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Whales, Songs, Warm Ice Caves. Waters Super High-Way.

Whales, Songs, Glacial Caves, Volcanic Highways... Mores.
Living In Our World. Legends of Whale Song, Haunting Melodies, Uniquely Melancholic. Giant of Size in Our World Deep Blues. Seas, Oceans Alls contains. Volcanos. ThereUnder. The Waters. Waters Warmed Under Glacial Ice. Sea Caves, Mores too. To See The Ways Whale. The Whale Weighs. Heavy. On Minds, Scales. Slide-Show Seas. To See. As well.


The Long Term Benefits of Nature’s Volcanic Processes. Processing

Deep In, Under Our Waters, carries alongs a willing, wailing Passenger.

One of the Largest In Our World. Legends sung so,

of the Family Cetacea from and of Sciences of Seas, Oceans. Watery

so Concerned. Mari-Times, -Places and so forth. Forthrightly,



Whales, Songs,

Warm Ice Caves,

Waters Super High-Way

and Mores,…

surfaces in Mind. Minds of i,Shiro that is. That is


Alls Overs… Rounds, Wetly Abouts and In

Our World. Legends of These Sciences



so Tell of Active Volcanoes still. Still…

Being Active. There. Watery Depths, Deeps.

Whales as well. Well as


Whales, Dolphins and Porpoises so comprise the CETACEAN

Family of Species. Near the Tops of this and that,

The Food Chain

per se, very few Natural Predators-


though Man Tops that List.



Very Large generally, though Pygmy/Dwarf Varieties exist.

Air Breathing Mammals.

Warm-Blooded, Live Off-Spring, Milk Producing.

Nursing can last several Years.

6/13 Great Whale Species still listed as Endangered.


The Blue Whale can attain Lengths of nearly 30 mtrs.

180 Tons in Weight… = approx. 35 Mature Elephants.


A Mature Large Specied Whale’s… Tongue =…

… A Mature Adult Elephant’s Weight.



A Large Mature Species Whales… Heart =…

…Size of A Small Car. ThereAbouts.

The Heart’s Aorta of Size enough, for a Child…

…nomened Yu-Kiang, Natsilane, Paikea, Jonah… Or OthersWise…

To Crawl Thru’ too. To



However, Scaling Downs Naturally. With

The Pygmy/Dwarf Species Full Length approx. 2.5 mtrs+.

The Orca Whales… Btw’s… Are A Dolphin… Species.


Whales primarily Feeding on Plankton, Krill, Squid,

Fish, Crab, Octopus,

Shrimp and such Marine Creatures.

Nutrient Rich in the main.


Whale Bone/Horn Carving. Scrimshaw Style.



(Video Link)



The Whales… according to certain Experts… related to The

Land lovin’, bound. Large mouthed,

Hippo Family. Whales ”…are a sister group to Hippopotamids…”.


Hows and Evers;..

Whales Can Sing.

For Days.

Loud and Aloud.

Wailings aways Whales it seems. In Deed.

Large, largely Loudly as well. Well as


Days. NON-STOP.!?. Indeed,

Huge Lungs then too. To then



Becomes not only The Largest. LOUDEST

also. Also Sung in a deep, Low Frequency.

Solo or in Unison.


Benefiting by how Sound carries thru’

Waters. Whale Songs can be Heard… MILES AWAYS.

MilesHundreds Thereof. Therein such strength…


LOUDER THAN A JET. Full Bore. Overs 185+ Decibels

of Singings. So Sung. Wailed. Jets abouts 140. We

can only …Bear…


110 ish. Naturally


Large. Loud. Splashing Out.


Vulcan Spews. Wailing

Good News

for the Cetaceans in deed. Indeed

whilst we oft decry the Volcanic Response

for it’s random takings of Life We also appreciate

the influx of Nutrients later in Soils. Such


Anomalies of Nature are Alls. Part

of the Process, Processes in Our World. Legends

of Yore. Grecian, Roman. VULCAN

divinely endow the Nomen. Herein.



Maritime Research indicates:

Far beneath Glacial Ice, Waters therein lies Heat. Warmth

so generated by Our World Volcanism. Volcanoes Deep within

Waters, Earths Crust and so ons. Heat trapped, firstly



Steam Pockets. Lava then follows, flowings into the

Deep Waters…


This slideshow requires JavaScript.


Solidify. Hardens.

Tending to flow and follow prevalent Currents.

Creating Layers, Diverse Land/Sea -Scapes, Paths,

and mores. Over Times, Places,

forming long, connected… rich Lava Soil. Deep

Under Water


Chains of these Vulcans derived:

Lava sourced UnderWater “…SuperHighways… Per se. For such

and which as The Whales too. To


Sing Alongs Their Ways. Swimmingly.

Ways Deep.


These UnderWaters SeaMounts OutPourings;..

Mountain PathWays created within Deep and spacious,

warmer Waters can exist even under Ice Caves and other

Structures/Formations in the shallower Waters. Such


Temperature Differentials provide and

seem a Place Whales. Don’t Mind. To Go. Follow. In

deed. Indeed


Sea Mountains Range-csiro.
Sonar SeaMount Map. Near Tasmania, Australia. A Chain of Mounts Some 3 Miles Beneath. Deep.


Thus Warming Waters soon attract extra/anewed PhytoPlanktons

Activities below. Activity aboves Ground n Waters too. To

and with Life so under increasing. Increasingly

Cycles of Sea-Life will bloom. Then

attracting Birds-Lifes overs, as well. Well as The


Sea Mountains. Volcanic.

The Begins of such Cycles.


Eruptions that, filtered by Waters over

Times, Places will promote Life.

Linking, Forming Zones that attract.


Of Whales. Wailing. Still.





Slide-Show. Time,



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Conservation seems paramount if We In Our World

are to Live and Let Live. Our increasing presence presents

and oft demands unique chances to interact.

Species to Species.



Sensible enough to Realise… We Alls Must Eat.

Sensitive enough to Know… So Others. Need To.


Sensitivities, Sensibilities. Apply.

Life… is oft about Balancing.

Needs v Wants.



…i, Shiro,..


Alls… Need a Life.

A Balanced World… includes Others. Others


in Ways We can Learn and apply Knowledge too. To

Alls Our Lives.


Without Taking. All. Theirs.



Feel mores than Watery. To Share.




A Whale… of a Tale.

A Fav. Fishy tailTales. Tell.



Stories of Seas, Ocean Blues.

Wave Ridings, Beach Parties. Mores.?.

Ways and Means.

Oceans. Long and Wide.


Nature did Share. Sharing



Next… Herein. So Be: That and This. Those

9 Pant Crappers In Our World. Legends.


Please Feel Free and If So Inclined To Contact/Comment:..

i, Shiro that is.

With Any Thoughts, Hints, Tips and Dreams.

If A Particular Legendary Theme or Our World Legends. Is A Desire.


To Be So Writ. Herein.



Till next…


Vulcan. Where there’s Smoke, Fire, Ash… and Life.

Volcanoes. The name itself shudders. Current Environ conditions in several of Our World centers are constantly changing. Volcanic eruptions, Sky and Cloud Pollution, Earthquakes ensuing etc. Tidal concerns perhaps too. Our World Legends of Our Past… those of Vulcan are similar. Earth Elements galore, Molten Metals, Fire, Ice and Water. Herein. Hot as… background Music… as well.


(Music Link)


In the dark Inner recesses of Our Earth, Nature moves forthrightly.

Natural Forces… interact, provoke and prevail. Grow.

The soon visible shudders, stresses and strains of the Planet in Motion…

at work…

or play. Smoke.


Here and there… pinpricks of Light… flare, flame…

and grow as well. Fire.

A Fire Inside… the Earth.


Burning bright now.

Consistently seeking new fuel for that-

Inner Earth Fire.

Remains… of simply Ash.


A Mountain above.


(…Slideshow Images vis Pixabay…)

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The Volcano stirs.

Inside and out.


From Our World Legends.

The Legendary


Where there’s smoke, fire, ash,..

…and Life,..

…from whose very name we coined such a Mount.

Is again… brought sharply to Mind.


Burning brightly… forthrightly…

as well.


ROME… Built by Our World Legends… such as these. photocredit/thanks:talesbeyondbelief


To Juno and Jupiter…

a Son is born.

Forthrightly… or not.

A Baby thus Divine born… shines Bright.


The Council of Gods… of Rome… were…

overall quite pleased.

Known in the Legends as the ‘ Dei Consentes ‘.


Till the Official Baby Viewing… that is.


When and then.

The Mood was lost… went Ugly.

Indeed,.. in deed and in fact… too.


So Our World Legends sayeth. Herein.


Herein. Cupid + co…


Though their names at different times and places… may change… These be the Same. photocredit/thanks:pinterest


Baby indeed was of such a ungodly look,.. Mother Juno.

Wanted to lose him so it seems,.. so,..

threw him.

Off a Cliff.

This was the closest one available.

Mount Olympus… was it’s name.


He,.. The Ugly Baby God… though yet unnamed;..

survived… basically unharmed… somehows.

A not so divine and eternal… Sore foot.

The only scar… to remain.


Tis and twas… a God after All.


Even if a Baby One.

Now though… Baby steps… with a lil’ limp…

were taken.


Gods and Goddesses… of ROME of Yore. A selection thereof. Herein also. photocredit/thanks:eduglogster


So… dear ol’ Divine Mommy Dearest Juno… threw him.


Into a Fiery Mountain.


Then told Ugly Baby God With A Limp- to stay…


Till he was a Man-God.

The Limp… stayed… also.


Named when then,..

was done and dusted.

As now:..




To the Roman Gods and Goddesses of Yore… To Juno and Jupiter. A Son. Eventually… named as VULCAN.


Still Ugly it seems… and still…

Divine… too.

With now though… a unique and rather heart warming…



All… Fired Up… as well.


Especially after being cooped up and in a Mountain.

By… Mum.


The Vulcanisms of Science.

The Modern Sciences have spent much time and peoples Studying such aspects of Nature.

The fierceness of some of the eruptions have caused many incidents of mayhem and destruction.

Common throughout Our History and Herstory.

Legends are many also.


(Music Link)



3 Main Volcanic Types.



Gaps, Holes and/or Ruptures of Our Earth’s Crust.

The Tectonic Plates… some 17 of them form this Crust.

Whence and where around they meet…


Earthquakes and Volcanoes… do too.

Grow… more likely that is.


The Image below shows the connections therein.


Sectional Views of Tectonic Plates and Volcanoes. photocredit/thanks:dailymotion


In the Main and Generally.

The formation of Magma appears to drive Volcano Locale.

Being heated and thus less dense than the surrounds of Inner Earth Rocks and so forth.

With Pressure.

It drives… Upward.


From the Inside… out.

Forming the Volcano… with Lava Flow…

usually flowing soon after.


After erupting and escaping from his Inner Earth…

Housing and Schooling.

Vulcan too,… moved on.


Flowing sorta straight back into… Society Divinity.

Unpretty… or not.


(Video Link)


Vulcan gets the Creative Urges.

Married… too. To Venus.!?.

What the Frick.?.


His Talents… All could use.

Divine… or not.


Thrones, Statuary and Objects of Art, Jewellery, Weaponry and Armor… also.


Even a Bronze Giant… named as Talus.

The Legends of Jason and the Argonauts know this Gigantes One well.



Other Legendary Giants such as Cyclopes worked with him too whilst he attended to the Forging and Crafting of many items for the Gods and Goddesses of these Ancient Times.

Achilles and Mars… The God of War,..

more too did visit… oft.


His work was exemplary because of the then new and unique Fire then Water Tempering and Forging Processes that his Talents… knew so well. Deeply in fact. ALL… Fired Up it seems.

From living in that Ol’ Greek Mount… that was on Fire. Later Greek Science Bright Spark types would apply such lateral thinking to their own Weapons of Mass Destruction…

and created that good ol’ Greek Liquid Fire of Yore.


That Water could not douse.


That Ol’ Greek… Liquid Fire. Herein.


The Master Blacksmith of the Gods… Vulcan become.

Accruing rewards, payments and accolades along the Ways.

A Wife… also.


Venus was her name.


A… Gift of the Gods.!.

So these Legends sayeth.

From Zeus… actually.


For Crafting such fine and Fiery Thunderbolts Divine.


Now… yes,.. You read it right.

Irony Themes within and herein this Legend it seems… too.

Unpretty… as well.


The Ugly God With A Limp… got the Girl.

The Girl… Vulcan got.

And not just any Girl.


By Botticelli… Venus Goddess. photocredit/thanks:wikimedia




The one who sleeps in Giant Seashells.

Sleeps on silken Sea Foam.

Long Hair. Naked under etc etc etc.

Ugly… is not at all… in her resume.


At All… indeed,..

in deed and in fact… as well.





Married… By the gift of giving-Divine indeed,..

in deed and in fact… too.


(Music Link)


VULCAN,.. VENUS,.. CUPID,.. MARS. photocredit/thanks:pinterest


Though… no Babies therein… ever ever do… ensue.


Only the Gods… and Goddesses know…

the reasons why… or why not. As the heated-case may therein be.


For the Legends do state the case… that each and both…

become parents of other’s Children. Later.


Such… was their case therein.

So Our World Legends do say… also.



Smoke, Fire and Ash.


The Mountains of Fire oft… include and intrude upon Our World Legends.

Sorrow, Death and Destruction… ensue.


Vesuvius and Pompeii.

Krakatoa and Banten.

Mont Pelee and Saint-Pierre.


Currently such Disasters are striking again.

Hawaii,.. Indonesia,.. Guatemala also.


Best and good Wishes… To All therein.


(Video Link)


(Video Link)


(Video Link)


The Biggest and Brightest.?. of the Fiery Mounts that the Sciences seem to have located has become known as the Pompeii of the East. As with that Ancient City of Yore… an entire Population perished.

The following Year, of 1816 had it’s Seasons put askew.

The blast of noise was  heard more than 2,000 kms away. The ensuing Volcanic Acid Rain swept as far as Borneo for example. The Mount itself has over 20 Cones and Domes.

A Death Toll of at least 70,000 People.



Mount Tambora.

Tis monitored and closely watched by Science… still.


Mount Tambora…Indonesia. photocredit/thanks:youtube


The Fire Within…

A Pyramid.?.


There is much to this Element.

Fire out there… within also.


We too use a Natural Fire form.

A… Pyramid.





The Term we use for a constructed Mountain = The Pyramid.

The Pyr(e)amid(st).

Fire in the Middle.


Fire Within.

Inside the Pyramid Great. photocredit/thanks:quotesgram


Mix a PYRAMID, FIRE AND WATER… TO GET.?. Our World Legends. Herein. gifcredit/thanks:nexusilluminatiblogspot


(Music Link)


Digestion and Natural extraction of Nutrients by Our Bodies is done with warmth.

Fire Within.


The Temperature of the Goodies within is raised.

The Nutrients.

Digested and extracted thus and thereof.


Hot stuffed Nutrients in Liquids especially easily absorbed.



The warm blood that surrounds Our Digestive System and the ongoing processes ensures these run smooth and sure.

Cooling drinks chill that a lil’ too.

Starvation and Alcohol to excess… also.


Fire… Ice.

A Balance is required for optimum… Life.


Volcanoes too… Live within… Our World Ice.

Under anyways.

Another… has a Underwater Lake nearby… as well.


So Our World Legends of Science do say.



(Video Link)


Fire Light.?.

Fire Life.!.


Life per se too… can live within… Fire.


Science has developed a knack for looking at very small things.

Looking closely… within a Volcano as well.


The somewhat intricate Life of such as Bacterium has only been seen recently within Our World Legends…

History and Herstory…also.


With Instruments of Great Magnification.

Various Forms noted that utilise what we Term… Spores.


Also… somewhat impervious to Heat or Cold,.. Radiation, Chemicals,..

even Lack of Food and Water.


The Photo below contains some fiery finer details… therein.

Fire-light… and Fire-Life.


Thiolava Veneris… the name of Life midst Fire.


Close-up of Bacterium THIOLAVA VENERIS… Recently found colonizing new Volcanic Rock. Named with ref to Venus… the wife of… Vulcan… as well. photocredit/thanks:M.Canals/UniversityofBarcelona


Those who Live on or directly observe Nature understand how Fire also stimulates Life.

Natural Bush-fires bring about a resultant cleared field with many Minerals and so forth available for absorption.

When such as the Rains come, the new growth oft luxuriant and varied.


This effect of Fire and Smoke etc… also applies to several Seed Forms.

The Seed Outer Shell is cracked and opened with the Heat.


So now precious Water can penetrate;..

allowing hopefully Germination and Regeneration to occur.


Life effected from and through Fire.


 A Fire Inside… smolders still.


We use Fire to both Create and Destroy.

To Feed, Kill, Live and Survive.

So too… Mother Nature.

The Element of Fire.


Vulcan as well.

The Legendary Fire therein and within.


Our World Legends.


All Fired Up.

Flame On.

Hot As.


Eternal Flame.


Eternal Flame. Relit.?. Our World Legends. Herein. Love comes with… a Price. From The Knights of Chivalry,.. To Shakespeare,.. All To… Missing Princesses in the Real and Modern… also.


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Till next…