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Drink and Defend. Master that Drive. Drunk.

Ways Martial in Our World. Legends so and say many. Martial Ways consist of Unique, Innovative, Adaptive Techniques and Methods. Methods+Concepts. Concepts that accentuate Your present Capabilities. Capable enough to Seek and Search for that Extra Cup. Of Knowledge. Knowledge not forgot when indisposed, Drunk, disorderly. Ordered, presented. Herein. The Masterful Drunken Ways. 5 Monkey Styles. Served Ups. In Full.


Following The Ways of The Drunken Master is not easy. Apart

from the Drinking bit thereof. Therein then and after. These Ways

bend and sway in Ways more so. So more unusual

is the consistent

Top-Ups too. To Keep in Top Gear. Drunkenly Defending. Self.








and Defend.

Master that Drive.


can in deed be Hard Work indeed. In the Annals

and Chronicles.

Of Yore. Martial Techniques can be found in

many Ways. Ways


that mimic Movements, Attitudes, Postures,

Approaches. Of

an Idealised Object/Creature. Many Animal Forms

and/or Styles within many Martial Arts. Arts


of Drunkenness too. To


Just Following Those Ways…


simply and so understand the Hows

of this Art

is straightforward. Straight

as an Arrow and Focused You

MIND MUST BE... Whilst


Your BODY… Parties. On and Ons. Drunkenly.


That’s the Hard bit. Thereof. Herein too. To

and for. For

the purposes of Research and Alls that

jazzy stuff… i, Shiro

are Drinking. Drinking NOW. As i so writ. Hard

stuff so nomened


cos it’s liquidy soft, actually according to

My Senses of Finger.


What’s Got… These Guys All Out Of Shape.?.


Though tastes, bites pretty hard i, Shiro do, does

agree. There. With that.

On My Tongue. Also


Key Herein is this;

THINK… Then Drink…

AND Keep Thinking;..

Becoming The Flow…


The Our World. Legends according to the Drunken Masters.


Awareness is a State of Mind engendered when One

contemplates Arts of Self-Defence. As One Thinks of

Survival instinctively and flowing within, One sees merit

for applying common sensical, basic approaches.


The Act of Being... Drunk.

A Mind and Body State the Majority of Us Adults


have gone through. Go through



(Music Link)


in Drunkenness.

A Loss and Lack. Of Control ensues.

Of some and many Personality Characteristics.


Separation of Body + Mind... incomplete.

No Drunken… Master. Therein. That Glassy eyed View.


A Pair Of… Drunken Masters.?.


The Ancient Chinese Masters who Originated such Systems well

understood the Connection ‘tween Alcohol

and Violence In Our World. Legends Tell Tales so. Thus

When an Ego is so inflated and emboldened all

pretence of Civility disappears. Goes. Aways. Thus


To IMPRESS upon the Mind therefore the usual Civil Niceties.

The Kata and Forms of the Drunken Ways are ALWAYS Led

into with sufficient Prep, Intro. Attached. The Techniques

are not whimsical,..


following still the proper Respect of Tradition.


Monkeying Arounds:

The Slide-Show.


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The emphasis is on Fluidity, Flexibility, Flowing Movements.

Each Showing/Highlighting a Change in Tactics/Response.


These are clearly tied to the Main Principles of such Systems

and the Unity of the Philosophies relating to Self-Defence.


Reflecting a (…GODAI... )

5 Element Concept.


5 Main Variations of The

Monkeying Ways:


  • Tall
  • Wooden
  • Stone
  • Lost
  • Drunk


This Fighter Waters Down Every Drink. It Takes.


  • Tall: Styles include less of the Tumbling arounds and mores of

the Upper Body Level Combat Work combined with Pressure Point Targeting.


  • Wooden: Styles include mores of the Grappling Combat Applications,

Techniques and Methods. Direct, Focused, almost Angry in Approach.


  • Stone: Styles include mores of the Solid Defensive Works and Stances/Forms.

Upright, resilient, balanced, rigid and strong. Vital Areas Targeted.


  • Lost: As is. An Art of strange,

almost awkward confused meanderings and Movements

which unleashes the Blocks, Strikes, Counters from surprising Directions/Timing.


This Fighter simply Drinks. No Water taken.



The 5 Guiding Movement/Principles
of The Drunken Arts:


  • Movement must be Unusual, Unpredictable, Upset the Opponent.
  • Movement must Blind, Bluff, Fake and Feint.
  • Movement must Scare, Surprise, Frighten the Opponent.
  • Movement must Negate and Counter Attacks.
  • Movement must be Drunkenly Deceptive, Disruptive.


  • The Drunken Ways involve Flexible, Responsive, Flowing

Movements, with a somewhat wobbly, wonky...

Spring in Your Step. Staggering



in such Ways during such Actions;..

thus becomes an Added Power. Momentum Gathers.

That then. Falls per se. On and To Your Oppo.

Crashing through.


Combining a Focused Intent and MindSet

that is. Is that

of Survival, Self-Defence… through and for…


ALLs Your Ways. Of Life. And

Partying Ons as well. Well as

adding Fitness, Flexibility (... Body + Mind…),

New Techniques that Flow.


To and for. Your Repertoire.




In Our World. Legends from those of the Martial Monkey King

have oft impressed, surprised

and entertained. The confusing actions, rolls and tumbles, falls and

spills abound. Techniques that surprise with style and direction. Students

are very relaxed, intentionally reminded and taught to be so. Even when


applying very strong and powerful actions. Fast

and efficient flowing, furious at times.

Smooth yet stuttered, upsetting concentration and focus of Opponent.


The Monkey Movements so mimicked are brought forward with the

appropriate Facial Features contorted too. To ape in deed such Animal

Ways as well. Well as. One must... look the part. Even if alcoholised. To


the Max. Cheers and Hic. Hoorays. To that.


The Drunken Master… View of Our World. Legends All. UpsHic…


Other Natures of the Our World Drunken Styles

also can be found within Arts Martial

such as HUNG FUT

with the “…Drunken Immortal…” Forms therein.


Hung Fut also has a “...Left-Hand Fighting Form…”

for the ambidextrous. Of Us.


ZUI QUANThe Drunken Fist… is another, so drunk and steeped

in such Ways.

A Combo of exotic WU-SHU and KUNG FU.


Combative Strikes and related Actions smoothly hide behind unsteady

Drunk like swaying Moves/Techniques.

Hand Postures oft resemble Cup Holding or Pouring Positions.

Acrobatic Techniques are also incorporated into stumbling,

staggering Steps, Leaps, Rolls, Tumbles.


Unorthodox. Great Visual Appeal as well. Well as


Some Kung. Fu. That’s some thing… Ups n Coming Your Ways… Burpsies.


Basically… When and If You...

Get Wired with Wine.

In That Mind and Body State;..

When Defence required:


Think Outside that Box. Just Flow.




Hangovers… optional.


The Aftereffects.?.


Mastering Drunk Drinking…

Feel more so than foolishly Drunk on emo.

Do Share. Herein.


Those Times, Places of indiscretion.

When so Full of Good Cheer... You…

did so Well and Good. Worth a Cheer. That was.


A Foolish Moment… that

You So Mastered. Then… or


Just Spilled Such Joys,.. All Arounds.


Cheers,.. Kanpai,.. Salute.



Our World Legends.

Be One.


Enjoy Life.

Simply Enjoy.


Stay Aware. As well, well as.


…Molte Grazie…


Next... Our World Legends… Journey Ons, with that;..

Taking the Pith. Testing the Waters.


Please Feel Free and If So Inclined To Contact/Comment:..

i, Shiro that is.

With Any Thoughts, Hints, Tips and Dreams.

If A Particular Legendary Theme or Our World Legends. Is A Desire.


To Be So Writ. Herein.



Till next…


Wise Up. Ways of The 3 Magi. Men Frank, Golden Mirth.

In Our World. Legends with Words… are many. Ways more than 3. Many Gifts We oft give. Some… We get. What would You gift a King.?. The Magi Three of Wise, Olden Persia have made their choices. Choice. But… Why.?. Seek and search  Legends of Worth, Beauty and Health. Gifts that keep on. The Top-Shelf. Herein. A lil’ more ol’ MAGIc.


Gold, Frankincense and Myrrh. A Gifts Trio of Treats bestowed on

a nominal King. King of the Biblical remnants of the

Israelites and Jews who was later

HimSelf, turned into a part of a trinitarian Trio. Also. Is


and do Gifts

contain oft more than their separate value, worth.?. Worthy

of closer examination too. A Trio tested. Belows. Herein.


Is the Questions… 1,2,3. As Belows: As well,


1. Whosoever are these Men of Magi.?.

2. Whysoever those greatly Gifted Choices.?.

3. Whatsoever are Their Names nomened only

extra-Biblically.?. Also. Also


the Magi. Portrayed as Olden Persian Wise Men. Which

says it All. Tells You… No Thing. ‘Cept they are

Smart. Persian. Old Men.


In Our World. Legends

as well. Well as



’twas; Magi Melchior, the Gold Giver; Frankincense

furnished by

Magi Caspar, and mere

Magi Balthasar following up with Myrrh. Mirth

on no account. Accounts

of Their Names. Only in The Traditional Ways. Not


even the Baby’s. Whose nomen at this stage. Is

apparently unimportant. Ços


at those Stages of the twisting Tale. Told it’s All

about following those Stars

in their Eyes, Heavens too. To and searching for

this King of that Kingdom. They

do so Seek. Back Then. Now…


we know… Bethlehem or thereabouts… we

think. ‘Twas.

Hand on the Cradle. Mary’s, perhaps

Joseph as well. Also, as



so some Legends vary a lil’. Names, Looks, Photos

too. To and Yet, so mainly.


Names oft just so slightly locally rearranged.

Within. Thems. At Times, Places too. To


now then,

Wise Up. Ways

of The 3 Magi. Men


Golden Mirth

is and so, irrespective of which and what are the Names.

This and their Deeds

was done indeed. In deed of.


All. In the name of Good Health. In deed indeed. Therein.

Fit and To, For a King. As well. Well as





Frank Mirth…

Their Worth.?.


China, Australia and Russia.

The Top 3. Gold Diggers.

Gold Miners and The Companies thereof;

though THEY… not necessarily OF China, Australia, Russia…)


(Anyways… app. 400, 300, 275… respectively Tonnes p.a.) Mined.


3 Countries/Continents 1,000 + Tonnes per years.


Globally in Our World… 3,000 Tonnes Gold Mined…approx.

…$120 BILLION… worth…

approx. p.a. Years after Years… going…



Gold like Silver can be in a Colloidal Form. A Form

which can be used to facilitate specific Medical Tests as


well. Also


More Trio’s… More Crosses. To Bare.


These and those  Books known as The Bible. Are heavily Edited

with (BIG) bits missing.

For example; The Christed One had 12 Main Members in His Crew.


Disciples. Apostles.


Like a… Zodiac or Calendar… Carton of Eggs also. Also



Yet and so… ONLY 4 COULD WRITE.???. Apparently.


MARK, MATTHEW, LUKE and One of the JOHN(s) also. Also

and even these 4/12 agree to disagree. Lots.

(… Only this and that Matthew Tells of the Wise 3 Btw…)





2/3 ain’t bad. So Singeth MEATLOAF whilst JIM STEINMAN so Writ.

As Belows.


1/3 didn’t rate a Mention. Therein. Thereof



(Music Link)



From Whence…

They Come.

Persia. Of Yore where the Magi so be. From. Probably.


Ancient Persia was a very large Empire of Regions and Areas which extended

at Times and Places to encompass much more than it’s Center of Origin.

Various Kings, Rulers and so forth. Sallied forth to over and takes neighbouring

Lands. The Conquests though essentially Military to obtain Control adapted


to the Local Conditions and Cultures. Assimilation, Reconciliation, Forbearance,

Tolerance of many aspects. Cultural, Religious, Political, Local. Cooperation

with Local Leaders and Authorities continued to keep interference to a



The Carrot… after the Stick per se.


Trade, Coinage, Law… and Taxes.

Interesting to note… NO PERSONAL TAXES.


Work, Business, Trade, Agriculture, Manufacturing only.

Including the Churches.


Ancient Persia Empire.


Such Regulations and Laws… applied mostly, evenly.

Areas turned into Province type with each, a Local Governor.

Land, Equip supplied where needed.

A Courier System, Main Roadway, Lodgings along route.


A growing and adaptable Defensive System developed too. To

so end up with a Persia. Being slowly expansive,

a Model for the upkeep of a growing Civilisation. Empiric. That is.


That is updating whilst Tradition respected. For the most parts.

Over Times and Places in Our World. Legends of Our Words and Origins

indicate several here still. Still here in deed. Indeed such as:


Asparagus, Bazaar, Lemon, Melon, Orange, Peach, Sash, Shawl,

Spinach, Tiara, Turquoise and so forth. Do so sally forth from

Persia. Of Yore. Still.


The Ancient Persian or Old Persian Language was kept aside too. To

only be used for Official, Royal and Special Occasions. From thence. On. On



The Chariots…

of the Magi.

Camels were and was most Personal Traveling. Done.

A Camels Hump… or Two contains actually lil’ Water.

Mostly Fats… soaked in Water.


Oval Shaped Cells enable the Camels Legendary quenched Thirst.

Whilst Kidneys + co… only release those little flows. Very little. Not

oft. At All.

Though also prodigious Drinkers the Water is quickly assimilated into the Bloodstream

vis their unusually shaped Cells. Cells which expand easier… hold more.


Fats so stored can suffice for up to 3 Weeks with the Hump

slowly being eaten up, alas and ends up drooping. Therein. Alack of

fatty support. Support


Searchers… Starry Eyed… Giving…


Crew in Our World. Legends do so and say the so and called

Wise Men 3. Were.


Support,.. Supply as well. Well as

Star and Sky Lore Followers it seems in deed. Indeed

even those Biblical Epics so heavily Edited do so and say. That. That

Wise Men follow Stars. That is. Is that


and will that… then leads to… Was This Star of East Far… moving.?.

as well. Well as

it seems stopping only… where needed in deed. Stars in the Skies…

Stars in Their Eyes also. As well


The Magi were so steeped in Ancient Traditions and Ways. Enigmatic,

well studied Men and Women. Well versed in Ancient Astrology + Astronomy.


(… Btw’s…Wary of the intentions of Herod… When They returned ” Home “…

They took an alternate Route to avoid His influence etc… Refer: Matt 2:12-)


The Magi in Our World Legends too,

are those we now derive that spectacle of Awe…


That ol’




from. Magi were Healers, Researchers, Priests, proto-Scientists, Scribes and mores.

Advisors to Leaders, Royalty, Community.


Multi-Cultured, High-Cultured and appreciative thereof and therein as well. Well as

being well-travelled as a Class, One of the most Educated also. Also distinguished

Foreigners per se in the Lands so travelled, described oft as such.


Very Early Versions of this Tale gave the Total Number of the Entourage

that visited YEHOSHUA bar Joseph… as 12.!.?.


The Term most referred to when discussing their Beliefs is that of a

“…Wise God…”


The Zoroastrian Priest-hood.

Sacred Class of the Medes.

High-Priest… The Chief Magus;


RAB-MAG so nomened therein. Within


Star Searchers… Seeking…


The Elixirs For Life…

the Annals of Science, Medicines and Health Studies. Frankincense

besides it’s invigorating and heady Aromas, is great for the Skin. Skin


so forth. Forth


rightly too Our World Legends do say that OMAN the Oldest

Known Source thereof. Frankincense has been cultivated, harvested

for many many Centuries. Mainly off the Two Type BOSWELLIA

Trees (…carteri, sacra…) A White Milky Sap extracted, hardened


and scraped. Generally, Oil is usually Yellowy-Green in Color with a

Woody, Earthy Spice Aroma. Several Colored Varieties known


Frankincense… Nuggets thereof.


as well. Well as a Clear/Transparent Type usually reserved

for the Royal Household. Households in Egypt. Of Yore

also powdered F. as an Eye-Liner Additive for the Womenfolk.

Anti-infectant, -septic qualities.


Easily adapted for adding to OILS, PERFUMES, SOAPS and so on. On


Internal and external uses.


Beneficial for several DIS EASE Conditions of the Kidneys, Skeletal Structure,

Immune, Digestive Urinary Systems and the COLD/FLU type Issues. Issues


Elixir Creation…


surrounding the Ancient Ceremonies invoke too, a lot of Myrrh. Myrrh

is that Science so nomened; Commiphora myrrha.


Far-East, Mid-East, Ayurvedic, Chinese, Berbers, India, Europe, Africa

and more. Regions and Cultural uses and usages abound arounds.


Wound Healing, Digestion, Female Issues, Immune Enhancer/Supporter,

anti-bacterial,-viral, -septic, -inflammatory and mores. More oft now in


Mod Mouth-Washes, Toothpaste and so forth. Forth


Myrrh… the merrier… Nuggety chunks thereof.


Crowning Celebrations…

So summing Ups the Magic of these Magi Trio.

Gold, Frankincense and Myrrh.


Maternal Healers, Mid-Wife Mentors, Bill Payers. Extra

ordinaire. In deed indeed.


A Triple Treat. Natural Hits.

Were so brought.


Alongs and around. In deed.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.


Indeed, feel more than free to expose. Herein.

How You Treat YOUR Ways

of those Holy Days Holidays.


How… You Treat… Your Self. What Ways.?.

In these and On those. So crowned and


Special Days.

Treat thyself in deed.


Do Share. Herein. Your Ways.



Our World Legends.

Be One.


Stay Golden, Frank and with Mirth…

Triple Treat Yourself. Others… well as.


Live Your Dreams. Then.

Now. Also.



Next… Our World Legends jumps on and into The

Stillness. I See.



Please Feel Free and If So Inclined To Contact/Comment:..

i, Shiro that is.

With Any Thoughts, Hints, Tips and Dreams.

If A Particular Legendary Theme or Our World Legends. Is A Desire.


To Be So Writ. Herein.



Till next…



Musashi gets a Lesson. Woodenly.
In Our World. Legends of Miyamoto Musashi The Master Swordsman who woodenly Learnt… the Lessons Of Wood. Wood Over Steel. His.


The Kangaroo. Storm-Chaser. Symbol of the Unknown.

The Kangaroo in Our World. Legends surround this Ancient Creature on an Olden Continent. Australia. That is. Is that Land Down Under with the many Wonders. So and so forth. Sally forth with i, Shiro as He jumps from Times and Places back to that First. First Times the Kanga did so Land. Here. Back then… In THAT Stormy Weather…


The Kangaroo is both Symbol and Emblem in Our World. Legends

of an Australian Icon, on Our Coat of Arms. Of Australia. That is. Is that

Place, so of the Birth Place of i, Shiro. As well. Well as being

a Mammal, the Female Kangaroo comes equipped with an in-built

Infant Carry-Bag. The Pouch. For Joey…

All and Sexed Young, both named same. Those

lil’ Ones, so called that is. The Joey’s.


Which Btw’s… Joey’s Mum can so tweak Her Carry-Bag.

Therein. A lil’.

To suit. Her. Needs, Moods, Prevailing Environ Conditions.


The Big Red.

Oft called.

The Largest Marsupial known hereof. Our World.

Legends attribute such too. To

The Red Kangaroo Btw’s… which, Sciences has so nomened:


MACROPUS RUFUS… of The Macropodidae Family.

Image. As Belows.



Has alongs with Other similar Types,

long stormed and spread itself arounds the Aussie Continent, far

and wide. That it is.


At speed, an Adult can vault some 9-10 mtrs lengthwise each

bound. Step. Hop etc…


Also some 3 mtrs High. As well. Well as such incredible



(Music Link)


Far and Wides feats they Hop, Jumps and so on, sally forth

with their large Feets. Forthrightly really and well. Thus and so.


The Rear Feet are powerful in deed, with the Kangaroo able

to fight, kick and even disembowel.


Living in, inhabiting a Large Place and Landscape with many facets of

Nature. A Nature that

oft Show cases, epitomises the Seasons. Extremes.


A Continent, a Country…

…Of approx. the same Large-ness as…


Size of Continental (Nth) America.

As Belows. Imaged. Herein.




Australia… Sized Ups…



A Creature synonymous with Our Land Down Under.



Yet and still

The Kangaroo.


Symbol of the Unknown…

is what Our World Legends do so and say. As Belows. Herein.


The meaning of the Aboriginal Term… KANGAROO… is…

I don’t Know… Literally. Unknown… is this Creatures Name.

The Main Issue is that THERE ARE also literally several

Hundreds of Aboriginal

Type Languages and Dialects. Never and




as many who so Politicise, Monetise and Massage the Subject try to

pretend. Others-wise.


Saying… Kangaroo… simply means… i, Shiro have no idea. About that.

Name. Which means… this and thus, the same. Don’t Know. That.



Somewhere and somewhen. It seems.


Various Aboriginal Tribes developed a Range of Weaponry to suit

their Olden Hunting Style. Including this valuable Food Source. Tracking

spoor/prints and at Waterholes, the Hunting Techniques refined to suit.

Cooked over a Fire, supplying Survival/Nutrients.


Main Weaponry: Spear, Woomera, Club.


There are 4 Types/Species:

Red, Eastern Grey, Western Grey and Antilopine.

A Community Creature, living in Groups.


An Island off the Coast of South Australia…

where i, Shiro does so live. Now.

Has been named in dedication.

Kangaroo Island.


This via British Explorer Matthew Flinders on His Ship

The Investigator on account of the large numbers

of Western Grays on the Island. The French Explorer

Nicholas Baudin

soon thereafter mapped much of the Island.


For those with an interest;

The Aboriginal Tribes associated referred to this place

as the Island of the Dead. Karta so nomened.



The most likely Modern meaning/usage appears… GANGURRU

derived vis The Botanist, Sir Joseph Banks scribings of the

GUUGU YIMIDHIRR Tribal Language who used this Word/Term

when referring

to the Grey Kangaroo circa 1770 ish.


The Female Red has some unique Inner Buttons. Feminine wiles

and Ways. That can be so pressed. Pressing

needs for Water, Survival at-large Conditions in- and un-favourable.

Pressed Off. The Reproductive Cycle.


Has a Double Egg Type Capacity also. Also Inner Conditions

prevail so that

One can Grow, Mature.


Whilst The Other pressed Off, put on Hold. Embryo-ed, on ice,

per se. For a while. Till

the Other Elder One grows Ups. Mores. To

and on, then

follow Ups with…

A Pouch… of Goodness…

Tea for Two…too.

That is. Then Pressed On again. When That One. All

Done as well. Well as



ensuring Species Continuation by allowing Birth every Month or so

for those so

favoured Seasons. Seasons progressions means TWO too. Two


Joey’s… at differing Development Stages can still and so feed. Off

the One and same, Mum. Mum, in cases of this and that

Siblings only lil’ aparts… can change Her Feeding Recipes. To

suit TWO too. As required, needed. Pressed.


One Teat supplies heavy, rich, nutrient dense for the Elder…

Other adjacent will supply the Basic Baby Formula.

Teats… of a different Kind. Two.


Teats and Treats. For two. Joey’s. At Once. From One.


Joey’s do and so Feed off Mum for quite some

Times and Places, oft outgrowing the

Pouch First. One



of Our World Legends. An Early One from an Ancient Peoples,

tells Tales of long ago Ages, of a World recovering from those


epoch making Times and Events. Of Yore that is. Is that

What Was…


Storming In… along with that.?. So


Stormy Weathery Winds.?. Here goes…




Ancient Aboriginal Legends from the Dreamtimes and Places

retell Tales of this bounding Beast. The First. As Belows and

Herein. The Ode of, on and in Australia:


 The Arrival. The First Kangaroo.


At a Time Long Ago.

When an Age Was Done.

Times and Places. Of Yore.

A Dream-Time Was Run.


As The World Turned. Anew.


Even More.

Our World. Our New Sun.


When Lands Did So Break,

Reform. So Grow.

A New Creature, Did Man,

So Begins To Know.


When Mother Earth. Her Natures

Did So Then Cry.

Winds, Storms, Earthquake.

Mountains, Thrust High.


A Hunting Party, Seeking Refuge.

In a Sheltering Cave.

Watching On By, This Spectacle.

Mother Earth, So Gave.


Watching On By,

As The Wind Uproots Trees.

Blasts From The Wind.

Bringing In Such a Breeze.


As If On Wings,

These New and Hopping Creatures, So Flew.

The First. Hopping Creature, Small Head,

Large Tailed,.. The Kangaroo.


On Lands, Waters,

Long Far and Wide.

Mother Nature, Mother Earth.

All Creatures to Thrive.


The Kangaroo. The First.

Has… Arrived.



(…Above… The Arrival. The First Kangaroo.

Adapted by i, Shiro + co. from that collected/compiled by

Ainslie Roberts/Charles P. Mountford

in their Book… ” The Dreamtime…” Pgs18/19…

and Tales Told over a Camp-Fire.)


Slide-Show: Kanga Kapers.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.


Plate Hopping…


Putting aside National Symbolism, Identity, Veganism…

Kangaroo Meat is top quality with many Nutrients therein.


Nutrient dense, lightly fatted, rich, slightly dark Meat.

Salami a favored mix and combines well with such Herbs, Spices.

Cooks well, easy.


Over use not recommended,

a Balanced Diet. Best Approach.


Ship Wrecking…


The aforementioned Kangaroo Island in Our World.


Legends of Maritime Exploration and Disasters too.

Numerous Ships have been wrecked in their approaches

to this Place. Modern Records do so… record. Such as:


Apr 1899;.. The Loch Sloy off Maupertuis Bay.

Sept 1905;.. The Loch Vennachar off West Bay.

Mar 1935;.. The Portland Maru off Cape Torrens.



The First Lighthouse of South Australia was on

Kangaroo Islands Cape Willoughby in 1852.

A Population of some 4-5,000 still reside. There.


A mainly Agricultural Economy though both Sheep and Cattle

also roam. Tourism, Fishing, a Distillery for the

renowned Eucalyptus Oil, Wines and Honey

the main forms. Thereon.


Several Wilderness, Conservation Park Areas, Walking Trails,

Caves, Hills, all with associated scenery

and Wild-life. A balance of wild beauty.

Land and Seas.


Including Sea-Lions, Penguins, Aquatic and Bird-Life,

Bats, Frogs, Wallabies, Possums, Platypus,

Koalas, Reptiles and


The Kangaroos.



Feel more than free to freely balance those Tales. Tall and True.

When and Wheres You so crossed Paths with Nature’s.?.

or Natures… got cross with Your uppity Waysward Path.?.

Wheres and by;..


…Creatures so Wild, Hoppy. Happy were You to be.?.

Or not… as that case so states.?.


Please so do and Share. Those Tales. Herein. Of Tails and Toil.

Of those Wild and Free. Beasties. That spoil.?.

Your Call.?.


Your Ways, Your Days,

in deed. Herein.




Our World Legends.

Be One.


Hop to it.

Well and Done.



Next… Time For;.. A

HolyDay Themed:

Wise Up. Ways of The 3 Magi. Men Frank, Golden Mirth.



Please Feel Free and If So Inclined To Contact/Comment:..

i, Shiro that is.

With Any Thoughts, Hints, Tips and Dreams.

If A Particular Legendary Theme or Our World Legends. Is A Desire.


To Be So Writ. Herein.



Till next…