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Revolution Of Love. Book Reviewed: Russell Brand.

Many Our World Legends. Many Books. To Read. Too. To Review as well. Well as this One. One Russell Brand has an Idea. Innovative. Interesting also. Also along with his unique and refreshing Branded Style Humor and Approach. Approaching Truth with. A Revolution. Of Love. That is. The Book nomen. Herein. The Review. photocredit/thanks:likesuccess



Iconic Themes of Tragedy. Hope as well. Well as

that so locked within Hearts and Minds. Minds

branded with that inner flame that enables and ennobles



Societal Changers.



Of Knowledge.

Of Others Ways.

Of Learning.


Of Growth.



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Of Revolt. To such and so this. This

Status quo.


In the Real.


A Revolution. Of Love. Of an Approach

That is. Love. Of Truth. Also of

an Approach to be so found. Within the

Revolution Of Love.

Book Reviewed:

Russell Brand

Style Humor within, therein, thereof as well. Well as



Russell Brands approach to these Matters

which binds so well and so difficult

Subjects and Topics

that such do lie and hide so behind, many Societal Doors. Doors


when and which peeked thorough and through too. To lead One

to Major Forces further thus and behind many of Our World Issues. Issues

that so affect. Effects that change Destiny, Dreams, Futures. All Over

Our World. Legends of Greed, Control. Of


Profit Over People.


Major Movers and Shakers.

The System.


In the Real.



The System. Which is. Theirs.

Built by Them. For Them.

Which over-rides.


Ours. Yours.


Geo-Politics in All it’s Facets and Aspects. Revealed. Therein.

Done All. With Branded Humor, Insight and Respect. Too. To

and within a Major Theme. Running therein.


Of Major Economic Inequality

with no Peoples Love. Therein.


Of Propaganda, Mis-Truths, Deceptions.

Legendary Lies.


Such as that and those. These that so affect Our World.


Legends within that cut across the entire gamut of Social,

Political, Economic Regimes.




Branding for a change.

A set of New Ways.





A Revolution. Of Love.


Witty, well thought. Well Researched as well. Well as

bringing a unique, noble Social Conscience. To His Works. Of



A Revolution of Branded Style. Brought to the fore


as he examines such as the woes of injustice,

inequality, slavery, poverty and other Social

Issues and Concerns.





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One of Our World Legends of Comedy

and by. Using events mainly attached to and in his own life. He

explains and unveils those such and so real puppet masters-

exposing misdeeds and crimes against Humanity.

On many Levels.


One that has left the bulk of Humanity. Out of it.

As these Controllers roll out their



often under our very noses so to speak.


This is achieved with major and systematic censoring of the very particular

and Controlled focus topics which otherwise would reveal

such and so plans. His nickname for them is thus and so

One that many are Familiar. With.


“…The System…”



which as the PUBLIC  “…THINK WE CONTROL…” but as well

Russell patiently and humorously explains

alas, alack ado.


“…We Do Not…”



… and Control This System of Approaches.



LISTENING TO THE MAJORITY. The WE. Therein.Thereof also. Also




That is in deed. Indeed.


Russell reminds of this History. Behind the Scenes.

WE THE PEEPS seem to have forgotten THE Govt./Rulers etc


are made up of… peeps… just like Us…

so if WE do not like. Their Ways and Actions. Approaches


and Ideals.



Their results and Lives thus lived, then…

lets get someone who can do this and that job with some basic

Humanities who will LISTEN TO THE PEEPS. Done. That

job then. Then

and to


Russell goes into some details and examples. Overviewing

the Steps He has taken to reclaim. Control. Self-

Empowerment. To effect Change. That

is. Within. The System. Is and should be


real i sed.


In the Real.


Whilst Politics and such machinations may in deed require a more concerted and collective

approach Russell enlivens Individualism to act at the Local level. In facing the Reality… and

the difficulties that with such as Global Inequality, Rigged Markets and Systems,

Minority Rule, Corporate Dominance and so forth. Ones vote is oft pointless.

Action if desired, seldom comes that Ways.


Highlighting these Issues within via direct examples from his at Times and Places…

rather turbulent Career, Life, Friends and Foes, Travels. Travails as well. Well as

His trademark Humor.



Read and Write Within.

A Book for Fans of Russell, Comedy and ongoing Social, Geo-Political Issues. Whilst

expressively told and written

the Main Theme is one heartfelt. More aware than many, of disparities ‘tween Rich

and the not-so, Russell manages to cut through much red tape with uncommon sense. An


intense feeling of thought and care within words within. Taking Times to explain

His Views. With Laughter to uplift and seriousness to seek and search the Issues

prevailing. A Book written to and for new Ways.


An easy read.

Not an Intellectuals or Experts Essay on Modern Life.

A Comedian… who thinks. On Social Issues and Concerns.


Language used is oft… Raw.

Direct yet directed.

Reflecting Russell’s Comic Approach.

‘Tis not scholarly but nevertheless. Real.


Society’s graven images and idols… torn down.

His reasons why as well. Well as



Critics may lambast this style in an effort to misdirect His message.

This though is Russell’s Ways.

(Have include a Video Interview. Below a Ways…)


Honest, forthright criticism… and repair.


On Personal and Global Levels. To be so applied.

For. As is so writ. Therein.


“…It’s only because I decimated my life by aggressively pursuing eating, wanking, drinking,

consuming and getting famous that I was forced to look at spiritual alternatives…

The revolution cannot be boring…” Russell says as he encapsulates in one phrase…


“…We’d all be a bit disappointed if utopia and ditching capitalism

boiled down to ‘We want to be a bit more like Germany’ – fuck that…”


Russell thus combines a Social Conscience with Comedy too. To

show how even a Revolution of Mind can spread the Love. All

over Our World. Legends of Control unraveled.


A Revolution of Love.

By intense application prior to implementation.

On a Global Level.


Recommend this, i, Shiro do. Indeed in deed.



Branded. With Love.

Yours to Read. The Book.




Russell Brand.


That is. In deed.



(Video Link)


Control Your Laughs, Tears and Scepticism.

Love the Revolution.


A Revolution of Love.


Russell Branded Style Therein. Thereof.


Enjoy. Join.

This Revolution.

Spread and Share this News.


With Love.



A Book Recently read indeed. Having appreciated his approach to Humor and Life Situations… so too now,.. His Writings. RUSSELL BRANDS REVOLUTION OF LOVE Book Reviewed. a Shiro style… BRANDED HUMOR AND INSIGHTS INDEED.


“…If You Suppress The Truth it Becomes Your Enemy.

If You Expose The Truth it Becomes Your Weapon…” 

(Col. Corso).




Our World Legends.

Be One.


Brand Your Ways.


With a Revolution.

Of Love.


Live Your Dreams. Well as. Also.



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Shinsengumi. Team Shogun. Special Weapons + Tactics.


Please Feel Free and If So Inclined To Contact/Comment:..

i, Shiro that is.

With Any Thoughts, Hints, Tips and Dreams.

If A Particular Legendary Theme or Our World Legends. Is A Desire.


To Be So Writ. Herein.



Till next…


My Health Record. Online Update.

Further and Updated Information concerning the Australian Federal Governments Medical Health Database recently exposed. With no prior announcement the Govt. put Medical Records of every Australian Online. Additional Information on How To Opt out is revealed… Herein. Database Security… reviewed also. My Health Record. Online. Yours as well.




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Following on from recent revelations of IOT ineptness within the Australian Federal Government concerning their rather secretive Online Database named;..

My Health Record.

Online Update…

… is now a necessity as further Information has been recently released.


Mounting Public and Professional pressure and scepticism has led to further concessions from the Minister and Dept. concerned in regards to the ” My Health Record ” Online Database System.


A Survey for example in the industry magazineAustralian Doctor ” included almost 500 in it’s sample. Which found that some 8 out of 10 Doctors then and therein…

had No Plans whatsoever to access this Database.


Concerns therein included Privacy and Security and lack thereof;

as well as a…

lack of trust in it’s usefulness for their Medical needs and requirements.

Accuracy and Up-to-Date Data validity…

also questioned as lacking therein and thereof they say.


A leading News Corp Investigation has further found such…

lacks leading the ways.



Privacy Proof

and Data Breaches.


According to a Pg. 17 Article in the Thursday 2nd August Edition of the Adelaide Advertiser the relevant Health Minister Greg Hunt is quoted as obtained Advice that ascribes Military-Grade Security to the Database Site with No Breaches.

Yet and…

According to the Australian Digital Health Agency which actually runs the Record System for the Database.


There have been at least… 9 DATA BREACHES THUS FAR. Recorded.


This was reportedly reported in their Previous and Earlier Report Publication which was distributed for release listed to all Doctors and Professionals associated the Medical Health System.


The Ministers Advisors… perhaps didn’t make that list.?.

or simply playing that ol’ Yes Minister approach.?.


Our World Legends list miss… also. Noted.



Opt-Out… Up-date.


In an ongoing response and reflex to the ongoing critiques of lack and list-lessness,..

The Minister and Dept. have… decided.

Privacy Provisions are set to be strengthened though details are…

sparse in the actual… details.


Access to the System and Records… also…

as above. In detail that is.


However a Decision has been made.

To Extend and ride-out the OPT OUT.

Another Month.


My Health Record.

Deadline for IOT Online Opt-Out Now:


Nov. 12,.. 2018. Opt-out indeed.

In deed and in fact… as well.



My Health Record. The Database.

Still Online.





Till next…





Renovating Pyramids. Another Brick in the Wall of Legendary Lies.

Our World Legends of Yore and Modern tell Tales Tall and True. Still… some within Science and elsewhere prefer a Censor or Filter… or Brick Wall to get their Opinion of Propaganda… over ALL. The Legends of the Ancient Greeks help see inside and outside the Mysteries of Egypt. Or did… Herein. The Coverup. The Walls… painted over. The Legends… still True it seems indeed,.. indeed and in fact… too.


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With… lil’ but lotsa disgust;.. i,… Shiro share what follows:


There’s sad and bad news of…

Renovating Pyramids.

Another Brick in the Wall

of Legendary Lies.

Like that akin to the Book burns of Alexandria and of,..

…various State and Religion Terrorists and Fanatics.


Tis still… going on indeed.


By Men of so called… Science.

Fake News.

Fake Data.


We ALL have an Opinion.

Sometimes it differs.

Whilst that may irk when trying to explain a Point of View;..


We All live and cope with that within Our Lives and Livelihoods.

We All like to be informed and feel the Freedom to search History and Herstory for Truths in our own Ways.


I, Shiro oft use the Legends.

As Back-ground.

To see where and when… in times and places.


A Pictorial Phalanx of Pharaohs and Potentates of Pharaonic Egypt of Yore and Legend. photocredit/thanks:visually


Core Subject Truths are oft discussed in such though the Tales may be Tall indeed.

Stretched… perhaps a better word way there.


I then add-on Our Modern Research… wherever that may be found.

Dark and Light.

Old and New.

Science and Alternatives.


Much Opinion… in both and all.

Adds usually,.. much to the Subject Discussion.


Cover-ups… do not…

…add up… much at all.

The obscuring and oft. destruction of Truths therein.

Allows Propaganda and Mis-truth to prevail.


Legendary Lies.



Even with and within the Legends.

Vested Interests… pursue and profit from their Agendas.

Profit over People.


Cover-ups that try to deceive History and Herstory.

Many of Our World Legends though still… remain clear.


Egypt and it’s Pyramids… a Mystery still it seems.

Covered up at times indeed,.. in deed and in fact… too.


Sometimes… I dream of Ninja… Truth as well… photocredit/thanks:youtube


A Tale herein and therein… tall but indeed True,..

…in deed and in fact… also.

Pharaonic… but not of pleasure.


No Thing… to enjoy at all.



The coherent…

…Mumblings of Maspero.


The Ancient Greeks knew Egypt well in the Legends.

Else-wheres and whens… also.


Many of their Great Orators, Philosophers and Scientists well versed in those Arts.

Those who study such Literature have much History and Herstory to…

…call upon.


Maspero included… too.


An Egyptologist with the fortuity to gain the Administrative Directorship of Excavations in Egypt.

A noted Authority figure… it seems.


Large amounts of Writing and Excavation Investigation.

Railed against Grave-Robbers and the associated Illegal Export of Ancient Finds.

Preferred to write up the Artifacts.

Contributing to the Law Making Processes and Guidelines during his Tenure.

Helped establish Journals for Research and so forth.


Read the Legends… as well.


Gaston Maspero… 1846-1916. photocredit/thanks:findagrave


Within the many Works of Maspero… are many Details and Descriptions.

Maspero, using such as Ancient Greek Strabo as reference and his extensive hands on excavated Knowledge;..

also made Drawings of the Great Pyramid inners.


Vis Strabo…”…when it has been lifted up, a torturous passage  is seen which leads to the Tomb…“.


These Drawings and Descriptions note a pair of round holes which hinge and lift a Stone Door.

For… lifting up as noted… up a lil’ by Strabo.


Noted for example in the Encylopedia Britannica 9th Edition,..

…by Egyptologist Perring… too.


On the Inners Wall per se,.. in…  indeed it seems.


(Music Link)


Some Legendary… Stone Cold Granite Truths.

The Pyramid… Great.

Masonry Mysteries indeed.

Of what’s inside… so these Legends say.


Let’s take a lil’ look…


…???… BIT OF A… GIANT-SIZE DOORWAY…???… photocredit/thanks:zhitanska


Bit of a Brick Wall… Legendary Lies… Lie Beyond… so Our World Legends do say.


Another Brick In the Wall… of Science Lies.

This Look at a Legends… ends here it seems.

Tis… just one lil’ example.


No longer can You… nor anyone else,..

…see the Great Truths of Our World Legends and depictions therein.

The Great Pyramid.

By Maspero, Perring… others too.


This area… at sometime ‘tween Maspero and the 1960’s…

…by someone, somewhen… and somehow.


Has had Masonry removed, Plastered over and;..



Dark Red Gloss.



Our World Legends… colored over… covered in.

Color to color a Great Legend indeed.

Cover up… and all.


Some in Science Lie.

Legendary Lies.

In color,.. gloss. Dark.


Shiro… has shown you how.










Till next…