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In Our World. Legends So Tell Tales. Of Laughter Being The Best. Medicine. When You’re Full, Of That. There’s This. Wordplay Sees, Saws Quotes Up ‘n’ Down All Around. About Then Jigs Them. Back Again. #62.


SeaShells.?. See so Our

Mary. Mary Anning that is. That is


Yore Mary Anning so for. She so

sells Them. By the Shorely Seas, surely

of Times. Places 19th Century. Shorewards

bound journeyings



Marys Nature. Gifts so Water Born. Borne

Booty Deep Blues well as. As well

whens Times, Places there. There Our Mary

aged 11 around abouts. Inherited Her

Fathers. Business


of Shore Treasure Hunts. Gatherings

experience so continuing too. To



begin Herein

Quirky Quotes Quaintly

Done #62.

Wherebys around. Mary

All Arounds Abouts She. Selling SeaShells

do so mores. Moreovers Livings by findings

under wet ‘n’ shifty. Sands

collected Numbers large and small oft. Of



and large

‘SeaShells, Fossils beached ups so

forth. Forthrightly

left stranded on. Local Shores so that. This

English Village named Lyme Regis,.. Her Local



Dorset Coastal Regions. Regionally


In Deeds Yore Shores Seeker. Our Mary Anning Indeed.


long Yore. Afore Mary Anning, you ‘n’ i, Shiro…

an Ichthyosaurus Dinosaur locally lived. Died

then as well. Well as now

so ’twas

Mary. Lived later to be the First Known too. To


find One. Full so complete Giant

Skeleton fully. Giantly formed

of Giant Dino proportions. So

becomings proportionately so Famous. Herself

famed One also. All so OthersWise encouragings


Mary’s Fine Finds, Works. Research, Hobby

continued too. To

be granted


a Grant vis. Then The Govt. which so


her granted Shelled outs. Fossilised found

Gifts. Of Nature born, borne


so found Sea Shore bound. Binding She

too. To continue several Firsts so found

in Our World. Legends Mod. Sciencewise Tell

well as. Then as well now


Fully Fossilled In Deeds Marys. Works Workings Outs In. There Indeed.


Mary surely too. Into Our Shell Type

Linguistic Memories ‘n’ Watery. History shored

ups. So nots washed ups Tales oft. Of washed

ups Yore Shells. So outed selling

in Our World. Legends All so Tell Mary


gathering otherswise. Acoolades arounds abouts

much that. This such

Classy. Glassy Stained Window in The. Lyme Regis.

Church that has. Been so Dedicated too. To Mary

in Deed. Indeed well as beings well


Commemorated as in the British. Museum where

Her Portrait truthfully

lies asides. The Plesiosaur Dino’d

Display. Yep,.. Hers

too. One, She… again… so found bys. That Sea



Mary Anning’s, One Tale


All abouts Mary there. One another



of Hers so Shelled. Fossingly

so outs. Hereto




so next diving in onto. On 1/10:

Sea Minerals. Sea

Moss, Salt and Weed. Sea

Healthy See. Food.