Ufo’s and Aliens. Journey of Our World Legends.

Legendary Craft and Beings can be found of Yore and in the Modern. Our World Legends are Awash with Mystery, UFO’s and Aliens. Awash with Shaman’s Water… Scorched by Fire, Sounds of Sticks and Didgeridoo, Shiro seeks and searches the Journeys therein. Ancient Lore, Nature and Modern Tech… too. Inner and Outer revealed. Your State of Mind. Matters indeed it seems. photocredit/thanks:sivutedulahtifi/aminoapps


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Do Ufo’s exist.

Of course.


If Flying and Unknown ID = Ufo.

Natural, Man-made or Otherwise Phenomena/Object/Being.



I,.. Shiro have seen then:..



Yes,.. it seems indeed…

…and Aliens.?.

Not in the Real… yet.



Journey of Our World Legends…

…fruitful herein to therein fill that Mind State Gap.


Our Minds can Muse and Matter on Many Subjects. We also have… MANY PERSPECTIVES AND WAYS OF LOOKING AT THINGS. photocredit/thanks:mnw3atnetwork


Driving at night the long highways alone… problematical.

Heading Far North into the South Australian Outback.

From Adelaide to Leigh Creek bound.


Darkness was coming.

I was still a couple of hours from my Target.


Targets… actually.

A Shaman’s Apprentice Position…

and a Young Lady.


Leigh Creek Sth. Australia… ‘tween MARREE and FLINDERS RANGES. photocredit/thanks:nmagovau


Heeding Prudence… I stopped to Camp.

At next Truck-Stop Area. Alone still.

Unpacking in minutes. Food and Bedding.


Adding and piling a few large stones to the Fire-Pit edge as a wind-break wall.

Fire-Starter next.


Useful Survival Tool… with several inherent Capabilities. Typical of good equip is the capability for Multi-use and uses. photocredit/thanks:armyandoutdoors



Wood/Tinder, Magnesium, Carbon Steel Striker and Flint = Fire Started.

The Stones serve other purposes… too. Later.


Bed-warmer on chill nights.

Underground Oven/Warmer Aid.

Throw option.

Fire cover next morn.


Wanna see the Town… We set on Fire.?. Herein. Our World Legends. Centralia.


Dinner was going to be simple.

Goats Milk Porridge.

Slightly Watered down.


Farm Fresh Chicken Egg slightly beaten in at cooking’s end.

Molasses sweetener.

Cinnamon, All-Spice, Cayenne sprinkled.

Small Handful crushed Nuts n Seeds sprinkled.

Let cool a lil’.


1 Pot… 1 Spoon.

Clean, Rinse, Refill… begin Heat Water for after drinks.

Start to Eat.

(… in ‘tween and along the Way;..

…Make Pot hot Dark Choco… sit pot on Stones to keep warm.

Spice sprinkle as prior…)


Burp… content.


Drink… a lil’.

Mouth tingling slight of Cayenne.


Chilli and Chocolate…a good Mix. A couple of Condiments for that Cupboard.?. Herein. The Slide-show.


The Lights… the Lights…


Gets cool quickly.


Night Sky mostly clear.

Lotsa Stars.

Warm Porridge and Hot Choco… Cayenne;..

…keeps out the Chills.


Wild-life not oft an issue.

Not that occasion anyways.


Cigar… or two.




I stretch out just watching the Sky.

High-Intensity Torch and Hand-Spear… close… at hand.

Neither was used much.


Chewed the crap outta that Cigar though.


A while passed and then i saw Lights.

Mid Height… only lil’ head tilt etc.

Far in the distance… rapid color changes.

Moving in a… Pattern perhaps.?.


Moved more like a Copter…

not Plane per se.


Could not define shape outline.

Lights merged… or ‘cos distance… looked like did.?.

Several colors… flashed and changed a lot.

That’s about it… well under a minute… perhaps.


Seemed to move away in an arc type maneuver.

Fade and gone.



Yep… an Unidentified (…by me…) Flying Object.

With lotsa… Lights.



Far North S.A.

By i, Shiro.



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Mind States, Inner Aliens…

and a Shaman’s Dream.

Some… 3 Months Later:..

Within half an hour… give or take.



3 Aliens.

3 Types.


In Reverse Order:


The atypical GREY.

An Insectoid Form.

An Invisible-ish GIANT.


The first above… locked eyes. Stared. Faded aways.

The next… wanted to KNOW me physically per se… i think.

We parted. After realisation… by i, Shiro.

Not… my Type.?. thought intruded in Mind. Mine.


The last… gave me a (Energy) Massage… i think… again.

Looked strange.


BIG HANDS… lil’ i, Shiro.

SWIPE Torso… easy. Large Structure to this Image.

A GIANT. Gentle as well.


Felt fine, wasn’t rough etc.

Guess how a Cat feels when us guys do such. To them that is.



(…Please note that the Images in the Slide-show and Article herein and following are ONLY REPRESENTATIONS…

not the “Real” Imagined Image… just similar overall etc. that,..

i,Shiro did see under the Shaman Spell Rituals being described herein.)


This slideshow requires JavaScript.


The Shaman’s Sticks were Tapping in Time with my beating Heart.

Synched with low tones and haunting earthy echoing sound of Didgeridoo.

The process well under Ways and effective…


Half an hour after Tea(s).

Mind States accelerating and changing. Fluid. Flowing.


Past and then beyond my Birth.?. I… Journeyed.

Via Chains of Light that Snaked and merged.

Inner Aliens.?. or Gods.?…. emerging. Balanced.




Endorphins such as DMT… approaching Max.


Mind knew. Adjusted. NOT Poison.


Touch sense gave way to… Texture. All soon… altered.



(Video Link)



Felt in some way… each tap, sound and note…

gave Life. Was Life and more.?. Knowledge.?.

Felt… more than Alive. Different indeed. Deep… yet.?.

A definite Disassociation… also.


Sorta… Dead.?.

Didn’t have to Breathe or Eat…

there.?. Just felt no NEED.?.


Was hard to distinguish what suited each of these…

altered Mind-States… 27… states/dimensions/worlds.?. I think.

whatever they are.

need lotsa Study.


She… had told me that,.. with a Smile.



Not the Real A.J.,.. as far as i, Shiro… know.


Her smile.

That o so cute offset Eye-Tooth in an otherwise perfectly symmetrical Smile.

She… the Young Lady…

of Leigh Creek mentioned ways above.



A.J… and R.J.

She … and I.


(…i;.. Shiro now…



Tall enough, blondish and more than…

willowy was she.

A typical Aussie Country Girl look and persona.

Smoldering heat,.. at that age.

Father,.. a Miner.


A.J. wore Boots…

or Stilettos… equally well.

Handled Animals, adept with Rope.

Adored the Band… Motley Crue.


Taught me to ride Horses…

on a Donkey.

Cos… i kept falling off…

the Horse.


Cos Donkeys lower to ground…

slower too.


Ninja Horse… Play. photocredit/thanks:bellenmark


Suited me fine… i was in no hurry.

My bits were bashed enough by then indeed,..

in deed and in fact as well.


That was 3 months earlier…

and no such Spice… in my Life…


…nor real Food and Drink either… since.

3 months.


The Indigenous Shaman lived simply, ate frugally and so forth. Starved practically.

During approaches to Ceremonies this may involve a Special Diet.

A Special Dish or Plant.


Whilst Ceremonial Medicine their Forte this One knew much on Herbs…

too. My Study Topic at the Time.


They Teach mainly by letting the Apprentice observe and fulfill small yet necessary actions.

Like cooking their Dinner and serving Drinks.

Of Teas, Potions and Decoctions and so on.

All done under their Supervision of course.


Lots of Tales told, Myth, Legends, Lore and so forth.

Fire-place… too.


Fire oft a Major Part of the Rituals of Shamanism… ’twas Sacred when in such use. Certain Herbs cleansed and purified… as well.


Lots to Learn. Recipes too. Herbs that suit…

those that in no Ways do as well.


On Ways to encourage their growth.

Propagation and finding underground Water.


Warmed by Fire…

Earthy Lessons and Advice also.


(Music Link)


Recalling;.. My…

…Journey Of Our World Legends.

DMT and co. are one of the Keys herein. To unlocking the Mind…

especially in regards to that of Shamanism… and…

THAT PLACE… Those Worlds and Dimensions,..

they go to…



Possibly solving the UFO dilemma and phenomenon.

Maybe. More… as well.


The Sciences of Our World Legends gives this nomen therein.

DiMethylTryptamine. DMT… in short.


Found generally throughout Nature and Earthy Life Forms therein and thereof.

Several Plant Species concentrate such production.

Enacting as Endorphins these substances provide key Energy in several Forms.

Though generally due to inherent Hallucinogenic Properties these are classed as Poisons/Toxins/Drugs and etc.



P.C. Terminology and so on.



Hallucinogenic… in high enough doses.?.


YES. INDEED,.. in deed and in fact as well…




Some are built on a Molecular Scale and Ways so close to Our Own…

only one Molecule may differ and so on.


Selection of Endorphin Type Molecules. Strange Science.?. Herein. photocredit/thanks:bibliotecaufabcedubr


The Shamanic Diet/Rituals of Food, Drink, Music and Trance States approaches…

are full of it.

DMT… and associated compounds.

Ways of increasing and deepening.


Endorphins per se such as DMT oft seem to be produced in high quantities…

within a certain frame/State of Mind.

These States of Mind… in turn… GO…




E.G. For i, Shiro to see and interact with Aliens…

…to see more than a mere UFO;..


i meditate shaman style as described herein.


Anything… On and In Your Mind.?. gifcredit/thanks:thefreethoughtproject/giphy


Such capabilities only… THEN available.


Does this hold TRUE for Others.?.


Are those that see UFO’s, Aliens, Other Dimensions or Worlds…

high on such and these Endorphins.?.

Whether Natural or somehow induced.?.



THUS… somehow.?.

enabling their Mind… to see such.?.


Our World Legends of:

UFO’s… and… Aliens.


Is there perhaps too.?. Ways to approach them…

within Our Minds.?. In such Ways.?.


Our Minds are powerful enough to comprehend much of Nature.



what about Our Own.?.


Is Inner Mind… another Real Ways…

to Outer Space.?.


Inner Spaces… To those of Outer.?. photocredit/thanks:youtube


If such be so;..

would not.?. We then




Our World Legends.

On Your Journey.

Be One.


In those Outer or even…

Inner Spaces… indeed.


Worlds… within thy Hands. Our World. Our World Legends.


Within Our Minds… as well. photocredit/thanks:psyamb


Till next…



Dolphins. Pod Power, Pink, LSD and the CIA.

Our History, Art, Sciences and Our World Legends as well… all acknowledge the Dolphin as an outstanding Species… that stands… well,.. lives in Water actually. Our Deep Blue… bits. Interactions with us and them… oft go well. Though wet in the wild. Sticky situations… there have been a few. Pod Power, Dolphin Whisperers, Cia Suicide Bombers and their links to a mind-changing Chemical. Diving Deep… and a lil’ Slide-show in and on The Pink. Dolphin.


(Music Link)



Thick bodied yet sleek grey shadows surround me.

4… maybe 5,..

as i let the tide move me whence is wont.

Quick yet simple movements,.. they encircle without collision.


Australian Summer,..

the Waters warm today that are in and surround Semaphore Beach.


The shadows are quicker than i, Shiro.

The Waters their home.



in here,..

I am the Alien Species.


Their noise and movements reassure.

Dolphins. Pod Power, Pink,..

…LSD and the CIA.

Move as thoughts within Mind. Mine that is.


Our World Legends also.



As an uninvited Guest… from their perspective.

I wait and watch.

As they seem to be doing… too.


Setting mini waves around us All… as they flowed.

Graceful with Natural Power.


Sleek, fast and sure.


Out of the Deep Blue… literally…

they came.


Unbidden… ‘cept unconsciously perhaps.



I inhale deep.

Under i seek.

Eyes wide open.


The water clear… splashing shapes define quickly.

Colors and shades too soon fill that sense.

Whilst words to define… spill too. In Mind.


I join in the movement as they close in on this intruder.

In their World.

The skin that brushes against me is stunningly…



So smooth a rubbery almost textural feel.


Smooth with Muscle Hardness lurking close.

A Leathery thickness,.. Water enveloped and softened.

Faint yet deep looking scars occasionally blemish on some.

Surprise filled me too thence.


No sweat glands… either.


For them… Our Dolphin,..


not i, Shiro that is.

(…Out of the Waters… I make my own lil’ pool…

Aussie Summers are like that indeed… certainly not sweat-free.!.)



A Pod with Power.


Their subtle, simple grace and command of the Waters obvious.

Move… oft in unison… yet with an individual flair.


A Pod… Our World Legends of Science do say.

A Pod… with Power sayeth Shiro. Herein.


These slightly change as Times and Places,..

Life Cycles go thru’ and by.

The young and their Nursery Pod Group

mature and fill roles elsewhere.

Scouts, Hunters, Carers and so forth.


Yet even herein the Watery Blue…

a friend from years ago…

still remembered by their own and unique call.


(Video Link)


Yet still more the Pod Powers on.

Providing much more than mere numbers-

much indeed is done on the co-operative levels within such an Environ.


Appearing akin to Us… as Social Creatures that is.

Socialising, Swimming together, Reproduction, Hunting, Threat Defence…

even Alliances of a special Nature and kind.




When Nature has been abundantly of Life Giving that Season…

Welcome the… Super Pod.


Many many Hundreds do gather. Of the Dolphin kind.

Other Predators too.

Our World Legends do say therein.


These Super Sized Swimmers Groups… get rights of Ways… btw.

From even those of Our Giants of the Maritime.

Our Merchant Ships and Tankers that is.


Who wait patiently afloat… chewing fuel and Profit.

While the Floating Super Dolphins… and cohorts,..

go swimmingly by. Nature over Profit therein indeed,..


in deed and in fact… too.



A literal Herd of Dolphins. On a Mission.


A frenzy of Fish Feeding on Fish after the Organized Hunting is done.

Huge schools of Fish corralled, shepherded… controlled.

A veritable smorgasboard of Seafood comes their ways.

After the Dolphins + co. have come a long ways… also.


For sustenance to kick-… or should that be,..


the upcoming Mating Season and Times.


Just another One such…

Power of the Pod it seems.


Right Places and Right Times navigated.

For the Right to first Feed.


Though one of Our World Legends do say;..

In the Waters so Blue of the Amazon true…


Nature picked… Pink. In deed…

and in fact as well. Pink.


(Music Link)



The Dolphin-,.. Pink.

For reasons of Her Own.

Nature picked PINK.


As color of the Amazon River Dolphin.

Pink. The Slide-show:



This slideshow requires JavaScript.


Science has named and categorised over 40 Dolphin Species of which some 5 are River bound and live within such Waters. Natural Predators within these are few… ‘cept for us Humans that is. With their Brain size approx. 40% bigger…

yet warm-blooded, air breathing and with milk production for their young as well.

Several Colors are known including the Pink, White, Grey, Yellow and Brown.

Marine Mammals feeding on Fish, Crustaceans, Shrimp and Crab.


Their range of Travel varies widely with the Seasons. During Times and Places of the Seasonal Rains when the Water Levels inundate the surrounding Landscapes they can be seen traveling hundreds of miles from their usual habitat;..

exploring, hunting and playing amongst the debris and trees pushed along by the Wintery floods.

Btw,.. The Pink may well be the pretty ones.


Pink… Males that is.




During the Mating Seasons… male bonding… comes unstuck.

Competition forces… the use of force.

Aggression is obvious and serious injuries can and do result.

The Male of the Pink Dolphins become a Target… more than most it seems.


Their Color itself seems to be the main cause.

The Power of Pink.



As and when the Waters recede…

so too these natural swimmers… moving back to the River’s main flow.

Their growth rate ensures the Females tend to be slightly larger though Males slightly longer.

Mature specimens can grow ‘tween 5-8 feet and weigh ‘tween 250-450 lbs.


Though their eyesight is not quite up to par…




Nature… compensates.


Long slender beak/mouth/jaw design.

A neck and support structure that allows wide and free head movement to look…

all around.

With inbuilt Radar.


Using what the Sciences term Echo-location.


A Natural form of Radar that helps and aids in ascertaining the layout of the Watery Landscapes,..

friends and foes also.

Whales and such as Bats use similar approaches. With Sound traveling faster than Light within Waters the focused data and /or message provides up-to-date info indeed.


Such Marvels of Nature have also been approached…

by those…

who always seem to be seeking… Intelligence…


those of the CIA.



Dolphin-,..LSD and The CIA.


As Mind… and now Dolphin Scientist and Researcher John Lilly…

left the building…

letting the door close and lock behind…

so too our Public Sciences and Personal Interactions with this Species…

did shut.


More than unwilling to compromise… personal Integrity.

More than unwilling to follow their so-called Scientific approach.




Scientific perhaps not the right Term therein indeed.


Their approach to several new Science venues oft open for criticism.

Being the first to order… SOME 50 MILLION DOSES OF LSD

for example.


The… good ol’ CIA.?. and Big Pharma unite to Drug,.. Our World.

Legends… Being irresponsible and thus responsible for many…

indiscretions and irregularities. Therein.


(Music Link)


So many indeed,.. in deed and in fact as well.

MEGA-LISTS… have been long listed online.

No amount of… Waters… will clean those blemishes of State Deep.


Yes indeed… out for a blue of a good time it seems.

Of MIND CONTROL… MK ULTRA Style Operation tis named.

Drug Trading and Gun Running and usages thereof.

Rather… limited uses of Intelligence also.

Even by their… Standard.



do say. Herein… Therein linked… too.


Soldiers of dolphinry.?.
NO.!. Cattery also.

Grand Plans for the Dolphins… had the CIA arranged.

Mainly as… Weapons of War.


As vehiclescreatures to drive… Suicide Bombing Dives or Intel Gathering.

Like Spies… in some Bond Movie. Spies…


Playing Mind Games and with Society’s Peace and Goodwill… at stake.

With Devices attached to film… or blow-up. Methods such Minds at the CIA…

seem to believe… gather Intelligence.


Such too with others of Nature’s creeds.



Spy Cats.


A mobile listening Operative was the Plan.

To be let loose.

In areas frequented by other… Spies.


Our World Legends. The Cat that Waved. Samurai to Safety. Herein. photocredit/thanks:neowin


Microphones embedded

in Cat’s Ears as an example of clarity of Mind.

CIA Style that is… indeed…

in deed and in fact also.


Results were typically…

catastrophic it seems.

History repeats… oft in those halls…

thus seeking Intelligence so mannered.


Upon being let free in the area.

The Cat did.

What Cats do.

Ran across the Road. Taxi cruising through.


That oncoming Taxi… too,..

had no idea…

SpyKitty was on a deep State Mission of National Security.

Nine lives… thus and soon…


All nine… came due.


KIITY KAT COUSIN OF JAPAN… MANEKI NEKO…Our World Legends: The Cat That Waved. Life-saver too… it seems indeed.


Guess just asking a Cat Owner…


bout Cats and their respect for Road Rules.?.

was not considered an Option here.?.

By those who seek…

Intelligence so and therein.


John Lilly had though long espied and known how Dolphins answer…

long before.


As creatures of Intelligence themselves…

War as an Option,..

is oft… opted out of.


Dolphin Play, Explore, Fun and Games… preferred.

Such is their Ways and Natures…


‘cept for Breeding Rights… tis so indeed.


Lilly’s… Ways and Means.


JOHN C. LILLY… DOLPHIN RESEARCHER AND WHISPERER. Our World Legends of the Deep and Blue indeed. photocredit/thanks:scribol


Dependent on the current status of Drug Research…

so too the interest in such Researchers as John C. Lilly.


With Studies encroaching even unto that of Our Mind.

His Works and Data envelope several unique Science Fields.

Inventive too.


Dolphin Whisperer as well.

Studying such as Dolphin Personality, Decision Making and their Language.


An intense Science Background with Many Awards and so forth.


Though he… awarding the CIA with…

lil’ Intelligence…

refused to play that Game…

and swam… against their Tide… and actions.


(Video Link)


Rather than work against his will… rather than work for the CIA.

Rather than let the Dolphins be lil’ more than Suicide Bombers, Spies and Soldiers…

he left…

which was…

his right.


Legend indeed,.. in deed and in fact… also.


The Day of the Dolphin Movie follows his Themes.

Watery Isolation Tanks… one of his Inventions

ensured success in Mind and Dolphin Studies.


A Maverick of Science… who was not afraid…

to use his Mind. Even immersed Deep in… Blue.


A Place to See… By The Sea that is. Herein. Yokohama. The Port. The Bay. The Museum-Ship… too.


Creatures of comfort.?.

Us and those of Nature… willing to… compromise…

to simply fit in.?.


Say No to that… or those indeed.


Be like Our Dolphins.

Natural subtle grace.


Our World Legends.


Be One.


(Music Link)



Till next…



TOR. TOR. What’s it… good for.?.

Our World Legends Report on the IOT, TOR, BITCOIN and related Intel.

Many Online try to Protect their Privacy. The Onion Router System… TOR touts such Power. The Origins of Our World Legends therein… tell another Tale. As shown with the IOT Servers and even Laptops… TOR is lil’ different. Control over Data… Control over TOR. Bitcoin… also. The Internet is not Free nor does it represent.


(Music Link)


Staying anonymous Online can invoke different views.

Privacy, Safety and Security of the Devices and Media we use.

Our Privacy.


Our Concern it seems indeed,..

in deed and in fact also.



Recent Social Media of muchness has been applied of late.

Facebook, Google and such Concerns and Irregularities examined.


Invasions of what is deemed Privacy to some.

Basic Rights of which very few… are left.

Basic Freedoms overlooked.


Profit over People indeed.




The Basics overturned.


Such with…




What’s it…

… good for.?.


Contains Data from several of Our World Legends that show Control inherently inbuilt and utilised.





Not Yours though.




A Healthy start. Herein.


The Internet…

The Onion Route.


Those who created the IOT understood the desire for Anonymity.

Theirs… that is.


Giving the illusory Freedoms to Users where Data reigns over All.

With Control built in and maintained.


Creation of Problem…

and Solution… supplied.


(Video Link)


The IOT is not Free. In and from any Sense. Origins of Our World Legends… The Internet. Herein. Controlled.



The TOR Project.


Enables Anonymous Communication the Main draw-card.

A Free Worldwide overlay Network.

Conceals Location, User and so forth tis said therein for example.


TOR… Visually Explained. photocredit/thanks:extremetech


Technical sounding Terms seemingly sure.


Blah Blah.

So Our World Legends do indeed say.




More of the New Norm. Watching Me… Watching You.



Peeling Back the… Onion.


Follow the Money Trail.


Office of Naval Research, DARPA, US Navy, Us Federal Govt.

With All of the Freedoms inherent the above Agencies + co.



well a lil’ only… basically.



Another of the seemingly free and endless list of Military Contractors and Agencies is the BBG.

C/o that good ol’ 3 Letter Agency of disrepute.

The CIA.


The Center of Intelligence… always searching for more.

Freedom assured… not given.


The US Secretary of State attends… too.

Land of the Free Representative it seems.


(Music Link)




Bits about Bitcoin.

Sore about Tor… too.

In addition to the almost 100% Funding by Intel Groups, Govts and Contractors and many of the Military Industrial Concerns… which arouses concerns and suspicions from get go when conducting Privacy Needs and Wants.

Freedom goes also.


Long Gone it seems.


Alternative Money.?. Sounds like a Plan… though… BY WHY AND WHO.?.


Online Money is a credit to the Industry.

The Military and Industry Complex that is.


Free to spend anywhere and anywhen.

Online Credit… a boon to linked Economies.

Linked… for easy Tracking of course.


Though… to give credit where credit is due;..

The Bitcoin… was made by THEM…

also… too.


The Founders of this online of credit appear to be a bunch of mysterious and anonymous… Computer Cryptographers… from the good ol’ US of A. A Fact oft… uncredited.


The Technology is simply privatised and monetised as per the IOT, GPS, TOR and so forever on and on.

Crying Times and Tales to tell.




Yes indeed o Reader Friend…

though cry from an Onion You Must.

Tis Intel Agencies that decide when that Intel Cred…

goes down and does bust… up.


Our World Legends… decree do so and so forth.



Bitcoin is King…

of that good ol’…

Intel Ring. Agencies and Groupies etc therein.

Bitcoin and very possibly others like are merely Funding Projects and Set-ups by various colluding Agencies… mainly Intel. Funding Plans to provide such for such as US, BRITISH CANADIAN AGENCIES AND PERSONNEL. The Rate of each is again Controlled.



Hand outs… to and for…



Boohoo… not You.

Just Them.


Hand To Hold.?. Yokohama ahead. Herein.



Mere animalistic numbers… to Them.

You are.


Hands out. Tis You… to Them.



Crying for Freedom.

Let My Onion… Go.


Missing… A Princess. Still. Herein.


The Technical Issue here is Privacy… whilst Online.


In and on the Onion Route…

Thus whilst treading IOT in the Onion Ring…

there is indeed a modicum of discreteness.

The Tor Approach masks certain actions thus well.


But in the end… AT the End…


is the Issue per se indeed,..

in deed and in fact as well.


Control of Tor is simply achieved by Controlling the Exit Nodes.


TOR… Technically: As per the Movie Mayhem in the MATRIX… THE EXITs… ARE CONTROL SPOTS… IT SEEMS… So these of Our World Legends do say. Indeed. photocredit/thanks:arsetechnica


Simple and Technical.


Whom and whosoever Controls the Exit Nodes…

Controls the Onion. Crying shame… that route,..


still. Technically… so.

The Exit Nodes… are key indeed it seems.


In deed and in fact as well.

Keys to… Control.


Locked Out. Pumped Up. What the Pyramid really was. Herein. Our World Legends tell us so.


Anyone running an Exit Node… can view the Traffic.




NOT Yours. Lest YOU run the Exit indeed.


So Our World Legends…

of Computers, IOT, Science + Technology sayeth.

Herein. Therein also.


So and thus;..

No more Tears. No need to Cry.

Out Loud.


The Onion is here. Truth be Told.

Tis wrinkled and old. Hat.



is All,.. still and just… simply that.


All… keyed in.



A Crystal Clear View…of Crystal. Balls… as well. Our World Legends. Herein.


(Music Link)



From the Peoples Who gave Our World… Legends.

The IOT.

Monetised… Socialised… Controlled.


Start to End.

Exit to Exit.


A sense of the nonsense of their Freedoms… given.

A Freedom strictly within and by their Times and Terms.


Not for Your Time.

This time… at All.


Round. Circles. The Mystery. Herein… before Time is… UP.?.



What’s it… good for.?.


A Freedom… to soar…


not at All.


Tis sore a friend indeed. Akin that IOT.


Stay Safe surfin this Surface.

Where being Anonymous really means,..

to Surface at that bitter… End.


Next Exit… Please anyone.?.

To their o so Controlled and… Brave New World.




(Video Link)



… Is…ALL About Control. Of Information, Resources, Advertising, Propaganda… too. photocredit/thanks:nowtheendbegins



Till next…



Mayan Metropolis. Mapped. Magnetic Field also.

Modern Technology and an increasing number of Applications of such are revealing many details of Our Earth and Our World Legends. The Earth’s Magnetic Field and an Ancient Mayan Metropolis the latest of many finds in recent Research. Herein. Ancient Legends unveiled with a Modern. Lasers too… point their Ways. Ruin… of a Slide-show.


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Earth’s Magnetic Field weathers many storms.

Solar Storms and Winds… that is.


A Protector Layer of Our Planet buffering Cosmic Radiation as well.


Ongoing and recent Research reveals many facts therein.

Modern Technology pointing those ways.


Laser Point Tech for example.


From the Skies above…

has also unveiled an Ancient Place.


One of Our World Legends of Yore…


Mayan Metropolis.


Magnetic Field also…

…are helping those Sciences come to grips…

with the Meaning in those facts,.. indeed.


Our Universe quite big. Our Earth comparatively…tiny. Has many Storms to Weather it seems.


The Jungles of Our Earth are full.

Of Plant Life and more…

Life in other forms also.


Penetrating these Natural regions problematical.


Cannot see the Forest for the Trees tis seems.

Usually because of the Fog.


Hiding amongst the Trees that is.


As imaged below:

Sneaky Fog sneaking in the Forest and hiding thence amongst Trees.

Confirmed… this be;..

for Fir Trees and such saplings seem Seasonally susceptible seemingly indeed,..


in deed and in fact… also.


That be Fogged Up… actually.


Darn it… Those Forest Trees are All… Fogged Up.


Thus requiring;..

A Close-Up… Please.!.


…Soon as the Fog…

lifts up and off… that is.


Now we can… See the Trees. Is that not Uplifting… when that darned Fog… Uplifts… as well.?. Indeed it seems… ‘cept if You have a Laser Radar Tech. Thingy Reader… Read on to… See… that… also.


Uplifting can also be applied to Magnetics.

Magnetic Fields and Powers.

Such Power via their… Magnetic Poles.

North and South.


‘Cept Our Earth’s.

Which is not.


Uplifting at the moment that is…

at All indeed.


So these Science and Our World Legends do say.



For tis…

StrawberryMagnetic Fields.

Down Low and Dirty.?.

…That Our Sciences are going foggy over…

also… now. Then a change…

may be due. Then.



Magnetic Field change… that is.

Soon… not quite… now. Then…

a change… due. Then.


New and ongoing Research also confirms the as above defined flux- and fluid-like Nature of Our Planet’s Magnetic Field.

Over Time and Places; such as the Magnetic North Pole…

will shift. Position Studies show a number of Areas either gaining or losing Field Strength. These in turn will impact on our Weather Systems and Natures. Such findings infer a very changeable positional link and strength phenomenon within specific areas deep below in the Core-Mantle Boundary.


Hopefully for the positive.


Schematic of the Magnetic Field. photocredit/thanks:photojunction


Our World Legends of such Sciences reveal too,..

concerning such matters as Pole Shifts, Crustal Displacement, Continental Shift and Drift.

Many Leading Minds have mattered to delve deep therein and help solve these Mysteries of Our Planet.


As an example herein.

One associated and possibly very relevant Theory that Time and History…

left unfinished.


Was… unfinished and left on the desk of Einstein.


Albert Einstein and Charles Hapgood were combining and colluding with intent.

To solve just such a Earth bound Mystery.


The Pole Shifts, Crustal Displacements and associated phenomenon.

Theory incompleted alas therein.


MAGNETIC Field of Our Earth with it’s variables and changing Nature… highlighted. photocredit/thanks:youtube


Though no Field Reversals expected soon… the Science is still being sorta sorted…

and there have been many in our past.

The immediate and long term effects of such… probably not…

Up-lifting. For Life that is.


Approximately every 100,000 Years… Poles Shift position.


Not sure are the Sciences when the next Anniversary comes due therein.


No Wishing for…


me thinks therein and thereof as well.


What do Our World Legends of Yore… say the Pyramid was.?. Herein. Pharaoh. Pumped Up. The Tale of Earth, Water and Fire… within.


Revealing Radar.

Go… To and Fro…

The Light.


LIDAR is Radar Tech. that is opening the eyes of many Researchers from many of the associated Sciences.

To the… Light. And back.


Uses thereof and therein.


LIght Detection And Ranging.


Such Light inspired Tech reveals the entire extent of Places of Interest.

Down to even the minor details.

Using Light rather than a typical Radar Beam/Ping etc.



Mapped Electronically. Surveyed Digitally.



Sciences such as Geoscience, Planetary Physics, Geology and Archaeology for example will All find relevant usage thereof and therein.

Of the… Light.


Such groundbreaking work per se was recently brightly and intently focused on that of Our World Legends and Civilisation of Yore…

The Maya.


Results were… revealing indeed,..

somewhat enlightening…

in deed and in fact… also.


In some… 60,000 ways.


Mayan/Aztec Artefact.


Examples of Maya/Aztec Script.


Part of an ongoing 3 Year PACUNAM Survey of the Guatemalan Lowlands.

Using Airborne LIDAR Tech.

Some 800 Square Miles of Land thus far subject to the Light.


A Mayan Metropolis newly revealed and mapped.

With never seen before dimensions.


Some 60,000 Structures newly revealed and mapped.

Housing, Palaces, Defensive Fortifications, Causeways and Highways… as well.

Canals, Water Dykes, Irrigation and Terrace Works.


Airborne above the Maya Jungle… YOU… would see this… Photocredit/thanks:wildbluemedia-nationalgeographic


Airborne above the Maya Jungle… YOU… And LIDAR… would NOW see this… Photocredit/thanks:wildbluemedia-nationalgeographic


The overall magnitude and extent of the revealed Metropolis.

Of Maya’s Civilisation.

As revealed in Images above and below… also;


reveals how our Sciences, History and Our World Legends are spot on…

to be Updated that is.!.

The Maya Civilisation was far, far greater than many of Our Sciences…

revealed. Up there with the best and greatest in Our World Legends.


Underestimated much therein it seems indeed,..

in deed and in fact also.


The scale and sheer size of the Metropolis indicates a far more populated… populace.

Several times over current estimates…

are the new estimates. Millions more. Many.


Landscapes, even outlying… oft fortified.

Causeways linked every Town/City in the Region.

Wide and Raised Highways… for those Rainy Seasons.


With a Land Area probably twice that of Medieval England…

more may wait to be revealed.

By the Light.


A LIL’ Wider Perspective… Airborne above the Maya Jungle… YOU… And LIDAR… would NOW see this… Photocredit/thanks:wildbluemedia-nationalgeographic


The Maya.

Light and Lasers.

Revealing anew… those Our World Legends of old indeed.

Already some 60,000 Structures more.


Much History and Sciences therein…

still to be rewritten.

In Ruins… tis seems.


The Maya. Metropolis Mapped.

By the Light.


So Our World Legends do say. Herein.


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Slide-Show… Ruined… Radar.


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Till next…



Crystal Cave. Crystal Clear. The Cave filled in.

Our World Legends say Crystal Power is… no Myth. Our Wrist-watches rely on this LIL’ Power-pack device of Nature. Tis the same for Inner Earth Cave systems… no Myth therein as well. Tunneling Technology and Mining have oft revealed wondrous and natural creations within Our Earth. Herein also. The Legends of Yore, Science and Tech combine… to create… Crystal Clear. One such Cavern system is about to be covered up… and filled in. See it before Time and the Excavators… stop… soonish… maybe.


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Big Ben… The Clock Tower… Westminster… London,.. England.


Pulsing Power through Quartz Crystal… powers some of Our many Time-pieces.

Hence the nomen… Quartz Watch.


Though also… not the One named as Big Ben.

Besides being lil’ large for most wrists.


Our World Legends of this Natural Gem and Mineral Wonder are now revealing a;..

Crystal Cave.

Crystal Clear.

The Cave filled in…

…is another Saga being played out.

Inside Our Earth.


Unlike Big Ben… which is outside.


Also btw… Which at the moment… and for a while…

will only play the sounds of silence.


Though… not like the version above indeed,..

in deed and in fact… too.


Big Ben… Telling Time on St. Stephen’s Tower since MAY 31 of 1859… Survived the Bombing of WW2… is kept accurate by a pile of coins on the Pendulum ‘Cept now… tis… off-line. Also tells when Parliament is… online sitting per se by the light above… being on as well.


Big Ben is undergoing renovations and repairs.

Maintenance and more it seems.

Part of a four year process of work involved therein.


The silent treatment… therein it seems.


Cutting Crystal Clear.


In the hands of Marcel Vogel a Quartz Gem would reveal it’s inner nature… and workings.


Whilst at the employ of such as IBM and elsewhere.

At the… cutting edge of this Science indeed,..

in deed and in fact… as well.


The Vogel Cut named in his Honor and Memory brings Crystal Power to the fore.

By adding extra angular facets to the natural therein already.


A Quartz Type… Shiro gifted from Nature. 6 Sides or Facets the norm therein. photocredit/thanks:1968tanja


VOGEL CUT CRYSTAL…Many Facets therein. Power-up. photocredit/thanks:pinterest

Many Inventions and Patents held by this Research Scientist.

Within such as Magnetic Recording Media, Optical Electronics, Rare Earth Phosphor Luminescents, Black Light and Liquid Crystals.

Computer Hard Disc Drives for example,.. still take advantage of his Magnetic Coating.

Our World Legends still tell the Tale of his youth.


Of how his interest in these fields was… sparked…

by a Fire-fly.

The Light it emits.




By age 12… Marcel had chemically created a matching compound.

3-amino-phthalaz-1-4 dione,.. with potassium ferro-cyanide and hydrogen peroxide.

Just add Water.



His later work and studies with liquid crystals delineated the ability or capacity of Natural Quartz Crystal to store, amplify and then transmit power or information. Raw Crystals vary with size, locale and so forth of this field strength. The power or information able to be passed on is also dependent on such.


(Video Link)


Earth Profile Schematic. photocredit/thanks:dccrystaldiscussion


Science Legends detail how Quartz is essentially Hot as Silicon Dioxide Vapor that cools and solidifies.

Layer on/upon Layer.

A generalised Pictorial above.


Similar to the growth of a Pearl… The Crystal grows.




Crystalline Caverns Within.

The History and Herstory of Mining goes long with Our World Legends.

Multiple necessities within Societal Life.

Outback Living also.


Inner Earth… Naica,.. Mexico.

Near the Township of Delicias.


The Year 2000.

Miners found more than their Target digging this Hole.

The Largest Crystals… ever seen.


Taken… long to grow indeed,.. in deed and in fact also.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


The photos therein Slide-Show above are not… manipulated.

The Crystals are that GIANT sized.

Inside Our Earth.


Try putting them on your mantle… or key chain.!.



Some 300 mtrs. below Our Earth’s surface Tons of Crystals grow.

In extreme conditions of Temp. and Humidity.


The Industrias Peñoles Mine above and around collects mainly Silver, Lead and Zinc.

Lying on a Natural Fault-Line with ready access to magma and water.

Mineral rich and saturated water… that is.


Ideal for Crystal… growth…

even these GIANT sized specimens.


Mining Operations had drained enough of the surrounding water to allow the site to be revealed.

Another of Our World Legends… tis known.

GIANT Gems. Indeed.


(Video Link)


Power of the Press…

Clear as.


In addition to the applications of Vogel and Tech;..

Crystal Power can be… A Pressing Power phenomenon.

Power of the Press.

Pressure that is.


Typically termed Piezo Power or Piezo Pressure.


Piezo Electricity explained. photocredit/thanks:docplayerru


(Video Link)


Power Transfer is induced by basically ” bending/squeezing ”  the Crystal.

This mechanical action allows a charge to freely flow.

Slightly distorting the Crystal upsets it’s balance per se and by allowing Power to play across it…

hopefully return thus to normality.

Power of the Press.


By altering the vibrations of the distortion squeeze:..

the Power can be… altered to suit.

Even to tell time… to keep on ticking that is.


Quartz… Powered-Up.

Wrist-watch sized… perhaps.?.


Even Larger may You ask well.?.

A Mountain Full of…

Piezo… Capped off.!?

Tis… Legendary and a reality of Yore.?.


Perhaps indeed.


In Times and Places of Yore… The Great Pyramid was capped… Bright White so Our World Legends do say. photocredit/thanks:thepinsta


Pyramid Power has long been… overlooked.

From the PoV of i, Shiro’s understanding…


Piezo Pressure is… Pressing Power.

Do not the Tons and Tons of Pyramid Stones… Press.?.

Do not the Tons and Tons of Pyramid Stones… contain Quartzite.?.

Do not the Legends say the Pyramid… lit up… on the…

top up.?. Cap that is.


Which was a GEM or CRYSTAL.?.


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Pyramid Power then seems to be… Piezo Electricity.

Pressed in by Gravity itself.

A Mountain sized… Crystal IN Stone.


A Pyramid… of Naturally Pressed Power.


On the Inside… photocredit/thanks:quotesgram

Pumping up…

the Power Pyramid.

So these Legends say.

To me… anyways… also.


A PUMP like device… neatly and finely suits it’s internals…

as well.

Fire within… PYR(e)AMID(st).


Power-Up indeed,.. in deed and in fact too.

Keep that OL’ and Eternal Flame…

turning and burning. Power-UP.


Pyramid Power… Pump it Up Pharaoh Please.


Reflecting Our World Legends… What the Pyramid Inners… can do. gifcredit/thanks:nexusilluminatiblogspot


Dig a Hole… Fill a Hole…


Fill it up… Crystal Clear…

…Water that is indeed.


These Giant Gem Structures within Our Earth may well support the Surface Crust above. Though not as Hard as the Diamond Planet found within our Science Legends;.. they may well too…

litter the Inner Earth wherever such Fault-lines and Forces meet.

Crystalline nevertheless.


Upon such, may well Our Continents… drift.


(Video Link)


Mining oft requires the Site refilling process.

The Crystal Caverns of Naica…

may not be exempted from this process and proceedings.



the Mining Co. need no shovels therein.

Nor Excavators and Dump Trucks.


When Mining Ops cease… the Miners Pumps

do too. Powered… down and off.


In time after that… refill will be simply a matter of…

fulfilling itself.

Water will naturally flow back in.


Covering up… Giant Natural Gem Wonders…

thus and… within. For the Years to come.



Tbh… there appears no official indication of when Mining is expected to end.

For now… the Pumps run.

Crystals Clear and… dry as well.


Still… a must see… soon.


The Mining and Finance Sectors can be fickle indeed.

Profit over People and All that.


Their love of Crashes too,..

mentioned in several of Our World Legends.


Time… on and in your Hands. Herein. Our World Legends. Many Hands.

A Final Cut Dig.


For some of us at least.

Those who amongst us still wear proudly on their sleeve…

well… wrist actually.

The Quartz Powered Timepiece.

The Watch.


Without… Crystal Power.

Time in that World… stops.


So… Our World Legends do say.



Till next…


Vulcan. Where there’s Smoke, Fire, Ash… and Life.

Volcanoes. The name itself shudders. Current Environ conditions in several of Our World centers are constantly changing. Volcanic eruptions, Sky and Cloud Pollution, Earthquakes ensuing etc. Tidal concerns perhaps too. Our World Legends of Our Past… those of Vulcan are similar. Earth Elements galore, Molten Metals, Fire, Ice and Water. Herein. Hot as… background Music… as well.


(Music Link)


In the dark Inner recesses of Our Earth, Nature moves forthrightly.

Natural Forces… interact, provoke and prevail. Grow.

The soon visible shudders, stresses and strains of the Planet in Motion…

at work…

or play. Smoke.


Here and there… pinpricks of Light… flare, flame…

and grow as well. Fire.

A Fire Inside… the Earth.


Burning bright now.

Consistently seeking new fuel for that-

Inner Earth Fire.

Remains… of simply Ash.


A Mountain above.


(…Slideshow Images vis Pixabay…)

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


The Volcano stirs.

Inside and out.


From Our World Legends.

The Legendary


Where there’s smoke, fire, ash,..

…and Life,..

…from whose very name we coined such a Mount.

Is again… brought sharply to Mind.


Burning brightly… forthrightly…

as well.


ROME… Built by Our World Legends… such as these. photocredit/thanks:talesbeyondbelief


To Juno and Jupiter…

a Son is born.

Forthrightly… or not.

A Baby thus Divine born… shines Bright.


The Council of Gods… of Rome… were…

overall quite pleased.

Known in the Legends as the ‘ Dei Consentes ‘.


Till the Official Baby Viewing… that is.


When and then.

The Mood was lost… went Ugly.

Indeed,.. in deed and in fact… too.


So Our World Legends sayeth. Herein.


Herein. Cupid + co…


Though their names at different times and places… may change… These be the Same. photocredit/thanks:pinterest


Baby indeed was of such a ungodly look,.. Mother Juno.

Wanted to lose him so it seems,.. so,..

threw him.

Off a Cliff.

This was the closest one available.

Mount Olympus… was it’s name.


He,.. The Ugly Baby God… though yet unnamed;..

survived… basically unharmed… somehows.

A not so divine and eternal… Sore foot.

The only scar… to remain.


Tis and twas… a God after All.


Even if a Baby One.

Now though… Baby steps… with a lil’ limp…

were taken.


Gods and Goddesses… of ROME of Yore. A selection thereof. Herein also. photocredit/thanks:eduglogster


So… dear ol’ Divine Mommy Dearest Juno… threw him.


Into a Fiery Mountain.


Then told Ugly Baby God With A Limp- to stay…


Till he was a Man-God.

The Limp… stayed… also.


Named when then,..

was done and dusted.

As now:..




To the Roman Gods and Goddesses of Yore… To Juno and Jupiter. A Son. Eventually… named as VULCAN.


Still Ugly it seems… and still…

Divine… too.

With now though… a unique and rather heart warming…



All… Fired Up… as well.


Especially after being cooped up and in a Mountain.

By… Mum.


The Vulcanisms of Science.

The Modern Sciences have spent much time and peoples Studying such aspects of Nature.

The fierceness of some of the eruptions have caused many incidents of mayhem and destruction.

Common throughout Our History and Herstory.

Legends are many also.


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3 Main Volcanic Types.



Gaps, Holes and/or Ruptures of Our Earth’s Crust.

The Tectonic Plates… some 17 of them form this Crust.

Whence and where around they meet…


Earthquakes and Volcanoes… do too.

Grow… more likely that is.


The Image below shows the connections therein.


Sectional Views of Tectonic Plates and Volcanoes. photocredit/thanks:dailymotion


In the Main and Generally.

The formation of Magma appears to drive Volcano Locale.

Being heated and thus less dense than the surrounds of Inner Earth Rocks and so forth.

With Pressure.

It drives… Upward.


From the Inside… out.

Forming the Volcano… with Lava Flow…

usually flowing soon after.


After erupting and escaping from his Inner Earth…

Housing and Schooling.

Vulcan too,… moved on.


Flowing sorta straight back into… Society Divinity.

Unpretty… or not.


(Video Link)


Vulcan gets the Creative Urges.

Married… too. To Venus.!?.

What the Frick.?.


His Talents… All could use.

Divine… or not.


Thrones, Statuary and Objects of Art, Jewellery, Weaponry and Armor… also.


Even a Bronze Giant… named as Talus.

The Legends of Jason and the Argonauts know this Gigantes One well.



Other Legendary Giants such as Cyclopes worked with him too whilst he attended to the Forging and Crafting of many items for the Gods and Goddesses of these Ancient Times.

Achilles and Mars… The God of War,..

more too did visit… oft.


His work was exemplary because of the then new and unique Fire then Water Tempering and Forging Processes that his Talents… knew so well. Deeply in fact. ALL… Fired Up it seems.

From living in that Ol’ Greek Mount… that was on Fire. Later Greek Science Bright Spark types would apply such lateral thinking to their own Weapons of Mass Destruction…

and created that good ol’ Greek Liquid Fire of Yore.


That Water could not douse.


That Ol’ Greek… Liquid Fire. Herein.


The Master Blacksmith of the Gods… Vulcan become.

Accruing rewards, payments and accolades along the Ways.

A Wife… also.


Venus was her name.


A… Gift of the Gods.!.

So these Legends sayeth.

From Zeus… actually.


For Crafting such fine and Fiery Thunderbolts Divine.


Now… yes,.. You read it right.

Irony Themes within and herein this Legend it seems… too.

Unpretty… as well.


The Ugly God With A Limp… got the Girl.

The Girl… Vulcan got.

And not just any Girl.


By Botticelli… Venus Goddess. photocredit/thanks:wikimedia




The one who sleeps in Giant Seashells.

Sleeps on silken Sea Foam.

Long Hair. Naked under etc etc etc.

Ugly… is not at all… in her resume.


At All… indeed,..

in deed and in fact… as well.





Married… By the gift of giving-Divine indeed,..

in deed and in fact… too.


(Music Link)


VULCAN,.. VENUS,.. CUPID,.. MARS. photocredit/thanks:pinterest


Though… no Babies therein… ever ever do… ensue.


Only the Gods… and Goddesses know…

the reasons why… or why not. As the heated-case may therein be.


For the Legends do state the case… that each and both…

become parents of other’s Children. Later.


Such… was their case therein.

So Our World Legends do say… also.



Smoke, Fire and Ash.


The Mountains of Fire oft… include and intrude upon Our World Legends.

Sorrow, Death and Destruction… ensue.


Vesuvius and Pompeii.

Krakatoa and Banten.

Mont Pelee and Saint-Pierre.


Currently such Disasters are striking again.

Hawaii,.. Indonesia,.. Guatemala also.


Best and good Wishes… To All therein.


(Video Link)


(Video Link)


(Video Link)


The Biggest and Brightest.?. of the Fiery Mounts that the Sciences seem to have located has become known as the Pompeii of the East. As with that Ancient City of Yore… an entire Population perished.

The following Year, of 1816 had it’s Seasons put askew.

The blast of noise was  heard more than 2,000 kms away. The ensuing Volcanic Acid Rain swept as far as Borneo for example. The Mount itself has over 20 Cones and Domes.

A Death Toll of at least 70,000 People.



Mount Tambora.

Tis monitored and closely watched by Science… still.


Mount Tambora…Indonesia. photocredit/thanks:youtube


The Fire Within…

A Pyramid.?.


There is much to this Element.

Fire out there… within also.


We too use a Natural Fire form.

A… Pyramid.





The Term we use for a constructed Mountain = The Pyramid.

The Pyr(e)amid(st).

Fire in the Middle.


Fire Within.

Inside the Pyramid Great. photocredit/thanks:quotesgram


Mix a PYRAMID, FIRE AND WATER… TO GET.?. Our World Legends. Herein. gifcredit/thanks:nexusilluminatiblogspot


(Music Link)


Digestion and Natural extraction of Nutrients by Our Bodies is done with warmth.

Fire Within.


The Temperature of the Goodies within is raised.

The Nutrients.

Digested and extracted thus and thereof.


Hot stuffed Nutrients in Liquids especially easily absorbed.



The warm blood that surrounds Our Digestive System and the ongoing processes ensures these run smooth and sure.

Cooling drinks chill that a lil’ too.

Starvation and Alcohol to excess… also.


Fire… Ice.

A Balance is required for optimum… Life.


Volcanoes too… Live within… Our World Ice.

Under anyways.

Another… has a Underwater Lake nearby… as well.


So Our World Legends of Science do say.



(Video Link)


Fire Light.?.

Fire Life.!.


Life per se too… can live within… Fire.


Science has developed a knack for looking at very small things.

Looking closely… within a Volcano as well.


The somewhat intricate Life of such as Bacterium has only been seen recently within Our World Legends…

History and Herstory…also.


With Instruments of Great Magnification.

Various Forms noted that utilise what we Term… Spores.


Also… somewhat impervious to Heat or Cold,.. Radiation, Chemicals,..

even Lack of Food and Water.


The Photo below contains some fiery finer details… therein.

Fire-light… and Fire-Life.


Thiolava Veneris… the name of Life midst Fire.


Close-up of Bacterium THIOLAVA VENERIS… Recently found colonizing new Volcanic Rock. Named with ref to Venus… the wife of… Vulcan… as well. photocredit/thanks:M.Canals/UniversityofBarcelona


Those who Live on or directly observe Nature understand how Fire also stimulates Life.

Natural Bush-fires bring about a resultant cleared field with many Minerals and so forth available for absorption.

When such as the Rains come, the new growth oft luxuriant and varied.


This effect of Fire and Smoke etc… also applies to several Seed Forms.

The Seed Outer Shell is cracked and opened with the Heat.


So now precious Water can penetrate;..

allowing hopefully Germination and Regeneration to occur.


Life effected from and through Fire.


 A Fire Inside… smolders still.


We use Fire to both Create and Destroy.

To Feed, Kill, Live and Survive.

So too… Mother Nature.

The Element of Fire.


Vulcan as well.

The Legendary Fire therein and within.


Our World Legends.


All Fired Up.

Flame On.

Hot As.


Eternal Flame.


Eternal Flame. Relit.?. Our World Legends. Herein. Love comes with… a Price. From The Knights of Chivalry,.. To Shakespeare,.. All To… Missing Princesses in the Real and Modern… also.


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(Video Link)


Till next…