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How and To. Turn On. Our Earth Too.

Pt. 2. In and To Our World. Legends that Turns, Spins, So Energise. Energy Extracts as well. Well as a Groundswell of Support to Support. That Cause. Effects also. Also A Tale. To Tell. Herein. That Tale. Spins Our Energetic World. Every Day. Night as well. Well as Round. Our World. Does Go.


In Our World, Legends of The Sciences seem Not to Work Together well.

Well,.. At certain Times and Places that is. That is Why Mystery is

and was borne

then born. In Mind. Mine. Also. Science tells Me,.. i, Shiro that is, that i

can See. Then and furthermores;..

Science tells also, that is Earth, Our Planet, Our World… Spins.




Ok.?. Try doing BOTH. Then


Together… At the SAME TIME.

Impossible Fricken and the other Way as well. There.


Even when Jumping. High.

No See Spin. At Alls.

No Spin... Seen. There, Then. Now,


You Try…

Go Jump. High as.

…Did Our World Spin beneath Your Feet.?.

Did You See.?. That. Then


NO. See.?.



Our World… Invisibly Spins.


Mystery in deed. Indeed Sciences… Not Works

TOGETHER. Therein. Those Two. Thingys.

Seeing and Spinnings. So and Thus. Thus,


Well as

Our World, The Earth

Turns, Spins. Rounds, Abouts. Therein. Thereon

also. Also Invisibly. Invariably… Sorta’. See… Pt 1. There. For

That. Spins, Turns. Invisible. Thus… Then




Our World Legends of the Sciences have thus revealed

and turned over theoretically

much. Of

This World Invisible. Unseen; Yet


and Science Sees So Set and Squarely.?.

So Roundly True.?.




Those Components of Our Atmosphere.

Also Invisible. That Atmospheric Atmosphere. Of Ours. Earths.

Oxygens, Nitrogens and Mores. -Gens that is. Is That and


Btw’s includes nevertheless;..

not limited to and by:

Radio Waves, X-Rays, Radar, WIFI... Alls

Invisible yet and so, finding Use. Waving

their Wavy Ways thereon. Earth. Our World. Legends


of the Invisible. Beyond. Beyond



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This, That and Those

Spins, Turns, Powered the Mass of Our World. Legends


How and To. Turn

On. Our Earth Too.

The Pt. 2. Begins. Herein. In



Why and Not... ELECTRICITY.?. too. To

Be Freely Roundabouts as well.?. Well as



Too And. This did ALFRED HUBBARD. Think. In

Mind. His. Then.

His Experiments Thereof. Then.




Grounding Outs…

His Issues. Main Thereof. Therein

Our World. Legends convinced young Alfred. Of This.

The Earth Spins.


Earth Spin = Earth Electric Power. Within.


Whilst inherent Variables had to be Factored. In.

As Benjamin Franklin had showed Our World Atmosphere


Powers. Invisibly Electric.



Fly A Kite.

To See. That. As

Belows. Image Shows. Herein.




As Nikola Tesla had well showed, Our World Electricity

could be SAFELY sent in deed. Indeed, No need. For that Wiring.

Over Lands, Thru’ Atmosphere Invis, Atops Our World Seas as well.


As Aboves,.. Belows. Images. Shows. That.




So as in. 1919.


As Alfred Hubbard had brightly showed, Our World


was also stored. Within. Our World. Our Earth. In


and Belows. The Ground. That is. Is that



not Aboves. Ground. Belows. Ground. Grounding Issues

till and so. Young and sparky

Alfred greatly Engineered It. Not TO. Great


in Deed. He electrically Was. Thus. Then. 1919. Done.



Powered Ups.

In 1919. Then. Then and

So then. So Where Then.?.



Now that. A Trio of Our World...

Legends of Aboves Sciences do so and say such. Such



Powers. Within. Our World. Where and Then



Is The IN AND ON Switch.?.


Which. So Then.?.

Earth Spin Invisible Electrics does. So Flow. Then,


Who So Forgot. Turn On Too.?. To



Now so. Feel Free and Mores.

To Share.

To Turn On To.


Insights Wise and Dreamy.

Of Powers Our World. So Has.

Legends Ons So With. Within.


Natural Means and Ways.

Or This and Those of




The Earthly Ways too. To How

To Power Ups Our World. Legends so Now,




YoYo. May That Force Be. With You.


Please Feel Free and If So Inclined To Contact/Comment:..

i, Shiro that is.

With Any Thoughts, Hints, Tips and Dreams.

If A Particular Legendary Theme or Our World Legends. Is A Desire.


To Be So Writ. Herein.




Till next…



U.S. Patent. Hollow Earth. Clicks Aways. Herein.


Spinning Tales. Spinning Earth. Earth Energy Naturally.

There Are Some Who Seemingly Enjoy Putting A Spin On Things. Heres Another. Heres Pt. 1. One Who Spins.?. We Do. Constantly. In Our World. Legends and Sciences Agree. The Spin. Herein. So Turns.


In Our World. Legends of The Sciences say We Spin.

Our World. Our Earth.

The Earth Spins that is. Is that

strange Phenomenon to i, Shiro. That is


‘cos when i look. I see no Spin. Goin’ Ons. Also

therein Others Sciences who so and say there

are things... Invisible. To see.

Atmosphere, Air, Oxygen, X-Rays, Radio Waves

Elecro- and Magnetism + co. so and such. There


Is and are. Not. To be Seen. So. Is Science simply and so

Spinning Tales.?.

Spinning Earth.?.

Earth Energy Naturally

should then;..

Be On Tap.?.

Invisibly. As well,



In Our World.?.



Legends so Science on and say. That.

As the World turns…

Forces manifest.

Some... Invisibly.

Naturally. Thus and so. Created.


Spin and Speed.

Earth Spins whilst Speeding thru’ Spaces.


Equatorial Earth Spin = 1036+ Miles per Hour.

Solar System Earth Speed = 66,627+ Miles per Hour.



In addition to generating such Numbers:

The Earth Spin;.. Counters Gravity, scientifically

only by some 0.3%. Thus and this is why. Why

and therefore You... Do not



Offs. Earth. When You Jumps

arounds in that

Invisible atmospheric Atmosphere Arena. Rounded

abouts. Everywhere. On Earth. Also Round. Ball ish.



Spinning. As well



then, that and these Invisible Forces so stressed on Earth

that is so spun. Arounds. Our World goes.


Theoretically and Legendary forms so. Spin Outs.

Thus also. Our World surrounded. One

System per se. Invisible. A

Round and there. All abouts. The Earth. Our World.


Those Belts, Layers, Atmospheres in Our World.

Legends of the Earth. Herein. Belows.

Spun Outs…


The visualisation of Our World composed airily,

of Legendary Sciences Invisible Components

can be Tricky. Cos You cannot see. It. Ups Theres.



Just akin. That Spin. Aforementioned. Aboves.

Herein. Yet Invisible it seems. Too. To



thus Our World becomes A Mass that Spins,..


Energy. Of

some Form. When viewed as One System…


Fields and Fields Effects… Follow. That Spin.

Akin to that Atmospheric Systems and akin in Ways…


To a ROTOR… or… DYNAMO. That also… Spins and Turns.

Turns and Spins. Abouts. Arounds.

Channeling ENERGY that is. That is

The Main Point. Herein.


As Our World Turns and Spins, Energy is Created.

Fields of Energy.



These Fields will contain varying Points of Energy Values.

Dependent on Solar and Local Conditions.

High and Low Energy Points per se.


Places of Mystery. Sacred Sites. Sites of Power.

Pyramids, Stone Monuments/Arrangements, Sacred Circles,

Coral Castle, Wardenclyffe, Bermuda and Devils. Triangles.

Mazes and Labyrinths. In and On. Our World. Legends too tell


Volcanoes, Mountains, Underground Rivers, Caves,

UFO HotSpots, Cathedrals, Govt. and Secret Bases,

Science and Research Sites... Alls


tend to be sited Thus. That is



On Meeting Points of Power… Naturally.

Where crisses cross. Ups. Spuns All. Arounds.

Naturally Energised. With Spin and Mores.


In Our World. Legends so Spins.

Spinning Ons. Ons and Ins. Our World.

Powerfully, Energetically.

Our World. Turns.


Spinning Creates Energy.


Where is the ON Switch.?.

and Furthersmores;..


Why is it... NOT ON.?.




Feel free, full of Energy to so.

Share a Tale or Mores. To go

energetically, do thus, so Tell.

So Spin That Tale.


Hows To Switch and Turn…

Our Earth... ON.


Earth Energy On Tap.

Spun Arounds. Our World. Legends


Feel Free… To Share.



Next… In Our World. Legends

that Tell Tales of How and To.

Turn On. Our Earth Too.

In Pt. 2.


Please Feel Free and If So Inclined To Contact/Comment:..

i, Shiro that is.

With Any Thoughts, Hints, Tips and Dreams.

If A Particular Legendary Theme or Our World Legends. Is A Desire.


To Be So Writ. Herein.



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ROLL AND CRUSH… NO… ROLL AND STOMP… NO… ROLL AND STEP. Not a Fan.?. Clicks Aways. The War-Fan In Our World. Legends. Mores.


Encyclopedia Enigma : Intel Bytes #2

Encyclopedia Enigma explorations ensuing in Our World. Legends that indicate Our Earth may be similar built as per the larger Solar System. That is. Within with lotsa Spaces in ‘tween and without. The Hollow Earth has long been speculated about arounds Times and Places. Overview. Herein. Intel Bytes back. #2 Earth is Hollow. U.S. Patent Office Agrees.


12th May, 1914.

United States Patent No.1096102.

Application of Discovery, Marshall. B. Gardner;

Aurora, Kane County, Illinois, U.S.A.


Approved. Granted.


The Earth.

The Earth is Hollow.

So this U.S. Patent. Says. Therein. Herein

Encyclopedia Enigma :

Intel Bytes #2

shows in deed thus and so. That


by 1913 Gardner, His book was complete. Completed also. Also

with the nomen:

A Journey To The Earths Interior.


A working Model of His Theory Engineered. Made. Worked as well. Well as Our

Earth is Hollow.

U.S. Patent Office Agrees.

Whilst Mainstream Sciences went with the molten inner Earth Core Theories there are Other Ways

of explaining the formation of Our World. Legends and ideas from the Gravitational Theories

which incorporate Centrifugal Forces lend credence to Gardners Concept


that the Inner Core was a

Gravitationally Suspended Central Molten Sun.



Gardner spent many Years Researching the high Arctic Expeditions and the findings therein. These

indicated a warming and improved Climate as One passes beyond the 80th Parallel. Including such

as the Aurora Borealis and the eccentric responses of a Compass within such Regions. Eyewitness

Testimony from several of the early Arctic Explorers

add weight to this Theory. As belows.


Norwegian Scientist and Arctic Explorer Dr. Fridtjof Nansen noted the mild weather and clean

Waters after the 77th Latitude passed.

At the 81st… “…the Valley was barren of snow, and in most places was covered

with a comparatively luxuriant vegetation…”


Butterflies, Birds, Bees ALL seen. Vegetation of Grasses, Sorrel, Poppies. Temps recorded as

high as 23º C.

After having reached the 86th… “… I was inconvenienced for the first time by the Heat;

the Sun scorched quite unpleasantly…

last night i could hardly sleep foe the Heat…”


General Adolphus Greely noted after crossing the 81st Latitude

both Wind and Temperature were warming up.


Dr. I.I. Hayes on the Schooner United States wrote of his Far-North Voyages in His Book

The Open Polar Sea noted the bewildering Warm Temp and Winds.


Dr. Elisha Kent Kane, Surgeon with the Explorations of Sir John Franklin on approaching

the 82nd Parallel noted melted Snow Waters, Flocks of Sea Birds in these Regions,

an open encroaching Sea with rising Temps and much milder Climate recorded.


Legends note too the perfectly preserved Mammoth feeding on Summer type Plants.

Snap Frozen.



Edmond Halley, Astronomer. Mathematician, Meteorologist and Physicist whose nomen

was used to name that oft visitant Comet proposed such a Theory. Of Yore. In

the late 17th Century.


Icebergs… composed of Fresh Water.

Wild and woolly Compass swings which DO NOT REFLECT the prevailing Theory.


The Eskimo Legends indicate their Creation Origins as being from the North.

North.?. of the North Pole.?.


The Macuxi Indians of the Amazon believe and maintain in Our World. Legends

that they are both Descendants and Protectors of the Inner Earth. Entered

via a unique Cavern, the journey on foot taking some 2 Weeks.


Waters inside the Earth are some 3 Times as plentiful. Yet and so. So

Our World Earth rings like a bell after severe Earthquakes.


Anomalies and Enigmas abound, arounds these Ways in deed. Indeed.




Intel Bytes #3

Waters Implosion Explosion. Explained.




Please Feel Free and If So Inclined To Contact/Comment:..

i, Shiro that is.

With Any Thoughts, Hints, Tips and Dreams.

If A Particular Legendary Theme or Our World Legends. Is A Desire.


To Be So Writ. Herein.



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