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In Our World. Legends So Tell. Tales. Of Laughter Being The Best. Medicine. When You’re Full, Of That. There’s This. Wordplay Warrior i, Shiro. Sees, Saws Quotes Up ‘n’ Down All Around. About Then Jigs Them. Back Again. What’s Left is Write. Right Herein. #39.


When Wants So Need. Ways

Means So Hardenings. Ups

Walk Anew. Old


So Hardy Outed +


Within. Herein

Quirky Quotes. Quaintly Done #39


Too. To So Walk

In Someone Else’s



Means Hards Ways So Afoot. Ahead So



Sore As Means

Your. Feet Ill So Ways

Fit Hard Ups. Means Downed In Deed. Indeed

In Some. Ones Else’s Shoes


So Fitting. Hard So

Gonna Be. Be



in Our World. Legends

lightly next on 23/4:

Stonily Who Gilga

Meshed Our. Yore Giant