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Dragons. There Be. Unicorns. A Sword. A Poem. As Well.

In Our World. Legends show the Beauty within such Beasts. Either, Both. Dragons, Swords there be. Be there many Tales of Hope, Inspiration, Pterodactyls Terror Strikes and Saintly Swordworks to save that and those Days. Of dragging Shield, Swords into Combat with Dragons that so Flew. Above. Belows awaiting Thems. Was the Paladins of Ptero Terror, noble women, men. Sir this and that. Herein. Their Ways. More. A Poem as well. Well as a Lament ’tis.



Themes, Motifs, Symbols. Many that are symbiotic. Symbolising Deeds and Heroes long

but forgot dimly. In and within Our World Legends there are Tales of incredible

Legendary Creatures, the Weapons, Men+Women who defended against. Against

such and so Evils and Cruelties. Of Nature, Animal Feeding Habits. Thereof. Of Dragons

that be Pterodactyl Like and Rhinoceros so alike that Folksy Unihorned Unicorn. Of

Times and Places. Of Yore

when glorious Heroes, Heroines of Sword + Steel. Did rise. Up. Through


Times and Places to become most saintly divined. For, Where be


A Sword. Dragon Styled.



There Be.

Unicorns. A Sword.

A Poem. As Well

and also Nomened after that of Our World Legends. Legends of a Creature, Beasts

that stalks. Men. Other Life-Forms as well. Well as till


alongways there did and so come. That and those. Men, Women. The Dragon

Lords. Kings, Saints, Madames and Sirs of Pterodactyl pestilent Practitioners,

Unicorn undoers, those and these Paladins of Our World Ptero + Rhino

that struck Terror. Whole heartedly


Back into. Thems. That is. A Civil Wars. During

Ways back. Then. Then


in 1864. Alongs and nears the City Vicksburg, Mississippi U.S. of A.

Bird shot. As Belows.


The Fly. The

Dragon. The Dragonfly.

Dragons, Dragon

Slayers, Shield, Spear Lance + Sword.

Heroes All. Of Yore. More


Dragons, Pterodactyls that Fly. Dragonflies also Fly and are


of Insectoid Fame in Our World. Legends of the Sciences say and so. Btw’s,

that these and those young Dragonflyers are so nomened Nymphs as per the Roman/Greco

Styled, Divine Damsels and Dames. Of Yore. Dragonfly Nymphs/Nymphae


moult, shedding their skins and so on. On the bottoms of Ponds, Lakes and so

forth. Forthrightly

or not. They can Live for up to Two Years. There. Therein

as well. Well as on and in several Times along their Life

Ways growing


and gaining those larger Wing Pads. To Fly. More.

Once Dry. Of Pond Water.


Once Maturity slaps them so. So. They go. Off.


The Dragonflies Fly. Aways. Also




More of Dragons… Unicorns. Rhino too. On and to

the so Two thereof;

Swordly Images do so and show. Herein. 1 Above a Ways. 1 Below.


A Modern Japanese Reproduction

of the Archetypal Legendary DRAGON SWORD. The Legend is Imaged,

Told within the Blade,

Guard, Colors and Handle Webbing. The Hand holding the Sword Imaged btw’s


is of i, Shiro. Images of the Hand holding the Sword + Sword : c/o fervidblazer.

The set of Original Images can handily be so viewed by clicking

Hand writ above. Btw’s. Also


the Main difference in the Approach to Sword-making of the Dragon Style is the

overall more chunkier Axe-like Profile of the Metalled Blade. Proportionately

the back of the Blade carrying more. This provides a somewhat more sturdier

feel, slightly weightier to move around, yet very comfortable even for those not


of large build. A well balanced Sword befitting the Our World Legends of both.


Beauty, Beast.

Heroes Divine, Martial.

Our World Legends. Both.


As in Prose. A Poem and Image. As Belows.

A Lament.


Lament of

the Dragon + Unicorn.


In a Time Afore.

When Martial Was and So Meant War.


Shield, Shot, Sword-Steel.

To Joust. Lance that Dragon’s Last-Meal.

To Cut. Thrust thru that Unicorn o so Real.


In a Time of Yore, of Begins. Origins.

When Dragons Flew in Flocks. Protective Wings.

When Unicorns Massed. Then and so, Stampedings.


Arrows, Spear, Rocks and Sticks.

Dragon Slaying Hides, Needs. All so Tricks.

Unicorn Blood to Gather, Potions Now,


to Mix.



Saintly or Nay. So.

Whatsoever May Be.


In deed. Tales, Tall and thus so

True. There Be.


In Times of Yore.

In Times afore.


Legendary Unicorns, Dragons.

Terror of those, accursed Our World Beasts.

On Us. Day or Night. They so,

did Feast.


Fire and Impale. Bark and Bite.

Paladins, Priestesses.

Pteros, Rhinos.

Saints, Knights, and so, thus




Our World Legends. Indeed.




(Video Link)




Our World Legends.

Be One.


Legendary Be.




Encyclopedia Enigma : Intel Bytes #7

Chilli Chocolate, Safe Streets, Sweets on Fire.



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Shinsengumi. SWAT Team Shogun. Rules + Regs.

Much Civil. And Martial Unrest within Our World. Legends. Herein that is. As the Shogun struggles. Control of Law and Order given unto a new Ways. A Newly Selected Corps. Shinsengumi. Ways therein also. Also Strict Rules and Regs. Swords as well. Well as more Rules and Regs. Guidance. Herein. On working through that so and such. Bureacratic Maze. Swat Team Shogun. Orders and Commands too. Pt.2. photocredit/thanks:walldevil


Social, Public, Geo-Political and Diplomatic pressures working the Ways

through Times and Places. Of Japan. Of Yore. Such as in the 1850’s

led the then Shogun. Shogun Iemochi.


To call for a new Ways. Anarchy

on and in the Main Streets and in the Imperial Court. Had

to be curtailed. Somehows. So.


A new Ways. A

new Team for a Country’s Future.


SWAT Team Shogun.

Rules + Regs.

To Apply. Therein and thereof as well. Well as



this Structure of the Nation


such as was. Was Pyramidical. There was an Out. In there. Of which this

and that The Shogun too. So had to practice and beware. Be aware as

and of that. Of being. Called out as well. Well as caught too. To


when and so. So when and then

the nominal Emperor so justly

nominated to respectively in some Ways

Call. Out. His Imperial Views. The Shogun Ways


would need to Reflect. That.


Or there would therein risking heck too. To

and fro

would be imperialistic and strident Calls. Calls

resisting and assisting many fars and wides. Also. For

Imperial StormTroopers to swoop in. Take


His Head.


With Body.

Non-attached. In Ways. Any


This slideshow requires JavaScript.


Ways. Non-attached too. To and from. The use of Swords. Sword.

Of the Samurai. Slide-Show. As Above. To

then and so


be presented other-wise and -Ways as just a Head-

count then. To this and that. Heap Top Other Head-

Honcho. Controller. Who also counts. But

is not. Also. A Count.


The Emperor.

Emperor Kōmei

孝明天皇 (1831-1867)

at this Times and Places. Thereof actually be. Be so


aware Shogun. Of

Yore. Your Japan. Therein. The Code. Can Bite. Back. Anyways

that is. That be. As it were, was and so. Be.

Diplomatic cut and thrusts.?.

Power Grabs and Shares.


Machiavellian. Orwellian. More heck and hell. In. Wow. In



words other-Wise and Ways. Everyone of the Elites therein. Could somehow Legally

use The Sword. To chop opposition and opponents. Whilst They

could so do to Them too. At some Times and Places Also. Also

begging the question.?. As to why. They.


Would not want to go out much i guess.?. into

the Real. ‘Cept for. War. When and Once. Once


they heard this this, that and those. Drums.


This type of broad Arena Catch-All Approach to Legal Matters

and Use thereof led. To

Anarchy. Basically. As


everyone therein strived to Chop their Ways. To the shtop. Per se. Quickly,



(Music Link)


Efficiently. Directly, Sharply, Diplomatically or not. Like


an Arena of Battle in Our World Legends. Of

Yore. One in. All in. Go Battle. And so forth. Forthrightly


the Shogun gained knew Knowledge. The A Team. Was Times

and Places indeed. For Thems. In. Into


this Geo-Political Arena in



deed they had a need. He. Actually. Shogun.

Had that. That is thus and so


The A Team.

Rules and Regs.

Basic Weapon Kit.

Consisted of interest to those so and such Samurai. With

Lotsa Swords. Others Weapons

as well. Well as


were this SHINSENGUMI. (The Newly Selected Corps)


(…Nomen meanings and/are literal. There. Above this…)


Basic Kit Issue: AS Follows, Belows.


: Chain Mail, Two Swords, Helmet, Spear.

Jacket(s) Light of Blue. Insignia of pointed Stripes. Stripes

of White. On Sleeve positioned.


Their Symbol/Motto: Makoto.


White Symbol, Red Background.


13 Original Corps Members/Troops/Unit.

All Sword Adepts. To varying Degrees. High.


The Protector of Kyoto. Their Supervisor.

The Corps was Commissioned to Patrol the

Streets Day and Night. Official Orders whereby. To









Thus and so. With Law. + Force.

Bound by this and that then being;..

The Set of Nine.

Martial Prohibitions.

Squadron Commands.

Just as stringent. Too. Nine


Commands were there. There. Then also. Also

consists. Of. Belows. The 9.


Duties Must Be Strictly Obeyed.

Follow The Orders of Your Squad Command.

Never Needlessly Comment on Enemy or Ally.

Never Start False Rumor.

Never Eat Delicacies.

Never become Agitated or Restless even in Times

of Emergency. Await Calmly for Orders.

Abstain from needless Personal Fighting + Arguing.

Check Your Own Food + Weaponry Before Battle.

Fight To the Death if Needed. If The Commander so Falls IN Battle.

Kill Cowards Who Flee. Never Flee Battle.

If Needed Remove The Commanders Body From Battle-Field.

Never Loot or Plunder. Obey The Laws.



The 9 Above Ones were then and thus Tempered. With

Bushido. Nomenly. Namely as well. Well as this


The Ancient Code of the Samurai Arts and Ways.





The Code of The Samurai.

Had precedence. Over All and Every

Thing. Thereof. Therein. Japan.

Of Yore.



A Collective Term for the Collection of Rules.

Of Courage, Honor, Conduct, Morality, Ideals.

Military and Martial Skills.


This Way involved deep contemplation. Or none.

Action, Reaction, Inaction.


Concepts of Living, Loyalty, Sincerity, Mastery

of Deeds and Actions.


Life. Death. Honor in both. Both

Long and Short. Sword. Also.



Heroes. Or Villains. Hated and Loved. Admired and Feared.

Dependent on POV. Criminality also.


Japan’s structure Societal at the Times and Places

this and that. Were that

as Allegiances Privately and Publicly swayed to EITHER

Shogun or Emperor. There were. Issues. Of Command

in the main. Main Streets


became War Zones for Boys with Attitudes. Swords as well. Well as

SOME of their Deeds became in deed so and such of


Our World Legends.



Martial Artists were quite many within these exalted Ranks.

Names such as;.. Kondō Isami, Hijikata Toshizō, Okita Soji, Nagakura Shinpachi,

Yamanami Keisuké, Inoué Genzaburō, Tōdō Heisuké, Harada Sanosuké,

Saito Hajimé, Serizawa Kamo, Yamazaki Susumu, Shimada Kai

and many Others fill the annals of the Shinsengumi Corps Membership.


Long Term Martial Artists in the main. Many

from a very young age. Ageless Styles of Sword Kenjutsu,

Samurai Jujutsu forms and so on. On


and in the Annals too. To Martial Traditions and Styles

mentioned and thanked within. Within and to

The Tennen Rishin, Shinto Munen,

Hokushin Itto, Shinkeito


have kept Alive. Many inspiring Ideals.



Of a Love and Respect for Country, Ruler-ship, Codes of Guidance,

Conduct, Law. Society too. All.

Martial Arts and those of Self-Defence gained much Knowledge


from these several Generations. Dedicated Families, Clans, Protectors.

Many such. Ways.


A Team for the Shogun that over Times and Places were oft in the

Front-line of the Nations Defence. Respected and feared for both zesty

Sword-Work and zeal for high Ideals.


Many such gave their All. For

such as All that. Above. Also.





(Music Link)



Our World Legends.

Be One.


Live Your Dreams. Too.

Drum. Your Ways. So



And On.


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Rules of the Riders at Bannockburn.

Independence and Freedom are Eternal Themes within Our World Legends. One such put into prose by Poets is that of the Scots. Victory over the invading English acclaimed at Bannockburn. A Tale of desperation and great odds withstood as a Nation fights for Unity against oppression and the accompanying massive Army. Herein. The Battle. That Day. The Robert Burns Poem after. As well.


Our Earth itself trembled That Day. Scotland.

At Bannockburn, that is. Of Yore.



Freedom called.

Rather loudly. That Day.


(Music Link)


Especially with an Ear…

to such and that ground. Grounds those,..

of these, two Countries. War. War Drums and Pipes toiled

as well. As well within;.. so and these.

Rules of the Riders

at Bannockburn.



That Day. 1314.

Which is and was. Within War. The


heady, heavy soundings of Hoofs

resounded hard and heavy,.. many

many thereupon. Thereupon these Lands. Lands

of these Scots. Scots Soldiers, Serfs and

Knights Fully Armored, in deed Weaponised to the


Max. As well.


Well as. Did so and sit. Sit in deed… thereupon. That Day.

The Cavalry. So named. ‘Twas. Then. Of Yore.


A cascading Cavalry of Light and Heavy Armor and Troops.

Horses, Riders. Both. Fully prepped and practiced by now.

Moving in easy, familiar patterns of unison. These Lands covered,


Lands they All well so knew. Knew well too

with this Wars so

Freedom Call



Thousands sallied so, going and went thus forth. That Day. A Day

that came Freedom to. Those be Many Thousands and more.

that forth did so and then Ride. At Bannockburn. That Day. Of Yore.


The threatening Army they faced was rampaging so close and hard.

A King led therein. Thereof the Scots did so to resolve. To remove. Then

many Thousands and more of such Kingsmen did come forth and so

ride across. Cross English Borders into these. Their Scots Lands. To

seek and control. The Scots. That be. Then. Therein


Our World. Legends do so and say.

Herein. Just now. Too.

Therein also. As well. As well as



The Cavalry.


At Bannockburn.

That Day. Of 1314.


Did Ride.

That Freedom



Armored Knights on War-Horses were/are the Tank Battalions of their Ways

and Days of Yore. A solid phalanx of these Armored Riders and Creatures

would be used to smash through much and many Defensive Formations


and even some and so into War Objective Structures.


A very solid attack and attacking Style, Technique and Approach. Of

much Mass

with Men on board as well. Weaponry could be varied to suit.

For the initial and thereafter therein.

Herein then as well it so seems.


The Battle of Bannockburn.




England v Scotland.


Edward 2 + Troops v Robert the Bruce (de Brus) + co.


Kings and Country of both. At War

that is. That Day. Of Yore. 1314.



A War of… Independence indeed. In deed

and in fact too. To battle that out, eventually,..

at Bannockburn. Scotland of Yore. Within.


The series of skirmishes prior to the Main Battle all went Scotland’s Ways.

Though massively outnumbered,..

some 3:1 or more…

the Scots tactics were winning That Day. From that early dawn.


By simply moving.

With good Timing and Defense therein.


This allowed the English superior numbers

no Times and Places. To rest. Or

keep in Battle Attack Formation either.


Remaining very Organised, the Scots maneuvers crowded

the English into areas so and then unsuited to such mass.


Then strung out

the English Troops Front along a River and Roadway was done

and so on and so forth. Forthrightly


too and then forced into.



The Bannockburn.

All the whiles led on by those wily Scots of Robert. The

Bruce that is. Not the i, Shiro kind therein and thereof.


The Bannockburn. Typical Wetlands and Marshy Ground that is. Also. Also

therein the Scottish Spears and Infantrymen per se…

ran riot it seems. Eventually the English straggled and struggled to

reform. Reformed,.. then and so too,.. crammed and crushed


with the Bannockburn on three of their sides. Robert

the Bruce + co. The Other. Side that is.


Hemmed in By Mother Nature. Scottish

of Yore… now too. To the Place of Bannockburn. June

1314 Times thereof and therein.


An Independence Day.


That Day



(Music Link)




is One whereby Poets do well and so eulogise. Herein. As well

a Day when Scottish ploys of Martialness, Strategy and Tactics,

those of War did so flow and Work. Worked well

and those

Freedoms that follow too,.. played

out. Dashing those o so dashing Troops of England,

so fair and green. Then and thus


The English Army stymied at every turn. Archers

decimated by the constantly moving Scots Cavalry. Cavalry

charges annulled by Scottish Formations standing

Pikes&Spears tall and firm. With


Bannockburn Landscape/Features hampering the English charges

and chargers. So favoring the smaller, compact and highly mobile

Scots Defenses. Then with these


Spear/Pike Men-moving again before a Target they became. For

when then the Archers/Infantry/or Cavalry did so. So

the Scottish Knights and

The Cavalry quickly moved back to harry that idea Whilst

again, ‘cos smaller numbers. Able to and so


keeping within. The Bannockburn.





Welcome So,

To Your Gory Bed

Or To Victorie.

The English Knights so straggled slow to get into Formations

across the Bannockburn sodden Lands, oft falling over their

Owns or getting in the Ways of their Own Troops and Support.


Soon found themselves facing Corps/groups Of Pikes and Spear

Men-at-Arms in a Schiltron Style. Pikes out porcupine style.

Ways too long aways for Sword Knights to attack and so forth.

Wet underfoot, Ways slow, Horses tire easier.

Several compounding precise flaws exposed.


Martial Moves and Counters that were appropriate. Were

so applied. That Day.


The Scots… battling for Country and Kin. For their very

Lives and Lands within. Used those same Lands Shape, Design.


To stymie the various English attacks with great Defense

and Attack Timing

and then correct Counter, Evasion or Attack. Applied. When required.

At every twist and turn. The English did play and pay.

That Day. At Bannockburn.  Never


to so again. So return. So



‘Tis and was… time. Time

for a Final Battle. A Times and Places to wax lyrical. Lyrics

with and from another. Another


son so named Robert as well. So well

in prose from that poetically inclined pen of this and that.

The Poet.


Robert Burns (1759-1796). That is. In deed. Below.

Imaged. Herein.


Poet Robert Burns… photocredit/thanks:oliveroinfo



(Music Link)


Time to Ride.

His Rules. In Prose.

Robert Burns.

Thus and so. Writ. Below.

Herein. Of That Day. Of the




“… At Bannockburn did the English lay

The Scots they were not far away

But waited for that break o’ Day

That glinted in the East.


But soon the Sun broke through the heath

And lighted up that Field of Death

When Bruce, with soul-inspiring breath

His Heralds so thus addressed:


Scots who have with Wallace bled-

Scots with whom Bruce has aften led-

Welcome so, to Your gory bed

Or to Victorie.


Now’s the Day and now’s the Hour

See the Front of Battle, lower

See approach proud Edward’s Power

Of chains and slaverie.


Who here will be a traitor knave

Who can so fill a cowards grave

Who so base as be a slave

Let Him so turn and flee.


Who will for Scotland’s King and Law

Freedoms Sword will so strongly draw

Freeman stand or Freeman be

Let Him then follow me.


By Oppressions woes and pains

By Your Sons in servile chains

We will drain our dearest veins

But They, shall be Free.


Lay these proud usurpers low

Tyrants fall in every foe

Liberty in every blow.


Let Us Do, or Die.”




Lineage Details:

The Family Brus/Bruce Crest: A statant (Blue) Lion with tail extended.

The Family Brus Clan Motto: Fuimus (We have been).

The Brus Clan History: Original Territory Origins;

Chateau d’Adam at Brix, Normandy.


One of the first Family Bruce recorded in Britain was the First

Robert de Brus,

arriving with William the Conqueror’s Norman invasion of


England in 1066. Said to have died in 1094. Of yore. That is



indeed. In deed. That’s All and what Our World Legends

do so and say.

The Scots of Yore… so did. Independence.


Did rise. Did ride. Did do.


June 1314.

At Bannockburn.


That Day. Of Yore.



Till next…


Our World Legends.

Be One.


Against All odds.

Stand Tall. Rise Up.


Live Your Dreams. As well.




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