedoms to Users where Data reigns over All.

With Control built in and maintained.


Creation of Problem…

and Solution… supplied.


(Video Link)


The IOT is not Free. In and from any Sense. Origins of Our World Legends… The Internet. Herein. Controlled.



The TOR Project.


Enables Anonymous Communication the Main draw-card.

A Free Worldwide overlay Network.

Conceals Location, User and so forth tis said therein for example.


TOR… Visually Explained. photocredit/thanks:extremetech


Technical sounding Terms seemingly sure.


Blah Blah.

So Our World Legends do indeed say.




More of the New Norm. Watching Me… Watching You.



Peeling Back the… Onion.


Follow the Money Trail.


Office of Naval Research, DARPA, US Navy, Us Federal Govt.

With All of the Freedoms inherent the above Agencies + co.



well a lil’ only… basically.



Another of the seemingly free and endless list of Military Contractors and Agencies is the BBG.

C/o that good ol’ 3 Letter Agency of disrepute.

The CIA.


The Center of Intelligence… always searching for more.

Freedom assured… not given.


The US Secretary of State attends… too.

Land of the Free Representative it seems.


(Music Link)




Bits about Bitcoin.

Sore about Tor… too.

In addition to the almost 100% Funding by Intel Groups, Govts and Contractors and many of the Military Industrial Concerns… which arouses concerns and suspicions from get go when conducting Privacy Needs and Wants.

Freedom goes also.


Long Gone it seems.


Alternative Money.?. Sounds like a Plan… though… BY WHY AND WHO.?.


Online Money is a credit to the Industry.

The Military and Industry Complex that is.


Free to spend anywhere and anywhen.

Online Credit… a boon to linked Economies.

Linked… for easy Tracking of course.


Though… to give credit where credit is due;..

The Bitcoin… was made by THEM…

also… too.


The Founders of this online of credit appear to be a bunch of mysterious and anonymous… Computer Cryptographers… from the good ol’ US of A. A Fact oft… uncredited.


The Technology is simply privatised and monetised as per the IOT, GPS, TOR and so forever on and on.

Crying Times and Tales to tell.




Yes indeed o Reader Friend…

though cry from an Onion You Must.

Tis Intel Agencies that decide when that Intel Cred…

goes down and does bust… up.


Our World Legends… decree do so and so forth.



Bitcoin is King…

of that good ol’…

Intel Ring. Agencies and Groupies etc therein.

Bitcoin and very possibly others like are merely Funding Projects and Set-ups by various colluding Agencies… mainly Intel. Funding Plans to provide such for such as US, BRITISH CANADIAN AGENCIES AND PERSONNEL. The Rate of each is again Controlled.



Hand outs… to and for…



Boohoo… not You.

Just Them.


Hand To Hold.?. Yokohama ahead. Herein.



Mere animalistic numbers… to Them.

You are.


Hands out. Tis You… to Them.



Crying for Freedom.

Let My Onion… Go.


Missing… A Princess. Still. Herein.


The Technical Issue here is Privacy… whilst Online.


In and on the Onion Route…

Thus whilst treading IOT in the Onion Ring…

there is indeed a modicum of discreteness.

The Tor Approach masks certain actions thus well.


But in the end… AT the End…


is the Issue per se indeed,..

in deed and in fact as well.


Control of Tor is simply achieved by Controlling the Exit Nodes.


TOR… Technically: As per the Movie Mayhem in the MATRIX… THE EXITs… ARE CONTROL SPOTS… IT SEEMS… So these of Our World Legends do say. Indeed. photocredit/thanks:arsetechnica


Simple and Technical.


Whom and whosoever Controls the Exit Nodes…

Controls the Onion. Crying shame… that route,..


still. Technically… so.

The Exit Nodes… are key indeed it seems.


In deed and in fact as well.

Keys to… Control.


Locked Out. Pumped Up. What the Pyramid really was. Herein. Our World Legends tell us so.


Anyone running an Exit Node… can view the Traffic.




NOT Yours. Lest YOU run the Exit indeed.


So Our World Legends…

of Computers, IOT, Science + Technology sayeth.

Herein. Therein also.


So and thus;..

No more Tears. No need to Cry.

Out Loud.


The Onion is here. Truth be Told.

Tis wrinkled and old. Hat.



is All,.. still and just… simply that.


All… keyed in.



A Crystal Clear View…of Crystal. Balls… as well. Our World Legends. Herein.


(Music Link)



From the Peoples Who gave Our World… Legends.

The IOT.

Monetised… Socialised… Controlled.


Start to End.

Exit to Exit.


A sense of the nonsense of their Freedoms… given.

A Freedom strictly within and by their Times and Terms.


Not for Your Time.

This time… at All.


Round. Circles. The Mystery. Herein… before Time is… UP.?.



What’s it… good for.?.


A Freedom… to soar…


not at All.


Tis sore a friend indeed. Akin that IOT.


Stay Safe surfin this Surface.

Where being Anonymous really means,..

to Surface at that bitter… End.


Next Exit… Please anyone.?.

To their o so Controlled and… Brave New World.




(Video Link)



… Is…ALL About Control. Of Information, Resources, Advertising, Propaganda… too. photocredit/thanks:nowtheendbegins



Till next…



Banned From GeoPolitics. Subreddit Mods Decree.

Researching Our World Legends and their references for a Modern Write-up one finds soon enough where the vested interest of that Topic lies. Agendas surround many issues… many too do they themselves cause. Whilst seeking and searching into the Reality of Modern Warfare and the usage of Chemical Weapons I placed one such into a subreddit to get a feel for the subject and responders thoughts. The GeoPolitical. Got Banned. The Tale. Herein. In short… not Tall… at all. photocredit/thanks:eyeniinfo


(Music Link)


Today is 15/4/2018.

Today i, Shiro was…

Banned From GeoPolitics.

Subreddit Mods Decree,..

… determined that banned… i shall be.




Sometime in the arvo’.


Machiavelli was right on.

So too Quigley.


Tragedy… with no hope.

Vested Interests… Agendas.


On Reddit… it seems indeed,.. indeed and in fact… too.



TRAGEDY… AND HOPE. Herein. The One Thing…


Chemical… Censorship.?.

Just the facts:..

Tis now mid-eve.


Heard praise for REDDIT… sometime ago.



Approx. 4 mths ago.

Approx. 15+ subreddits/Topics…

…over time subscribed and posted to.


Including… The GeoPolitical one.


The One that banned me… Today.


Listening to the Dogs… and Drums for War in the recent News.

As if Bombs… solve such issues.


Mention in Media + co. re Chemical Weapons used… allegedly… etc etc.


Just More Excuses it seems;..

…to justify the Military Industrial Complex… using it’s…

…complex Tech.


Freedom of the Press… irrelevant.

Fake News it seems.


A set-up.

A sham of Our World Legends.

Legendary Lies.




The Summary above apparent,..

…when one , two or three particular articles perused and found during my Research into Modern Chemical Weaponry.


The first i put on the subreddit.

Then i got banned.


Here… they are :


Subreddit GeoPoliticals… dont’ want to be aware.?.

Fake News… is… not Real.?.



I, Shiro have requested an explanation.

For the Ban.


I… will wait 24 hrs for a reply.

Before i post this… and… that too… if avail.


Tis now… mid-eve 16/4/2018.

No GeoPolitical Reply… yet.



No Tragedy.


I Hope.

No need for War.



(Music Link)


Till next…