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Shuriken, Spike and Projectile. Throwing up…

Throwing Weapons is an Ancient Art. Stone cold Truths and Our World Legends say this started with… stones… hot or cold isn’t mentioned actually. Soon enough… other stuff was being tossed… all over the World. In Japan… long ago it seems… this became an Art of War… a Martial Art. Herein. Some specialist tossing utensils. The long and short,.. star and other potent projectiles… too. Slide-show, Toss Intel… and other such… sharp pointed stuff.


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Ninja Instructors oft… throw up.

Their Weapons.


Any direction… actually.

This a lesson i, Shiro learnt early in my training.

One aspect that even such as Hollyweed got right.


Besides how hard Training can be… that is.


After Sticks came Stones… so Our World Legends say.

…The rest… is History. For,..

…other items… soon were tossed… too.


In Japan… a lil’ while back in History and Herstory.


Samurai, Ninja, Priests,.. the general Public… as well.


These Weapons tended to be…

Shuriken, Spike and Projectile.

Throwing up…

… or in any direction and getting the Target though,..

…is quite hard work indeed.


Training Time and Tips it seems herein.


QUITE A MOUTHFUL… MOVIE MAYHEM STYLE. gifcredit/thanks:youtube/4gifs

Heads Up…

First Up…

…Safety First.


Paramount in any Training session is Safety.

Yours and Others.

The Weaponry discussed herein can injure, maim and kill.


Designed to cut into and penetrate skin, tissue and muscle.

Thrown or held in hand for Combat.


These are not playthings.


As with any such… maintain your Respect.


Live Weaponry is the wielder’s responsibility.

Follow Instructions and Protocols.

Train Safely.



(…As an 😉 aside here: Know where the Dojo First Aid Kit is.

…Also;.. make or buy a small Basic one…

…keep with/in your Training Bag…

…along with some Freeze Spray and Heat Ointment.)


A Typical Training Target.


Shinobi SHURIKEN Selection… photocredit/thanks:pinterest


Hold Up…

…Check Up.


Maintenance and Care of your Training Weaponry essential for longevity and Safety.

Keep the sharp Tips tip-top sharp… minimises bounce off/ricochet.


This means;..

Gentle pressure on a Fine Grade Sharpening Stone.

Remove minimal steel when honing.

Keep rust/chemical-free, oil as req’d.

Pad and Pack appropriately noting above.


Basic Leather Pouch,.. or Cloth Roll.

Other ideas are the old style Floppy Disk Ten Pack Containers or small Wooden Boxes.


There are many shapes and sizes as shown in the pics above and below.

Some specialised types come with various coatings applied.

Slightly differing in flight characteristics, purposes and so forth.


Cost… too.


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Throw Up…

…thy hands…for;..

a Shiro… decisive and…

…incisive Ninja and Kunoichi Cost-Cutting…



Sharp as indeed,.. in deed and in fact… too.

A cheaper and easy to make alternative for the Spike Type.


Is to… grab a stack of the large wood squareish ChopSticks;..

…sort and keep all the un-lacquered ones.

Trim length slightly… Sharpen one end;..

…Soak in Oil… to add weight etc.



Once suitably oiled and weighted down… toss…

…up or anywhere,..on Target;..

…to your heart’s and wallets… content… and relief as well.


The above procedure will produce a lighter Spike that flies fairly true.

Great for projectile practice.

Getting the Arm and Body motions to flow smoothly.


Once mastered, the transition to the Real Thing much simpler as the extra weight easily adjusted to.


This can then be applied to ANY OBJECT per se,..

…that you may wish to toss… away.

Way toward the Target… that is.


Tis Time… for tossing.

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Who’s Up.?.

Name calling is also an Art.


Here’s a Glossary Type for personal perusal.



Shuriken : 手裏剣 Throwing Star/Palm Blade.

Shaken 車剣 Wheel type.

Kurumaken : above alternative name.


Bō Shuriken 棒手裏剣 Stick/Spike type.

Hira Shuriken 平手裏剣 Flat type.


Biao : Pin type.

Harigata : Needle type.

Higuruma  : Fuse, Oil and Gunpowder type.

Hokogata : Spear type.

Kugigata : Nail type.

Kankyuto : Piercing type.

Kogata : Utility Knife type.

Kozuka : Small knife kept in Sword Scabbard.

Kunaigata : Farming Tool type.

Matsubatagata : Pine Needle type.

Senban : Lathe Plate/Blade type.

Tantogata : Knife type.

Teppan : Metal/Iron Plate type.

Tetsumari : Ball shaped spiky type.

Uchibari : Large Needle type.


Shurikenjutsu :  手裏剣術


Modern Tech. has updated this Weapons approach-

…with the not so humble Gunnery type.

Which toss out a lot.


Ways too many… to catch… too.


Full on Tossers indeed,.. in deed and in fact…



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What’s Up…

… with the Law.?. you may ask spikily… now.


These Weapon Forms have oft been banned in times and places.

Their hidden nature per se… objected to.

Tactical advantage… lawfully disadvantaged.


Check your Local Area for applicable,..

…prior to you tossing yours… around.


These and the nature of the surprise and stealth aspects have induced many Schools over the years to go underground per se. Thus the large variety of Type and Training. This was simply added to the Training Menu of the School concerned… usually as Supplementary to their main focus.

Generally included in the olden Martial (…war…) Systems referred to as the Bugei or Sogo-bugei.

Of which… there were/are many… also.

Quite a few Historical Schools specialising in this Weapon Form over the years… as well.


Throwing Techniques termed : Dakenjutsu

Combat Techniques termed : Shokenjutsu


Tetsumari type. photocredit/thanks:ninjaencyclopedia

Heads Up… again,..

For safety and minimising ricochet rampage,..

…Targets… are Not Hard Wood… at all.


Old bamboo Tatami Mats… ideal… though lil’ messy.

Stacked/Tied Thickish Packs of Layers of Cardboard… also messy.

Rubber/Carpet matting of suitable thickness (…app. 20mm…)

… ideal… not so messy… too.


Not as thick as some though… cos;..

…remember the bounce… off,..


…coming yours or others Ways.


OLDEN SHURIKEN TYPES… photocredit/thanks:thepinsta

Catch Up…

…on Chuck Ups.


Throwing the Shuriken is technically simple.


You don’t.

Throw… at all… that is.


The action is much more akin to that of the Fishing Rod/Pole.





The lighter than a Ball weight per se… and the intent…

…totally different.

Throwing your balls… so to speak that normal Ways…

…means lil’ attention given to spin and tumbling of the ball concerned.


Herein… we want… none of that.

No rough n tumble indeed it seems,..

…in deed and in fact… too.


Herein… Directed Release… the better terms.


Even an Alien… Shuriken User it seems. gifcredit/thanks:youtube/giphy


The Basics… of…

Throwing Up…

… and other directions… as well.


With the Spike Type:

Throwing with the Arm and Hands is usually made in a circular fashion.

Freely… loosely.

This can generate in an appropriately weighted object… great speed.

Also imparts rotation.


Throwing  Spike Shuriken + co. correctly simply involves the control of that.

Of Object Velocity and Rotational Speed.

A Directed Release therefore thereof.


Cup your hand slightly.

The bump or ridge that forms at the base of your thumb.

Tis where the Stick/Spike ones… butt end… sits.

Resting and lying comfortably ‘tween first and second fingers.

The sharp end peeks out behind fingertips.


The Thumb comes across to support… lightly.


Snug in thy Palm. Like so. photocredit/thanks:yamatobudogu


As the throw is made:

The palm placement pushes/presses against the Spike whilst/as the moving Arm flexes up n then down and wrist snapped etc.


Ensures a flat trajectory… tossed fast… basically.

Over the short to mid range.


From any position and in any direction is also practiced.

Once understood,..

…the Basics are added to with varying grips and other throwing implements/tools/weapons.


For example:

The Star Type involves different Grip Methods that are more pistol like/pinch grip- slightly behind the point area,.. whereby the finger and wrist aid in applying max. rotation also.

Flicks and timed Wrist Snaps work… hand in hand to…

…cover distance and generate power.


(Video Link)


SHINOBI SUPASTARS… photocredit/thanks:pinterest


Spiking… your Punch.

Modern Versions include Keys, Rulers, Pens, Small Torches, Tools etc.

Shokenjutsu… The Hand-Held Techniques.


Spikes + co. add steel to your defence capabilities.

Attacks… too.

Small, hidden… and pointedly surprising.


Maybe not quite up to Wolverine’s.

Useful nonetheless indeed.


Usually simply held in the hand they can aid Blocking Oppo and/or Weaponry.

Adds impact effectiveness to most of your Actions.

Punch, Pressure Points, Trap Aid, Twist/Leverage Device, Bony/Light Armored areas present no issue etc.

Differing Grips to suit.


Lightweight and easy to maneuver.

Variations usually socially acceptable and readily available items/objects.


The Tool/Object usually kept hidden as best can to maximise effectiveness.

The… won’t know what hit ’em… attitude/approach.


Several of the Basic Throw Movements…L-R: Overarm/Sidearm/Backhand photocredit/thanks:tortueman


Up… and at ’em…

The movements and throw positions herein discussed are generalised.

Actual positioning is dependent on many Combat Factors.

Forms and Style vary accordingly.

Consult your Instructor for particulars.


Whilst Training can not cover every possibility;

Once the Basic Motion understood and your Targeting…

…is in the main… right on target.


Add the number in your hand for consecutive or multiple throw(s).

Then add a fake-out movement… or a distraction/intimidation/warning… at a close object to attacker.

Double/both hand throw(s).

Whilst Falling and/or Rolling.


(…Learn… to avoid them… too…)


Practice throwing from any and every position you can achieve or get into.

Seated, Flat on floor, Standing, Kneeling, Walking, Running and so forth and so on.


Till You…

Ends Up…

Hands Up…

…emptied out…

… and have run out of tossable things.


Have fun… throwing up… ALL OVER.



Just pick the right… Target.


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Show Up… Time:

Slide-show… Up… that is.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.



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O… Kunoichi of the Wayward Wavy Hairstuff… Can’t seem to do a thing with it.?. The Legends. Herein. Uncut.


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SAMURAI Sword OF JAPAN,.. 刀 KATANA 武士/武家 . Click aways image thereon to see Shiro’s Slide-show of 25 Legendary Swords. Herein. photocredit/thanks:pinterest


Shiro will now… Shut Up… too.


Our World Legends.

Be One.


Till next…


Bujinkan Ninpo Fundamentals. An Introduction.

Sensing future changes… the recent BUJINKAN NINPO SOKE consolidated their Teachings. Becoming Heirs to not one,.. but 9 Martial Ways or Traditions impelled such an option. As peace reigns… Martialness… wanes. Student numbers and quality changes, Modern Laws,.. Societal changes too ALL require adaptation. So too any LIVING ART… Martial or otherwise. Shiro herein looks at several of the chosen concepts in a small series of posts. photocredit/thanks:pinterest



To begin: I am not a current Instructor;..

(… though graded/licensed to be…1996-Asst. Instr. Shidoshi-ho… currently Shidoshi…):

…I am a long-time Student of the Martial Arts (…incl. NINPO…1984-), a Researcher and Writer.


Any and All Concepts discussed herein are from that Viewpoint.

My simple understanding and so forth.


These Concepts (… AND how they relate to YOU…) are best explained by YOUR Sensei… or Soke preferably. These are the ones who can JUDGE the presentation and advice etc based on your current needs. The overview herein is taken from my Journals, experience and current mood AND is presented as such.

Just an Overview.


Am aware that there are several Versions/Editions of these Concepts and will endeavor to cover the Majority.


Herein an Introduction to the Terms and Concepts.

EACH will then (…soonish…) be further examined in a separate dedicated post.



Shiro’s take on the;..





… to the MIND… of Shiro… on the Terms and Concepts of NINPO.


KAMAE… Movement… And Forms. photocredit/thanks:pinterest



Within Traditional ARTS OF WAR and combat oriented MARTIAL WAYS and such as the TRADITIONS of Japan; there are Concepts, Philosophies and Terms, Scrolls, Denshō and so on. These give meaning to,… helping to define and clarify that ART and/or Way.

An Idea, Concept, Guide,.. oft… an overview.

Usually of Two kinds,.. though sometimes three. Physical-Mental-Divine.


These each represent an APPROACH/METHOD of Ways of doing…

thus to apply to where needed and so forth.


These also carry through and beyond a single generation of practitioners and are oft generated by somewhat important figures of that Tradition and ultimately bestowed akin to a LEGACY.

These Basic Practices and Approaches were oft considered integral and very necessary in the formulation of understanding of the Tradition.


These i term… THE FUNDAMENTALs.

3 Levels.








As One spends more Time and Experience gaining… …MARTIAL-NESS… the MEANING itself of these Concepts + co.,.. Changes and Adapts too… oft involving a Deeper or Revelatory type understanding of Inner meaning and Intent/Purpose.




E.g. WHEN YOU ARE STUCK… on any level…

…time to revisit… the Fundamentals, the BASICS…)


Perhaps summed well by a LEGENDARY Practitioner:


… In the beginning, as one knows nothing, one does not doubt anything. After having entered the study of combat, various things occupy the spirit; one is obstructed by it and all becomes difficult. Then, as soon as one does not wonder anymore about what one learns, the idea of rules does not have any more impact.

Thus, one does not stick to them anymore to exert the techniques in the various ways.

They emanate from oneself and are then naturally in true harmony with the rules. It is necessary to follow the way of combat, but one must understand this well. To involve oneself by learning the beginning weapon techniques, and all the rules, postures of the body, manners of perceiving, is to deploy the intellect.

When one has gained control, these many rules disappear from the intellectual consciousness. Without conscious reflection, one finally reaches the heart of things. After having assimilated many rules, the merits of this approach accumulate. They reside within the legs, the arms, and the body.

They no longer linger in the spirit. One moves away from the rules, but one conforms to them.

In all circumstances, the techniques become spontaneous. Alone, thought does not stick to anything at this point and, thus, not even demons can disturb one’s being. It is to reach this stage that one practices. When the rules have been assimilated, they disappear…“.

柳生 宗矩


Japan, 1571–1646.


On with the Intel Shiro…






Combat oriented ARTS such as NINPO use representations of how to best survive.

From our viewpoint herein these refer to our SCROLLS, DENSHŌ and KATA (click).

These each delineate… APPROACHES, METHODS and WAYS which remind the Student of the HOPEFULLY, best workable ideas to safeguard Oneself from… non-Survival.

These may involve Movements, Weapons or Mind-sets. Intended to minimise harm and very likely generate strategic advantages for the user. Usually based on MIND, physiology, body movements and physics, leverage and body positions and so forth.


A Foundational System or Base perhaps the best definition.


















Vis Current Soke of the Bujinkan. photocredit/thanks:picturequotes


  • 天地人略の巻
  • The Scrolls of Heaven, Earth and Man.
  • Shiro’s Library BUJINKAN HOMBU Version… 1990-… presented at a grading session.


  • 基本八法型
  • The Eight Basic Ways.
  • Basic Kamae, Strikes, Grapples.
  • Opponent assisted KATA/GATA.
  • (click).
  • Variation: Chuuto Hanpa, Weaponry.


  • The Eight Basic Ways… Incompletely Completed.
  • Opponent assisted KATA/GATA.
  • Variation: Henka, Weaponry.


  • 三心の型
  • The Basic Movements KATA/GATA.
  • (click).
  • Initially/Predominantly Solo.
  • Variation: Opponent/Weaponry.


  • 体術
  • Predominantly Unarmed Combat Techniques.
  • (click).
  • Variation: Taihenjutsu, Weaponry.


  • 体変術
  • Predominantly Unarmed Ukemi, vs Sword/Weaponry.
  • (click).
  • Variation: Henka, Weaponry.


  • (click)
  • MIND.
  • As is.


Vis a Previous Soke. photocredit:bujinkanweapons


Coming next in this Series… soonish;..(click)





Till next…



Letting The Ladies Do Lullaby’s…

LETTING THE LADIES DO LULLABY’s… MUSIC and SONG have long held an esteemed place in our history. The Health and Mind benefits oft.positive and uplifting. Letting the Ladies do Lullaby’s is SHIRO’s choice… 21 of them.




Letting the Ladies do Lullaby’s


is SHIRO’s choice…

21 of them.




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(Music Link)



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Simply NJOY.


Till next…