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The Kraken Lives. Out There. Deep.

Waters Run Deep. Creatures Also. Kraken Herein.
The Waters In Our World. Legends Still Tell Tales. From The Still Deep. Waters. Of Giants, Creatures That Along With The Whales. Swim Still. Out Theres. Herein. The Deep In Our World. Legends That Surface The Further We Dive.


The Waters in and of Our World still hold many Mysteries.

Much of the Seascapes… 95+% still so left to explore.

The amount of Water of/in Our Planet is immense, unfathomable.

Over 70% so covered. Underground Waters too.

On and In Our World. Legends, Traditions, Olden Cultures-


oft involve, invoke Watery Natures within. Within the

Majority of Ancient Civilisations too, Water held prime

position. A great and vital necessity. Of many… Natures.


Within Ours as well. Well as


ukiyo-e artist Hokusai Woodblock
The Great Wave Off Kanagawa. Japanese ukiyo-e artist Hokusai. A Woodblock Print.


netting, gathering over Times, Places, many Tales

of Tails. Mores

in Our World. Legends of and Abouts;..


Mer People, Gods, Goddesses, Davy Jones Locker + Crew,

Ghost Ships, Lost Flights, Sunken Subs, Anomalous Zones,

LightHouses, Captains Courageous and Others, Treasures

Lost. Whilst


appearing and disappearing Islands,

UnderWater Volcanos, unfathomingly DEEEEEP Trenches



form also. Also

catching attention with this and those

Fantastic Sized Fishery including

The Kraken Lives.

Out There. Deep.

Inking Giant Blotted. Still Here. Spotted.


In The Real. In Our World.

Legends, Giants

still Living. In Those Deep. Waters.



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Still Now.

Out There.


Giants well

“… Below the thunders of the Upper Deep,

Far far beneath, in the abyssal Sea…

Ancient, dreamless, uninvaded Sleep

The Kraken Sleepeth…”


Alfred Lord Tennyson 1809-92. Therein.




The Unicorn… is The Rhino.

The Dragon… is The Pterodon.

The Coelacanth… is a Fish… not Extinct. Still.

Giant Creatures in Our World too, had their

Times, Places within History.


Giant Skeletons, Bones,.. esp. of the Dinosaur Fam.

and Mammoths have been found Alls overs

Our World. Legends


of and from The Sciences show such as The Elephant

and Whale Species are Giants as well. Well as still


in Our World. Legends so and Tell;..


The Kraken

is The Giant or Colossal Squid. So named.

Which, like Whales, Elephants… still exists.



Out There.



With 10 Arms.

Termed Marine Mollusks. Of The Cephalopods Fam.

The Squid, like the Octopus, has Eight Tentacled Arms. Arms

along which sit rows of Suckers. Suckers surrounded by

rough, horned tooth-like Rings.


Further Armed also. Also

with a Pair of Extra Special Long Tentacled Arms.

Which can extend and pass the Others. In Length.

Retractable, almost hidden when not in use. Useful

too are the Tips. Clawed.


The Mouth is a very hardened structure.

A Beak.

Used to chop and slice Food into smaller chunks

to swallow.



Extremely quick, agile and built for Deep Waters.

Water Jet Pulse Movements.

Dark Ink for use against Predators.

Oft hunting in Packs.


Gill Breathing, The Squid has no need at Alls. To surface.

Maximum Sizes unknown.?.


Estimated: 20+ mtrs… 60+ feet Length…

(…NOT including the Extra Long Tentacled Arms…).



By Modern Times,

Places in Our World Legends

so writ and well described in such as the

Natural History of Norway

by Bishop Eric Pontoppidan of 1752, so noting ’twas:


“…Incontestably the Largest Sea Monster in The World…”


More recently:

In 2011 a Pack of The Giant Kraken surrounded, capsized a Boat,


and Killed Seven Fishermen in the Sea of Cortés, Mexico.



The Marine Biologist Dr. Luis Santiago from the

Universidad Autónoma Baja California Sur;..

who was rushed to this scene by the Sea, noted:


“…We captured one of the attackers. She is female and we believe

most of the pack to be female because of their size. We also

believe they coordinated the attack by using pigment cells

to communicate, which is very typical in a situation like this. I’m

afraid we may be seeing more of these attacks in the coming

years, and possibly forever…”



Beach Area Closures, Fishing Banned by Authorities the

usual precautions. The Report noted the increase in

such targeted aggression by the Species adding


“...Marine biologists

fear that the trend will continue because of the diminishing

number of fish in their tropical hunting waters…”.



More. Of The Kraken.

To Come.


The Kraken. Lives Still.




In Our World. Legends. Be One.

Get Cracking.


Feel Mores Than Free To Fish out. To

Share. Splash Abouts.



Those so Fishy Tales.


Of Waters, Creatures.

Large and Small. In Our World.



Legends of Seas, Oceans, Shore.



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How To Enjoy. Topsy Turvy Stress Relief.


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If A Particular Legendary Theme or Our World Legends. Is A Desire.


To Be So Writ. Herein.



Till next…


Whales, Songs, Warm Ice Caves. Waters Super High-Way.

Whales, Songs, Glacial Caves, Volcanic Highways... Mores.
Living In Our World. Legends of Whale Song, Haunting Melodies, Uniquely Melancholic. Giant of Size in Our World Deep Blues. Seas, Oceans Alls contains. Volcanos. ThereUnder. The Waters. Waters Warmed Under Glacial Ice. Sea Caves, Mores too. To See The Ways Whale. The Whale Weighs. Heavy. On Minds, Scales. Slide-Show Seas. To See. As well.


The Long Term Benefits of Nature’s Volcanic Processes. Processing

Deep In, Under Our Waters, carries alongs a willing, wailing Passenger.

One of the Largest In Our World. Legends sung so,

of the Family Cetacea from and of Sciences of Seas, Oceans. Watery

so Concerned. Mari-Times, -Places and so forth. Forthrightly,



Whales, Songs,

Warm Ice Caves,

Waters Super High-Way

and Mores,…

surfaces in Mind. Minds of i,Shiro that is. That is


Alls Overs… Rounds, Wetly Abouts and In

Our World. Legends of These Sciences



so Tell of Active Volcanoes still. Still…

Being Active. There. Watery Depths, Deeps.

Whales as well. Well as


Whales, Dolphins and Porpoises so comprise the CETACEAN

Family of Species. Near the Tops of this and that,

The Food Chain

per se, very few Natural Predators-


though Man Tops that List.



Very Large generally, though Pygmy/Dwarf Varieties exist.

Air Breathing Mammals.

Warm-Blooded, Live Off-Spring, Milk Producing.

Nursing can last several Years.

6/13 Great Whale Species still listed as Endangered.


The Blue Whale can attain Lengths of nearly 30 mtrs.

180 Tons in Weight… = approx. 35 Mature Elephants.


A Mature Large Specied Whale’s… Tongue =…

… A Mature Adult Elephant’s Weight.



A Large Mature Species Whales… Heart =…

…Size of A Small Car. ThereAbouts.

The Heart’s Aorta of Size enough, for a Child…

…nomened Yu-Kiang, Natsilane, Paikea, Jonah… Or OthersWise…

To Crawl Thru’ too. To



However, Scaling Downs Naturally. With

The Pygmy/Dwarf Species Full Length approx. 2.5 mtrs+.

The Orca Whales… Btw’s… Are A Dolphin… Species.


Whales primarily Feeding on Plankton, Krill, Squid,

Fish, Crab, Octopus,

Shrimp and such Marine Creatures.

Nutrient Rich in the main.


Whale Bone/Horn Carving. Scrimshaw Style.



(Video Link)



The Whales… according to certain Experts… related to The

Land lovin’, bound. Large mouthed,

Hippo Family. Whales ”…are a sister group to Hippopotamids…”.


Hows and Evers;..

Whales Can Sing.

For Days.

Loud and Aloud.

Wailings aways Whales it seems. In Deed.

Large, largely Loudly as well. Well as


Days. NON-STOP.!?. Indeed,

Huge Lungs then too. To then



Becomes not only The Largest. LOUDEST

also. Also Sung in a deep, Low Frequency.

Solo or in Unison.


Benefiting by how Sound carries thru’

Waters. Whale Songs can be Heard… MILES AWAYS.

MilesHundreds Thereof. Therein such strength…


LOUDER THAN A JET. Full Bore. Overs 185+ Decibels

of Singings. So Sung. Wailed. Jets abouts 140. We

can only …Bear…


110 ish. Naturally


Large. Loud. Splashing Out.


Vulcan Spews. Wailing

Good News

for the Cetaceans in deed. Indeed

whilst we oft decry the Volcanic Response

for it’s random takings of Life We also appreciate

the influx of Nutrients later in Soils. Such


Anomalies of Nature are Alls. Part

of the Process, Processes in Our World. Legends

of Yore. Grecian, Roman. VULCAN

divinely endow the Nomen. Herein.



Maritime Research indicates:

Far beneath Glacial Ice, Waters therein lies Heat. Warmth

so generated by Our World Volcanism. Volcanoes Deep within

Waters, Earths Crust and so ons. Heat trapped, firstly



Steam Pockets. Lava then follows, flowings into the

Deep Waters…


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Solidify. Hardens.

Tending to flow and follow prevalent Currents.

Creating Layers, Diverse Land/Sea -Scapes, Paths,

and mores. Over Times, Places,

forming long, connected… rich Lava Soil. Deep

Under Water


Chains of these Vulcans derived:

Lava sourced UnderWater “…SuperHighways… Per se. For such

and which as The Whales too. To


Sing Alongs Their Ways. Swimmingly.

Ways Deep.


These UnderWaters SeaMounts OutPourings;..

Mountain PathWays created within Deep and spacious,

warmer Waters can exist even under Ice Caves and other

Structures/Formations in the shallower Waters. Such


Temperature Differentials provide and

seem a Place Whales. Don’t Mind. To Go. Follow. In

deed. Indeed


Sea Mountains Range-csiro.
Sonar SeaMount Map. Near Tasmania, Australia. A Chain of Mounts Some 3 Miles Beneath. Deep.


Thus Warming Waters soon attract extra/anewed PhytoPlanktons

Activities below. Activity aboves Ground n Waters too. To

and with Life so under increasing. Increasingly

Cycles of Sea-Life will bloom. Then

attracting Birds-Lifes overs, as well. Well as The


Sea Mountains. Volcanic.

The Begins of such Cycles.


Eruptions that, filtered by Waters over

Times, Places will promote Life.

Linking, Forming Zones that attract.


Of Whales. Wailing. Still.





Slide-Show. Time,



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Conservation seems paramount if We In Our World

are to Live and Let Live. Our increasing presence presents

and oft demands unique chances to interact.

Species to Species.



Sensible enough to Realise… We Alls Must Eat.

Sensitive enough to Know… So Others. Need To.


Sensitivities, Sensibilities. Apply.

Life… is oft about Balancing.

Needs v Wants.



…i, Shiro,..


Alls… Need a Life.

A Balanced World… includes Others. Others


in Ways We can Learn and apply Knowledge too. To

Alls Our Lives.


Without Taking. All. Theirs.



Feel mores than Watery. To Share.




A Whale… of a Tale.

A Fav. Fishy tailTales. Tell.



Stories of Seas, Ocean Blues.

Wave Ridings, Beach Parties. Mores.?.

Ways and Means.

Oceans. Long and Wide.


Nature did Share. Sharing



Next… Herein. So Be: That and This. Those

9 Pant Crappers In Our World. Legends.


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