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Encyclopedia Enigma : Intel Bytes #7

Certain Condiments go with many Times and Places in Our World. Legends from the U.S. Ol’ West and a New from the Far East too. To a combo hot and sweet that tastes o so divinely right. A Town left high handed as the Banks Safes. Are Safe. Safety First from Vagabonds and Law Enforcers. Chilli. Chocolate. Best of Both. Herein. The Fiery Treats of Sweets. Intel Bytes #7. Chilli Chocolate, Safe Streets, Sweets on Fire.


Whilst well within Jesse of the James haunting gunnery, stomping range and grounds

there once was a Town. A Town with an Enigma. One. Once. Within. A Town that never

once. Never once too. To have suffered this and that so cow-boyish

defeating ignominy of that bank-telling. Most

haunting, plaintive of captivating cries and catch-phrases…

so then;


” …Stick ‘ em Up…”.


Never Once. To hear that red hot spray of that Jesse’s. Peppery, Gun Play.

Never Once. To burn bridges. To keep that, hot under the collar,

trigger-happy Jesse. Far Aways. Either. Neither.





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All this and that and thus due. To that fiercely warm and protective goodness

marshalling. Red Hot.

Chilli. Peppers. Cayennes.


All nomens above can apply. Herein. In Our World. Legends so and tell


The Chilli.

Such peppery Treats do mix well. Within.


The Chocolate.

Symbiotic in character. Nature as well. Well as

now becoming

Encyclopedia Enigma :

Intel Bytes #9

where and by, ’twas and so, that the Power of the Chilli. Chilli

Dish that was and so.


Jesse James. 1864.


J.J’s Fave


In Our World. Legends so and say that this and that Town. Town

so with a nomen thus, Mckinney, of Texas, U.S. of that A.



Had Chilli so refined, so fine

to the Palate tasted thereof. Therein as well. Chill. Hot. But Yum as well. Well as

the Township of Mckinney having full coffers with safe Safes, Their Plates

licked empty and clean. Clean as in deed.


Chilli Divine of Mckinney. According to. Jesse. James thereof. Therein. Texas. Of

Yore. A lil’. Back then.

So no raiding parties planned. For Hims. On dems. Chowing down on Chilli Dish after Chilli

Dish, His J.J. Stomach, fatter gorged not gouged than the Wallets and Towns Banks


Full Coffers. Empty Dishes. Preferred He.

Sgt.Pepper… the New Sheriff. In that there ol’ Town. Back a ways. Back then.


So sayeth J.J.



Mckinney nomened thereof.


Even to such a J.J. ‘ish Cow-boy-Man.

His moneyed anger allways. Reined

in. Chilli, heated natural power packed flavour. A Favored Dish. Back and then. Then,


when, now

Chilli Chocolate,

Safe Streets, Sweets on Fire

seems a more so and thus refined Recipe. Defined also. Also defined

within Our World. Legends of Health and Sciences do indicate. That


The Health Benefits of Chocolate increase the less Sugar sweetened and more Darker

Ones Palate can handle.

Whilst the History of Spices and such Trade/Slavery Companies and Wars bring

a definitive bad taste , Nature


has provided the opposite. With additions of such as Honey, Stevia, Apples, Vanilla. Results

are impressive. Tasty as well. Well as providing Nutrients, Mood enhancing

Chemicals, Cough suppression, Anti-oxidants, Minerals and Aids in

protecting the Skin against Sun damage. Immune Booster also. Also



packed with Healthy Fats, symbiotic and synergic in flavor with a lil

laid back Chilli Heat. Just a lil’. That is in deed. Indeed


so recognised within Law Enforcers of other Times and Places. Places

and Times. Now. Actually. China therein. Now. That is. Not back. Then


and with increasing and heatedly rising awareness. Of Chilli Powers that is. Is that

these o so keen Law Enforcers are hot on the trail of keeping those nodding, snoozing,


losing control of wakefulness. Drivers. To so and consume. The

Power of the Chilli. Keeps



Everyones awake. Looking for that Ice-berg probably.


(…Looking Lookers… Btws for those Looking still. Still or moving those yearnings. For

so and say chilled yet unchillied choco of the Dark… Go. Heres. Now. To

and onwards that sweetly and fruitily linked light…) Meanwhiles. Now the


Chinese Authorities are taking advantage of Sciences probe into the Powers that be. Chilli

Within. Became aware that temperate consumption of Chillis aids alertness, reactions and state

of wakefulness as well. As well as being fricken. Hot. So are now passing

out hot ticketsTipped,


Green, Red, Fire-bombs tasting Chillis. For



public consumption, Safety and Health. How cool is that.?. Well…

apart from the fricken Chilli Heat anyways. That is. Is that of




The Mother Of All. Our World Legends. Hallowed.



Our World Legends. Be One.

Stay Cool. Chilli within. Chilled Out.



Please Feel Free and If So Inclined To Contact/Comment:..

i, Shiro that is.

With Any Thoughts, Hints, Tips and Dreams.

If A Particular Legendary Theme or Our World Legends. Is A Desire.


To Be So Writ. Herein.


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Encyclopedia Enigma : Intel Bytes #6

Flowers have long been Symbolic. Symbols of many Cultures, Times and Places. Of Yore. In Ancient Egypt there is One Flower that stands out. One Flower that is used in so many many Places and Times. Ways also. Also a Flower that Our World Legends from that Civilisation indicate it’s Place within the Creation and Origin Legends. A Flower with Ancient Power. Intel Bytes #6 Picked Fresh. Herein. Lily of the Valley. Nile Blue.


When Words are not quite enough to express what needs to be expressed. We have

a tendency to create Symbols. Symbols then represent a Concept, Theme, Subject and tend

to carry within much Emotional content. Ideas, Ideals, Beliefs can All be characterised with

such Meanings embedded. These in turn can be linked to relevant yet possibly very


different Concepts and Experiences. Symbols are thus oft used to convey deeper meanings

and highlight particular items of significance. On the many Levels of a Society or Culture.

Such with that of Ancient Egypt whose use of Symbols is Legend. Legends requiring

Encyclopedia Enigma :

Intel Bytes #6

to be shared. Herein.



Symbols tend to carry several Layers of Meanings and thus have become a ” Word

that signifies MORE than it’s literal or plain description/meaning.


The Natural Beauty of Flowers lends itself very well to such approaches.

A depth of meaning in the giving and receiving thereof in Our World. Legends

indicate a very long use within many Cultures, Modern and of Yore. Such too

with the

Lily of the Valley.

Nile. Blue.


Thoughts and feelings that are hard to describe in Words can be easier conveyed

and given expression. Thus becoming Symbols that touch Our Hearts and Minds.



Nefertum: Lord of Perfume, Grandson of Ra, Keeper of the Holy Lotus Blue.


Within and on many many of the Ancient Egyptian Temples, Reliefs, Tombs,

Monuments and Writings can be seen a Flower.

On Temple Pillars, Stoneworks, Thrones and Seats, Scrolls and even on Pharaohs

Ceremonial Headdress.


This Flower is the Blue Water Lily.

Science nomen thereof: Nymphaea nouchali var. caerula.


This Flower has Power from Nature.

High Power.


This Flower is a Hallucinogen.

Flower Power. High.



All in the nomen of Research…


Using Shamanic Journey Methods and Approaches. Approach the LilyBlue i, Shiro. Did.

For 3 Days. Fasted, Watery Simple Teas only. Chewed several Green Plant types,

Celery, Lettuce, Cucumber.


During this. Thee Lily Blue was sitting and bluing in a Cup Of Shamans Tea. A

basic Decoction. Australian Herbs symbiotic with Flower (Guides). Just sitting.

Incensed occasionally. The Lily has an inherent lilac type intense smell as well. Well as


Drums, Bare Earth walking on the Spine of Mother Earth. Represented by the Spiraling

Rainbow Serpent Path. Focus and Monotony searching for that Disassociative

Mind-State akin to the Hypnogogic. That State ‘tween Wake/Edge of Sleep.


The Lily Blue is stimulating, euphoric yet calming. Inner High. Quite Powerful in High

enough Doses. Similar inebriation Style to the Natural Philosophers Stone type.

The Magic Mushrooms.


PSILOCYBE Cubensis. Natural Philosophy. Stone. That is no. Stone.


The entry into the Inner Dimensions Of Mind akin to that of Amanita Muscaria

though less jolting by FAR. Appreciate why the Ancient Egyptians chose. Lily Blue. That is.

An All-rounder Tonic. Smooth.


Provides a full and sensual SENSORY surround to occur. Akin again, to the Natural

Philosophers Stone Psilocybe or DMT approach. Approached with Mind calm the switching

of the Mind States very enjoyable with lil’ nervousness, disjointedness. Smooth transitions.

Beautiful Visuals, Fractals, Colors, Shapes, Panoramas and so on.


Allows easy entry into these and those Dimensions. Of Our Inner Mind.

The Famed Rebirth of the Ancient and Natural Philosophies and Arts.

This so called ecstatic State. Lily Blue. Takes You there. With Care. Too. To


looking at and thru the Ancient Ancestors Egyptian Images, there can also be iD’d

MANDRAKE, POPPY. Amongst the Hieroglyphs and Offerings.

Nymphaea nouchali var. caerula, Mandraga Officinarum, Papaver Somniferum.

A Tea of Three. Divine Trio.


Nectar of the Gods. It seems. Seems in deed. Also.

A High… Culture.


The Blue Water Lily grows naturally along the Nile,

sections of the Indian subContinent,

Thailand, Eastern Africa and so on. On and arounds. Naturally.


A stunningly formed Flower, it’s Natural Beauty obvious.


As Belows. Image.



Nefertum, a Grandson of Ra is the God of concern. Herein. Egypt. Of Yore.

A Lord of Perfume, Cosmetics and Healing. With Flowers.


Whilst many Mainstream Approaches concentrate on the Great Ones. Such as Ra.

Versions of The Origin and Creation Legends of Egypt of Yore consistently incorporate


at the Begins.


Of Everything.


‘Twas and is He, who emerges with the Giant Lotus to thus and so Float. Float

alone. Alone

with a Flower. Flowers to which open, reveal. A Baby. Baby

Nefertum. That is. Within. In the midst of the Lotus.


From the Begins. Beginning



an Our World Legends in that and this manner. A BABY…

Born Anew…

of being ReBorne.


Of Life from Death From The Void;.. Cycles,

was and is a Variety of that fiery and mystical Phoenix. Returns from this and

those. Ashes.

Reborn. Anew… Each Day. Like Our World Sun. Does.


Times and Places Our World Legends Retold. Retelling of Studied


Shamanic Traditions and Healing are an oft overlooked Aspect of the Ancient

Egyptian Culture.


For several rather pensive reasons

Our World Modern cannot handle such Truths.



The use of Plants and in particular Psychoactive Plants is not One that Our World

Modern Society

has come to Terms. With.


The Control Mechanisms seem reluctant to let One Play with Ones Own Mind.

For Them thus and so. Control reverts to the Individual.


This of course makes sense for a Society and Culture as protection against misuse.

Thus the need and necessity of the Ancient Approach.


Via the Shamanic Traditions and Practices.


Which thus allow the Individual under somewhat controlled conditions to

see and mind. What

Ones Mind does see and do in response. To Learn, grow and assimilate. Such

Knowledge. Knowledge




such and that from


Noblewoman of Thebes, Luxor, a Priestess Chantress for Khonsu,

Moon-God 2700 B.C. approx.

was and is the First Mummy to undergo MASS SPECTROSCOPY:


No evidence of Painkillers.

Researchers found Phytosterols, Bioflavonoids, Phosphodiastrates…

All available from Lily Blue. (Schuster 2001)


Wine fortified with Nymphaea caerula Tincture. She bore.



Whilst such as the Healing Arts currently and historically have eased and aided Pain Relief,

Anesthesia with the judicious application of Narcotics derived from many of such

Plant-Life. This had not flowed on and into normal Life aspects. Controlled. Still.


The current inherent compassion to those weakened in Body or Mind lacks conviction.

A whole Genus of Plants whose qualities can enhance certain Qualities of Life ignored.

‘Cept of course when Profit over People. Reigns.


Ancient Egypt found Ways to incorporate both the Medical and Spiritual Aspects

of this Symbolic Flower.

The Lily. Blue.


A Symbolic Lesson.


Of Natural Beauty. Within Life. Itself.



A Symbol. Of those Times.

Of Yore.





Dragons. There Be. A Sword. A Poem.


Please Feel Free and If So Inclined To Contact/Comment:..

i, Shiro that is.

With Any Thoughts, Hints, Tips and Dreams.

If A Particular Legendary Theme or Our World Legends. Is A Desire.


To Be So Writ. Herein.


Till next…



Encyclopedia Enigma : Intel Bytes #5

Seeking and searching out Ancient Tech. in Our World. Legends of the Great Pyramid of Yore. Egypt. Told by Herodotus and more. More do tell of that which this Great One. Is. Hows as well. Well as explained without Pressure some Wet and Alchemically wild. Intel Bytes #5 Water worn. Water Works. Of Yore. Building a Pyramid.?. First Make a Moat.


The Mystery of the Great Pyramid Build is solved/understood/realised

by watching a Ship sail by.

Our Biggest and Strongest Mobile Crane can lift approx. 1200 tons. Impressive…

and so and thus stronger in Body than i, Shiro,..

yet. Yet so and still.


A suitable sized body of Water can ship and so float… Our Biggest and Heaviest … Boat.

Some… 646,000 Tons of Shipping. Monumental Mass. Shifted. Pressured, Upheld.

By Waters. ‘Tis Floats.


The same Forces that lift and float. Your this Ship and that Boat. Do the same to that Egyptian

Stone. Monument. The SAME. Forces that Float Boats, Ships and Stones as well. Well as. You too. To

thus and so. Solved. This and thus Great and Pyramidical

Encyclopedia Enigma :

Intel Bytes #5



does so and tells of Ancient Tech and clever Ancient Ancestors also. Also

if You of Imagination use and float back in Times and Places still. Till then.

Ancient Egypt of Yore. To so and see. See how to Stony Float. That so Great. Therein

Building a Pyramid.?.


Make a Moat.

Simply and so. So and says thus Herodotus. Herodotus the Greek who was not. Actually


Greek. Though born in then Persia. He thus so ALWAYS mentions

stuff we cant see. See… Now. That is. Is ‘cos when We see and are shown the Pyramids…

we see desert, sand, erosion, sand and more. Sand.

This and that Herodotus did and does. Not see. Sand. At Alls.


See, Back in His Times and Places He saw. Otherways and -wise in deed. Indeed, seen

many of His Works of wet ink Writ, The Pyramids are marvelled at. At and with. SURROUNDING them too. To

which Herodotus mentions did see that this structure of current ill-repute.



That goes

arounds. Thus abounds and so.







A Moat. Actually. Does so. Surround. The Pyramids and thus

Pyramidical… Boats that is that and those HUGE STONE BLOCKs. Per se. So

it can. Float. Thems. To the Tops. That is.


A Moat. To Float then ship. That Pyramidical. Boat. Stones. Actually.

To wherever. They may be. Needed. Ups and aways. To Build. That which has a nomen. Of

Great. Therein. Thereof and


further and more and even over and above that which is below, He also mentions such as

Pyramids of greatness and grace these were built IN Lakes…


of Water presumably. Not Sand. Sand


Natural Spin in Motion.


which. Water loving Lettuce may grow also. Also never this less explains the Whys

and Wherefores of the

Sphinx Erosions thereof. Anyways that goes down just like Water. With such Gravity. And

spiralling, toroiding, spinning ‘cos that Section of the Pyramid that twists and turns and

that which the Egyptologists understand not… Oft referred as a Well Shaft above Grotto


or such. Like, is simply a Drainer Hole that Forces Energy into the Waters so cyclonically

rushing on and by and down in a BERNOULLI TYPE MOTION NOW.. Like a Plug

Pulled. Out. Waters flows in. Down as well. A well. Which was then. Then

when it worked. Which could be told ‘cos Pyramid shone. Then. When Working. So these of Our



Legends also. Also insist like Herodotus does. Oft. That. Great Pyramids are sorta like Ice-bergs. In

that the Inners and Belows of the Triangle… contain the best bits. The Bits that did

ALLs the Works He was and is meant. To say. Writ. Actually. Of Yore. Also of


back then.


A Labyrinth also. As well. Herein.


Simply shiply and shapely and so these Largest of Our World Stones were floated

into their Places

thus and so. Wet. That is. Also Up.

The Pressure of Waters. Carrying that Loads. To the Tops. If needs be. Be


just like that theoretical. Boat. That also. Floats. Still. Or Moving. Actually.




Technical Intel Bytes.

Q. How did they get everything so Level.

A. Water, the Natural and great flow seeker of level-ness was their Spirit-Leveller.

Also quite cheap and available. Back then too.


Q. Was the Designer of the Pyramid Great.?.

A. In deed. Indeed. Take Your Pick. Or both. This and/or Belows.

A. An Hydrology Engineering Professor Alchemical Genius presume. POV. Herein.


Q. Describe the Workings if so can be. Done.?.

A. Yes, can be done now still. Still need lil’ help. But. Well… lotsa’. Waters too. To Actually.

But Yep.


Water seeks it’s own Level. Naturally so and thus.


Q. Hmm Ok… How did this greatness of Stone-Being Work.?.

A. Built by Float and such Methods. Then and in.

Built to such exacting tolerances cos’ of Pressure. Not Political or Social. Water

Pressure to be withstood. From Within. Withheld without and kept thus. Within.

Like a Pressure Cooker. Sealed in and up. Ram Pump Styled. A Pharaoh’s Pump. Therein.


Q. A Watery Volcanic Pump.!. Powered Hows and Wheres.?.

A. In addition to Water, Gravity, Whirlpool, further Pressure and Force applied vis a Chemical

and Elemental Reactions of Compression, Motion. Hot as. As hot as a


Fire in the Hole. Thus the nomen




This was fired and up in a quite small and quiet presume Room which was found in the1700’s

by an Explorer nomen Davidson. So named.

Lil’ more than an Masonry Opening. At the tippy Top of the Grand. Gallery.

Fired Up. Therein. Within. Pressured. Waters of Life. Do Flow. On.


Q. Go on about this Pressure biz.?.

A. Water Gravity fed vis the Inner and Lower Sections forced up vis Pressure and Reaction

then down vis other Ways and Sections.


Like can be done. By You. With a Low Dish of Water, Candle and Cover Bottle etc and so on.

Water Pressured Up. Then on, down and In. In such Reactions and Inners, Air is compressed

thus and so if channelled back adds more. Pressure. Thus why various Sections had





we go too. To then laterally connect so and with All these rushing and compounding Pressures

applied. To have earlier entered that called the Grotto. Grotto whereby thru’ that there hole

or tunnel or shaft so called so nicely cut and so drilled… Also by Water Pressure… presume.


Q. A Clever combo and mix of Ancient Tech. Then.?.

A. In deed. Indeed, this and that whirled and rushed Waters. Then. Goes on by and thru too. To

out of the Grand Gallery. Go. So

also do take note. Note this and that place Plateau such they left a



LARGE ROCKY HILL at the construction


centre point. A Well Shaft then driven Hill Ways thru to Belows

Grand Gallery to then so… join in. In and on to the so


nomened Descending Passage. Into that of a subterranean Pit. These Shafts

so and thus do go. All in Ways. Elementary Engineered.



Q. Water Pressure drives the Machine mechanisms and Tech. Then.?.

A. Tis’ right and so. Thus. Water poured down this Shaft… an L-shaped connection

to then Force the Air

Pressure to then and so

compress against the lowers… forcing Waters UP the Lower Diagonal and on. A

Stone door/Block Piece would so and then close… forcing Waters so compressed and pressured…

to RISE…


‘cos can’t go ANYWAYS ELSE. So on and then up to either Works or Build. Thus and so.

A Moat… Inner filled as  req’d.



Float those Super-sized Stone Boats and more. More

Elemental combo of Actions and Reactions applied.


My Dear Reader. Elementary Alchemical Ancient. Of Yore. That is. That is doin’ The

Works. To

that and those. Waters of Life.


Doin’ That and this Great WORK.

As per Gif. Belows. Was done. Back then.


In that Pyramid of Greatness. Now in Dry-docks



of Sandy Beaches and Shores. Ignorance. Of Our World.

Legends as well. Well as



A Feast of Emptiness.



Please Feel Free and If So Inclined To Contact/Comment:..

i, Shiro that is.

With Any Thoughts, Hints, Tips and Dreams.

If A Particular Legendary Theme or Our World Legends. Is A Desire.


To Be So Writ. Herein.



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