When You Call Me Names Love. Writing. The Ultimate Guide.

Looking In Our World. Legends We So Writ As Well Means A Lot Of Words. Therein. As We Are.?. Herein. The What. We Are. Anyways. The Ways Of The Writer. The Top Ways. Top Tips and Hints. 24. Of Our World. Legends. So Writ.


Obsessive. You Are. With Names and More. Words

as well. Well as Words that Affect Effects. Excite,

Educate, Bemuse, Stimulate, Recall, Pain, Annoy.

With Rhyme, Beat, Play. And Mores. So Writ. Herein.

As well and so. Words. All Words. Words.?.


So.?. What Are Words.?. To

Begins. Herein.

A tentative Definition may Go:


A Means/Way of:

Attaching Meanings, Symbolism, Emotions,

to Letters, Sounds and combo’s thereof;..

By Mutual; Understanding, Agreed Arrangement. POV.


Herein. Also



Cleverly We Hopes, Mind Powered by You,

the Writer, in Isolation,

Secrecy and Alone.


Alphabets put On and Into. Submission. No

Tragedy. Untold till


Beneath Pen, Fingers, Vocalised and Mores. More





akin The Orchestrating Composers Of Literature.

Writers. So Thus. So Be too. To Those Few,

When You Call Me Names,

Love. Writing.

The Ultimate Guide

With More of Our World Writers Top Tips On Writing.

Compiled By i, Shiro… On-/Off-line.

Thus and So. As Belows.


Tips and Hints.

The Ways… 24. Of

Our World. Legends So Writ.


  • Read and Research Everything You Can Handle.

Prior. Writers Read a Lot too.


  • Get, Protect, Use Your Isolation. Well.

(…Get Used to Being Solo. Quick as can…

Take Fluids, Eat… consistently… Watch Your Health…)


  • StoryWise; Introduce, Develop, Resolve Themes included.

(… Unless doing a Serial… then let it ALL hang… out…)


  • Let Your Imagination… and Pen… Free. At First.

Edit Later.

(…Listen to the Best Advice. Try it too. If

it doesn’t Work… Do the OPPOSITE. Then…)


  • Let The Ending Write Itself.

(…Plan Summary Outline Only…)


  • Accessorize and Always Carry, Pen/Paper. At Least. Always.

(…Everywhere. YEP… Even There. Too. LOO

k around for Ways… To Carry. Everywhere. That. Stuff…)


  • Minimise On-Line. To Research. Not

the Porn Channels. Stay Aware in and of All situations in Your Life.

Inspiration found Everywheres. Anywheres. Just Write. It. Ups n Downs.


  • Write Your Ways. First Ups.

Edit Later. Then…

(… IF NEED BE: Imitate Others Ways,

Ideas, Approaches, Words,..

Then Find… Your Way…)


  • To Edit,..

Read It Alouds then Re-write

to a/that Rhythm.

(…You so Desire/Want/Need There…)

If Writing for Social Media… shorten… Everything.

Hack, slash and burn;.. Editing applies. There.

Few Words as possible.

Lots of Pretty Pics too. Moving pref.





  • Walk Aways and Out when crisis Time,

Writing Blanks and so on. Get Out, Aways…

Engage Mind… Elsewheres, Everywheres… Anywheres;

(…Stay calm as You can… breathe and walk

it out. Your Ways. Be

Gentle and Giving to Yourself here. May

have to remind Self why Writing and

get motivated again etc… start with a Letter or Email…

… Some Writers stop mid-sentence…

so they have a place to start… next…)


  • Get The Reader involved, not just watching.

The Story unfold. Write like You are Reading the Greatest

Tale never Told. Yet.


  • Your Critique of Your Writing… means LIL. At Alls.

(…Only The Readers. Don’t Bother. With Yours.

Theirs. A LOT… If req’d, Join a Writers Club. Allows access

to Support, Writing Exercises, Critiques, Tips and Mores.)


  • Stay Honest, straight and do Your Best. So Writ.

Abandon the Idea… that You are In Control. Just Write. Stuff.

(…Sit Down, Pen moving… That’s ALLS You Be.

A Writer. Just Writes. Stuff… A LOT…)


  • Tell and Lead Your Story in a Way that invites

The Ending/Fini.


  • Stuck for the Right Word… Mark Twain advises to use a

Swear Word… Your Editor or Proofreader will fix. That.

(…we hope…)




  • Make Your Sentences…

Legendary Descriptive Sentences… These weigh Minds

more than their mere lettery makeup. They

start Fires, Songs, Plans, Dreams. Use Emotions

that Enhance AND Describe. Think Slogans. Hearts, Minds, Souls.

Captured. Captivated.


  • Let IT ALL come and hang out…

Edit Later.

Quantity begets Quality… eventually,

appreciably, gradually. Musingly. Coax

it, as much as You Can. Just Write.

(… Refer… Ernest Hemingways.  As Below…)


  • Day or Night. You Write.

Feel Right.?. Just Write.

(… Hemingway rewrote an ENDING… 39 times…)


  • Get used to being Alone. Much that Writers do

Sacrifice therein.


  • Stuck for Topics.?.

Walk then Writ… a Mile in SomeOne else’s Shoes…

Use A Different Persons Pov/Opinion/Moods/Approach to Subject.


  • Borrow, Beg, Steal… Words.

From Anywheres and Everywheres.

Read Everything you can Handle.

Read The Dictionary, Reference Books.

Use A Thesaurus.

Other Genres.


  • Learn The Rules of Grammar.

Know When. To breaks, Them.


  • When Anyone asks You:.. “…What do You Do.?.”

You Reply:.. “…I Write. A Lot…”


  • Write Everyday. Just Write. A Lot. Mores,




Whats More.?. More and So. Then.

Feel Freely To Mores as well. Well as

Add Mores. Herein. So Share.


Words So Writ. Wrong Not. Right

Ways That Describe. Just and So. Then.

Hows and Whys. To Whom. Apply Such Terms.

Writers that is. That is


Any and Alls Tips, Hints and Terms. For

Others Writers. Must Know. Herein.

Please Share,

Ways and Means. Ideas and




Handy Clicks in Deed. Indeed Wherein.?. City Of Hercules… Dwells.



Drink and Defend. Master that Drive. Drunk.


Please Feel Free and If So Inclined To Contact/Comment:..

i, Shiro that is.

With Any Thoughts, Hints, Tips and Dreams.

If A Particular Legendary Theme or Our World Legends. Is A Desire.


To Be So Writ. Herein.



Till next…


Arrowed In Our World. Legends Japanese. A Clicks Aways. Targeted.


Podcast Picks. Tops List Of 9.

A new Site Feature… put to use herein… i hope. Shiro Style. PODCASTS are blogs… with a voice… literally. So another Our World LEGENDS begin. Audio for IOT enhancement, new ideas and concepts… discussion… too. Seek and search with Shiro as he pursues this new POD. Talk it up Intel and more for ears… to hear. Indeed it seems… Shiro has a voice… for others… voices. The loud 9 herein.


Greetings ALL, Many, Any and You. Too. Too

oft. Manys the Times and Places where Chat from Others can and is heard. Overheard

Oft, though in the Real… the Topical Choice of Conversation. May

not taste just rite. Not rightly nor forthly. Either. Neither. A


Choice you would thus so and make. Herein. A New Ways. Of Topical Conversation.

Without You saying… much at All.

Just as Ordered. Picked actually. Like Peas it seems.




The Podcast is here. Herein. Belows aWays. Down.


So some sweetly loud and fine voices herein. Also.

The background music as well, somewhat pointedly,..


…begins beguine in deed. Indeed.


(Music Link)


In deed too. New to this Site- a Feature… put to good use. Herein.

i, Shiro hope indeed.

Shiro Style. Choices. That Be.


PODCASTS are Blogs…  Voiced out Loud… literally.

So these of Our World LEGENDS begin. And say, too. To


being Audio for IOT Enhancement, New Ideas and Concepts… Discussion… too.

To seek and search with Shiro as he pursues this new POD. CAST

as well. Well as


we need thems too. To

Talk it up Intel Chat. Intelligent and chatty

Chatback and more for Ears… to hear.

Opinions, Advice, Tales, Explanations.


Yours. Now. Well… soon. Belows.




Indeed it seems i, Shiro has a voice.

For others… voices.


This opportunity provided by

RadioPublic ,..

a leading Tech. + PODCAST Provider for many years.


Having combined with SITE PLATFORM HOSTS; WORDPRESS to

encourage a balanced, multi-faceted IOT approach.



This is to provide a necessary platform and WAYs.

For people who need or enjoy or prefer,

…the Audio, when gaining knowledge, entertainment, education, opinion, discussion and so on.


Using Audio to enhance + share ideas across the IOT spectrum.

Our World… also.


Akin to Mobile conferences and quite unquietly conducive to story-telling

it seems (click). As well. Well as

so these of Our World. LEGENDS too… say. Herein. Just now.


Thus an so with no

further dismay. Dis time for…





In no particular order of Pod. Picked.

The Loud 9 of the Nite… herein,..

that sounded so rite intoned. Therein.


…Shiro’s SET OF 9. Tops. Ones.











Thanks for sharing… the voices…

…or was that just a Dream.?.


I dream of NINJA.

Do you have a Dream.?.



(Music Link)


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Please Feel Free and If So Inclined To Contact/Comment:..

i, Shiro that is.

With Any Thoughts, Hints, Tips and Dreams.

If A Particular Legendary Theme or Our World Legends. Is A Desire.


To Be So Writ. Herein.



Till next…