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Shake Spotting. Earthquake Effective Detective Machines. New and Old. Ways.

Earthquakes devastate Populated Areas and cause devastation elsewhere too. As ongoing Science, Public and Tech Applications… are applied by interested Researchers, Scientists and other interested Observers of Our World Legends also. We are gaining Knowledge. A look at several interesting New Ways of looking for Quakes. An Olden Way also. Ancient Tech. Modern Tech. Earthquake Detectors… detected. Herein.




Earthquakes are one of the Natural Processes that so endangers Life.

World Waters so affected,..

effect Tsunamis at Times and Places.

Many Times within Our World Legends has such desolation unfolded.



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Whilst the release of such mounting Inner pressure may relieve the Earth…

of such pressure. The pressure

released, impacts on the Earth’s Outer. ‘Tis where…


we tend to Live.



Historically and in the Modern Earthquake detection has been

an ongoing priority for those of Science, Invention and Public Safety.


Much of Our Lands Coastal are oft subject to the oft devastating effects. Effects

which have ultimately led to the Invention of Earthquake Detecting Machines.


Historically and in the Modern as well. Vis Our World Legends…

or other-ways and -wise.

A need does arise indeed. For;..

Shake Spotting. Earthquake


Detective Machines.

New and Old. Ways.

Have. Found Ways in deed

and in fact also. To Detect that is. Effectively.


As herein. Below.



Modern Mobile Phone Apps for example of recent

have also been so tweaked to Detect.



Devised by the clever Inventors at UC Berkeley U.S.A. passively monitors

and detects Quakes both large and small. App users… use


it within many different Countries and Regions…

yet can such Tech. can easily

correlate, compare and coordinate.

The Data being received therein and thereof.


As the number of App subscribers grow…

and/or Travel too. So too then,..

does the Database of Knowledge within… grow

as well. As well then,..


this innovative App can also provide a

Summary of Quakes for the Location You

are in or at and on. Elsewhere also.



the effecting Earthquake forthrightly displayed.



Btw the MyShake App is FREE on Android. Forthwith. Also.


Can as well. Be found therein and so forth and so on. On

Subscribing and Usage… will add Your Detective Data…

and anything thus Detected for the building up

of Knowledge of these oft Earth shattering Events.

Databse Style therein. Thereof also. Also


there is in deed and in fact quite,..

more than a few. Inventors, Research Scientists

and Other Interested Parties from All over Our World. Who.


Are also working on several Systems and approaches

to Early Earthquake Detection and Warning.


Detectives All. Therein.



New Ways…


From Countries and Regions such as China,



Europe many such Systems are being utilised. With effect.

Their sensitivity is oft being Updated as Tech. further applied. Also.


Online as well. As well by.

Using Unique approaches… it seems;..

many such and so sensors could even turn the entire IOT ONto

this Task.


The IOT Network Globally that is. Turned On.

Per se. By Tech. that is indeed.


As shown on this Map. Herein. Below. Underwater

Cabling links Us All too. To and from,..

in Ways IOT. All over Our World.


Legends of Data can be thus and so… attained.

Combining and correlating readings off such Cabling:..

the next step and so on. A Cabled Cooperative


of Detecting Ways in deed and in fact also.

Group Detectives. At Works and Ways.





One such cooperative Online Co-op

has cooperating INput from several of the Sciences and interested.

Observers too… i, Shiro as well. As well as being interesting thereby;..


using Detective collected and collective

Data from Solar Activity, Astrophysics, Meteorology, Seismic Geology

and so forth. On to. A forthright and bold Unique Compilation of Science Reports

correlated therein. Within. IOT.


This widens the Viewpoint of Research to encompass more

than many before. Applications beyond even Earthquake

can be used in similar fashion to bring together

various research and findings. Findings


within such Fields as Earth GeoMagnetic Patterns and Behaviours.

Pole Shifts. Earths Magnetic Field Studies and suchlike and

so forth. Go forth…

and detect too were also Ideals pursued long ago. Long Ago


in Times and Places…

of Yore that is.


Modern Reproduction of an Ancient Our World Legends Tech. The Earthquake Detector. photocredit/thanks:houfengdidong


An Olden Ways…


The above Image is a Modern Replica of Ancient Tech.

described within Our World Legends,..

in deed and in fact.


An Earthquake Detective Machine.


Inventor nomen: Zhang Heng.

Times and Places: 132 A.D. China

…of Yore,..

that is indeed. In deed and in fact. Also.


A Man of many interests was he. He was

a very early Researcher it seems. Of many interesting interests

inherent him.

Astronomy, Mathematics, Sciences, Engineering and Invention all captured…


piquing his interest. Therein and thereof. As well.




The Ways of Zhang Heng…

Whilst mainly recorded as a Philosopher Type he dabbled experimentally

it so and seems. In deed.


Elementally using Tech that is. Elemental Tech. That is that,

similar in essence to much Others at use then and thereof of Yore.

Using Powers of Gravity, Water, Fire, Earth Mineral Element mixes


so on and so forth. Elemental,.. the Tech therein. Early Alchemy perhaps.?.


Elementary too in Ways,.. is when Our Cultural Memories…

forget such as these.

Many oft forgot and lost it seems, some yet still trapped…

within such as Lore.


Our World Legends also have Others. Therein. Herein

as well. As well, for example:


Other Elemental Inventions of Zhang Heng;..

include a Water Powered Wheel and Clock Mechanism


Applying Force and Motion to a Sphere.




His very working example was used to portray the circling

(… and en-circling…) Heavens.

That is… Our Skies Stars

at Night. Catalogued some 2,500+ of these did He.


Though uses others for this Tech. are noted. Noted also;..

he,.. Heng., who


came thus and so close to that Iconic Maths and Physics Pi… Pi

in the Sky above He also discerned via Studies.

736/232 was Heng’s Ways of getting that.

Whole picture and rounded view


therein and thereof. Indeed. In deed. Done.



Other Ancient Tech.,.. for the intrepid Our World Explorers.

Designed a Grid Type Reference for Maps and such Cartography.

A Permanently Pointing South Compass Type Device was another.


Other and these Devices such,.. from and within such a Career.

Contrived a due promotion therein. Thereof

sometime in 112 A.D. that is and was.


Chief Court Astronomer for the Han Emperors…

become he. Heng Zhang

that is. Indeed. In deed and in fact too. Therein.





Written before and after this particular Times… as well. As well,

his Elemental Inventions did work as well. So and well,


in deed. In China Ancient

and of Yore.


Very well it seems.



Mixing Ways Mod…

Zhang’s Seismoscope involved several Forces or…

Powers. Elementary that is.


The Earthquake set off a… rather moving Display.

A Chain-reaction of these moving within his Device. Gravity,




Inertia overcome, Weight, Pendulum, Cranks and Levers,

Swing Arms and so on. All to detect and thus and so do.


To display Intensity and Direction of Quake Peak Event. Via Balls

dropped through that and the… Dragon’s Mouth.

Then on…

and into the and that Frog’s. Mouth, that is thereon

Machina. As well.


A mix…

of Tech. Ancient thereof and therein.


Applying such a Mix, matches in Our Modern

with such as the usage of Hydraulics, Dampeners and Shock Absorbers

per se also. On Lands…


and Waters. Also.


An example of Mod. Tech. usage to show and thus effect Earthquake Proof Buildings… being built with minimal affects thereof and therein.


Moving Tech. to equalise Earthquake effects. Effects

that tuned and sensitised

devices such as Gyroscopes/Sensors register

displacement. Replacement back


to normal Position is quite immediate and…

effectively effected by the compensating actions of the aforementioned

machinery affected… of Tech. Earthquake effects.


Emerge empty-handed therein

and thereof, on and in deed. Gravity and Displacements Forces…

equalised… displaced, neutralised… such Powers be.


Hopefully. Hope Machina on turns. Fully

as well. As well do Our,..

Seismic Ships do Float.



An Earthquake Ship. Indeed in deed. A


Fact. Herein. Below.




Usually referred to as Seismic Testing Ships some of these Project Sound

in addition to Detection. For more than just Science. Science


Applications that are thus and so used to promote Profit over People.

With effects on much Wild-Life probable therein.

Military Industrial Complexes looking for more Ways to extract

and profit from Exploration. Maritime Mining per se thereof.


Whilst Research into Earthquakes more than laudatory the misuse

of Sound can also be devastating. If misused that is.


Disorient effects aside,..

Sound indeed can Kill.


Effects on The Earth itself.?.

are largely still unknown. Or an added… effect.?.


Strange Science in deed. Therein.




Whilst the above senseless Science + Industry

approach of Seismic Blast Testing and Sound Blasting

has very questionable profits to and for Our World. Legends


of Maritime Life should not be Subjects of. Nor Subjected to

such subjective nor irresponsible Experiments. Sound or not. However;


Earthquake Detection and Detectives such as

MyShake + co. makes…

a large pack of sense. Sensing


and acting quickly

therein and thereof a necessity. Vital. Vital

Communications and Disaster Relief can hopefully be

maintained and acted upon. Therein.


With the mixing of basic, simple Sensory Tech and new approaches

to the Collective capturing of Device Data.

Our World knowledge of these Events is growing. Whilst

each Earthquake may harm Us so.


From each,..


we learn more. As well.




Our World Legends.

Be One.


Be Inventive.

Shake the World.


In deed. Not

the literal. One.


Till next…

Live Your Dreams. Also.



Fluorides from Fertilizer. Fill Your Glass. Cheers.

What began as an Our World Legends View of the World through the Eyes of those a War left behind. Herein. When Science turns on the Waters of Life and turns off the Truth. When Industrial Waste Fluorides are touted as Natural Soils Fluoride. Glandular degeneration, Depression, Repression and submissiveness… more than ensue. Liquid Zombiefying by the Glass. Drink Up. Fertiliser by-products. Profit over People. Crap Health. Welcome to the Lies and Deceptions of Junk Science.


(Music Link)



As the sounds of many Boots stepping passed,..

the slow drum-like repetitive echoes reverberated.

Throughout the City.


Boots. Black.

Nature’s Electricity Strike… a Symbol thereon.


Boots on the Brick-roadwork of the City.

Your City. Home.

Boots… with Guns and Bombs. Many. Tanks… as well.


An Olden,.. even cultured place. Till now.

Violence… causing SSilence. Eventually.

When the Boots… passed. Germinating and reverberating thus again…


a City’s Heartbeat.





Since and from this time on.

In Your City. So fair.


When a Toast is drunk

Fluorides from Fertilizer Fill Your Glass.


The above is/was… (…apart from the last Para and Title that is…)

an Intro to Intel on War.

Nomen given as WW2.


Our World Legends Research into that… which we tend to do.

A lot.


Several Wordplays italicised and linked therein based on the Music,..

i, Shiro was going to choose as accompanying this article.


That… mood has changed. Herein. That subject matter as well. Can Wait.


(…From God(s)… to the Dog(s). Back… to Front. Therein.!? More Wordplay.!.

Anyways… back to the… War Front…)


Gods of War. The Dogs of War… also.

From… the very of Our Beginning.

We are… Weapons of War. At many Times and Places.


Life… requires the Death. We kill to Survive and Live.


The nomen Science gives therein.



Water… also.



(Music Link)


When Science is… Junked.


Fluorides are not Fluoride.

NOT. Same.


Eating a tube of toothpaste these days is…

not recommended.

Death… will probably result. Clean teeth… or not.


The Fluorides therein cross the Blood-Brain Membrane.

Cells… will die. You too.


Simply… Read the Label.



Which goes oft like this:

“… If Accidentally Swallowed Contact a Poison Control Center Immediately…”




Fluorides ARE Poisons… the result of NERVE TOXIN RESEARCH.


Junk Science that promotes unattainable Health effects,..

vis it’s name association with naturally occurring Fluoride and Good Health. Lies. Deception also.


Military Grade Nerve Gases contain heaps. Fluorides that is.

Rodent Poisons, Baits and Traps as well.

Industrial Aluminium and Fertiliser Waste and By-products.


The Journal of the American Medical Association on September 18, 1943, states;..

“…fluorides are general protoplasmic poisons, changing the permeability of the cell membrane by inhibiting certain enzymes. The exact mechanism of such actions are obscure.

The sources of fluorine intoxication are drinking water containing 1ppm or more of fluorine, fluorine compounds used as insecticidal sprays for fruits and vegetables (cryolite and barium fluoro- silicate) and the mining and conversion of phosphate rock to superphosphate, which is used as a fertilizer. That process alone releases approximately 25,000 tons of pure fluorine into the atmosphere annually.”


Sodium Fluorides. Fluorosilicic Acid.

Fluorides from Fertiliser.


Since at least… 1943.




Drink Up.


The FDA of the U.S.A. for example has never approved such use.

Regarded as a prescription drug in it’s classification.

No Control whatsover of individual dosages.

Profit over People.


Drink Up.


The Multinationals do bark.

Ever thought… Why.?.





Dogs of War.


Consumerism and Materialism are their Creeds and Themes.

Profit over People. Truth… not so much.

At All… actually.


To obtain Profit buyers must be found. Or… persuaded.

Buyers with more dollars than sense helps too.


Russian and German Concentration Camps were very regular buyers.

Their War on Truth… readily apparent. The…

thirst for Freedom therein also.


The effects of Fluorides easily recognised by such Camp Guards.

Decreased resistance to any suggestions by Authority Figures was…

figured out. Prisoners sedated.?.

Sir… Yes Sir. Camp… secured.


Physical Health and Energy Levels diminish and deteriorate.

A depressed and repressed and zombified Populace… results.


The Science of Junk. Fertiliser production… produces much. Junk that is.

Costly to remove and dispose. Unless…

disposal and dispersal obtained vis the Peoples… Kidneys.

Thus and then… Profit over People metabolises.




Those who promote Fertiliser Waste Products to be put into Our Waters are dosing the users and populace… with doses of a known Poison in strengths unknown and no PATIENT DISCLOSURE AT ALL.

YOU have no say.

Whether you agree… or not. It’s In there.

Poisoned by Proxy. Long Term.


Drink Up.


Fluorides of Fertiliser.


Glands such as Our Pineal suffer much when Poisons approach.

The Fluorides react as Toxins.

Being processed from Fertiliser… probably doesn’t aid either.

Though the War Dogs that so readily bark their tune…

gain much more than a simple Mind Inhibitor.


Uranium too… extracted from… doo-doo. The Phosphates that is.

Another uplifting promoter. Of Profit over People.

Of Death and Final Dreams that is…

as well.



(Video Link)


As shown above and therein…

The highest concentration of Fluorides… is in the Pineal.

Readily accumulating… and exposing the cells to All sorts of…

subsequent and Long Term… Health Issues. Allergies, Syndromes and more.

More than 60 Dis-eases have been linked.


Important Body Functions are stymied by such Enzyme Inhibitors. Heart Muscle Regions are blocked off. Radioactive Elements not so easily dispersed. Glandular Issues accumulate…

and spread as the Poison… spreads.

The Glands Calcify. Turn to Stone. Eventually.


The Pineal. Poisoned. You too.


Drink Up.

The Waters of Life.


Food for thought. For Life.

Vegetable, Mineral and Animal.


Other forms of… Life. We kill. Oft.

Foods… and Waters.


Our Selves… also.


Knowledge… and Wisdom are not mutually exclusive.

To… Drink or not to Drink.?. Questioned here and there.


Nor are All Waters… clean, natural or pure.


When such as Science only focuses on Profit over People.

The Waters of Life. Muddied. Truth. Murdered.

When Science aids in Slavery. Of Minds. Bodies as well.




Little to uplift here in such un-natural Tales. Just… toil.


Perservere. Endure. Survive that,..

which Life throws at You.


Soldier on. Discover Wisdom through Your Truthseek.

For Yourself and those of Life,..

less fortunate and less knowledged too.


Be Wise.

Fill their Glass… with Truth and Cheer.



if not You.?.


(Video Link)



Our World Legends. Be One.


Set those Truths… flowing and


Cheers too,.. to You and have a Drink.

Non-fluoridated. Natural. Straight Up.

The Waters of Life.


To Life.

On me.


I am Shiro. I write. Herein.


Till next…



Pigeon Post. Arabia to Wall Street. A lil’ Bird told me.

The days of Yore, of Pigeon Post… long gone. Modern Tech Computers and Cameras work together now to produce instant results. Messaging, Videos and more. Herein… is rather… less. Early flight lessons in Ancient Arabia to days of a Dynasty Founded. Our World Legends where such as Saladin bloom and the Rothschild’s bring along… gloom. Seek and search the Ancient Skies… above… to bring the lowdown of those flights of fancy.


(Music Link)



In those days gone of Yore and Legend;..

…Messages flew swiftly on Wings by and by.

So these of Our World Legends do say. Herein.


Long before email.


Pigeon Post.

(From) Arabia to Wall Street.

(What) a  lil’ Bird told me.


…Has enabled a Country… to be divided…

…and wrapped up. In Shares.

Theirs… to Control.


Via Birds. In Coops. Lofts as well.


A Dynasty of Bird Whisperers.

From Ancient Arabia.


A Modern Dynasty of Bankers.

They of the… Red Shield of War.

Trade and Finance… too.


(Video Link)



Their Legend.

Herein. Pigeons… as well.

Their wings and tales openly retold.

Simply enjoy… or not. Such flights of fancy.



Mail Call… of the Wild,..

…that is.


Not so long ago:.. in the World that was Ours.

When the word had to get out.


Let loose the… Birds of War.?.


The Strategies of Battle, Wars, Politics, Diplomacy and Banking took to the Skies.

On wings of those pesky pooing Pigeons.

Pigeon Post.



In deed,.. and in fact… as well.

In Arabia of Ancient,.. Our World Legends did soar.

In Times and Places of the Sultan Saladin.


A Sultan of… wings.

At War.


Pigeon… Posted.


(Music Link)



Saladin instinctively altered his breathing as he entered.

Stopped. Breathing that is.

Acrid, rich mineral excrement… in decomposition.

Fumes containing… lil’ Oxygen.

Smelly… too.


Known from childhood… the coops;..

Saladin couldn’t help but grin,..

as he dwelt on irony, picking up a small bundle of fur and feathers that cooed so sweet and true in his hands, warm and snuggled as he softly stroked… yet did…

Pigeon Droppings… that… so stank

…and… yet in Ways;..

His Country United. O… Irony indeed.


Without the first… there was no… Country…

to Unite that is. For these…

Pigeons to the coopRescue.

For the salvation of his Peoples. Were honored and respected.

For… His Country was at War.


Intel and Information… from many fronts…

and rear actions also.



Was being relayed on the Wings… well…

Legs actually,.. of a plentiful Pack of Pigeon Post-Birds. His.


A Sultan with much more than a… flock of few to manage.

Each Message required some six or more Birds per short trip.

Long flights may double or triple. That.


Thus Messages to ALL his Commanders…

filled the Skies with wings of greys, browns and whites… in full flight.

So he could continue. Unite a Country.


To fight that good fight… per se.


Such as this in Times and Places of Yore… bore Saladin… A Sultan of Wings… good and bad tidings it seems indeed.


Country United… at stake therein.


Fatigue and Lost Ways of Postie Pigeons…

were high risks. Like Soldiers… at War.

Our World Legends found the Mod Term…


Cannon Fodder… apropos herein.


To make sure at least One got through.

Out of that huge sum that is.


Not that any of the Droppings were wasted… at all.

Therein that is. The Sultanate.

Lands thereof and therein.


An-Nasir Salah ad-Din Yusuf ibn Ayyub… Saladin,.. 1137-1193. photocredit/thanks:alloutdoor




For Vine, Melon, Hemp and some others also,..

were Crops that brought forth much bountiful and needed harvest with the judicial addition of that end product.

Suitably Watered down and Earth filtered in some Ways prior it seems.


Pigeon Poo packs an Elemental and Mineral Rich Fullness in ‘tween. Also.


Still stinks though indeed,..

in deed and in fact as well.

In Times of Now…


and Saladins. Also.


(Music Link)



The Stink of War.

Was also that chosen by the Family Rothschild.

The Red Shield.


“…For the last one hundred and fifty years, the history of the House of Rothschild has been to an amazing degree the backstage history of Western Europe… Because of their success in making loans not to individuals but to nations, they reaped huge profits… Someone once said that the wealth of Rothschild consists of the bankruptcy of nations…” Frederic Morton,.. Preface to ” The Rothschilds ”



The Plan was simple. Profit over People.

Send out 5 Sons. To 5…

different Countries.

Fund Armies in each. Wait and Call for War.


Bet on the outcomes based on the Info gathered earlier. Bet BIG.

Gain control of Shares by buying up and out… those above…

…from 5 different Countries,..

who bet and lost. Lost though not was another of those Pigeon Posties.

Of Rothschild’s.




Knowing well in advance the results of various Battles and Sea actions.

From 5 different Countries. By Pigeon Post.

Their betting… rather… rigged. The Stock Exchanges

became their financial playground and pilfer place.


“…The fact that the House of Rothschild made its money in the great crashes of history and the great wars of history, the very periods when others lost their money, is beyond question…” E.C.Knuth,.. in ” The Empire of the City ”


Coming closest to… owning that world.

Through news filtered on wings. What a lil’ Bird so toiled to tell.


Wall Street too taken over by Financial Theft… of 5 different Countries.

At War.

Funding both sides,.. Profit over People.

Oft their sorry Tale therein and thereof.


On June 4, 1879, the New York Times too, noted:

“…Baron Lionel N. de Rothschild, head of the world famous banking house of Messrs. Rothschild & Co. died at the age of 71. He was the son of the late Baron N.M. Rothschild who founded the house in London in 1808 and died in 1836. His father came to the conclusion that in order to perpetuate the fame and power of the Rothschilds, which had already become worldwide, it was necessary that the family be kept together, and devoted to the common cause. In order to do this, he proposed that they should intermarry, and form no marital unions outside the family. A council of the heads of the houses was called at Frankfurt in 1826, in the end the views of Baron Nathan were approved…”




Views and Dreams.

Of Greed, Materialism, Hypocrisy et al with All the attendant horrors and Human Rights to Life violations… and more. Funding War for Profit. Tis how the Red Shield got their large score. WankersBankers supplying Bullets to those…

so hungry for War. Anywhere… everywhere they go.

That this is still so is an easily told… tale.


Military spending… 1.7 TRILLION+… in 2012…

that was a 1.7… followed by 12…0’s… or something like this:


$1,700,000,000,000… year after year… o dear. Dear indeed such costs.

Indeed. Money created out of nothing… costing something precious as well.

Interest fees apply to cash… also supplied at interest.?.



IMPOSSIBLE to repay… btw. Just so… You know.


Exemplified in such as ” Jews and Modern Capitalism ” whereby and within Prof. Werner Sombart wrote:

“…The principal loan floaters of the world, the Rothschilds, were later the first railway kings. The period of 1820 onwards became the ‘ Age of the Rothschilds ‘ so that at the middle of the century it was a common dictum :

There is only one power in Europe and that is Rothschild…”


Created out of… nothing. Interest on Interest… applied.

Fully monetised… and CONTROLLED. At Your cost.


Red Shield Ways it seems.

Banking and Investment tis now called it seems.


Profiteering on the misfortunes of others.

On Lives and Dreams.


(Music Link)



(Video Link)


Cannon FodderFeeder.?.

There is oft Lore… oft forgot within many of Our World Legends.

Herein also.

This is just one such… Tale to follow. Sorry perhaps as well.


Beneath the Wings of those Pigeons grand…

lay the ingredients for Empire Builders.

Empirical Plans. Profit over People.


For in ” The Rothschilds: The Financial Rulers of Nations ” John Reeves writes:

“…The first occasion in which Nathan assisted the English government was in 1819, when he undertook the loan of 60 Million; from 1818-1832 Nathan issued eight other loans totalling 105,400,000; he subsequently issued eighteen Government loans totalling 700 Million.

To the Rothschilds, nothing could have occurred more propitiously than the outbreak of the American Revolt and the French Revolution, as the two enabled them to lay the foundation of the immense wealth they have since acquired.

The House of Rothschild was (and is) the Ruling Power in Europe, for all the political powers were willing to acknowledge the sway of the great Financial Despot, and, like obedient vassals, pay their tribute without murmur…

It’s influence was so all-powerful that it was a saying, No War could be undertaken without the assistance of the Rothschilds. They rose to a position of such Power in the Political and Commercial World that they became the Dictators of Europe.

To the Public the Archives of the Family, which could throw so much light upon History, are a profound Secret,

a sealed book kept well hidden…”


Created All… out of Nothing.


Secrets of Money AND Interest and how real wealth lies within…

Control. The Red Shield.


Profit over People… amongst the mix;..

a major aim therein their schemes.


(Music Link)




Power of the Poo.

Pigeons and Guns do not really nor usually…

mix well. Mixing Ancient Gunpowder.

Though meant your hands were full of it…

so to speak. Pigeon Poo that is.


Their Mineral rich leftover deposits contained high amounts of Saltpetre.

Charcoal and Sulfur soon added, soon makes… Gunpowder indeed,..

in deed and in fact also.


Royal and Military Coops and Lofts etc were oft… Guarded well.

Thief prevention so assigned. Soldiers so toiling to save the Birds tails.

Lives as well.



Such… Tales to tell.

Of Wings and Dreams. Highs and Lows.

Truths and Lies.


Our World Legends.

Be One.


(Video Link)





Till next…



Immune System High. Down and Dirty with Nature.

The Modern Mass Medicine notion of Cleanliness and Disinfecting can stifle a Growing Immunity. Our Childrens’ natural disposition for Exploration and Play… must be played out. Experts are realising such Natural Play… and the Dirt acquired… gives One… a cleaner bill of Health. As with Breastfeeding;.. Mother… & Mother Nature… do indeed know best. Herein. Our World Legends.


Immersing Oneself in Mother Nature as do Our Children when Exploring and Playing reveals Benefits oft unnoticed. Particularly the Clay Type Soils. Whilst Hygiene and Cleanliness has it’s Place and Time…



Playing in the Dirt per se,..

can bring a…

Immune System High.

Down and Dirty

with Nature…

… ensures the practice and triggering thereof,..

of the early and growing Immune Response System.

An Immune Boost.



Mother Nature… knows Best therein indeed,..

in deed and in fact as well.


Our World Legends.

That Immune Boost. Herein. The nature…

of Mother as well.



The signs that Breastfeeding is always the best First Option are also many.

Sciences from different aspects of Health find no harm done…

‘cept when the Feeder has Health Issues of their Own to handle.


The micro-nutrients passed from Mother to Child are oft vital for continued growth and so on.

An Immune Boost… as well.

Mother Nature knows Best… Our World Legends do say.


The United Nations,.. In Geneva too… recently. Agreed.

The World Health Assembly. That is.

Promoted, discussed and favored a Resolution in favor of:

“…Protecting, Promoting and Supporting Breastfeeding…”


Most.?. thinking People would wholeheartedly agree.?. Agree though,..




…that good ol’ U.S. of A.,.. said…

NAY at that. To that. At first.

No good therein… and dithered. Cos of this:


Lobbyists lobbying…

… for the Commercial Interests of the Manufacturer’s of the

(fake = NON-BREAST)

chemical replica concoction known as Infant Formula.


The Boost they were seeking was for Themselves.

No concern showed for sufferance of the Children…

lil’ at All. The Boost for them was Profit over People.


Their Fat Wallets… All…

at the expense of Children.

Commercialism and Materialism are lobbied much.

Science and Health Benefits downplayed.

The nature of Mother Nature ignored…

by the greedy natured indeed.


The Profits Cycle on. Boosted by those addicted so.

To big bucks that is.

Who easily override Truth with such Trading Schemes.

Ignoring… Mother Nature and preferring chemical overload of Children…

to get their… Profit Payload. Over People that is.


To those who decry… everyone is entitled to an Opinion. Opine indeed,..

in deed and in fact also. For ’tis so… ‘cept therein. Where… Opinion was…

added to.



If the Lobbying lobbed onto the General Assembly wasn’t quite enough to ensure Profits were kept abreast over People. The USA then applied Diplomatic Pressures and basic threats of a Financial Nature… to corral those being… lobbed at by Lobbyists and so forth.


Such Geopolitical manipulations… Financial as well…

common enough at the United Nations.

Where much is not united at all. Really.


Finally after much… and such senseless debate. Natural senses were restored.

The sense of Nature… a Mother’s place… restored. Sensible.

Hypocrisy and more,..

sensibly… recalled.


The U.S.A. then reversed.

Removing thus… NAY.


Eventually… saying AYE. Ending…

naturally with People over Profit. Therein.


Lest one imagines only in the West. Such convolutions and twists,..

within Diplomacy and Geopolitical Halls of Influence. There’s stuff…

from all over Our World Legends. Trade…


and… Trade Wars… too.


United by Nations.?.


Witness recent Chinese Geo-political, Industrial and Trade Pressure applied re Taiwan.

Or that of Saudi Arabia over inhumane actions against Yemen.

Human Rights Watch Reports.

Or Israels illegal takeovers.

Amnesty International Reports.

And so forth and so on. Cycles.


Trade sanctions and reactions… take priority…

even at the hallowed U.N.. Which is getting rather…

hollow actually. Of People over Profit that is. Indeed.


There are at least several phrases i could use here to describe the Emotions they and that arouse.

Be imaginative. Feel free to imagine what these…

could and should and would be and so on. I’ll wait.


Ok… back at Our World Legends…

Getting down and dirty was fun. Making mud… mud-pies and other such clay like creations of childhood.

Cycling through dirt and mud and water. Jumping in and on puddles. The o so green Knee slides during Sports. Rear tackle dumps… green as also. Lots of dirt. In shoes, clothes, hair, hands and more. Children and Dirt… attract therein.


Science has found much in Soils such as Clay

to allow such Play. Encourage as well.


Whilst mainly used in Our Beauty Products…

which should in itself be an INDICATION. As to it’s True Value.

That this dirt… ain’t cheap and nasty… per se.


Full of goodness,.. it seems indeed. In deed…

and in fact too.



Clay… claims and bakes.


Soils such as Clay react such as Charcoal and collect Toxins along it’s ways and routes throughout Our Bodies.

Many Olden Cultures still prepare Foods and Medicines using Clay Wraps to protect and enhance the cooking process. Clay action therein the same. Toxins out.

This easily helps prevent such as Diarrhea, Reactive Vomiting and Neurological Imbalances. The Elements such as Calcium, Copper, Iron and Magnesium usually found in high amounts therein.

Diets that lack access to the Dairy type Calciums via Allergies or otherwise, Benefit greatly.

Such Natural Mineral Absorption Methods typified in Our Animal Kingdom by the Cow and Mineral Salt Licks.


Or the Monkey Tribe that washes produce,..

usually fruit or root vegies in Mineral rich Waters prior to consumption.


Our sub-surface Soils oft too, contain far less infective materials.



The Immune Boost of such Dirt and Soils appears at least three-fold.


  • Child-hood Wonder and Joy. Fun of Play. Exploration.
  • The Foreign Particle/Matter Reaction- Immune Boost.
  • As above Reaction to Bacterial/Viral Matter if present.



Kaolin White Clays for example have quickly gained respect and usage within antacid type preparations.

When and of usage is restricted to when actually required to Boost,..

the Benefits are great.


Overuse NOT AT ALL recommended.

Clays… also binds.


In Our World Legends Terminology…


Constipation ensues. Bound to.




Till next…



My Health Record. Online Update.

Further and Updated Information concerning the Australian Federal Governments Medical Health Database recently exposed. With no prior announcement the Govt. put Medical Records of every Australian Online. Additional Information on How To Opt out is revealed… Herein. Database Security… reviewed also. My Health Record. Online. Yours as well.




(Music Link)


Following on from recent revelations of IOT ineptness within the Australian Federal Government concerning their rather secretive Online Database named;..

My Health Record.

Online Update…

… is now a necessity as further Information has been recently released.


Mounting Public and Professional pressure and scepticism has led to further concessions from the Minister and Dept. concerned in regards to the ” My Health Record ” Online Database System.


A Survey for example in the industry magazineAustralian Doctor ” included almost 500 in it’s sample. Which found that some 8 out of 10 Doctors then and therein…

had No Plans whatsoever to access this Database.


Concerns therein included Privacy and Security and lack thereof;

as well as a…

lack of trust in it’s usefulness for their Medical needs and requirements.

Accuracy and Up-to-Date Data validity…

also questioned as lacking therein and thereof they say.


A leading News Corp Investigation has further found such…

lacks leading the ways.



Privacy Proof

and Data Breaches.


According to a Pg. 17 Article in the Thursday 2nd August Edition of the Adelaide Advertiser the relevant Health Minister Greg Hunt is quoted as obtained Advice that ascribes Military-Grade Security to the Database Site with No Breaches.

Yet and…

According to the Australian Digital Health Agency which actually runs the Record System for the Database.


There have been at least… 9 DATA BREACHES THUS FAR. Recorded.


This was reportedly reported in their Previous and Earlier Report Publication which was distributed for release listed to all Doctors and Professionals associated the Medical Health System.


The Ministers Advisors… perhaps didn’t make that list.?.

or simply playing that ol’ Yes Minister approach.?.


Our World Legends list miss… also. Noted.



Opt-Out… Up-date.


In an ongoing response and reflex to the ongoing critiques of lack and list-lessness,..

The Minister and Dept. have… decided.

Privacy Provisions are set to be strengthened though details are…

sparse in the actual… details.


Access to the System and Records… also…

as above. In detail that is.


However a Decision has been made.

To Extend and ride-out the OPT OUT.

Another Month.


My Health Record.

Deadline for IOT Online Opt-Out Now:


Nov. 12,.. 2018. Opt-out indeed.

In deed and in fact… as well.



My Health Record. The Database.

Still Online.





Till next…





Forget The Grassy Knoll.?. That Bush Ambushed JFK.

A beloved U.S. President making radical changes to several stuffy Institutions. The People enjoyed his driven approach, manners, flair and growing mature Diplomacy. Our World Legends also. Whilst researching into this sorry chapter,.. evidence found of another political and geopolitical Identity AT THE PLAZA ON THAT DAY came Shiro’s Ways. Herein. Presented in a Fictitious Interview Format. Shiro recalls what is known. The Shooter. Names and All. Others… not so much.


Our World Legends garner many and different reactions.

To the Tales and Toils therein…

Actions as well.


Some… are hard to believe.

Requiring too big a shift in Worldview.


Others add on to current…

expanding and enhancing that view.


Others reveal anew old Lies and Misleads.



Whilst Mainstream Media, Education, History and such, say for example;..

… and seem content with.

‘Twas… Lee Harvey Oswald…

alone that shot and killed JFK. A loved President downed.


Our World Legends…

and seemingly the curious majority who look at the EVIDENCE

do beg to differ. Or not. Beg… that is.


Differ… we do so indeed.


The Final Triggerman… On that Day.

Who assassinated JFK.?.


Can and will be seen and revealed. Herein. Also.

For such…

drives many a Theory. Conspiracy or not.



Let us,..

Forget…The Grassy Knoll.

That Bush Ambushed JFK…

… has All but been forgot. Till now. By me…


i, Shiro that is. Herein. Now You… also.









Shiro: Let us recall the events of Nov. 1963.?.

That Bush: I cannot recall… (them).


Shiro: Were you in Texas.?.

That Bush: … somewhere down in Texas… I cannot recall.


Shiro: On nov.21… Booked in at the Sheraton Hotel.?.

That Bush: I cannot recall.


Shiro: The Tyler Rotary Club Speech .?.

That Bush: I cannot recall.


Shiro: On Nov. 22… Phone call to FBI Logged.?.

That Bush : I cannot recall… (making that call).


Shiro : Are you of the CIA.?.

That Bush: I cannot recall… oh wait…

yes i remember now… i made Director.


Shiro: .?. In 1963.?.

That Bush: I cannot recall.


Shiro: Were You with the CIA IN 1963.?.

That Bush: I cannot recall… i made Director.


Shiro: And your Son.?.

That Bush: One was there… I cannot recall…



Shiro: In Dealey Plaza.?.

That Bush: I cannot recall… (the name).


Shiro: You were seen in the Area.

That Bush: I cannot recall (that).


Shiro: The Photo… outside the Depository.?.

That Bush: Was my picture taken.?.

…I cannot recall (posing for that).


Shiro: Did you make a Speech at the Rotary.?.

That Bush: I cannot recall… (maybe after Drinkies).


Shiro: Is there ANYTHING You can… recall.?.

That Bush: I could recite a speech my son made


Also in Texas… He said…

“… I Promise you, i will listen to what has been said here,..

even though I wasn’t here.”


There… I recalled that One.!.




Thanks to… That Bush: aka GWHB.

Thanks Shiro… aka… Shiro.





(Video Link)





HE… Cannot Recall…

…very much at All.



The American who went from CIA Director to U.S. President.

Rather… incongruous. Unusual… also.


For Our World Legends records this;..


From a Family only decades before…

that profited and did well from Hitler’s Regime.

Until U.S. Law decreed otherwise.



(…Another family Member also later became Pres…)





The Son of a Nazi Wartime Collaborator.

Long-time Member of a Secret Society.

Skull and Bones… so named. Therein.


GEORGE WALKER HERBERT BUSH 41st U.S. Pres… ( and a Son…):

Were both IN Dallas, Texas. Dealey Plaza,..

…on the night before and the day of:


The Assassination of JFK…



That Bush… and (a) Son… WERE THERE.


Our World Legends say so. Herein.

Others… too. Below.

His Wife… as well.


The activities the Bush Pair actioned…

are exactly unknown.


Cos… GWHB…

… cannot recall.

Much at all.


…Cannot Recall… much.. at All. I am GWHB. CIA. Herein also.


Photos of the milling background crowds and the Texas School Book Depository Building and so forth show the Pair around the Area on that Day.

At one point… GWHB is leaning on the Building itself.



Questioned on the matter several Times in several Places.

GWHB used the ” I cannot recall “…many times. Most… actually.


His wife Barbara (via details in a book she wrote), FBI, Investigators and Journalists have seemingly confirmed the Bookings at HOTEL, ROTARY CLUB and PHONE Info…

… lil’ much more than that.


No reaction… on the Bush’es actions therein and thereof.

On that Day.

Nov. 22, 1963.

The CIA… still publicly anyway… are silent as…

as well.


His Bush CIA Spy hand in All that happened…

…On that Day.

Clean or Not.?.

Unknown publicly exactly… at this stage.


However,.. HE was there.

GWHB WAS THERE… On that Day.

A Son… too.


Nov. 22nd 1963.

Dealey Plaza, Texas… U.S. of A.

J.F.K.,.. … R.I.P.


On that Day.


On that Day… i, Shiro recall;..


an American Legend died.









The Name:

For the record: Our World Legends.

Unknown if this Video following has been manipulated or not:



Our World Legends could find only One Agency who went to print.

Vis the release of the Dallas Police Files.


Mar 17, 1992… GLOBE Magazine.


Vested Interests and Other Agendas seem to have kept the rest of the MASS MEDIA…

quiet indeed… in deed and quite in fact…

as well.



(Video Link)






PLAY TILL 00.24/25/… Pause again.

The Driver is.?.



What is the DRIVER DOING.?.

(Have 3-sequence screenshots below)


Look at  THE DRIVER. Turns… Points…


Ambushed. JFK. Indeed.

In deed and in fact…also.


Screenshots sequence from 00.25… Look… The Driver therein. photocredit/thanks:youtube/shiro


Zoom in of above. photocredit/thanks:youtube/shiro


The Driver and The Assassination of U.S.Pres. JFK. photocredit/thanks:youtube/shiro


The Driver.



The last screenshot above… shows the last JFK moment.


President down.


William Greer is so named. Herein.

The Driver.


Government Agent thereof. Named.

Therein below as well.




The Driver.


So these Vids, Links, Police Files and Journo’s;..

do herein and therein… say.



This link also shows a Photo of a milling nearby Crowd.

Near end of Article. Herein… also. Below.

Taken on that day. 22/11/1963.



On Ground Level.


Whilst JKF was driven and ambushed from within.


Oswald just stood. Watching the Motorcade… go by.

As did many others.


On that Day.




William Greer… The Driver thereof.


JFK. Ambushed.


In Dallas, Texas,.. U.S.A.





On that Day.


So Our World Legends…

do so…

…and say.




Till next…